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  1. Custom Home wish list.: wood floors, fireplaces, jacuzzi, dishwasher - House
  2. What's Next For Master-Planned Communities: construction, porch, residential, privacy - House
  3. Butter milk: smell, carpet, new, stores - House
  4. How to remove dried adhesive from furniture?: cleaner, cabinet, build - House
  5. Waterproofing plastic barrier .: flooring, my fireplace, installation, build - House
  6. heating oil tanks/oil guage questions: tank - House
  7. Do I use caulk or grout?: color, ceiling, stain, mold - House
  8. Food tip - scrape off burned-on food: heat, stove, paint - House
  9. Hardwood Floor Protection?: washer, painting, appliance, furniture - House
  10. Deck joist spacing and PVC/composite materials: railing, paint, installing - House
  11. Bath faucet leaking... pics and Need help.: sink, replace, remove - House
  12. Chrysler Mopar launches new cabinetry line: colors, appliance, cabinets, pricing - House
  13. Locking hard wood floor?: hardwood, Lowes, install, glue - House
  14. Home Heating Radiator Advice: how much, vacuum, bathroom, cleaning - House
  15. Replacing a built-in microwave: countertop, appliance, installed, cabinet - House
  16. Weatherstripping vs. shrink wrap for windows: vinyl, Home Depot, heating oil, paint - House
  17. Bathroom tub surround grout: mold, showers, tile, vent - House
  18. Shingle damaged??: roofing, colors, installed, replacement - House
  19. Purchased Used Standard A/C and Furnace: furnaces, heating, insulated - House
  20. cellulose insulation: furnace, insulated, installation, glass - House
  21. Grey water leaked onto wooden floors. Replace entire floor?: flooring, dehumidifier, drain - House
  22. New quick easy aftermarket pull out trays: installation, kitchen, cabinets - House
  23. Who Repairs JettedTubs?: pool, bathroom, plumber, toilet - House
  24. Digging out a basment??: floor, foundation, furnace, water heater - House
  25. Deck + Bilco Door Access: floor, foundation, washer, furnace - House
  26. Cast Iron Baseboard Heaters + French Doors: floor, fireplace, windows, dining room - House
  27. Coyote Grills... good?: grill, installing, kitchens, gas - House
  28. Best heat reflecting sheet panel: floor, pool, stove, paint - House
  29. Stove Board: floor, heat, stoves, color - House
  30. Best pad for area rug?: hardwood, living room, carpet, glue - House
  31. NEED HELP!! Threshold fastener head snapping off in concrete for storefront door: hardwood, installing - House
  32. new heat source for old cabin: furnace, water tank, insulating, loading - House
  33. Flushed Toilet and Heard Bang: floor, sink, apartment, pipe - House
  34. Manual regeneration on water softer? hydro-quad: appliance, electric, softener, Kenmore - House
  35. Tandoori oven or a Big Green Egg? - House
  36. Best time of year for furnace replacement: roof, Air Conditioners, installing - House
  37. Removing water from window well (it keeps filling up): pool, drain, carpet - House
  38. one vent stack coming off main line with shared fixtures.: roof, dishwasher - House
  39. Aerator float valve drip.: tank, tanks, pipe, build - House
  40. Reverse osmosis water system: install, faucet, cost, refrigerator - House
  41. Woodpecker / Stove Pipe Chimney: water heaters, paint, stainless steel, warm - House
  42. Ceramic floor tile help: subfloor, color, installed, kitchen - House
  43. Starmark Cabinets: pricing, brands, best, buy - House
  44. Select The Curtain Fabric Flawlessly: vinyl, windows, curtains, painting - House
  45. What is a kilowat hour?: furnace, appliance, conversion, ceiling - House
  46. Oil filter type for the furnace: furnaces, heating, weather, best - House
  47. Popcorn ceilings: asbestos, cost, disposal, best - House
  48. Carbon monoxide alarm: Home Depot, phone, duct, new - House
  49. Rust and rusty water from cold water taps on bathroom: washers, water heater - House
  50. Temporary wall covering for an apartment?: how much, alternatives, color, bathroom - House
  51. Wood chimney cap?: shingles, fireplace, paint, installation - House
  52. heating fuel cost comparison...I'm curious: heaters, appliance, natural gas, electric - House
  53. Hardie Board Install: engineered, paint, plank, steel - House
  54. Termite Control Company: roofing, best, wood, material - House
  55. Tung oil vs Polyurethane water based: furniture, kitchen, stain, wax - House
  56. how to fix cracked grout in shower: bathrooms, showerhead, tile - House
  57. Tub/Wall Seal Leaking Orange Stuff: tiling, color, cleaner, installed - House
  58. Leaking skylights: roofing, window, install, bathroom - House
  59. Leveling floors across multiple types of flooring: subfloor, how much, vinyl - House
  60. Garage Refrigerator Size: how much, appliance, cabinet, insulation - House
  61. Convert wood burning fireplace to a gas burning one: how much, alternatives, heat - House
  62. How to hang this mirror?: apartment, damage, pictures, ducts - House
  63. Non-working stove: problem with house wiring. Options?: heating, appliance, kitchen
  64. ductless/ac: window, Air Conditioner, heat, insulated - House
  65. Need help w on yellow pipe fittings.....: installing, plumber, pipes - House
  66. Propane Gas dryer line: install, electric, valve, plug - House
  67. Installing 2 piece shower, do I need a liner underneath?: glass, replacing, between - House
  68. Cinco ranch design guidelines help: floor, roof, Lowes, building - House
  69. Kenmore washer presure switch: pool, appliance, price, repair - House
  70. Screened Porch addition-how much will it cost?: roof, Lowes, railing - House
  71. How to remove Cuprinol Deck Stain?: washer, refinishing, color, plank - House
  72. Well pressure slowly drops.: tank, plumber, replace, pump - House
  73. Intellibed? Wool Bed?: mattresses, best, reviews, check - House
  74. Remove Old Attic Insulation (Full of Mouse Poop): HEPA filter, Home Depot, vacuum - House
  75. Good Mini freezer: Lowes, conversion, cabinet, build - House
  76. Home Security and Automation: fireplace, windows, phone, stove - House
  77. Crawlspace and Poured Wall Foundations: floor, foundation, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  78. Can painting wall studs cause problems down the line?: furniture, mold - House
  79. Your Best Rooing Advice: roofing, color, ceiling, leak - House
  80. Tax Credit for Sewer Replacement in Brooklyn, NY?: installed, plumber, better - House
  81. Disconnecting water from fridge - What is this attachment?: sink, plumbing, refrigerator - House
  82. worried about roof - extend gutters?: floors, roofing, Lowes - House
  83. Framed art work in the bathroom: bathtub, colors, bathrooms, mold - House
  84. Think Im spending too much on oil, should I add insulation to walls?: how much, shingles - House
  85. Sparks from the heating coil element on the electric stovetop: floor, light - House
  86. What type of roof construction is this?: floor, engineered, installed - House
  87. Fireplace Insert or Freestanding wood stove: floor, heat, stoves, room - House
  88. When is old paint too old?: loading, smells, costs, interior - House
  89. New carpet over old pad?: Lowes, phone, color, installation - House
  90. Whirlpool/Jetted style tubs: dishwasher, cleaning, mold, plumbing - House
  91. My Guest Room Remodel: flooring, vinyl, Home Depot, window - House
  92. What is the view from your kitchen sink window?: curtains, dining room, lights - House
  93. Solid surface countertop/undermount kitchen sink issue: granite, laminate, sinks - House
  94. Best way to clean porcelain or ceramic tile floor?: floors, heat, paint - House
  95. Before and Afters...The Fun Stuff: hardwood, how much, pools, kitchens - House
  96. Cost of Recessed lighting in Kitchen: how much, paint, sink, conversion - House
  97. My contractor built a squeaky floor addition?: hardwood floor, installed, kitchen - House
  98. Extra House Key: Home Depot, window, furniture, install
  99. removing unused, supplemental baseboard heaters: floor, how much, furnace, window - House
  100. Natural Gas appliances: furnace, hot water heater, stoves, smell - House
  101. Toilet slowly losing water - hisses - and refills itself?: washer, Home Depot - House
  102. Home builder's BBB accrediation revoked? Why?: condo, building, washing, worth - House
  103. Residential elevators--small home: floors, townhome, installation, living room - House
  104. Help finding a good summer comforter?: air conditioning, heat, light, warm - House
  105. Don't set snakes on fire: floor, room, cleaning, building - House
  106. wood slat table: painting, bathrooms, stain, glass - House
  107. Older farm home for a first house: foundations, room, price
  108. What is the best solution for my cabinets?: overlay, refinishing, painting - House
  109. Wood stain colors: floors, color, furniture, ducts - House
  110. French Door Refrigerators: pool, Lowes, heating, drain - House
  111. Wood vs gas vs pellet stoves: fireplaces, furnace, electric heat, cleaner - House
  112. My simple summer cottage: granite, stainless steel, cheap, Miami - House
  113. first time hanging kitchen cabinets: hardwood, color, ceiling, installation - House
  114. Bedrooms above garage: hardwood floors, how much, roof, pool - House
  115. Insurance company for appliances.......for rental property......: washers, grill, water tank - House
  116. double sinks in master bath -- code issue?: converting, install, bathrooms - House
  117. Am I the only person who thinks a Tray Ceiling is ugly 90% of the time!?!?!?!: color, ceilings - House
  118. Is crawl space encapsulation the only option?: floor, how much, Lowes - House
  119. Bak to the Future: hardwood floors, windows, phone, paint - House
  120. New Roof: shingles, stained, hurricane, leaks - House
  121. removing garbage disposal: drains, sink, cleaner, appliance - House
  122. Would you like to live in this house?: color, condo, light
  123. rules about rv parking/abandonment: appliance, furniture, code, concrete - House
  124. Landscape Lights Power Consumption: AC, loading, lighting, cost - House
  125. Explosion in my house????? Pretty nervous right now: roof, furnace, water heater
  126. HVAC constantly running.: Lowes, AC, heating, warm - House
  127. How to remove fiberglass insulation safely: foundation, furnace, water heater, vacuum - House
  128. Cellulose insulation - why not recommended for attics/ceilings?: foundation, insulate, installing - House
  129. New house - prev owners alarm: master bedroom, lights, cost, code
  130. Went to fix the running toilet in the bathroom and now the water shut off valve is leaking!!: loading, plumber - House
  131. What is the cause of an electrical outlet that has much friction when you plug or unplug something?: appliance, bathroom - House
  132. Best Electric Baseboard Heaters: floors, air conditioning, ceramic, conversion - House
  133. My kitchen/dinning area is higher than living room: flooring, how much, pool - House
  134. Attic apartment in Texas; is it gonna be an oven?: floors, how much - House
  135. Energy Audits. had one done?: furnace, windows, hot water heater, insulated - House
  136. New home - appliances and other questions: hardwood, engineered, dishwashers - House
  137. Elimination spider webs under house eves: floor, roof, vacuum, paint
  138. do I have drywall or plaster? and does it matter?: heating, installed - House
  139. Stucco Cracking on House: vinyl, foundation, insulating, paint
  140. Carrier or Amercian Standard gas furnace?: hardwood, dehumidifier, furnaces, AC - House
  141. What is this thing?: heating, drain, smell, installed - House
  142. What Would You Do With This And $1000?: flooring, roof, engineered - House
  143. Crawlspace redesign - What would you do (WITH PICS): flooring, foundation - House
  144. What do you keep your heat on?: how much, gas, apartment - House
  145. Thawing Frozen Pipes ?: Home Depot, heaters, laundry room, plumber - House
  146. Basement waterproofing/Interior Drain Tiles: floor, how much, foundation, install - House
  147. No hot water or heat: furnace, tank, stove, sinks - House
  148. Installing insulation in crawl: floors, foundation, air conditioning, heat - House
  149. noise levels of neighbors: pool, windows, painting, smell - House
  150. Is this crack just a cosmetic or structural issue?: foundation, interior, stair - House
  151. wall studs showing through after construction: floor, foundation, paint, sink - House
  152. draining 2 gas water heater tank: Lowes, tanks, vacuum, drain - House
  153. about Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC): double pane windows, tank, installed - House
  154. Electricity to upstairs and basement only works when dryer in on...what?????: heater, installed - House
  155. Chain link fencing?: pool, installed, cost, repair - House
  156. Partially burnt wood log: hardwood, my fireplace, window, smells - House
  157. Ceiling repair options.: roof, air conditioning, heating, drain - House
  158. What size water heater -- or get a new one??: washer, pool - House
  159. Need Help Fishing Electrical Wire Through Finished Walls *** Desperate ****: floor, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  160. Square duct work in basement. To insulate or not?: floors, Home Depot, furnace - House
  161. Dryer not heating up - is it worth repairing? DIY: floor, how much - House
  162. Firepit in backyard - pavers first?: installing, cost, compare, build - House
  163. Inspector incorrectly assessed foundation - recourse?: paint, ceiling, plumbing - House
  164. speed of washing machine: washer, phone, cleaner, light - House
  165. What is the best way to clean Pergo floors?: hardwood floors, Home Depot, laminate - House
  166. Woodland cabinetry?: refinish, paint color, sink, furniture - House
  167. Kitchen Trends For 2013?: hardwood, countertop, microwave, stove - House
  168. Water leak- do I have to replace the carpet?: flooring, bathtub, colors - House
  169. Addressing Sub Floor issue before carpet intall: subfloor, vacuum, installing - House
  170. external obsolescence :-): color, siding, exterior, buy - House
  171. Are there ergonomic vacuum cleaners out there?: jacuzzi, install, cleaning - House
  172. Thermostat questions: furnaces, Air Conditioner, central heating, installed - House
  173. Do you clean your water faucet?: countertop, tank, bathroom, cleaning - House
  174. Breaking a Bathroom Mirror Could Bring Bad Luck?: countertop, sinks, glue - House
  175. buying a late 1970s home: roof, foundation, opener, windows - House
  176. How to locate cause of unbalanced washing machine?: washer, front loader, springs - House
  177. Help designing my new house!: sofa, heaters, paint color, sink
  178. Home Warranty vs No Warranty: dishwasher, furnace, conditioner, water heater - House
  179. Having front yard fenced in...Where is my water line at?: installing, plumber - House
  180. How to stop this leak: how much, vacuum, installing, plumber - House
  181. How to clean electrical outlets?: vacuum, cleaning, toilet, dryer - House
  182. Bathtubs/showers: tiling, engineered, insulated, drains - House
  183. Kitchen under-cabinet lighting, added?: how much, window, microwave, sink - House
  184. Combo tool set?: floor, Lowes, install, apartment - House
  185. LED PAR38/R40 with Good CRI?: color, insulation, lighting, price - House
  186. Electrical 115V in 110V outlet: Air Conditioner, appliance, building, circuit - House
  187. 2 storey foyer or not? New home: heater, ceiling, bedroom, light - House
  188. is a builder a one stop shop or should i hire individually?: lien, floors - House
  189. Installing a new ridge vent on roof: roofing, vinyl, square foot - House
  190. Are cracks in Ceiling normal?: wood floors, roof, foundation, townhouse
  191. How often do you all entertain guest at your home?: floor, dining room - House
  192. HVAC experts?: floor, furnace, windows, air conditioning - House
  193. Leaking Outdoor Faucet: DIY-able or not?: washer, plumber, pipes, electric - House
  194. Carpet showing carbon build up from furnace?: fireplace, hot water heater, stove - House
  195. Basic, No Frills Dishwasher: pool, microwave, stove, color - House
  196. Toxic fumes elimination advice needed: floor, pool, windows, drain - House
  197. Latex Caulk Will Not Hold: floor, paint, bathroom, showers - House
  198. Mud Rooms (MR): What features would your ideal MR have?: floor, how much - House
  199. Recent Developments in Homes: hardwood floors, engineered, washers, furnaces - House
  200. hoisting halved 9x9 celing using pulley system: heat, ceiling, bathroom - House