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  1. Problems with household items and UPS delivery: price, replacement, company
  2. metal decks ~ should they be grounded or not?: insulating, railing, appliance - House
  3. Age of (historic?) Home: flooring, vinyl, foundation, fireplace - House
  4. Cleaned up my Pool: pools, stone, installed, glass - House
  5. Hot tub/spa owners: who services your tub?: heater, cost, repair - House
  6. Video, Honda Announces Super-Fast 130 MPH Lawn Mower: build, 2013, ducts - House
  7. Filling gaps in front door for soundproofing?: vinyl, Home Depot, apartment - House
  8. First time Homeowner, Rust in Tile Grout, Cracks in Bathroom Tile?: color, cleaner - House
  9. What happens if you don't let concrete 'cure' before painting?: floor, heat - House
  10. Cracked kitchen tiles- structural?: subfloor, ceiling, basement, crawl space - House
  11. Mobile home awning / canopy over front door...?: roof, drain, color - House
  12. Pellet Stoves: fireplace, installation, cleaning, chimney - House
  13. Smell mildew coming up from crawl space?: sink, kitchen, pipes - House
  14. alternative to carpet, tile or concrete: flooring, vinyl, granite, foundation - House
  15. Basement Window Egress Box: floor, foundations, windows, heat - House
  16. Air Conditioning in SE Florida Heat Pump: master bedroom, mold, leaks - House
  17. vinyl tile: floor, Home Depot, cleaner, installed - House
  18. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations... thougts?: how much, vinyl, laminate, color - House
  19. Getting an oil stain out of a cotton/linen blend: cleaner, washing - House
  20. Garage Door Openers ----- Help me decide between two!: installed, compare, better - House
  21. Another Heat Pump: furnace, Lowes, windows, AC - House
  22. Is there anything I can do about this skunk?: foundation, smells, removal - House
  23. Sticky varnish: refinish, color, cleaner, stone - House
  24. Information needed to re-do or expand driveway APRON! Has done it: how much, concrete - House
  25. Video, Mystery substance turns family pool neon yellow: paint, backyard, blue - House
  26. Sliding screen door issue: foundation, Home Depot, installed, cabinet - House
  27. 4 minutes with John Gidding: paint, iron, worth, 2013 - House
  28. Mounting Baseboard to Drywall...when there is no stud or plate: floor, vinyl - House
  29. Air leak in duct work in attic?: AC, paint, ceiling - House
  30. Opinions about Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles Made in Mexico: flooring, granite, Lowes - House
  31. How to cover the gap in the side of my front door?: Lowes, AC - House
  32. Coil replacement?: AC, leak, cost, upstairs - House
  33. Steam mop vs. Traditional mop?: floors, smell, cleaner, bathroom - House
  34. Window a/c issues: floor, windows, Air Conditioners, drains - House
  35. Foam to seal holes in wall...: furnace, window, hot water baseboard, installation - House
  36. ceramic tiles that look like wood. durability?: flooring, Lowes, paint - House
  37. Smaller Energy Star qualified chest freezers - why so hard to find?: worth, purchase - House
  38. Power Washing Stucco: Lowes, paint, cleaner, cleaning - House
  39. Louisiana Pacific Composite Siding problems: foundation, laminate, paint, plank - House
  40. Protecting a backyard shed: pool, detector, light, cost - House
  41. Travertine vs Wood in Texas: hardwood, refinish, color, dining room - House
  42. Window guards: floor, windows, room, kitchen - House
  43. How much does 5 sheets of asphalt shingles cost?: color, installation, square - House
  44. Insulating between floors: ceiling, room, insulation, warm - House
  45. Converting natural gas stove/oven to propane.. expensive?: how much, water heater, stoves - House
  46. Excessive air flow through a register: furnace, Lowes, AC, ceilings - House
  47. Help tracking ductwork leak: floor, how much, AC, ceiling - House
  48. Home theater questions: how much, ceiling, convert, installed - House
  49. Plumbing fixtures (like faucets) in manufactured homes: sink, smells, installation - House
  50. Induction stove tops - who has one?: heating, converting, installed - House
  51. Recessed lights problem: heating, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, furniture - House
  52. Landscape suggestions for neighborhood without sidewalks: stone, concrete, best, replace - House
  53. Best Secret Passage Ever: foundation, windows, bedrooms, hurricane - House
  54. Overlay vs. inset kitchen cabinet doors: color, cleaner, cabinets, cost - House
  55. Baseboards fed by fireplace?: how much, fireplaces, water tank, tanks - House
  56. Should I cool my attic?: floors, roof, Air Conditioner, heaters - House
  57. Corten vs. Painted Metal Roof on Cabin?: roofing, steel, building - House
  58. Radiator Reflectors: how much, heaters, insulated, room - House
  59. Home: Ceiling Patches and Cracks--Concern?: floors, roof, foundation, paint - House
  60. Yellow jackets entering up a hole in the metal frame of patio door.: vacuum, better - House
  61. Garage Door Operator help.: opener, installed, codes, replacement - House
  62. dim celing fan light: ceiling, bedrooms, lights, pressure - House
  63. new heat pump advice?: furnace, AC, tank, installed - House
  64. Sprinkler/Irrigation system start up/turning on: installation, leaks, vent - House
  65. Repointing historic brick: roof, tank, building, electric - House
  66. Is there kind of simple fix for this bathtub wall issue?: floor, Lowes - House
  67. Noticing Bolt Cracks on my Ceiling: upstairs, vent, remove, pictures - House
  68. When to call roof repair man to look for leak: before, or after rain?: ceilings, bathroom - House
  69. Connecting pipes to waste line clean out: floor, vacuum, drain - House
  70. Water Main Line Almost Breaking??: drain, installing, cleaning, plumber - House
  71. Sloping basement floor - crack repaired: foundation, carpet, between, purchase - House
  72. Health effects of freon leaking from air conditioner: heat, gas, pipe - House
  73. Drying baby clothes...: smell, bathroom, gas, dryer - House
  74. Washer/dryer one machine, good?: dishwasher, pool, loading, laundry room - House
  75. Laundry room off bathroom??: floor, build, upstairs, best - House
  76. Does showing material wealth work against you?: kitchen, prices, codes - House
  77. Ways to deter theft of porch swing?: ceiling, detector, apartment - House
  78. Built in entertainment center: fireplaces, ceiling, installed, bathroom - House
  79. Removal of plaster with lead paint: how much, washer, furnace, heat - House
  80. Saving water & getting hot water on demand: how much, opener, water tank - House
  81. have experience w/ shaftliner like Denseglass?: townhouse, Lowes, install
  82. People U-Turn In Driveway: cost, damage, remove, between - House
  83. Leaky Roof Around Dryer Vent?: floor, roof shingles, washer, townhouse
  84. A Water Issue in Home: flooring, laminate, AC, hot water heater - House
  85. Our shower head: Lowes, paint, installed, showerhead - House
  86. Counter-depth refrigerator dilemma!: countertop, pool, appliance, installed - House
  87. Handyman Qualifications: floors, vinyl, countertops, painting - House
  88. How many toilet plungers do you have?: installed, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  89. How would you position your tv?: fireplace, windows, curtains, couch - House
  90. Should I replace a 21 year old furnace and AC?: how much, dehumidifier, furnaces - House
  91. Cost to install a bathroom vent?: floor, how much, vinyl, windows - House
  92. House Direction: feng shui, windows, heat, living room
  93. Weeping wood flooring: how much, vinyl, air conditioning, heat - House
  94. Give me Solution for the House Meeting: roof, living room, apartment
  95. Plumbers invoice for new ball valve: how much, water heaters, install, gas - House
  96. Cheapest to have 4-5 shingles installed..: how much, roofing, cost, vents - House
  97. Have you ever lived next to a small creek? Critters): fleas, window - House
  98. Switching to CFL Light Bulbs: dehumidifier, washers, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  99. Options for cooling down a theater room?: furnace, grills, Air Conditioner - House
  100. Backyard Floodlighting: pool, heat, painting, installing - House
  101. Home Appliance Home Warranties: dishwasher, pool, drain, microwave - House
  102. Benefits of home insurance: roof, plank, light, cost - House
  103. Vinyl Gutter Woes: shingles, Home Depot, installing, flush - House
  104. Replacing trim/baseboard quesion: Home Depot, painting, installing, bedroom - House
  105. How do you remove rug pad residue from floor?: flooring, laminate, cleaner - House
  106. What's the weirdest thing seen on surveillance?: lights, company, alarm - House
  107. Can I replace cast iron drain/vent w/ pvc? Make it smaller?: floor, foundation - House
  108. Help for floating engineered floor installation,: fireplace, laminate, molding - House
  109. Share your secrets for keeping clean house/cleaning quickly: floor, vacuum, cleaner
  110. Building Instead of Buying Our First House - Why Not?: townhouses, sink
  111. First Home: small amount of buyers remorse/feeling nervous: condo, price, basement - House
  112. Refrigerator on a wooden floor: hardwood, vinyl, washer, Lowes - House
  113. Exterior House Color: shingles, light, warm, siding
  114. HELP! I just got a $10,000 water bill! (WA): leaks, standard, between - House
  115. Changing out a toilet: flooring, installing, plumber, leaking - House
  116. Stainless appliances : pros vs cons: sinks, kitchens, stainless steel, cold - House
  117. Oil drilling: gas, company, mount, buy - House
  118. Why do people convert their garages?!?!: floor, foundation, insulated, paint - House
  119. No curtains in rooms?: windows, furniture, bathrooms, blinds - House
  120. Woodchuck Under Shed: how much, pool, smell, concrete - House
  121. When to inspect roof??: roofing, cleaning, leaks, repair - House
  122. Wall Oven not Fitting Underneath Cooktop: countertop, stove, appliance, installing - House
  123. recommendations for home warranty: opener, AC, microwave, stove - House
  124. Typical budget allocated by good builders for cabinetry in new home: roof, granite - House
  125. Puzzled by my water delivery system: hot water heater, kitchen, shower, plumbing - House
  126. Fridge/freezer: appliance, light, cost, refrigerator - House
  127. A Tale of Two Roofers: roofing, glue, gas, glass - House
  128. Temporary Fence ideas?: Lowes, install, steel, square - House
  129. Contractor questions - should I expect better?: floor, roof, Lowes - House
  130. Help, this is disgusting!: heat, refinish, cleaner, cleaning - House
  131. Radon Mitigation: windows, installed, detector, gas - House
  132. Stairs and stairway...cheapest replacement?: hardwood floor, vinyl, laminate, color - House
  133. Discouraged - Need a new dryer: washers, pool, appliance, price - House
  134. 18 foot garage that tooooooo big?: mullions, how much, opener - House
  135. Buying a house been renting?: window, AC, heat, cost
  136. Hardwood Floor Solution: laminate, refinish, bedroom, molding - House
  137. Ceiling fan regulations: Home Depot, install, bathrooms, toilets - House
  138. Safe Room Exhaust: floor, storm shelter, windows, heat - House
  139. Has heard of a federal law concerning permits for detached structures under 1,000 sqft?: roof, installed - House
  140. Non-Handy Men: paint, plumbing, between, homeowners - House
  141. My neighbor knocked a hole in the side of my house...: cleaning, repair
  142. Garden Hose kinks: cost, worth, better, plastic - House
  143. Learning Home Remodeling/Building Skills: smell, installed, bathroom, kitchens - House
  144. Planning an addition.....should i get a permit?: pools, code, basement - House
  145. Whats the meaning for different colored doors ..: feng shui, color, green - House
  146. Hot/Ground Reverse: ceiling, lights, basement, electrical - House
  147. Heated driveway......has ever done it?: how much, pools, heating - House
  148. What are the uses of DETTOL antiseptic liquid ?: floor, smells, shower - House
  149. Sealing and painting a backyard redwood fence: how much, Home Depot, refinish - House
  150. Storing glasses lip up or down: cleaning, cabinets, between, shelves - House
  151. Finished Attic, old A/C unit installed in wall...options?: roof, AC - House
  152. how could this have happened?!: heating, stove, appliance, install - House
  153. Could you live in a 140 sq ft house?: bathroom, apartment, comparison
  154. Leak when A/C was turned on - help?: floor, furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  155. ammonia smell in basement room: heating, smells, bedroom, mold - House
  156. Do you sometimes wish you still rented?: roof, pool, painting - House
  157. Great House, Awful Yard: installed, cost, weather, worth
  158. Basement Leak Help: how much, foundation, drains, ceiling - House
  159. done a kitchen (or other room) bump-out?: flooring, how much, roofing - House
  160. Help me hack my swamp (evaporative) cooler!: tank, drain, installing - House
  161. How did you know your house was THE house?: hardwood floors, window
  162. Getting rid of dog feces in backyard for a gathering: how much, cleaning - House
  163. Reinforced Concrete Ceiling: floor, bomb shelter, how much, roof - House
  164. needed on generators: window, heat, installed, bedroom - House
  165. Pretty City Neighborhoods: price, average, pictures, Detroit - House
  166. Unique Painted Houses: colors, apartments, building, pictures
  167. A window on the outside door frame. Need an alarm?: windows, heating - House
  168. Should I replace all my plumbing hoses and valves.: how much, washer, sink - House
  169. R22 low, but no leak - total cost estimate to top off ? (NoVA): floor, air conditioning - House
  170. What one thing would you change about your house?: floor, fireplace, windows
  171. Neighbors that don't keep the front of their yards trimmed: paint, cost - House
  172. Bank Repossesses Wrong House, Sells Homeowner's Possessions: window, better, replace
  173. Shower glass door maintenance: window, curtain, cleaner, cleaning - House
  174. What is your source to find professionals?: paint, condo, price - House
  175. Steam mop on hardwood floors?: hardwood floor, engineered, laminate, windows - House
  176. Building a House - Telephone Wiring?: how much, phones, install, insulation
  177. Toilet Help: Home Depot, tank, bathroom, toilets - House
  178. Cleaning Hard Water/Mineral Stains Off Surfaces That Scratch: floor, pool, painting - House
  179. Do You Live in an HOA community? How do you contact?: townhouse, phone
  180. on finishing unfinished heart pine flooring: conditioner, refinishing, color, stain - House
  181. So how much is a renovation really going to cost?: flooring, granite - House
  182. Termites -- Alternative to Fumigation?: railing, cleaner, plumbing, steel - House
  183. Living without electricity in our home due to poverty: roof, windows, air conditioning - House
  184. Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveway.......Help me decide!: granite, stain, stainless steel - House
  185. Garage storage shelf depth and height.: floor, how much, paint, ceiling - House
  186. spruce up house tips: floors, paint, smells, furniture
  187. Plumbing (leak in exterior line): drains, cleaner, installing, glue - House
  188. Home A/C Problems? experienced techs to the rescue?: AC, install - House
  189. reason why Thompson's Water Sealer wouldn't work to weatherproof a ceramic pot in the garden?: roofing, basement - House
  190. Lost Key to Drawer: cabinet, cold, pictures, inexpensive - House
  191. new gas cans: tank, vent, outside, better - House
  192. Is it a coincide that our home property value increased after having work done on our pipes?: homestead, how much - House
  193. Clogged pipe two in new home. Unclogged on it's own: hardwood floors, washers - House
  194. Which home alarm system is good?: window, phone, lighting, pricing - House
  195. Cleaning with vinegar: hardwood floor, granite, window, smell - House
  196. The changing climate of the construction industry: how much, sink, furniture - House
  197. Garage Door Window Tinting Alternatives: Lowes, windows, curtains, paint - House
  198. Your childhood house: how much, fireplace, paint, appliance
  199. outdoor security lighting: floors, Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  200. Builders and Contractors Are Getting Their Day in Court: legal, new, issues - House