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  1. Have you ever lived 80 feet or more off of the ground? Bugs: floor, windows - House
  2. Rainsoft vs. Watts Under Sink Water Purifier: installation, cleaning, kitchen - House
  3. jalousie windows: vinyl, springs, glass, vent - House
  4. HVAC capacitor: AC, heat, pipes, compare - House
  5. old wood desk: color, stain, light, interior - House
  6. Are Amana HVAC units good?: Air Conditioners, heat, cheap, new - House
  7. Wired vs wireless alarm: install, detector, price, electric - House
  8. Natural Gas Absorption Chiller for Residential AC: water heaters, cost, electrical - House
  9. disadvantages of aluminum patio covers: roof, colors, installed, load - House
  10. Ants and ground faults: electric, circuit, best, remove - House
  11. Washing Old Wood Floors and Cupboards: home project, refinish, stove - House
  12. Air Conditioner Display Showing Goofy Numbers: conversion, living room, light, vent - House
  13. stucco repatch? or repaint?: color, chimney, build, cold - House
  14. Solar Engergy/Panel: roof, installed, electricity, best - House
  15. Just bought a front load washer... what exactly is a basket of laundry?: how much, dishwasher - House
  16. Spray can match for SW6385 Dover White?: Home Depot, color, outlet - House
  17. My ladder developed a crack: heat, glass, outside, best - House
  18. Drywall installation cost: hardwood, overlay, how much, AC - House
  19. Which is better for me?: roofing, insulation, cost, building codes - House
  20. What do you use to fill cracks in concrete: vinyl, heat, color - House
  21. Faucet Flow: tank, install, leaks, cost - House
  22. Fluctuating delvered volts: conditioner, water heater, microwave, appliance - House
  23. What are Onyx block?: countertops, colors, bathroom, apartment - House
  24. Foundation Wall Crack repair: vinyl, leak, basement, repairing - House
  25. Questions concerning Maytag and Whirlpool Washing Machines: dishwashers, heater, dryer - House
  26. Can't find a fridge that fits....... help!: Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  27. could it be toxic?: floor, furnace, heat, smell - House
  28. Faux Wood Blinds are Yellowing: vinyl, windows, painting, furniture - House
  29. Screening hardwood floor that isn't in great condition?: how much, vacuum - House
  30. Basement drains to septic?: floor, ejector, tank, sink - House
  31. Own mailbox instead of a cluster mailbox: install, area, new - House
  32. Removed load bearing wall, point load has small void underneath... major issue?: floor, roof - House
  33. Bathtub Replacement Advice: jacuzzi, refinish, color, sink - House
  34. Observed vinyl siding installation: shingles, windows, plank, installing - House
  35. Just fired up the gas fired furnace for 1st time this year ... works like a champ !: AC, heat - House
  36. Whole house audio on the cheap: home phone, install, dining room, kitchen
  37. which experts do I need for yard issues (on a grade): drainage pipe, pipes - House
  38. Suggestions for new building techniques: alternatives, windows, AC, heater - House
  39. Serious Gnat issue need help: floor, windows, room, screen - House
  40. Window treatment for high ceilings: floor, windows, heater, curtains - House
  41. i want new Furnace: installed, vs, brands, best - House
  42. home fire safety: floor, how much, fireplace, window - House
  43. How to finish drywall: opener, Home Depot, Lowes, insulate - House
  44. Local place to buy flourescent light diffusers i.e. covers?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  45. FL hard water and tub sealant peeling: bathtub, stains, shower - House
  46. Wood trim rotting on house, cut off rot and replace small sections?: floor, roof
  47. Allergies - What to use in place of MDF, for roof decking: roofing, Home Depot - House
  48. Casement windows won't fully close anymore: phone, cleaning, pressure, frame - House
  49. Another Tile Grout: floor, installed, sealer, exterior - House
  50. tile grout: floor, color, ceramic, installing - House
  51. Have damp crawlspace....putting heater on raised cement....ideas to keep dampness to mnimum: dehumidifier, alternatives - House
  52. lighted light switches & outlets: how much, ceiling, room, lights - House
  53. Air Conditioner Won't Turn Over, Sounds Like Fan Strains to Move: washer, window - House
  54. Bolting hanging bar to beams in basement?: dehumidifier, laundry room, steel - House
  55. Tankless Navien combo vs water heater.: furnace, tank, stove, converting - House
  56. Refinished wood floors - wavy?: hardwood floors, phone, refinishing, furniture - House
  57. Passive Solar Hot water System: hot water heater, vacuum, stove, install - House
  58. Water Heater Issues: Home Depot, water tank, tanks, drain - House
  59. Wood burning stoves (moved from Nashville forum): fireplace, heaters, smell - House
  60. Can old siding be repaired?: shingles, Home Depot, paint, asbestos siding - House
  61. Fence Painting in S. Florida: cleaner, stain, square foot, weather - House
  62. painted shut windows: wooden windows, stone, repair, concrete - House
  63. Sink repair: washer, sinks, kitchen, glue - House
  64. dehumidifier shipped upside-down ... should I be concerned?: refrigerator, best, replacement - House
  65. Soffit and HVAC: Home Depot, heating, build, basement - House
  66. Whole House Fan in S. Florida: grill, air conditioning, paint, smells
  67. What spider was this: outside, better, pictures, family - House
  68. Can my generator power walk in cooler?: window, Air Conditioners, insulated - House
  69. with NE Florida land?: window, sink, appliance, carpet - House
  70. Door Seal - Instead of the brass spring seal: floor, insulated, installed - House
  71. Opinions on Ecowater water softener/refiner?: Lowes, installing, plumber, cost - House
  72. carpenter ants on deck railing: floor, foundation, painting, build - House
  73. Anything to put on the window for one-way visibility?: windows, light, building - House
  74. Sinkhole in front yard how much is the house worth now?: repair, damages
  75. Range hoods, cleaning: heat, stove, gas, glass - House
  76. What is best way to seal gaps into space above ceiling?: roof, paint - House
  77. Laundry Room Addition? Construction Advice?: countertop, washer, install, dryer - House
  78. Household Roach control: kitchen, costs, outside, replace
  79. Drop-in range installation: countertop, Lowes, grill, water heater - House
  80. Hanging baskets for upright freezers?????: Home Depot, pool, bedroom, kitchen - House
  81. Soundproofing hardwood floor during renovation: engineered, heater, carpet, glue - House
  82. Landscape and terracing problems: siding, concrete, best, remove - House
  83. about sun room windows: floor, Lowes, converting, glass - House
  84. Vines and Brush? Manhandle Them!: pool, stone, electric, worth - House
  85. Battery operated sprinkler valve controller: vac, electrical, circuit, concrete - House
  86. Air conditioning Pipe insulation: how much, installing, gas, vent - House
  87. Temporary Garage/Shelter Reviews: roof, converting, build, replace - House
  88. knockout rose: vent, best, green, spots - House
  89. Leaky flat roof in a concrete building. Bad sign?: roofing, townhouses, AC
  90. Where do you store the vacuum cleaner?: floor, family room, kitchen - House
  91. help me decide on shingle color that match house: shingles, Lowes, stains
  92. What's Hanging On Your Front Door?: paint, better, between, wooden - House
  93. Strange problem w/ knobs on stove: heat, build, standard, vent - House
  94. Contractor terms: countertops, install, kitchen, plumber - House
  95. I have the UGLIEST bathroom in the Western world. :(: countertops, curtain, color - House
  96. water heater questions: dishwasher, water tank, tanks, drain - House
  97. Rotten sill beam on a 100 yr old house.: floors, roof, granite
  98. Questions under cabinet range hood installation (Zephyr Typhoon model): washer, Lowes - House
  99. shed for wood pellets ... ideas?: flooring, how much, my fireplace, washer - House
  100. Sill Plate replacement cost: floors, how much, foundation, paint - House
  101. Bath Remodel: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot, painting - House
  102. Finding a leak: roofing, ceiling, chimney, stains - House
  103. Central air keeps freezing up.: floors, furnace, Air Conditioner, tank - House
  104. Stubborn mineral desposits in toilet bowl--how to prevent?: tank, cleaning, stains - House
  105. Sign of termites in this apartment?: how much, windows, bedroom, building - House
  106. Why is baseboard heating so popular?: floor, fireplace, furnace, heater - House
  107. Alarm in my new house is chirping: ceiling, detector, replace
  108. Just started to see a mouse, what to do?: townhouse, AC, sink
  109. toilet base area showing dirt: subfloor, tank, color, ceramic - House
  110. Things around your house recently fixed/improved?: hardwood floors, shingles, vinyl
  111. Contact dots for cabinet doors/drawers?: Home Depot, Lowes, kitchen, cost - House
  112. floor finishing product help: hardwood floors, refinish, furniture, installed - House
  113. Ideas for bathroom remodel - Pictures included: floor, countertop, tank - House
  114. Our toddler flushed our keys down the toilet, now its clogged, how do we fix it?!: floor, Home Depot - House
  115. What is this Spot on the Wall?: painting, ceiling, leak - House
  116. How to go about fixing this ceiling issue?: floor, paint, cleaning - House
  117. for that use carpet cleaning services: floors, windows, vac - House
  118. More attic insulation beyond R-30?: roof, vinyl, windows, heat - House
  119. Toilet Leak: flooring, vinyl, Lowes, install - House
  120. Finding if house is mortgaged: how much, prices, worth, company
  121. Cabinets - should I paint them?: hardwood, granite, window, stove - House
  122. Whole House Humidifier: furnaces, water heater, install, room
  123. Home owner's insurance premium: how much, price, compare, replacement - House
  124. Removing concrete patio - jackhammer vs sledge: how much, cleaner, installation - House
  125. declutter: furniture, room, cleaning, stained - House
  126. Two income parents: Do you have housekeepers?: vacuum, cleaner, ceiling
  127. Getting rid of crickets?: floor, Home Depot, pool, vacuum - House
  128. Opinions or on precast concrete panel fence?: engineered, vinyl, heat - House
  129. venting a dryer that is NOT on an exterior wall: floor, roof - House
  130. Roommate keeps putting ac at 65? Is this normal?: cost, electric, standard - House
  131. Heating oil price ceiling contracts: furnace, tank, tanks, stove - House
  132. Window Bars: floor, windows, installed, master bedroom - House
  133. Air conditioner not cooling and making rattling noises: furnace, room, leak - House
  134. Dining Room but No eat in kitchen: resale value, kitchens, vent - House
  135. Best security camera system?: phone, color, installed, living room - House
  136. Exhaust vent in the kitchen: floor, microwave, stove, ceiling - House
  137. Decorating-function first, style second: slipcovers, hardwood, vinyl, window - House
  138. Is it the AC or the electrical?: window, heat, paint - House
  139. Can I pay a painter just to cut things in?: how much, painting - House
  140. How long does your refrigerator water filter last?: Home Depot, pool, smells - House
  141. how long does a house 'settle'?: installation, bathrooms, kitchen, warm
  142. 2013 FL flip house: how much, compare, building, vent
  143. Home security cameras: detector, lights, costs, circuit - House
  144. How to fix doors that won't stay open?: installing, bathroom, stain - House
  145. New homes upgrade options!?: water heater, microwave, ceiling, dining room - House
  146. Moving stove or fridge???: countertop, appliance, install, kitchens - House
  147. Home Depot vs Lowes Customer Experience: how much, pool, window, phone - House
  148. Is it to remove this stuck light bulb?: opener, glass, lights - House
  149. Fruit Fly Infestation HELP: floor, fireplace, flea, drain - House
  150. Home Electric Furnace Won't Shut Off with Thermostat Disconnected: AC, heater - House
  151. Is happy with their front loader washer and dryer?: pool, smells - House
  152. Buying homes with granite and tile that you hate: how much, pool, paint color - House
  153. My RTM house got a small crack: floor plans, roof, foundation
  154. Crawl Space Humidity Help Needed: floor, roof, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  155. Kitchen Floor Mold Issue: flooring, how much, dishwasher, laminate - House
  156. Do you wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?: loading, sink - House
  157. Painting my shower room: bathroom, toilet, glass, cracks - House
  158. Does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?: roofing, installed - House
  159. How old is your house?: stoves, asbestos, kitchen, molding
  160. Why Do You Rarely See Steel w/White Appliances?: dishwasher, pools, microwave - House
  161. Why are my ice cubes freezing into a lump in my glass?: warm, vent - House
  162. have a proper name for this bolt?: square, better, replace - House
  163. Sink and Vanity Stuck: floor, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  164. Tankless water heater in condo in Washington?: floor, how much, washer - House
  165. Recommendations for dehumidifier?: warm, build, basement, weather - House
  166. Are garage doors similar in appearance?: mullions, overlay, windows - House
  167. shovelling sidewalks: square feet, electric, removal, between - House
  168. Protecting hardwood floor in the kitchen: engineered, vinyl, dishwasher, pool - House
  169. Best way to get rid of MOLES?: gas, light, vent - House
  170. Two people- 5000 sq foot home: furniture, rooms, costs, square feet - House
  171. has used a top loading HE washer???: washers, front loader - House
  172. Two Wire Romex: furnace, insulated, appliance, ceiling - House
  173. Newer homes - Why Decora-style switches but not outlets?: how much, furniture, install - House
  174. artificial grass.......Has done it?: how much, install, carpet, cost - House
  175. What does your plumber charge to unclog a sink?: how much, Home Depot, drain - House
  176. Lights on when on vacation?: rooms, dogs, replace, driveway - House
  177. Gas leak in unexposed pipe?: flooring, townhome, furnace, water heater - House
  178. What do you love and hate about your house?: floor, roof, fireplace
  179. Pools: Seeking your: floor, roof, vinyl, alternatives - House
  180. Getting key for Cluster Mailbox: how much, install, cost, code - House
  181. Bathroom sink drain clogging up?: opener, sinks, cleaner, cleaning - House
  182. Outlets in Bedroom Suddenly Quit, Breakers Not Tripped: Air Conditioner, stove, bathrooms - House
  183. Front steps - need advice: granite, foundation, color, stone - House
  184. Preventing erosion around foundation: roof, drains, stone, steel - House
  185. Pros and Cons of Basement Garage: floor, convert, living room, kitchen - House
  186. Simple Tip for Cleaning Long Dryer Vents: heating, vacuum cleaner, stoves - House
  187. Cleaning Air Ducts Scam or Not?: floor, windows, vacuum, insulated - House
  188. Sliders or French Doors: vinyl, window, bedroom, blinds - House
  189. High humidity, mites, bugs, mold - HELP!: floors, roof, dehumidifier - House
  190. Looking for indestructible housing materials: subfloor, laminate, windows, paint - House
  191. Stuck Bathroom Sink Drain Nut: Home Depot, heating, plumbing, dryer - House
  192. Retiring a Pool: bedroom, plumbing, leaking, cost - House
  193. Hanging Wreath from Glass on Front Door: how much, windows, insulated - House
  194. use the memory foam cooling mattress ?: furniture, cost, comparison - House
  195. Need irrigation system advice,: Lowes, windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  196. TREX Settles Class-action Suit: mold, company, 2013, plastic - House
  197. Do I have to take off the carpet?: how much, room, best - House
  198. How Bedbugs Shrug Off Pesticides and Simple Measures to Deal With It: 2013 - House
  199. Share your Designs: countertops, kitchen, counter, home - House
  200. Does Rug Doctor brand cleaning solution ever expire?: cleaner, carpets, good - House