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  1. Blocking for sheetrock?: tanks, ceilings, hurricane, cost - House
  2. Odd inconsistencies with plumbers' insurance: shower, glass, costs, damage - House
  3. Adding a wood-burning stove to a small house with oil heat?: roof, fireplace
  4. Cracked Shower Tiles; What to do?: floor, vinyl, curtain, ceiling - House
  5. Where to Buy Iron Radiator Valves?: heating, replace, system, Boston - House
  6. R30 in the attic floor enough ?: insulated, installed, insulation, plumbing - House
  7. Oil heat issues: furnace, heater, smell, light - House
  8. know what is inside a heat detector (not smoke detector): Lowes, ceiling - House
  9. Best hardwood floor protectors for chairs and tables?: Home Depot, sofa, refinish - House
  10. Moving refrigerator temporarily, electrical: vac, stove, appliance, dining room - House
  11. Importance of Heater Tune-up, A/C Tune-up and Pest Control Services: floors, AC - House
  12. Turning off and on main water valve, now the dual flush toilet won't refill: tank, sink - House
  13. Unexpected cure for sandy soil areas: drain, sink, leaks, cost - House
  14. healthy alternative to paint: alternatives, painting, bathroom, kitchen - House
  15. I want a good furnace: furnaces, heating, installing, gas - House
  16. Fireplace Fireback: my fireplace, heat, room, chimney - House
  17. staining a Fibreglass front door: color, installing, stain, lights - House
  18. New Home Owner: First time with baseboard ?'s: floor, how much, countertop - House
  19. How to confirm the difference in 6lb vs 8lb carpet pad: townhouse, Lowes
  20. Re-Staining a Fiberglass door?: refinishing, color, stain, light - House
  21. chip in porcelain sink: drain, bathroom, repair, vent - House
  22. Cement fiber board siding without WRB, fix?: building, vent, removing - House
  23. remove pop down tub plugs?: drain, bathtub, plumbing, replace - House
  24. Geothermal: heating, cold, thermostat, system - House
  25. Water Softener Salt and Water Levels: tank, plumbing, repairing, covering - House
  26. Slightly high water radon reading: flooring, tank, refinish, installing - House
  27. PGT Window Pulley: springs, windows, replacement, remove - House
  28. Water dripping sound when boiler kicks on..: furnace, windows, tank - House
  29. Groaning Pipes: shower, plumbing, toilet, load - House
  30. Odor from Dishwasher: flooring, drain, sink, smell - House
  31. Anderson Windows 400 series and 200 series..... feedback........thanks: frame, aluminum - House
  32. What type of cleaning solution should I use to prepare a metal repaint job?: vacuum, painting - House
  33. Yamaha MZ 300 gasoline generator parts: building, buy, material, good - House
  34. Looking to reside home with cedar vinyl shakes......Cedar Spectrum vinyl.... feedback or suggestions.: siding, Georgia - House
  35. Add a Zone or Change Thermostat Location?: floor, heating, bathroom - House
  36. Water Spot on Kitchen Ceiling: jacuzzi, bathtub, paint, bathroom - House
  37. Swiffer-Bissel Steam Mop vs. Shark Steam Mop: floor, cleaner, better - House
  38. Under-counter sink with new counter? How to pick sink/garburator: countertop, sinks - House
  39. Remove Marker or Restore Veneer?: refinish, paint, furniture, dining room - House
  40. re Structural changes to a house with tile roof: roofing, engineered
  41. Culligan Silver Series Water Softener: tank, prices, repair, vent - House
  42. cellulose insulation: subfloor, laminate, heat, insulating - House
  43. adding a wood stove have: furnace, appliance, chimney, cold - House
  44. Cherry cabinets--best cleaner?: countertops, detergent, coat, polyurethane - House
  45. Bathroom Vanity Top Stain: sinks, cleaner, mold, build - House
  46. Do I need to apply permit for remolding the kitchen?: tiling, countertop - House
  47. water softener ~ vs water heater taking up space: how much, water tank, drains - House
  48. Material that looks like sawdust keeps forming around my toilet: subfloor, vinyl - House
  49. CFL Blinking with Light Switch Off: glass, lights, circuit, standard - House
  50. A story on the origin of Owens Corning Pink fiberglass insulation: insulating, color - House
  51. countertops quotes - Home Depot vs local?: floor, vinyl, granite - House
  52. Switching to LED?: Home Depot, color, ceiling, light - House
  53. Blown Insulation & Venting: roof, Lowes, ceilings, installed - House
  54. rain gutter leaf guard systems: roof, curtain, installed - House
  55. Fly infestation in the home: floor, windows, heating, smell - House
  56. Washing machine help.: washers, pool, drain, cabinet - House
  57. Has tried dying leather furniture?: couch, cleaner, family room, cleaning - House
  58. Residential exterior patio door leaking: roof, window, installation, cost - House
  59. Ladder leveler vs pivot vs Little Giant ladder system: how much, paint, plank - House
  60. How to get glue out of the carpet?: paint, cleaner, shower - House
  61. Roomba 790: best, filters, buy, cheaper - House
  62. Mold on walls of finished basement - cost to remedy?: how much, leak - House
  63. Lever sink faucet handles: Lowes, installed, apartments, cold - House
  64. What kind of bug is this that I found on my bed?: hardwood floors, carpet - House
  65. Strong oil smell from basement: furnace, tank, tanks, room - House
  66. has replaced a vessel sink?: ceramic, sinks, furniture, installation - House
  67. Add sheathing under cedar plank siding?: roofing, foundation, insulating, drain - House
  68. Plumbing Cement Smell in Water: smells, plumber, pipe, code - House
  69. Does Extension Ladders Make a good choice of roof maintenance: shingles, glass - House
  70. Noisy Gas Meter: furnace, water heater, phone, bedroom - House
  71. What's wrong with my fiberglass door?: paint, stain, weather, damage - House
  72. Carpeting a large room: rooms, price, blue, seam - House
  73. flush the toilet upstairs and loud noise: Home Depot, tank, paint - House
  74. Where to buy a stone top table?: granite, furniture, kitchen - House
  75. Preventing mold around windows: floor, dehumidifier, curtains, installed - House
  76. Pull-out bath sink faucet, does it exist?: install, shower, plumbing - House
  77. how to remove rust: alternatives, light, square, wood - House
  78. Air filters and Max MPR (High-Efficiency Heat Pump): furnace, Air Conditioner, installed - House
  79. Buzzing noise from sprinkler box: installed, leaking, electrical, vents - House
  80. What is a reasonable price for a Bow window: windows, installed, living room - House
  81. IKEA toddler beds: railing, bedroom, mattress, better - House
  82. Repoting Back: Ducts Cleaned: humidifier, window, heating, cleaner - House
  83. Bathtub stains - orangey and gray: floor, mold, tiles, iron - House
  84. treating a stained redwood deck: washer, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  85. Help! Parquet floor buckled...: flooring, railing, ceramic, installed - House
  86. Basements - is exterior access required?: foundation, fireplace, washer, furnace - House
  87. Flooring options in a condo: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate, refinish - House
  88. Full dormer vs 1st floor addition: how much, roof, foundation, bedrooms - House
  89. Allure vinyl flooring reviews....????: hardwood, Home Depot, laminate, heating - House
  90. Long beams: how much, roof, loading, sink - House
  91. Cold Bathroom floors in the Winter: how much, window, heater, insulating - House
  92. Bugs in Fridge and Freezer :(: floor, drains, sink, smells - House
  93. Coax cable and driveway: installation, glue, cost, pipe - House
  94. Oven cooking too hot: kitchen, electrical, worth, better - House
  95. Foundation crack: pool, installation, plumbing, steel - House
  96. Remodeling kitchen: floor, granite, Lowes, refinish - House
  97. Water ring in basement: foundation, furnace, heater, ceiling - House
  98. Need help: best vacuum for hair: hardwood floors, cleaning, carpet, vs - House
  99. Best way to clean grease from range hood?: dishwasher, grill, stove - House
  100. need a new water heater - options?: dishwasher, tank, appliance - House
  101. Fireplace Pilot light: how much, my fireplace, heat, smell - House
  102. waterproofing dining table: vinyl, refinishing, furniture, kitchen - House
  103. Asbestos covered oil fired furnace big deal or not?: furnaces, tank, paint - House
  104. What does Garage Door Tune-up mean?: opener, springs, cleaning, plumber - House
  105. How to Fix the Rubber Underneath the Shower Door?: vinyl, Home Depot, room - House
  106. Blown in attic insulation Cellulose or Fiberglass: how much, alternatives, Home Depot - House
  107. To remove kitchen soffits.... opinions?: floor, heating, microwave, sink - House
  108. Boiler Return pipes: floor, how much, tank, cleaner - House
  109. Entire old house might have to be re-plumbed - cost?: flooring, how much
  110. Do I need to add both Ridge vent and Soffit vent: floor, roof - House
  111. Tell me about your French Door Fridge: pool, appliance, kitchen - House
  112. Florescent Light Box: painting, ceiling, install, kitchen - House
  113. Bidets becoming more popular in US homes. Would you use one?: floor, installing - House
  114. Homemade DIY Leaf Blower Gutter Cleaner: roof, vac, cleaning, glue - House
  115. Staggered joints in flooring?: hardwood floors, laminate, paint, installation - House
  116. Mattress recommendations?: vinyl, springs, phone, paint - House
  117. Welded wire fence: vinyl, steel, cost, compare - House
  118. Are Arizona and SoCal the only places in America with electrical panels outside?: install, laundry room - House
  119. House size: furnace, bathrooms, kitchen, basement
  120. Heater for Master Bath: floor, jacuzzi, Lowes, windows - House
  121. Door advice: Lowes, paint, glue, steel - House
  122. Buying a dryer. recommendations?: washer dryer, Home Depot, appliance, installing - House
  123. Dryer vent through basement window: washer, Lowes, paint, sink - House
  124. Home Inspection/Unpermitted work: installed, bathroom, detector, apartment - House
  125. K Cup Coffee Makers: heating, cleaning, price, repair - House
  126. Popcorn Ceiling Removal - A Tutorial: floor, overlay, phone, painting - House
  127. Dyson - Reviews: hardwood, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, carpet - House
  128. Really fine, really high quality duvet cover: colors, prices, iron - House
  129. News, Want to know who died in your home? Check this site: bathtub, bathroom - House
  130. Ductless mini-split heat pump: Home Depot, furnace, Air Conditioner, heater - House
  131. Budget friendly options for adding shower to tiny half bath?: tiling, floor - House
  132. Battling fruit flies indoors without poisons: sink, smells, kitchen, apartment - House
  133. Does This Look Like Mold?: floor, roofing, Home Depot, window - House
  134. What color should I paint my garage?: light, siding, better - House
  135. Hard Mattress - Floor?: sink, room, stained, light - House
  136. Do you keep your house/apartment neat?: floor, how much, washer
  137. New homeowner with radiant heat flooring: hardwood, water tank, insulated, kitchen - House
  138. Will shut off the heat from thermostat affect pilot fire?: Home Depot, furnace - House
  139. How to tell if thermostat is bad?: furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  140. Chimney Top Damper Installed: my fireplace, furnace, smell, installing - House
  141. Dishwasher - Fix or Replace?: water heaters, cleaner, appliance, installed - House
  142. Foam Mattress Topper: sofa, paint, bedroom, warm - House
  143. First time homeowner: How to integrate into community: warm, vent, outside - House
  144. Halo Recessed lighting trim. Retrofit to improve appearance (hide can): Home Depot, Lowes - House
  145. Hardwood floor footwear?: pool, installed, bathroom, kitchen - House
  146. Bounce House Jumping Castles: Set-up: how much, vinyl, pool, stain
  147. AC Ducts/Mold: furnace, smell, cleaner, installation - House
  148. Drilling Hole for Cable in Hardwood Floors: heating, installing, living room - House
  149. Rough electrical: how much, install, plumber, codes - House
  150. Ideal size for a guest bedroom: floor, sofa, ceiling, furniture - House
  151. What is the lifespan of windows?: vinyl, springs, insulated, rooms - House
  152. Help choosing new wood stove: roof, fireplaces, heaters, stoves - House
  153. one hot room, rest of house is cool: floor, how much, Lowes
  154. Cleaning the roof: Home Depot, heat, cleaner, mold - House
  155. Better Flooring types?: subfloor, engineered, vinyl, laminate - House
  156. Hobbit House built of natural materials must be demolished: alternatives, color
  157. re-use or replace?: floor, engineered, countertop, Home Depot - House
  158. How and what to use to re-paint rusty metal rail?: Home Depot, railing - House
  159. How many leaves does a 7 ft Medium Christmas tree usually have ?: lights, cost - House
  160. Electric Outlet?: code, electrical, remove, plastic - House
  161. vertical blinds melted: windows, heat, curtains, colors - House
  162. Why do toilet seats have lids?: smell, plumbing, dogs, vents - House
  163. Electric Heating: alternatives, furnace, windows, ceilings - House
  164. Easy & Cheap Way to Convert a Gas Furnace to Electric?: electric heat, smell - House
  165. How do I turn on my gas fireplace?: heater, stove, appliance - House
  166. Wine Room: flooring, how much, drain, sink - House
  167. I hate cabinet installing: how much, ceilings, kitchen, cabinets - House
  168. How to extend gas line: floor, how much, vinyl, water heater - House
  169. How dusty and smelly is tile floor removal and installation?: flooring, heating - House
  170. Vinyl Windows-Gorell 5300: how much, paint, installing, glass - House
  171. House wiring problem: heat, loading, microwave, appliance
  172. Finding the source of mystery grounded outlets: insulated, paint, installed - House
  173. Got the inspection report, have no ideas about repairs. *new homeowner*: opener, washer - House
  174. Help with window treatments needed!: Lowes, windows, color, installing - House
  175. How to get rid of smell in room: couch, smells, removing - House
  176. Heated floors--how difficult is it to do this?: subfloor, vinyl, hot water heater - House
  177. heating a house: floor, humidifier, my fireplace, furnace
  178. knobs or pulls for kitchen: installed, cabinets, interior, best - House
  179. Dimmer Switch Light Output: AC, install, bathrooms, toilet - House
  180. Radon--would you have a fan installed in this scenario?: furnace, windows, heater - House
  181. Water company blowing air through lines?: roof, Lowes, vacuum, smell - House
  182. Dryer sheets in heating duct: how much, furnace, smell, price - House
  183. what order/who does this? Re. kitchen reno: floor, countertop, alternatives - House
  184. Venturing into the world of Southern Crawl Space Homes: floors, roof, foundation - House
  185. Small Jobs - how to find someone?: phone, painting, cleaner - House
  186. News, Would you pay 429.89 for a blender?: heat, toilet, price - House
  187. Need help finding toilet seat!: roof, Lowes, install, mold - House
  188. How much to renovate delapidated home (ballpark): subfloor, vinyl, countertops - House
  189. High Efficiency Furnaces: how much, pool, hot water heater, insulated - House
  190. Crown Molding opinions: ceilings, installation, bathrooms, building - House
  191. Ways to warm up an old basement: floor, roof, foundation - House
  192. Flooring contractor charging me double for laminate flooring?: Lowes, furniture, installed - House
  193. Plumber/tile guy going against every tile rule I've read! Would you hire someone or insist that it's done your way: Lowes, drains - House
  194. Which snowblower do you recommend?: how much, Home Depot, gas, cost - House
  195. Garage door openers ??: springs, Lowes, ceiling, installing - House
  196. Pocket doors...: how much, fireplace, paint, install - House
  197. Going crazy trying to find a comforter that is weighty!: washer, heat - House
  198. Keeping the Coal Fires Burning: roof, windows, heat, stoves - House
  199. News, 6 toasters that will blow your mind.: microwave, appliance, toilet - House
  200. Which inspector to use? - House