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  1. Retrofit insulation: subfloor, vinyl, foundations, windows - House
  2. new condo ant issue: washer, pool, kitchen, cabinet - House
  3. Whirlpool dishwasher recurring drainage problem: pools, sink, installing, kitchen - House
  4. Are Swiffer things actually better than a sock?: window, vacuum, cleaner - House
  5. Is epoxy floor good for the bathroom?: flooring, vinyl, color - House
  6. Is it worth doing this work to my basement?: floor, how much, window - House
  7. brown water out of tub faucet: water heater, bathtub, color, kitchen - House
  8. Should we hire engineer to create plans for interior perimeter system?: drain, install - House
  9. Recarpeting costs...need advice: flooring, how much, furniture, installation - House
  10. Pipes Knocking - Water Heater or something: washers, tank, install - House
  11. How to know if apartments offer section-8-housing?: price, building, standard - House
  12. A/C Testing During Home Purchase Inspection: furnace, Air Conditioners, heat - House
  13. Is it OK to use low-concentration/over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide, as an alternative chlorine bleach?: granite, sinks - House
  14. Need help with thermostat wiring.: furnace, heating, color, installing - House
  15. Tiny Home Dream !!!: installed, electric, vent, mobile - House
  16. Ceramic tile vs porcelain tile: how much, iron, outside, freezing - House
  17. Can non-IC rated recessed light housing using LED bulb?: Home Depot, insulation, lighting - House
  18. Is there a special primer for metal?: paint, radiators, type - House
  19. Water heater and open tank connection questions: stove, appliance, installation - House
  20. Do you use mousepads for something besides a mouse?: phone, glass, area - House
  21. How to Converting a Window to Wall?: windows, sink, install - House
  22. replacing fireplace insert: electric heat, glass, electric, brands - House
  23. How to hang indoor holiday lights?: Home Depot, window, curtains, paint - House
  24. Repair Squeeky Old Stairs: flooring, how much, townhouse, vacuum
  25. Garage Door Seal: floor, how much, roofing, vinyl - House
  26. Does drain pump make too much noise and ?: ejector, washer, Lowes - House
  27. seen particular sideways outlet adapters? (PICS): Home Depot, duct - House
  28. Pipes make loud noises: sink, installed, bathroom, plumber - House
  29. porcelain tile questions: floor, window, refinishing, ceiling - House
  30. Laminate Countertop Issue: countertops, cleaning, replace, seal - House
  31. Single or double cell shades?: windows, insulating, room, blinds - House
  32. Disconnect solar attic fan for winter?: roof, heater, install, vents - House
  33. Furnace and ducting replacement advice: Lowes, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  34. Temporary back porch?: stone, condo, cost, codes - House
  35. s for removing smoking smell from toys?: washer, cleaner, washing - House
  36. Does orange oil/ green termite control work?: plumbing, price, iron - House
  37. Advice after water damage to floor: flooring, how much, dehumidifier, laminate - House
  38. chance of Flushometer information?: vacuum, plumber, toilets, leak - House
  39. Hot water heater + hydronic considerations: roof, furnace, water tank, insulated - House
  40. Efflorescence issue on floor after French Drain installation?: paint, stained, plumbing - House
  41. Baseboard heaters - replacing with more compact but don't know the wattage?: floor, water tank - House
  42. Do you have a Zoned Upper + Lower Heater/AC?: floors, roof, furnace - House
  43. Dryer sensor faulty ?: heating, vacuum, appliance, price - House
  44. Help with slide-in oven installation: stove, appliance, mold, insulation - House
  45. Cost to repair a deck?: how much, railing, cleaning, stains - House
  46. Moving from apartment with ants: fleas, furniture, outside, best - House
  47. Mystery metal strips in basement wall: flooring, tank, repair, remove - House
  48. Antique stove / oven - ideas? Help?: heat, stoves, appliance, electrical - House
  49. Particles from Garbage Disposal backing up into Dishwasher?: countertop, townhouse, drain
  50. Indoor Swimming Pool in Alaska: flooring, how much, foundation, pools - House
  51. Crawl space flooring advice: room, price, vs, square - House
  52. Just bought a new saw: cabinets, gas, cost, build - House
  53. Lack Of Hot Water Problem: hot water heater, insulate, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  54. Repairing Pergo Laminate Floor boards in LR: installed, damage, replace - House
  55. Gas Fireplace: Vented or Ventfree, How do you tell?: my fireplace, window, heat - House
  56. News, Family Nabs Cheery Record: Most Christmas Lights.: electric, pictures, mount - House
  57. Living in a historic museum house ...: flooring, fireplace, phones
  58. Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer review?: washer dryer, loading, appliance, cleaning - House
  59. Aprilaire 500 or 700: humidifier, window, leaks, outside - House
  60. Cabinet open hardware: stove, convert, kitchen, cabinets - House
  61. House leak problem: floor, how much, roof, foundation
  62. Furnace Noise ... How imminent is disaster?: heat, installed, warm, basement - House
  63. Forced Heat is Torture!: floors, humidifier, alternatives, furnace - House
  64. Using 4w Bulb Instead of 7w - Is It Safe?: washer, window - House
  65. cleaning moss off a roof?: shingles, vinyl, washer, mold - House
  66. Ac fan is not working and now: outside, replace, HVAC - House
  67. News, Grinchy County to Neighborhood: Take Down Your Xmas Lights.: remove, 2013 - House
  68. Deck Expansion/Renovation - sound good to you?: cost, build, square foot - House
  69. Yellow/brown spots coming through paint on trim: colors, installed, bathroom - House
  70. Spots on surround of gas fireplace: cleaning, chimney, leak - House
  71. Driveway Cracks in the Freezing Rain...: warm, concrete, vent, cold - House
  72. Care of real pine paneling from 1950-60s: installed, cleaning, stain - House
  73. Filling in house hole: floor, roofing, windows, phone
  74. Anti-Bark Devices: how much, railing, dogs, outside - House
  75. Extension Cord Safety Concerns: how much, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  76. Which installation first-new laminate wood floor or new appliances?: flooring, washer, stove - House
  77. Cinderblock wall has cracks!!: flooring, installing, build, slab - House
  78. DIY surveillance camera inside/outside of home: how much, window, phone - House
  79. Whats the function/purpose of this thing in the Bathtub? Im clueless ..: drains, sink - House
  80. Removing kitchen faucet: sink, installing, plumber, leaking - House
  81. How to tell if something is a valid ground?: air conditioning, install, plumber - House
  82. Electric Central Air Unit is not blowing hot air: fireplace, furnaces, Lowes - House
  83. Ants in an apartment building - lost cause?: floor, washer, Home Depot - House
  84. Confused: Oil to Gas conversion: furnaces, windows, air conditioning, tank - House
  85. Frozen pipes , need urgent help: floor, electric heat, insulated, drain - House
  86. Mattress Size Issues: springs, sofa, couch, furniture - House
  87. frozen pipes -: heater, insulate, sink, kitchen - House
  88. Teach me about insulation: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  89. Gravel walkway?: laminate, stone, install, lights - House
  90. Alarm monitoring without a landline: home phone, installed, best, company - House
  91. My Big Living Room Remodel: floor, Home Depot, laminate, window - House
  92. Heat Pump Advice: fireplace, furnaces, windows, heater - House
  93. Loading utensils in dishwasher.....handles up or down???: cleaner, cleaning, load - House
  94. Best Color For counter top for cherry wood Cabinets: floors, how much, granite - House
  95. Roof Fixes?: roofing, heat, drains, installation - House
  96. Toilet Help: Lowes, tank, toilets, repair - House
  97. How would make this house look better?: floor, roof, windows
  98. Downdraft blower options?: countertop, microwave, stove, smells - House
  99. Best thermostat for new home... Nest?: price, worth, 2014, wiring - House
  100. Advice Needed! Have to make remodeling decision sooner than anticipated (w/ pics)!: flooring, heating - House
  101. gate and fencing issue: heater, pipes, square, dogs - House
  102. Hot water stops flowing from bathroom faucet; cold water is flowing fine.: pool, water heater - House
  103. The use of glue traps: how much, heater, vent, outside - House
  104. Fire pit: hardwood, fireplace, heat, light - House
  105. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy: windows, heat, curtains - House
  106. washer dryer suggestions/opinions: floor, washers, front loader, Home Depot - House
  107. Patching holes & scrapes: color, glue, interior, repair - House
  108. Do you throw out broken ornaments: heat, paint, ceramic, glue - House
  109. How to buy distilled water on the cheap?: humidifier, tank, tanks - House
  110. Free Water Test Kit from Lowes/Home Depot: phone, faucets - House
  111. Cost to extend roof: floor, how much, roofing, ceiling - House
  112. Backyard/Frontyard Smell: heat, smells, kitchen, vent - House
  113. New Construction Ventless FirePlace: fireplaces, window, heaters, stove - House
  114. Insulation: how much, roof, windows, heat - House
  115. Roofing nails vs sheetrock nails - same?: laundry room, build, better - House
  116. Using Aluminum for electrical wiring in houses?: bathrooms, kitchens, codes
  117. Roper Washer won't work: washers, front loader, pool, loading - House
  118. Aluminum Pergola: phone, color, installed, cost - House
  119. Is this a leak?: flooring, paint, sink, ceiling - House
  120. Flat Roof Replacement: how much, roofing, pricing, square foot - House
  121. Water heater: Gas vs Electric vs Tankless (gas): pool, Lowes, tank - House
  122. Kitchen Wall color for cherry wood cabinets: floor, paint color, room - House
  123. Light Socket Wiring in Detached Garage: condo, lights, electrical, repairing - House
  124. Duraflame logs nasty smoke and smell: fireplace, furnace, window, heat - House
  125. Wood stoves for dummies...: homestead, how much, fireplace, heating - House
  126. Benefits of two staircases: floor, window, bathroom, basement - House
  127. What would you do if your neighbor...: driveway, yard, homeowners - House
  128. After buying your house, what caught you by surprise?: hardwood floors, vinyl, foundation
  129. Snow blower questions (1st time user).: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  130. Drywall sanding: reroof, window, vacuum, paint - House
  131. Load Bearing Wall?: ceiling, kitchen, building, outside - House
  132. Attic insulation - spray foam vs. other: floor, how much, roof - House
  133. What is a space heater exactly?: heaters, smell, ceiling - House
  134. New construction- can hear everything: subfloor, townhouse, laminate, insulate
  135. Bryant heater 373LAV048115 code 34: Home Depot, furnace, stove, appliance - House
  136. Aux heat coming on almost constantly............solution? Thoughts?: floor, fireplace, furnaces - House
  137. Air Freshner: windows, AC, smells, cleaner - House
  138. My Secret House: warm, basement, crawl space, concrete
  139. <cursing> electrial outlet: color, light, code, electric - House
  140. News, Light bulb ban set to take effect: Home Depot, furnaces, pool - House
  141. Vacuums suck!! (well actually they don't!): HEPA filter, floor, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  142. Retaining wall leaning: foundation, heater, insulating, stone - House
  143. Drying Firewood: fireplace, heater, stove, family room - House
  144. How to install timer light switch (with other lights)?: floor, alternatives, Home Depot - House
  145. How to get wallpaper border down without ripping?: countertops, Lowes, paint - House
  146. Appliances and Wood Stove on Ebay/Craigslist: fireplaces, heaters, stoves - House
  147. Indoor water shut-off removed: floor, Lowes, hot water heater, install - House
  148. New Cookware: washer, AC, heat, color - House
  149. Grout keeps crumbling out in same ares: hardwood floors, installed, cleaning - House
  150. Floor joist bottom split: ceiling, plumbing, basement, electric - House
  151. Garbage disposal stuck: drainage pipe, sink, plumber, leaking - House
  152. Should I be worried about my foundation?!: floor, painting, ceramic - House
  153. Convection Oven--do you use yours?: how much, heating, microwave, appliance - House
  154. Why don't they build single story homes in New England: floor, foundation - House
  155. Do you experience disappearing workmen, too?: phone, paint, installed, bedroom - House
  156. Where do residents temporarily store food garbage inside condos/apartments?: floor, smell - House
  157. convert 2nd , 3rd to natural gas heat: floors, how much, townhome - House
  158. SUgar ants 8 floors up: sink, cleaner, kitchen, carpet - House
  159. Water flow/pressure issue - Do I need a plumber?: how much, heater - House
  160. Front Load vs High Efficiency Top Load Washer: front loader, loading, smell - House
  161. Single Handle Faucet - Not going full hot or cold: springs, tank - House
  162. Love the house, hate the neighborhood: phones, dogs, outside, better
  163. Sink over dishwasher....? Comments: how much, countertop, drains, sinks - House
  164. How to prevent patio pavers from moving after installation: sink, stone, installing - House
  165. water pressure tank repair: washer, tanks, drain, install - House
  166. Help me with my kitchen!! Pics attached.: floor, countertops, dishwasher - House
  167. Electrical Lights off but breaker not tripped.: color, installed, bedrooms - House
  168. Drain Fly Larvaes in the house.. can't find source help!: washer, windows
  169. Warming up the house from 40's to 60's: furnace, heat, plumbing
  170. Selfless Plug: Hoover Floormate: hardwood, laminate, tank, vacuum - House
  171. How do I know is this beam sag is a serious problem?: floor, roof - House
  172. Drain blocked with cement: how much, color, glue, plumber - House
  173. Kitchen Finished!: floor, how much, pool, window - House
  174. baseboard heating: heaters, vacuum, furniture, installed - House
  175. Need assistance in selecting the right fire extinguisher for home!!: Air Conditioner, stove - House
  176. Replace wood stove with wood-burning FP? Can it be done?: fireplaces, heater - House
  177. Garage door issue - need a solution: opener, springs, windows - House
  178. Post Yard Light: foundations, Home Depot, phone, installing - House
  179. Water leakage - plumber or general contractor?: sink, ceiling, installed - House
  180. Broken Seals in windows: roof, foundation, bathroom, insulation - House
  181. Dust balls taking over my living space?: how much, heater, loading - House
  182. What Type Of Firewood Is Best?: hardwood, my fireplace, heat, stove - House
  183. News, Fla. homeowner's group bans playing in street.: condo, outside, buy - House
  184. What's Your comfortable indoor temperature range: windows, AC, heating, room - House
  185. Common house problems in winter: roof, Home Depot, furnace, heating
  186. Cathedral Ceiling Leaking on A Low Pitched Roof - I suspect its the ridgevent: roofing, vacuum - House
  187. White refrigerator or nay?: appliance, kitchen, cabinets, apartment - House
  188. Bulbs that don't 'ring' on a dimmer: AC, convert, installed - House
  189. How heavy is too heavy for second story furniture?: hardwood, railing, rooms - House
  190. Dishwasher problem: flooring, drain, appliance, installing - House
  191. Running a gas furnace and tankless water heater = PROBLEM!: washer, appliance, installed - House
  192. How Do I Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Apartment?: washer, windows - House
  193. HVAC for Walkout Basement: floor, fireplace, furnace, heating - House
  194. Poll - Positions of garage door opener safety sensors at your house: colors, installation
  195. Mineral Spirits alternative? ie: Pregnant lady frustration: floor, paint, smell - House
  196. crawlspace mold...: foundation, heat, paint, stone - House
  197. Pictures of Real Cool Tree Houses.
  198. Florida News, Flagler Village in the Keys becomes part of a residential housing trend to ban smoking.: apartment, cold - House
  199. Screen Porch Enclosure Systems: conversion, frame, aluminum, typical - House
  200. refridgerator: floor, heat, seal, door - House