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  1. Fixed pane or sliding glass door prices ?: townhouse, Home Depot, windows
  2. Asbestos Removal: vacuum, furniture, carpets, basement - House
  3. News, Big Brother to control thermostats in homes?: pool, window, AC - House
  4. Hot Water: foundation, Home Depot, Lowes, water tank - House
  5. Buying vs renting: apartment, cost, comparison, vent - House
  6. should I seal tile under fridge?: floor, kitchen, leak, worth - House
  7. Loft bed problem: warm, pillow, washing, mattresses - House
  8. screen/storm door: Home Depot, color, cost, replacement - House
  9. Do NOT burn green firewood.: hardwood, fireplaces, windows, heating - House
  10. Apartment Bug: dining room, kitchen, warm, area - House
  11. switch from gas stove to electric?: heat, stoves, appliance, conversion - House
  12. using push light with potted plant as a party decoration: Lowes, heat - House
  13. Padding for Recliners on hardwood floors?: sofas, couches, furniture, living room - House
  14. on daybed pillows?: standard, ducts, buy, covers - House
  15. Condo Condensation...: dehumidifier, windows, insulating, curtains - House
  16. Buyers- Holding All The Cards: price, building, construction, residential - House
  17. Staining concrete ?: flooring, Lowes, laminate, color - House
  18. help with tile work: bathroom, glass, build, walls - House
  19. Finding The Right Circuit Breaker: Lowes, stove, convert, dining room - House
  20. thinking of building a ski house what is the best way to heat it: floor, how much
  21. Tankless Water Heaters?: how much, water heater, installed, electric - House
  22. Beautiful Abandoned House: price, building, repair, vent
  23. Gas or natural: hardwood floors, fireplaces, heating, stove - House
  24. Is there a plumber out there?: tank, toilet, build, standard - House
  25. above-the-range microwave: roof, appliance, installed, kitchen - House
  26. new townhouse sound: floor, insulating, furniture, chimney
  27. Sewerage: drain, smells, install, bathroom - House
  28. Asbestos v. radon: flooring, vinyl, stone, install - House
  29. Do you like your cork floor?: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, bathroom - House
  30. News, Insurers keep a secret history of your home.: repair, damage, company - House
  31. Yard Protection: dogs, cold, fences, system - House
  32. Residential Code Inforcement Psj Fla.: cleaner, room, codes, standard - House
  33. Need Help finding a bath tub that's less than 59 in length: bathtubs, room - House
  34. Stainless wearing??: sink, appliance, mold, stainless steel - House
  35. Cleaning and Polishing an Antique Metal Trunk: alternatives, paint, cleaner - House
  36. party walls in a townhouse: windows, insulation, glass, build
  37. New Water Heater advice: Lowes, tank, stove, appliance - House
  38. Removing fire screen - bad idea?: fireplaces, heat, chimney, mold - House
  39. Landscaping And Sewage Lines: installed, room, carpeting, glue - House
  40. No shower: windows, insulated, curtain, ceramic - House
  41. Reasonable estimate to relocate a 220V electric dryer outlet: $300?!?: roof, washer, drain - House
  42. What type of Electical Wires for Jersey City, NJ??: installation, lighting, code - House
  43. UST! Underground Storage Tank: furnace, tanks, vacuum, installed - House
  44. How to get warranty repair on appliance that was purchased by the builder: flooring, microwave - House
  45. HVAC - heat pumps, furnaces and AC's oh my!: flooring, foundation, AC - House
  46. Contractor's Builder: rooms, codes, dogs, vent - House
  47. Preventing Scratches and Marks on wood: vinyl, dining room, kitchen, glass - House
  48. Melonite good or bad?: vinyl, paint, price, siding - House
  49. Need help finding a bathtub: pool, install, bathrooms, showers - House
  50. Help with my outdoor shower!: electric heat, insulate, drain, install - House
  51. Home Sump Pump: foundation, drains, pipe, basement - House
  52. Cleaning Oven Racks: drain, stove, sink, cleaner - House
  53. A Good Price For Refinishing Hardwood Floor In Kitchen: living room, cleaning, cost - House
  54. implication of buying an old house!: roof, furnace, AC
  55. News, Hmmmm. Did I Leave the Water Running?: floor, apartment, leaking - House
  56. News, Canadians Snapping Up American Homes.: warm, buy, cheap, Canada - House
  57. Need of Electrician's advice.....: vacuum, bathroom, lights, electrical - House
  58. condemn house: worth, company, to fix, deals
  59. News, Man Stuck Upside-Down In Sewage On Christmas Eve.: window, yard, Iowa - House
  60. sealing granite: granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  61. Owning a home on leased land?: bedroom, forced, mobile, resale - House
  62. Are condos/town homes quieter: granite countertops, opener, alternatives, townhouses
  63. Inkstain on hardwood floors....: cleaner, carpet, dogs, vent - House
  64. Black glass cook tops....: heat, stove, ceramic, cleaner - House
  65. Experience with Raised Panel Molding?: install, panels, wall, coat - House
  66. Pellet Stove problems: stoves, installed, build, cold - House
  67. News, Abominable Snowmen: The War on Lawn Decorations.: room, lighting, cost - House
  68. Replacing carpet stairs with Hardwoods: railing, painting, staining, pricing - House
  69. with Ram Jack foundation repairs?: installed, basement, crawl space - House
  70. Reset button on central heat?: heater, gas, light, electric - House
  71. need on heating/hot water system: furnace, water tank, installation - House
  72. condensation in attic: roof, humidifier, heat, installation - House
  73. Air Conditioning Filters: HEPA filter, floor, townhouse, furnace
  74. New Homes & The 2006 IBC: building codes, square, standard, vent - House
  75. ice dam roof issues: roofing, heat, installed, insulation - House
  76. Directbuy?: worth, purchase, Jacksonville, Pennsylvania - House
  77. Replace carpet w/ wood floors for the same price: hardwood, laminate, ceramic - House
  78. News Video, Hidden treasure, 182k, in wall.: contractor, money - House
  79. Snow Blowers??: opener, conditioner, tank, drain - House
  80. Hide A Bed Comfort?: floor, foundation, curtain, paint - House
  81. Running new electric: how much, heating, ceilings, converting - House
  82. News, Freebies from Home Builders.: construction, buy, homeowner, Seattle - House
  83. News, Roofing Billionaire Dies in Fall Through Roof.: company, home - House
  84. The Christmas Story House.: washing, Washington, Cleveland, area
  85. help me sell my house: prices, best, staging, New York
  86. how important was common areas in subdivision for you?: wood floors, granite - House
  87. Pssssst! Household secrets!!!!: hardwood floors, washer, vacuum, drains
  88. Easy Water - alternative Hard Water Treatment system - have experience with: how much, conditioner - House
  89. Pipe Freeze?: water heater, insulate, bathroom, insulation - House
  90. Heating The House: floor, how much, fireplace, townhouse
  91. How do you buy a house-Mentally: granite countertops, phone, appliance, cost
  92. What type of exterior do you prefer: vinyl, color, plank - House
  93. what is the best way to clean wood floors: hardwood floor, how much, cleaner - House
  94. House Warming Gift Registries????: Home Depot, Lowes, colors, living room
  95. Should I convert to a tankless water heater?: floor, furnace, hot water baseboard - House
  96. location in subdivision: how much, foundation, windows, apartment - House
  97. adding basement...: bomb shelter, roof, foundation, heaters - House
  98. cleaning natural stone floors: flooring, granite, fireplace, ceramic - House
  99. Where can I get the best deal on kitchen Cabinets: flooring, how much - House
  100. Cookware set: dishwasher, heat, stove, ceramic - House
  101. Home Security Systems? recommendations?: windows, phone, install, detector - House
  102. Help with whole house water filtration questions: pool, tank, tanks
  103. Suggestions for Painted Brick: how much, washer, color, room - House
  104. knows about EASY-MAT? help me...: subfloor, how much, Home Depot - House
  105. Are we out of the 80s: hardwood, granite, fireplaces - House
  106. Poll-Hardwoods or Tile?: hardwood floor, how much, granite, pool - House
  107. structural vs. settling...: hardwood floors, foundation, tanks, drain - House
  108. Gas Fireplace (moved from TN forum): my fireplace, tank, tanks, smells - House
  109. Cordless wall phone requirements: hardwood, Home Depot, AC, phones - House
  110. Buying new appliances: how much, dishwasher, pool, Lowes - House
  111. De-humidifier (for cellar): floor, dehumidifier, foundation, Home Depot - House
  112. How to clean rusty screws/nails?: how much, Home Depot, paint, ceramic - House
  113. Mass loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier?: floor, insulated, ceilings, installing - House
  114. is my house haunted??: roof, furnace, heater, appliance
  115. What is the best brand Front Loader washer and dryer?: pool, color - House
  116. Window coverings-: Home Depot, Lowes, windows, curtains - House
  117. brick fronts: floor, roof, vinyl, windows - House
  118. Window covering for Bath area?: bathtub, curtain, bathroom, blinds - House
  119. frozen pipes?? help: sink, kitchen, plumber, faucet - House
  120. HELP - Mold in the attic: floor, roof, insulated, installed - House
  121. MDF baseboards and trim?: floor, refinish, paint, installed - House
  122. Need to clean mold off a stucco wall: color, smells, cleaning - House
  123. Squirrel(s) in the Cellar: heat, stove, smells, kitchen - House
  124. garden tub/stand up shower: sinks, converting, install, bathroom - House
  125. Sell or Rent?: appliance, bathrooms, cabinets, prices - House
  126. Smoke Alarm issue!: Home Depot, Lowes, installed, bathroom - House
  127. Are you a pack rat too?: cabinets, basement, best, company - House
  128. Issues with houses with radiator heating?: floor, how much, furnace, pool
  129. heat leaving due to windows-help!: floor, Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  130. single handle shower faucet-not enough hot water: Home Depot, Lowes, sinks - House
  131. Air duct cleaning: floor, how much, humidifier, furnace - House
  132. proprerty taxes: granite, prices, vs, build - House
  133. Whats your take on water heaters?: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, installed - House
  134. Split level entry vs. single entry?: floors, family room, cost, build - House
  135. For Sale By Owner? experiences? Good? Bad?: Home Depot, pool, phone - House
  136. Shhhooooo - that stinks!!!!!: how much, dishwasher, windows, heater - House
  137. ~Thermostat Settings?~: how much, furnaces, double pane windows, hot water heater - House
  138. Skim coating: how much, roofing, vacuum, paint - House
  139. Miele Vacuums: hardwood floors, carpets, glass, light - House
  140. Gas vs. Oil Heat: furnace, tank, tanks, stove - House
  141. Best Building materials for Tornado Country: roof, foundation, insulated, installed - House
  142. Water Leaking From Meter?: floor, laundry room, plumber, steel - House
  143. alternative to granite?: granite tile, alternatives, laminate, color - House
  144. for all plumbers- help!: tank, drain, sink, smell - House
  145. House Across From Elementary School: price, build, vent, between
  146. Changing Bathroom Lighting Fixtures/ Wiring *rookie Needs Help**: ceiling, installing, circuit - House
  147. Should the size of your home be limited?: heating oil, install, bathroom - House
  148. Stucco Siding - What can be the disadvantages?: window, heating, color - House
  149. Crawlspace dehumidifiers <--- insights?: floor, roof shingles, foundation, windows - House
  150. Unused rooms leave doors open or closed for winter?: furnace, windows, heating - House
  151. Dryer snagging clothes: washers, pool, heat, paint - House
  152. wood stove or pellets?: hardwood, how much, fireplace, furnace - House
  153. What is the best bed?: foundation, furniture, average cost, vent - House
  154. favorite granite: engineered, foundation, color, kitchens - House
  155. Help! How do I get rid of my mice problem?: how much, roof - House
  156. Toilet won't flush!?!??!?!?!?!??!: floor, tank, drains, sink - House
  157. What's the best product to clean mirrors?: windows, cleaner, bathroom - House
  158. fridges: dishwashers, pool, Lowes, appliance - House
  159. tiling over linoleum: subfloor, vinyl, countertops, ceramic - House
  160. Solution to Mouse Problem: building, iron, outside, cold - House
  161. So about real hardwood floors: dining room, stained, carpeting - House
  162. opinions homeowners: dining room, cleaning, kitchen, basements - House
  163. Heating ideas for a Vaulted Ceiling Room: floor, Home Depot, windows - House
  164. Propane Tank Inside House?: microwave, stove, convert, installed
  165. New house vs old: foundations, dishwasher, furnaces, water heater
  166. Strange Mold: floor, dehumidifier, washer, loading - House
  167. Kitchen cabinets with handles on center panel?? !: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  168. Gas leak in new house?: fireplace, hot water heater, phone, stove
  169. Furnace recommendations in Texas. . Amana Maytag???: how much, furnaces, Air Conditioner, heater - House
  170. expanding kitchen/taking down walls: floor, sofa, phone, paint color - House
  171. 30yr old cracked fiberglass bathtub?? Help!: subfloor, Home Depot, bathtubs, paint - House
  172. deck footings...missing?: how much, pool, appliance, bedroom - House
  173. Front loading washer and dryer.: floor, how much, washers, front loader - House
  174. How do you keep a dog from digging under a fence?: install, cost - House
  175. like to do you own fix-up?: flooring, vinyl, laminate - House
  176. ceiling cable heat experiences: floors, fireplace, heating oil, insulated - House
  177. Vacuum cleaners - recommendations: HEPA filter, hardwood floors, furniture, carpets - House
  178. News, Judge rules building codes apply to Amish.: water tank, furniture, hurricane - House
  179. Best flooring material for heat storage?: hardwood, heating, ceilings, stone - House
  180. Hardwood floors vs carpet: how much, vacuum, refinish, converting - House
  181. Quad-Fire v Harmon pellet stoves: fireplaces, heating, furniture, chimney - House
  182. Why are so many new homes still being built?: prices, building, vent - House
  183. Dummies guide to septic tanks..: washer, front loader, pool, tank - House
  184. Shower not hot enough: floor, hot water heater, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  185. Will I be able to leave?: kitchen, prices, compare, sq ft - House
  186. Easy CrownMoulding: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, sink - House
  187. View from front door: floor, curtains, color, appliance - House
  188. Homeowners Insurance - Guaranteed Replacement: flooring, how much, vinyl, heating - House
  189. Buying an old home - what to look out for?: hardwood, roof - House
  190. Can you paint over stucco??: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  191. Ceramic smooth top range - How in the blazes do you cook on this thing?!: townhouse, heating
  192. Taking out a load bearing wall: floor, how much, roof, townhouse
  193. Window Flexing in High Winds...: windows, curtain, install, blinds - House
  194. Property Ladder and Flip that house...: lien, hardwood floors, engineered, Home Depot
  195. Programmable Water Heater: tank, installation, gas, price - House
  196. News, Gore Completes Renovations to Tenn. Home.: heating, installed, lights - House
  197. Another Chapter 11 Filing: build, company, Florida, area - House
  198. NorthWest Houston, CopperField:: install, company, table, residential - House
  199. TV Converter Box Coupon.: costs - House
  200. Silestone countertops in kitchen- Sonora gold leather: flooring, granite, laminate - House