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  1. about rubber-backed rugs on engineered hardwood flooring: vinyl, color, dining room - House
  2. Best way to Control 4 In-Wall AC/Heat Units?: floor, Air Conditioners, phone - House
  3. At&T phone down for 7 days.: home phone, replace, mobile - House
  4. Boiler pilot out..: furnace, Lowes, heaters, installed - House
  5. Replacing deck boards...questions: Home Depot, railing, install, standard - House
  6. Hardwood floor installation: how much, foundation, plank, room - House
  7. Try to match or play up the different hardwoods? Or put in a completely different type of flooring?: engineered, refinish - House
  8. Best paint for patio furniture?: color, room, cleaning, stain - House
  9. Drainage Project Layout: roof, tank, drains, slate - House
  10. Mixing hardwood flooring on diff levels of splitlevel.: vinyl, refinish, paint - House
  11. Water Meter disc: how much, tank, phone, sink - House
  12. Replace offset bathroom vanity with centered?: countertop, laminate, sink, kitchen - House
  13. Filling a low area with sand and flagstone: drain, stone, pipe - House
  14. Reccomendations for above ground hot tub: floor, roof, springs, pool - House
  15. Comcast Starts Selling Electricity In Pennsylvania: washer, furnace, appliance, gas - House
  16. Junction box behind ceiling can - accessable?: installed, lights, building - House
  17. Condenser dryer recommendations?: floor, washer, pool, window - House
  18. Want to screen in our back porch...: floor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  19. DeWils Cabinets: price, vs, brands, best - House
  20. Choose safer cookwear: how much, alternatives, dishwasher, heat - House
  21. Taking apart a china hutch: glass, replacing, remove, panels - House
  22. is it easy to change one family house to multiple family?: furnaces, bedrooms
  23. Dripping shower head problem: washers, install, bathroom, cabinet - House
  24. Re-Staining a Fiberglass door insert and wood framing?: color, stain, material - House
  25. Need someone to inspect oil tank in suffolk county, NY: floor, how much - House
  26. Pajama bottoms burned onto gas fireplace glass: paint, family room, glue - House
  27. husband's dream paint: heat, paint color, ceramic, furniture - House
  28. Basement excavation / reflooring: foundation, washer, heater, drain - House
  29. Drainage - how do you know where to place dry well / rain garden?: dehumidifier, pool - House
  30. Fuel Bill Mystery: water heater, phone, convert, installed - House
  31. Need fire monitoring at home: heat, phone, installation, detector - House
  32. News, Smelly Washer Class-Action Lawsuit Tumbles to the Supreme Court: washers, loading - House
  33. Cracked caulking around windows: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, plank - House
  34. Is there a way to rehab anything made out of particle board?: tiling, pool - House
  35. Flood Insurance rates: hurricane, costs, warm, building - House
  36. plumbing issue turned light fixture into shower: hardwood floors, how much, drain - House
  37. Website for affordable house supplies: Home Depot, sinks, shower, faucets
  38. Soffit Venting - is there such thing as too much?: roof, install - House
  39. Unfinished vs finished hardwood in bedroom, hallway and stairs: install, best - House
  40. Cutting hollow doors: paint, glue, material, veneer - House
  41. Comcast Security: Lowes, phone, install, lighting - House
  42. Samsung Electric Range Temp Probe problem: phone, kitchen, replacement, cement - House
  43. risk in adding a bathroom for a below-grade basement?: floor, ejector - House
  44. Storm Shelter/Partial Basement/Cellar for New Build: floor, foundation, phone - House
  45. Pool leaking: pools, heater, installed, plumbing - House
  46. Dining table pad opinions: vinyl, dining room, kitchen, worth - House
  47. Rough Estimates for 450 sq ft of patio - Stamped, Slab, Paver, Tile: flooring, installed - House
  48. Repair or replace hardwood floors?: refinishing, smells, installed, living room - House
  49. Ceramic Stove Top & Rental Units - Will it last?: heat, stoves - House
  50. Two PVC Pipes on Property?: foundation, drain, curtain, leak - House
  51. Do soap bubbles create a temporary drain blockage?: sink, kitchen, building - House
  52. Faster Way To Replace Flooring: subfloor, Home Depot, carpeting, electric - House
  53. Downspout to Buried Drain Connection?: drains, costs, pipes, clog - House
  54. Tot Finder stickers - do they still make: floor, windows, bedrooms - House
  55. Hot Water Issue: sink, installation, kitchen, shower - House
  56. Snow on roof & ice dams?: floor, heat, drain, mold - House
  57. Fireplace Heat Reflector Shield--good buy?: fireplaces, heating, stove, warm - House
  58. Cost to replace my AC units: furnaces, Air Conditioners, heater, installation - House
  59. Finished Attic - Air quality? Improve?: floor, roof, humidifier, conditioner - House
  60. New Appliances on Their Way!!: how much, countertops, dishwasher, stove - House
  61. More questions about treating mold in crawlspace: cleaning, condo, cost - House
  62. Propane Heater Won't Work When It Gets Cold: tank, tanks, insulating - House
  63. Is my the radon gas mitigation working?: installed, build, basement - House
  64. Exterior Decorative Items: paint, vent, fence, replace - House
  65. How do I turn down types of radiators?: heat, paint, removing - House
  66. No filter can ruin A/C coils in one day?: AC, heating - House
  67. Help me with filter placement for furnace: seal, duct, HVAC - House
  68. Garage door opener chain making strange noise: pools, cracking, better - House
  69. Water Filter Pressure: installing, pipe, refrigerator, best - House
  70. Washing machine water backs up to the kitchen sink: washer, drain, loading - House
  71. Central Air Filters - too many?: furnace, heating, install, vent - House
  72. Updating Electrical Permit to match installed changes?: ceiling, installing, bathroom - House
  73. risk in purchasing a home that had fire damage in the past?: paint, smell - House
  74. Leaky Faucet Fix for Dummies: washer, sinks, bathroom, plumber - House
  75. Basement taking on water: floor, roof, foundation, fireplace - House
  76. new kitchen remodel: kitchens, cabinets, garden - House
  77. Making your home handicap-accessible before its needed: flooring, bathtub, convert - House
  78. wiring inside old gap pipes: floor, color, ceilings, asbestos - House
  79. York Furnace Low Gass Pressure Code: heat, gas, old, valve - House
  80. Broken Kitchen Window: windows, appliance, insulation, glass - House
  81. Help with storm door: glass, brands, better, porch - House
  82. Replacing old 2.5 galvanized down spouts, looking at options: roof, drains, cleaning - House
  83. paint touch-up for dummies: floor, refinish, ceiling, better - House
  84. Polyurethane caulk: floor, basement, concrete, crack - House
  85. How to patch a big hole on garage concrete slab?: floor, stone - House
  86. Dirty Bannister: refinishing, paint, cleaning, stain - House
  87. Advice Needed: mold problem in new house: subfloor, roof, window
  88. Odd Electrical Hook-up: light, code, circuit, repair - House
  89. Dryer problems: floor, how much, roof, washer dryer - House
  90. Add more insulation in exterior walls for new home in SE Michigan? R19 vs R24: insulated, ceilings - House
  91. Best way to insulate new house: double pane windows, insulating, paint, insulation
  92. heating zone for home office - what would you do?: floors, how much - House
  93. Convert a gas fireplace to a wood burning gas start fireplace??: tanks, stone - House
  94. Wired smoke detector: AC, color, installing, disposal - House
  95. In wall AC: floor, window, ceiling, installation - House
  96. Gold Driving Range Cage - install?: build, fence, replacement - House
  97. Flooring for the basement: install, stains, carpet, warm - House
  98. Is this reasonable? (Granite: kitchen, build, slab, repair - House
  99. Heat Pump or regular system?: furnace, AC, heating, natural gas - House
  100. Handyman from Craigslist: paint, natural gas, apartment, electrical - House
  101. Water in my breaker box: roof, alternatives, cleaning, leaking - House
  102. 1920s roof structure. Does it check out? (pics): floor, ceiling, install - House
  103. Tv Show Love It Or List It. Who do you side with?: how much, heat - House
  104. Sears or Home Depot garage door?: opener, window, insulated, installation - House
  105. Air Conditioning costs for a bedroom: how much, Lowes, window, Air Conditioner - House
  106. House was robbed tonight: floor, roof, Lowes, windows
  107. Pre painting prep - is TSP necessary?: fireplace, cleaner, bathrooms - House
  108. Laundry in master bathroom: floor, washer, drain, ceiling - House
  109. Why dont duvet sets have four or six pillowslips: how much, springs, cost - House
  110. microscopic ants in kitchen: roof, countertop, dishwasher, sink - House
  111. Kitchen Island: Sink or Stove?: washer, windows, microwave, sinks - House
  112. Driveway drainage issue: pools, Lowes, drains, paint - House
  113. Decorating chair legs: Home Depot, couch, dogs, cracked - House
  114. Thoughts on Luxury Vinyl Tile?: flooring, Lowes, paint, ceramic - House
  115. about new front load dryer: washer, pool, heating, vacuum - House
  116. Dutch Doors.. have/had one?: color, kitchen, stained, warm - House
  117. Tree close to house - Does this cause foundation issues?: installed, plumbing
  118. I need my fellow CDers' advice on updating this kitchen! (Pics): floor, how much - House
  119. Can identify this mold? (picture): floor, ceiling, rooms, insulation - House
  120. Ignorant Tool User Help Cutting Wood With Circular: Lowes, light, square - House
  121. Do you think $80K would cover the following job...?: hardwood floors, granite, fireplaces - House
  122. Sink Hole - Is this my problem or the cities?: drain, building - House
  123. Pole Barn Recommendations/Advice: floor, how much, ceiling, furniture - House
  124. If you live where it snows, can I see your mailbox: pipe, standard - House
  125. Option to pick - KitchenAid or GE: countertop, dishwasher, pool - House
  126. Would you buy a house with a silly street name?: price, cracked
  127. Electricians kitchen fixtures: appliance, light, circuit, brands - House
  128. old wood stove: furnace, heat, stoves, living room - House
  129. House plan ideas: floor, dishwasher, window, sofa
  130. Understanding asphalt vs blacktop vs tar/chip drivway: foundation, stone, installing - House
  131. CO from the oven: floor, furnaces, stove, appliance - House
  132. Open 'Concept' vs open floor plan: floor plans, sofa, couch, appliance - House
  133. Breakfast bar overhang: floor, how much, granite, Lowes - House
  134. Thomas Kincade and other things that make you cringe: paint, furniture, bedroom - House
  135. Storage Building Recommendations: floor, roof, pools, Lowes - House
  136. Need for polyurethan to put on outdoor wood bench and table: hardwood, washer - House
  137. What is up with this Man Cave nonsense (to ask a stupid: floor, curtains - House
  138. Poll: What are the dimensions of your master bedroom?: standard, upstairs, outside - House
  139. Will the open concept ever die?: floor plans, sink, smell - House
  140. Chain saw stops running: cleaner, gas, build, repair - House
  141. Power Washer Advice/Recommendations: how much, vinyl, washers, Home Depot - House
  142. Sound Issue: floor, countertop, ceiling, install - House
  143. Crack in basement floor cess pool backed up and came through crack!: pools, drains - House
  144. Toilet Fails to Refill when Flushed: Home Depot, Lowes, water tank, phone - House
  145. Finished Basement Advice: flooring, furnace, laminate, painting - House
  146. How to Flush the Gas Water Heater Properly: tank, drain, faucet - House
  147. Let's talk Vacuums: HEPA filter, hardwood, sofas, vacuum cleaner - House
  148. the economics of solar panels?: how much, roof, my fireplace, heater - House
  149. Automatic water shut-off valves: floor, how much, washer, AC - House
  150. Turbine vent vs dormer vs turtleback: roof, Home Depot, heat, installing - House
  151. Electrical -- Settle this marriage debate!: floor, foundation, dishwasher - House
  152. Home wiring oddities?: floor, opener, Home Depot, heat - House
  153. Gaps in studs: roof, foundation, color, ceiling - House
  154. All we have accomplished is learning what we don't know!: floor, how much - House
  155. DIY Movable fence - need advice: vinyl, Lowes, window, plank - House
  156. Slow draining sink: drains, sinks, cleaner, cleaning - House
  157. No such thing as Flushable Wipes: cleaning, plumber, toilets, cost - House
  158. Insulating attic space: flooring, shingles, ceilings, install - House
  159. Newer toilet plugged :-(`: drains, install, plumber, toilets - House
  160. Asbestos in Old House -- How to Resolve: subfloor, vacuum cleaner, plank
  161. New A/C for small updated home: furnaces, window, AC - House
  162. Patio area for new construction: Pour slab and modify later, or something: overlay, how much - House
  163. Improving a Weber Genesis: grill, heat, insulated, ceramic - House
  164. Cost of Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors: floors, installed, dining room, kitchen - House
  165. Have you added windows to your home?: vinyl, countertops, fireplace - House
  166. Walk in closet light issue: floor, ceiling, install, room - House
  167. Corded vs Cordless Drills & Voltage Minimums: heat, ceramic, showers - House
  168. fence design tool?: overlay, pictures, panels, table - House
  169. News, Ding! The Microwave Is Done: heat, appliance, light, best - House
  170. disclosure- former meth lab...would this a dealbreaker for you?: how much, cost - House
  171. Removing old glue behind mirrors: Home Depot, laminate, installation, kitchen - House
  172. Help! Asbestos or Horse hair in walls?: HEPA filter, shingles, window - House
  173. Heat pump won't stop blowing air: installed, room, apartment, warm - House
  174. What's a ballpark figure for a restoration / remodel?: hardwood floor, how much, roof - House
  175. Is fingerwood good for firewood?: fireplace, stove, fence, better - House
  176. how do i know if a wall is a bearing wall or not?: roof, dining room - House
  177. DIY Pool Demolition: appliance, installing, price, code - House
  178. Need advice on security cams: detector, cost, electric, best - House
  179. Dry well design for low spot in yard: drain, stone, building - House
  180. programmable thermostat problem: opener, furnace, heat, room - House
  181. Melt hot wire on GFI outlet: bathroom, insulation, dryer, cost - House
  182. Does it make sense to move all sinks, showers, toilets and water using appliances to the basement?: floor, dishwasher - House
  183. Hang kitchen wall cabinets without stud: laundry room, build, between, mount - House
  184. Moen Cartridge Replacement - Hot Water Blocked: installed, bathroom, showers - House
  185. 2 or 3 layer roof?: roofing, hot water heater, install, insulation - House
  186. Have you Decided to Not Put More Money Into Your House?: hardwood floors, how much
  187. A/C ..: how much, windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  188. Inspetion issues/ Should I purchase home. How to proceed?: how much, water heater, mold - House
  189. recommend a waterproof paint product for wood: floor, Home Depot, color - House
  190. I hate my new house...: color, sink, family room, plumbing
  191. Washer Dryer what level: Bedroom, Living, Basement?: floor, washers, water heater - House
  192. Gas furnace replacement...: Lowes, install, insulation, natural gas - House
  193. Walking in attic: roof, ceiling, insulation, light - House
  194. Small appliances and their care: microwave, sink, room, kitchen - House
  195. How do I prevent ducks from entering my yard: install, iron, worth - House
  196. Adjusting high water pressure in our house.......: tank, phone, install
  197. Our New Old House: paint color, ceiling, furniture, kitchen
  198. JigSaw (Blade Screw Worn, Free Play, But It Works): replace, remove - House
  199. Bay window in place of regular window: floor, roof, installed - House
  200. News, Moore family claims insurance won’t pay for rebuild: damage, company - House