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  1. Suggestions for Exterior House Repair: roofing, window, drain, steel
  2. SEWER/PLUMBING - shop-vac'ing out of p trap floor drain?: floors, smells - House
  3. How much renovation can I take on?: hardwood floors, home project, roof - House
  4. inspection found water in crawl space: foundation, cost, damage, best - House
  5. Flagpole and Flag Code (Upgrade): light, price, concrete, replace - House
  6. POLL: remove part of deck for green space?: how much, windows, railing - House
  7. New Concrete Discoloration. Is it Permanent?: installed, light, vent, cold - House
  8. HVAC repair/replace options?: floor, how much, furnace, pool - House
  9. Asbestos pipe: how much, vacuum, insulate, room - House
  10. Replacing galvanized water pipes in house: how much, hot water heater, ceilings, bedroom
  11. Water run off issue right at property line: roof, springs, pool - House
  12. Options on repairing, restoring, this table: color, kitchen, stain - House
  13. Damaged Sheathing (slate roof) + Pictures: roofing, ceiling, bedroom, stains - House
  14. Gas or Electric Wall Oven: heat, stoves, cost, ranges - House
  15. Inground pool liner unhooked section - what to do?: installing, vent, removing - House
  16. home management apps for iPhone?: Lowes, paint color, appliance, room - House
  17. Wood laminate questions: floors, paint, cleaner, stone - House
  18. The debut of the $5000 house: versus, build, concrete, removing
  19. Reattach cross bracelets joist: floor, downstairs, worth, between - House
  20. Hard Wired Smoke Detector: heat, room, cost, warm - House
  21. Cleaning a Gas Grill?: window, heat, cleaner, convert - House
  22. conduit through the roof: Home Depot, installed, leaks, pipes - House
  23. DIY Pool Install?: vinyl, front loader, pools, heater - House
  24. Insurance claim from storm: shingles, hurricane, standard, damage - House
  25. stucco: cement, exterior, Portland, good - House
  26. News, Consumer Reports sizes up the best and worst gas grills.: Home Depot, grill - House
  27. Window sill leakage?: roof, vinyl, windows, paint - House
  28. Rust in hot water pipes: water tank, bathrooms, plumbing, faucets - House
  29. How to rescue tub stopper?: bathtub, plumber, vent, replace - House
  30. s on Smart Home solutions?: opener, heater, phones, appliance - House
  31. News, How long should your household purchases last?: dishwasher, pool, cleaning
  32. how to wash garage floor?: floors, washer, vacuum, painting - House
  33. House is 15 years old. Time to caulk?: windows, painting, chimney
  34. Downspout: drain, installed, plumber, leaks - House
  35. Buying A Home W/ Basement... In FL: flooring, humidifier, Air Conditioner - House
  36. Cleaning really dirty windows: cleaner, condo, glass, vinegar - House
  37. A/C Unit: difference between compressor, contact and whole unit?: how much, window - House
  38. Exterior Hardscape Ideas for Problem Area: how much, foundation, Lowes, room - House
  39. Older storm window hardware??: windows, glass, repair, replace - House
  40. Custom laundry/utility sinks.: metal, small, using, dimensions - House
  41. 4 fan lights stay dim....: ceiling, bedroom, electric, damage - House
  42. Winterizing a house: Lowes, heat, drain, sink
  43. Water leak on hardwood floors - slight cupping: how much, roofing, dehumidifier - House
  44. Small bathroom w/tub+ shower -- make better use of tub space?: floor, bathtub - House
  45. New flooring??: roof, vinyl, plank, cleaner - House
  46. metal corners for old asbestos siding: shingles, repair, replace, cement - House
  47. Garage Storage options: ceilings, build, basements, pictures - House
  48. How often do you drain your hot tub?: cost, replacing, problems - House
  49. Radon Remediation Issue - Sump Pump blocked off: installing, room, standard - House
  50. How do I clean a garden window?: washers, Lowes, windows - House
  51. Flooring help: hardwood, engineered, Home Depot, laminate - House
  52. Bathroom sink drainage woes: opener, drains, sinks, install - House
  53. What is the best way to fix this wall?: foundation, pool, insulate - House
  54. 150 year old house - wet basement: flooring, dehumidifier, foundation, washer
  55. Moving stove during Kitchen Remodel. Need So Cal Gas?: permit, counter, design - House
  56. Temporary roofing......not sure about roof on small add on want to use temp covering...SUGGESTIONS: install, mold - House
  57. Electrical issues: washer, installed, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  58. Electrical issues with my tanning bed!: phone, appliance, convert, installed - House
  59. Adding a half bath/laundry combo (hiring + cost?): flooring, ejector, washer - House
  60. Painting Resin Wicker furniture: washer, washing, pictures, oven - House
  61. GFCI Circuit Breaker: washer, appliance, installing, bedrooms - House
  62. cost to install loop for water softener: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  63. Kitchen Range Hood (Exhaust): drain, paint, appliance, ceiling - House
  64. Plastic welding ???: heat, tanks, paint, glue - House
  65. How can I sign up for new mls listings?: cost, codes, square foot - House
  66. Carpet color for new home suggestions: wood floors, engineered, vacuum, installed - House
  67. New lighting w/o attic access: recessed vs sconces vs ?: ceiling, installing - House
  68. Hydraulic Hammering in Toilet: tank, plumber, standard, repair - House
  69. Do I have bedbugs or something?: fleas, vacuum, smell, furniture - House
  70. water issue in basement: flooring, vinyl, heat, insulate - House
  71. patio roof: how much, installed, cost, build - House
  72. Demise of a tree house: fireplace, weather, best, replace
  73. Toilet flapper chain swallowed: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, drain - House
  74. Solar energy shingles a good investment?: how much, roofing, alternatives, heating - House
  75. Who does chimney fascia repair?: plank, install, siding, replace - House
  76. Where are the best online resources for furniture and home fixtures?: flooring, sink - House
  77. Slab House: floor, heaters, insulating, installation
  78. Garage Insulation: shingles, Home Depot, windows, heater - House
  79. Buying A Home With A Pool - Concerns From Observations: pools, leaks - House
  80. Dwarf wall and insulating rafters: floor, roof, bathroom, insulation - House
  81. Mini houses: tiling, floor, how much, heating
  82. Outdoor Patio Furniture Material: sofas, color, prices, build - House
  83. Weeping Kitchen Built-in Soap Dispenser: sink, plumbing, vent, replace - House
  84. Sears Home Services: countertops, Home Depot, install, kitchen - House
  85. Typical general contractor fees?: how much, Home Depot, window, phone - House
  86. Lowe's Pentalized by EPA: Lowes, paint, table, Reno - House
  87. EIFS remediation: insulated, installed, leaks, cost - House
  88. more cost efficient: toaster oven or regular oven: how much, AC, hot water heater - House
  89. Prefab homes. go this route?: floor, roof, foundation, modular homes - House
  90. Thinking of switching IG pool to salt generator: how much, installed, price - House
  91. How long does it take one professional to install hardwood.: engineered, refinish - House
  92. Replacing well pressure pump: tank, tanks, insulated, install - House
  93. Steel bulkhead doors for basement: brands, aluminum, composite - House
  94. Washing Machine Drain Problem: drainage pipe, bathtub, kitchen, plumber - House
  95. Behr Deck Over: floor, Home Depot, railing, color - House
  96. Mold, thermostat issue, .. help..: AC, paint, ceiling, bedroom - House
  97. best way to get rid of stains in the toilet: Home Depot, stone - House
  98. Polycarbonate carport roof panels?: Lowes, paint, installed, room - House
  99. Leach field...: tank, tanks, drain, color - House
  100. kitchen sink plugged....potato peels: floor, glue, plumber, pipes - House
  101. Paint...expensive or cheap?: Home Depot, color, price, comparison - House
  102. Changing kitchen hood and vent - what are they thinking?: roof, heat - House
  103. Olympic RESCUE IT deck restorer: washer, paint, cleaner, stains - House
  104. How Often Do You Change Your Decor?: hardwood floors, sofas, curtains - House
  105. Extra space behind granite after removing 4 backsplash, glass tile does not fully conceal.: paint, appliance - House
  106. so...A house.: granite, foundation, laminate, paint
  107. Home Depot, Always Something Funny.: roofing, plank, concrete, damage - House
  108. One Lone Towel Bar in Bathroom No Laundry Tub--What Do People Do with Their Towels?: washer, sink - House
  109. Older A/C system don't touch ?: floor, roof, furnace - House
  110. Moving into a newly constructed home: foundation, fireplace, bathroom, kitchen - House
  111. Oops! Issue With Stove Due to Power Surge/Outage: washer, furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  112. Refrigerator water dispenser help.: how much, pool, tank, sink - House
  113. What was it like when you got your first house?: washer, windows
  114. Natural Gas Grills: grill, conversion, convert, stone - House
  115. What to do with leftover granite?: window, sink, furniture, stone - House
  116. Who do I hire to find out where stink bugs are coming from?: toilet, basement - House
  117. Remove Shoes: Your Reasons?: carpet, tile, washing, worth - House
  118. Granite color: windows, stone, living room, kitchen - House
  119. Mold situation and hubby doesn't see a problem: floors, how much, foundation - House
  120. What is your home interior like?: hardwood floors, springs, windows, tank - House
  121. Plug into one outlet and another goes out...: heat, colors, living room - House
  122. Pipes that connect to the main city pipes broken connection- experiences?: plumber, price - House
  123. Have you had a house built? Advices,: floor plans, window, heating
  124. Different temps on 1st & 2nd floor - how to fix?: floors, how much - House
  125. Air Purifier: Needs and Experiences: HEPA filter, how much, smell, cleaner - House
  126. Front load washing machine on 2nd floor laundry room: subfloor, washer, front loader - House
  127. The House Upgrade: townhouse, heating, bedrooms, basement
  128. Jenn-air appliances good???: dishwasher, pool, grill, microwave - House
  129. how many of you choose to have flood insurance though your property isnt located in a flood zone?: foundation, install - House
  130. Help - Can't figure out why barely used AC is broken!?: heater, sink - House
  131. Which would you do? Remodeling quandary: hardwood, home project, windows, paint - House
  132. News, 12 Dog Breeds That Could Jack Up Your Insurance Costs.: dogs, company - House
  133. Ugly gray fences: paint, stained, build, vent - House
  134. POLL: buying washer / dryer - Top or Front loader ?: countertop, washers, Home Depot - House
  135. What is this horrible odor in the bathroom?: floor, dishwasher, drains - House
  136. Sex offender disclosing needs to be done or is it being done when it comes to realtors?!?!: bedrooms, cost - House
  137. Goodbye FROG Hello Garage Conversion: foundation, convert, family room, pricing - House
  138. How do I fix this? (Bad Doggy!!): floor, Home Depot, refinish - House
  139. Thoughts on air purifiers?: HEPA filter, windows, painting, smells - House
  140. Wood or paint on very sunny front door: refinish, color, stain - House
  141. Ground level deck in Jersey... footers and permit needed?: vinyl, washer, railing - House
  142. Egress window well cover/roof? Help!: foundations, windows, drain, installation - House
  143. Rodents without droppings?: floors, sink, kitchen, apartment - House
  144. YES.......another which Air Conditioning system to purchase!: how much, windows, Air Conditioners - House
  145. Wireless Router help for my house?!: washers, windows, appliance, stone
  146. Carpet vs Wood Laminate for house w/ pets: hardwood floors, engineered, fleas
  147. Video, How To Make A $454 Homemade Air Conditioner For About $15.: window, heater - House
  148. Questions RO water filters: heat, tanks, ceramic, sink - House
  149. Maytag Washing Machine stopped working: washer, front loader, furnace, phone - House
  150. interest in a screened porch outdoor kitchen: floor, countertop, grill - House
  151. Coffee Maker: smell, kitchen, stainless steel, price - House
  152. Fixing a home Heater 1000W (Electrolux ech/l-1000 u): heaters, electrical, repair - House
  153. 3 of standing water in crawl space....: subfloor, foundation, drains - House
  154. Is tempered glass required in replacement windows?: floor, pools, water heaters - House
  155. about electricity bill: pool, Lowes, AC, water heater - House
  156. FROG or Bonus Room Over Existing Garage: flooring, how much, roof - House
  157. Soapstone counter tops - well, sort of counter tops - what's your personal experience and recommendation?: floor, engineered - House
  158. Spring loaded gate hinges, three and counting.: springs, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  159. Energy Efficent Washing Machines: washers, front loader, pool, Lowes - House
  160. Replace double wall ovens with range?: how much, heat, microwave, installed - House
  161. Neighbors and installing a privacy fence: roof, vinyl, vs, code - House
  162. Mini split HVAC unit or window units?: heating, insulate, install - House
  163. New-ish addition to house has saggy floors: hardwood, roof, furnace
  164. Paver installation on an incline-will it affect life of driveway?: phone, stone - House
  165. Kenmore stainless steel appliances: dishwasher, Home Depot, pool, microwave - House
  166. Foundation Repair Experiences: flooring, how much, vinyl, Air Conditioner - House
  167. Other Options for Formal Living Room: wood floors, pool, ceiling, dining room - House
  168. Do you have carbon monoxide detectors in your home?: window, tank, room - House
  169. Have you or you know made the switch from oil to gas heat?: floor, how much - House
  170. The Toilet That's Had It All And Still Wouldn't Unclog...: smell, plumber - House
  171. Air conditioning in SE Florida Heat Pump: furnace, windows, Air Conditioners - House
  172. Screened porch built on blocks with no ventilation- code violation: floors, stone - House
  173. Painting Doors: kitchen, cabinets, glass, steel - House
  174. ID this stucco damage caused by structual problems or vandalism?: floor, roof - House
  175. Is it worth getting a Sump Pump?: floor, how much, dehumidifier - House
  176. Adding a bench to an existing deck: railing, code, load - House
  177. How do you use your hot tub?: pool, heating, drain - House
  178. Garage owners with remote openers, is that safe enough?: windows, tank, glass - House
  179. Unbreakable Street Lamp?: color, install, glass, lights - House
  180. Hemp is the perfect building material: engineered, windows, mold, plumber - House
  181. Do you have anything home improvement wise that you have ended up wishing you had done differently?: hardwood, how much - House
  182. An intruder of the mousey sort, help!: Home Depot, stove, smell - House
  183. Would you get a heat pump if you could?: roof, townhome, furnace - House
  184. Exterior doors: Wood vs steel vs fiberglass: heat, insulating, paint - House
  185. Is It To Build A Tornado-Proof House In Tornado Alley?: floor, how much
  186. installing new header for 16 ft sliding glass door: roof, foundation, paint - House
  187. And how often to you clean your microwave? And by what method?: washer, cleaner - House
  188. Driveway with issues...: phone, sink, concrete, yard - House
  189. Sweating Windows: double pane windows, insulated, insulation, glass - House
  190. How do you keep your home smelling good for a LONG time?: how much, paint - House
  191. Re-Tinting Paint: Home Depot, Lowes, paint color, bathrooms - House
  192. How to keep your house from smelling like an old sock or a chemical spill: hardwood floors, dehumidifier
  193. How To Cut Costs: floor, how much, roof, vinyl - House
  194. Steam Cleaners - Floor: wood floors, laminate, vacuum, living room - House
  195. visitors holding on to the wall for support: floor, paint, install - House
  196. Debris dropping from roof through panelling openings: fireplace, paint, ceilings - House
  197. on Calif law for Finishes: kitchen, cabinets, price, versus - House
  198. Moisture is Crawl Space: Lowes, drain, install, pump - House
  199. Asking bond for a contractor?: buy - House
  200. Stripping and staining wood window frames: windows, heat, paint, stain - House