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  1. Spiders & Thermostat: how much, furnace, windows, AC - House
  2. Condenser coils on Heat Pump & Maintenance: floor, air conditioning, vacuum - House
  3. RO System Connection Help: installing, plumber, leak, damaged - House
  4. Need Smoke/CO Detector Help: electric, outside, replace, wiring - House
  5. Landscape contractors knocking on door. Normal?: pool, outside, energy, between - House
  6. Water damage vct tile: Home Depot, glue, replace, buy - House
  7. Trying to find out model capacitor on AC unit, tag worn...: AC, company - House
  8. Protecting beach walkover: stain, best, replace, ducts - House
  9. Basement Waterproofing in New Jersey?: floor, foundation, drains, stone - House
  10. Leaking toilet tank: washers, drains, install, bathrooms - House
  11. DIY paver patio: granite, sink, install, square - House
  12. water heater left undrained and without heat for a month: tank, smell - House
  13. occasional noisy fridge?: build, refrigerator, repair, freeze - House
  14. Rebuild Carb? in a Echo Stick Edger: tank, drain, color - House
  15. AC Condensate Pump and Furnace/AC Filter: vent, outside, remove - House
  16. Side by side or French door??: microwave, stove, appliance, refrigerator - House
  17. Punky beams: flooring, load, damage, replace - House
  18. Saw for building a patio cover -: roof, installed, cost, electrical - House
  19. Crickets........: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, refrigerator, siding - House
  20. Deadbolt got stuck during installation: washers, outside, damage, replace - House
  21. Driveway Repaving: warm, building, repair, concrete - House
  22. Converting screened in porch to sunroom?: foundation, Lowes, windows, install - House
  23. Vent contractor!: flooring, vinyl, washer, laminate - House
  24. What is the hole drain on exterior curb wall called?: floor, stone - House
  25. Cost of raising a house off foundation?: floor, basement, construction
  26. Shower stall in laundry room?: floor, drain, sink, installing - House
  27. How to protect new hardwood floors during moving.: paint, furniture, installing - House
  28. How to get out a stain: pool, color, washing, remove - House
  29. Painting plastic?: vinyl, window, heat, color - House
  30. check the pressure relief valve on water heater: roof, ceiling, leak - House
  31. Whirlpool tub jet leaking.. into the tub.: washers, installed, shower - House
  32. Desk lamps power limitation: floor, Lowes, heat, insulating - House
  33. Ductless Heating/Cooling Systems: floor, fireplaces, furnace, tank - House
  34. Garden Hose Reel in Garage - Suggestions?: drain, install, plumber - House
  35. crawley bugs: bathroom, downstairs, Canada, garden - House
  36. Wallpaper Removal: window, painting, installation, rooms - House
  37. New Flooring and Dogs: hardwood floors, how much, pool, laminate - House
  38. no power to switch-breaker fine: ceiling, installed, bathroom, lighting - House
  39. Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning: heat, repair, replacing, pump - House
  40. Shipping Containers as Homes: windows, insulation, plumbing, costs - House
  41. toilet tank filling S-L-O-W-L-Y: flush, valve, problems, second - House
  42. Outdoor Patio Cover - Free Standing: how much, roof, phone, ceiling - House
  43. Putting garden wagon together bolt: washer, better, pictures, duct - House
  44. water and/or dirt resistant paint for the inside garage walls: color, cleaning - House
  45. Cost to remove an in ground pool?: vinyl, disposal, concrete - House
  46. Asphalt next to foundation?: floor, roof, Home Depot, pools - House
  47. Chirpy Smoke Detector: ceiling, cost, electric, replacing - House
  48. on Contractor Service: lien, reroof, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  49. Central AC warm downstairs..: floor, dining room, kitchen, code - House
  50. Front yard flagpole: lighting, pipe, brands, pictures - House
  51. Pergola beam size??: concrete, load, existing, table - House
  52. Mirrored sliding closet doors: floor, color, ceiling, install - House
  53. Uality roofing shingles...suggestions...a one story home approx 1700 sq ft: colors, siding - House
  54. Toilet issue: tank, drain, bathroom, plumber - House
  55. Insurance denied claim, what to do?: roofing, ceiling, mold, leaks - House
  56. When did you apply your Concrete Driveway Sealer?: color, cleaning, building - House
  57. Idea on cost of adding 2nd zone in new construction: floor, Air Conditioner - House
  58. What would you consider a contemporary house?: floor plans, vinyl, windows
  59. Adding concrete parking pad to driveway: how much, building, square, car garage - House
  60. removing linoleum from wood floor: hardwood floor, asbestos, kitchen, damaged - House
  61. Is there an analog of this ventilation system?: Air Conditioners, heat, building - House
  62. Adding AC to existing central heat: floor, windows, insulate, ceiling - House
  63. Intermittant door closing: lights, mount, garage, green - House
  64. Toilet Repair: Float or Flapper?: tank, drain, installed, bathroom - House
  65. water backing up into laundry machine, and upstairs sink: ejector, dishwasher, drain - House
  66. Video, America's Home Place - The 11 Hour Build: bedroom, plumbing, building - House
  67. Best cleaner to shine wood laminate floors?: hardwood, engineered, vinegar - House
  68. Best way to spot clean my microfiber furniture?: sofa, couch, cleaner - House
  69. what are ants doing?: bedroom, outside, liquid, covering - House
  70. DIY : Refacing kitchen cabinet.: tiling, floor, countertop, refinish - House
  71. News, Wire from grill brush nearly kills Puyallup woman: heat, iron, 2014 - House
  72. Window vent?: drain, cleaning, electricity, interior - House
  73. Converting a kitchen/laundry to a bathroom: dishwasher, bathtub, sinks - House
  74. IKEA bathroom fixtures - experience?: drains, sinks, installed, kitchen - House
  75. Help with water coming out the bottom of garage wall: floor, foundation - House
  76. Gas range burner issue: appliance, cleaning, warm, best - House
  77. need a new heat pump too confusing!!: installed, mold, vs - House
  78. News, How to remove label glue from glass easily and naturally: vinegar, buying - House
  79. Painting Siding: Lowes, seal, duct, rated - House
  80. MOLD growth in FL home: dehumidifier, window, drain, sink - House
  81. Fence staining in CNY: installed, stain, build, iron - House
  82. Need help choosing an outdoor mini fridge for built in grill: countertop, heat - House
  83. Best way to remove hard water/soap scum from a fiberglass bath insert?: floor, Home Depot - House
  84. about air conditioner unit: standard, cheaper, good, quality - House
  85. Hinges: stainless steel, price, compare, versus - House
  86. Need a new doorbell: install, living room, upstairs, outside - House
  87. replacing the carpet..........pad????: subfloor, foundation, smells, installing - House
  88. Adding AC to a tiny room ~130sqft: roof, windows, Air Conditioner - House
  89. Mold / funk smell when attic fan is on: floor, AC, drains - House
  90. Hanging light in Foyer: paint, ceiling, buying, cheaper - House
  91. How much does it cost to pave a gravel driveway?: square foot, replace - House
  92. Camel Cricktets: how much, Home Depot, slate, glue - House
  93. Cozy bed: AC, ceiling, bedroom, light - House
  94. Electric Water Heater - Lukewarm water/little pressure: washer, tank, shower - House
  95. Before and After: Kitchen Photos: best, pictures, Reno, new - House
  96. Adding A/C to a house with radiant heat.: floor, window, vent
  97. Repair nature pebble stone flooring in shower?: washer, drain, painting - House
  98. Installing laundry hookup in room: flooring, how much, washer, drain - House
  99. help with leaky spigot: washers, leak, square, replace - House
  100. How long does it take for carpet to dry?: cleaning, carpets, weather - House
  101. Downspout loose from wall: Home Depot, Lowes, cost, pipe - House
  102. Secret Swimming Pool: how much, build, better, company - House
  103. Video, How to Unclog a Toilet | Jammed Toilet Unclogged: worth, flush, seal - House
  104. Cost to replace TRAIN air compressor: furnace, window, Air Conditioners, ceiling - House
  105. Living in two homes in the same city: pool, phone, living room - House
  106. Painting Faded and Chalked Aluminum Siding: vinyl, colors, install, duct - House
  107. Water leak from furnace: AC, ceiling, stains, plumbing - House
  108. Squeaky and loose subfloors in new houses: roofing, foundation, installing
  109. Light Gray lines/scratches in toilet from silver steel wool: window, ceramic - House
  110. Best sound control windows?: vinyl, Home Depot, laminate, insulated - House
  111. LED Light Bulbs - Home Depot 5 year warranty and claims?: grill, installed - House
  112. News, Plasma TVs are just about dead: heat, apartment, costs - House
  113. Birdfeeder/neighbor frustrations!: townhouse, apartment, light, vent
  114. Can/Should I Paint the Wood Under my Mobile Home?: flooring, how much - House
  115. GE high efficiency dryer: washer, heating, vacuum, gas - House
  116. How Long Should This Kitchen Remodel Take???: floors, granite, dishwasher - House
  117. Exterior color ideas? Need your help: roof, windows, stone, installed - House
  118. What size a/c unit for 2000sq ft ranch .central unit sits north south: roof, furnace
  119. Islandaire PTAC not working: window, Air Conditioners, heat, furniture - House
  120. Deck Stairs: how much, install, cost, build - House
  121. Does actually shop at IKEA?: sofa, furniture, dining room - House
  122. Loud grinding noise in house: window, Air Conditioner, heat, living room
  123. Opinions on best refrigerator types: floor, dishwasher, furnace, pools - House
  124. Buying from Sears Outlet...: floor, dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  125. Why do men like to strap things on top of the car?: roof, windows - House
  126. Holiday Decorations: window, smell, living room, kitchen - House
  127. Moles!?!?: smell, price, better, remove - House
  128. Small house excuse for messy house?: furniture, cabinets, apartment, basement
  129. Heel pain with hard floors? How do you manage?: hardwood, sink, furniture - House
  130. Firewood: Do you burn bark ?: electric heat, stove, electric, load - House
  131. Repair drywall TV holes: Home Depot, Lowes, painting, install - House
  132. Home owners insurance for rental property - rates almost doubled: cost, vs - House
  133. Would You Be Angry? Shady Solar Company...: lien, shingles, paint - House
  134. Need Help with Prioritizing Order of Work: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, refinishing - House
  135. Old house with central AC: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, windows
  136. Gift Etiquette: warm, best, cement, yard - House
  137. Building code naysayers!: plumbing, condo, cost, pipes - House
  138. Fences: pool, codes, best, between - House
  139. Cost to build garage with master bedroom suite above it: flooring, pool - House
  140. Outdoor Outlet not working: bathrooms, kitchen, electric, circuit - House
  141. Keep cool on hot days without central A/C?: floor, windows, air conditioning - House
  142. Laundry Room - Cabinet/Detergent storage help?: how much, washer, loading - House
  143. Schlage door lock repair: install, cost, outside, better - House
  144. Bath Vanity - How to add more counter space?: how much, countertops, tank - House
  145. I hate my laundry room!: how much, washer, water heater, kitchen - House
  146. AC not running after duct cleaning. Worked on inspection.: furnace, cleaner, installed - House
  147. Our first house but need tips: fireplace, washer, windows
  148. Don't Flush Flushable Wipes: drains, smell, bathroom, plumber - House
  149. Long distance extension cords- can't figure out the math: water heater, installation, lights - House
  150. Is there such a thing as a thermostat for humidity?: dehumidifier, window - House
  151. Cracks from home settling / Foundation Problems / help!!: ceiling, steel, cost - House
  152. Would this make the house hard to sell?: heaters, paint, sink
  153. Reed fence on chainlink for pool - which side?: painting, cleaner, light - House
  154. Gated community?: pool, install, electrical, vent - House
  155. What house maintenance do your local laws REQUIRE of owners? (Non HOA): pool, windows
  156. leech fields: tank, color, cleaning, pipes - House
  157. How to restore an old shower curtain rod: color, cleaning, kitchen - House
  158. How would you decorate your home if $$$$ wasnt a problem??: roofing, windows - House
  159. Contractor concern: how much, engineered, heat, phone - House
  160. Reducing noise from an outside AC Unit: windows, Air Conditioners, family room - House
  161. in private well: tank, tanks, shower, faucets - House
  162. kitchen cabinets: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, appliance - House
  163. Bought a new Dyson vacuum cleaner from Costco: cost, dogs, better - House
  164. What is behind the we-buy-houses scheme?: how much, sink, smell, cost
  165. experience with steel roofing: heat, color, installation, staining - House
  166. Epoxy Floor Coating: flooring, how much, Home Depot, pool - House
  167. Bird nest removal, opinions on cost?: build, removing, mount, porch - House
  168. Residential Floor Weight Bearing Standards?: hardwood, windows, loading, couch - House
  169. Redesign the driveway - possibly a circular or zig-zag driveway: pool, color - House
  170. Damp Wood Frame at Entrance: roof, foundation, paint, stone - House
  171. Our Old House! (pic heavy): hardwood, vinyl, fireplace, refinishing
  172. Well Pump Circuit Breaker Tripping: how much, pool, tank, installed - House
  173. Deck stain....advice?: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, tanks - House
  174. Has made laundry pedestals?: floor, countertop, washer, front loader - House
  175. Starter Tools: how much, opener, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  176. Odd light bulb sockets in new construction home: Home Depot, ceilings, install - House
  177. New Home Build Nightmare so far, we will see if they make good...: floor, roof - House
  178. Home has 3 bathrooms with 3 showers: tank, gas, toilets, warm - House
  179. Living on a Lake: smell, price, outside, copper - House
  180. Schluter KERDI SHOWER KIT?too soft?: tiling, flooring, drain, appliance - House
  181. Memory Foam Mattress help: floor, foundation, vacuum, sink - House
  182. Cost of adding a room?: hardwood, roof, foundation, windows - House
  183. intermittent A/C air handler problem: how much, AC, insulation, electrical - House
  184. Building permit only to collect taxes: townhouses, pool, hot water heater, installing
  185. 'Quieter' Smoke detectors? Recommendations?: ceilings, installed, kitchen, code - House
  186. Asbestos Shingles .Cost of Removing .Bergen County: flooring, vinyl, windows - House
  187. HELP! About to close on a house and I'm scared: roof, townhouse
  188. Need a new tool- advice?: floor, light, steel, pipes - House
  189. Do You Give House Tours?: furniture, bathroom, apartments, interior
  190. Roof under solar panels.: how much, shingles, cleaner, installing - House
  191. Identify Odd Wall Outlet (USA): roof, worth, best, remove - House
  192. 200 amp service adequate?: flooring, washer, furnace, pools - House
  193. Pool tiles ?: how much, color, stone, kitchen - House
  194. Tiny doors: floor, insulated, dining room, kitchen - House
  195. AC evaporator coil change out: how much, Home Depot, heat, installing - House
  196. Can you paint Hardie Backer Board? Does it look painted drywall?: Lowes, painting - House
  197. have knowledge of roll-up doors?: floor, installing, steel - House
  198. Kitchen Flooring: ceramic, tiles, linoleum, grout - House
  199. Mrs Meyers cleaning products - favorites and otherwise: cleaner, bathroom, toilet - House
  200. Home Insurance Coverage How To Get Affordable Home Owner Insurance: flooring, hot water heater - House