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  1. about fire proof safe: how much, heat, drain, basement - House
  2. Hardwood flooring install in rainy, humid weather?: moisture, wood, issues - House
  3. Best Way to Document New Home Systems: floor, alternatives, ceiling - House
  4. Basement wall seeping: floor, how much, roof, foundation - House
  5. about mortar and concrete.: floor, glue, brands, standard - House
  6. Replacing wall mounted toilet: floor, drains, convert, installed - House
  7. Smelly apartment after a/c leak repair: grill, circuit, repairing - House
  8. How much it costs to add media room?: pools, converting, bedroom - House
  9. Tree roots encroachment, NJ: fence, damage, replace, company - House
  10. The water in the upstairs bath keeps running out......: tank, bathroom, showers - House
  11. Weep screed - Open Cell Spray Foam?: drain, concrete, vent - House
  12. Suggestions Needed For Windows and Doors: vinyl, heat, ceilings, room - House
  13. Want to add on to house - need expert advice - where to start?: floor, roof
  14. Dish Water Collecting Water If Unused: dishwasher, drain, sinks - House
  15. Vacuum Elevators: floors, Lowes, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  16. AC problem: furnace, heat, smells, gas - House
  17. To flush or not to flush, that is the: bathroom, best - House
  18. Replace dormer with skylight?: roofing, window, railing, conversion - House
  19. Selling House/Need Help!: vinyl, conditioner, painting, cleaner
  20. Master shower - remodeling: tiling, floor, stains, glue - House
  21. Pool sweeper not working: floor, cleaner, cleaning, filter - House
  22. Whats wrong with this lawnmower?: replace, removing, filter, moving - House
  23. Just bought Pergo laminate and having breathing issues: flooring, paint, smells - House
  24. Post tension slabs: slab, standard, concrete, vent - House
  25. Rev-a-shelf type pull out shelf: washer, curtains, installed, laundry room - House
  26. simple rust removal: paint, steel, removing, duct - House
  27. Sealing of a new Concrete Driveway.......Need advice: color, stain, light - House
  28. What does it cost for a metal roof?: paint, install, code - House
  29. Basketball Chain Net: old, type - House
  30. Need to replace duct for range hood: roof, heating, ceiling - House
  31. General Contractor? Handyman? Designer?: floor, roof, Home Depot, phone - House
  32. Commode flushing woes: how much, tank, drain, installed - House
  33. Our first house - Part 2: hardwood, colors, bathroom, stain
  34. House Humidity, part two: HEPA filter, roof, dehumidifier, fireplaces
  35. Suspect TXV problem: AC, heating, repair, replacing - House
  36. Is it a good idea to hire a handyman to fix leaking toilet and garage door?: opener, springs - House
  37. New Mattress Choices: price, warm, pillow, mattresses - House
  38. Drain and Tile about work being done: bathroom, showers, concrete - House
  39. CFL bulb sweating ????: floor, roof, heat, ceiling - House
  40. 1/4 limestone around the house: foundation, light, repair, rated
  41. Water heater drain valve: how much, Lowes, tank, plumber - House
  42. Whole-house backup generator -- what to know before purchasing: washer, furnace, window
  43. Need septic advice: engineered, tank, installed, pipe - House
  44. Replacing Thermostat - need help: AC, heating, paint, glass - House
  45. NEED ADVICE: Insurance companies: Erie or Geico!??: costs, compare, ranges - House
  46. Memory foam mattress recommendations: bedroom, cost, vent, mattresses - House
  47. From Propane to Natural Gas, pipe size: furnace, tank, appliance - House
  48. HVAC (removing a vent): fireplace, window, heat, ceiling - House
  49. Best option to reduce heat from skylight: roof, windows, ceiling - House
  50. Cabitnet replacement estimates: floor, granite, microwave, ceiling - House
  51. Hubby used central vac like a shop vac.: insulated, smells, install - House
  52. Roomba or Neato?: hardwood floors, vacuum, brands, better - House
  53. How to get rid of them?: glass, siding, pressure, material - House
  54. Basement wall verticle crack: foundation, townhouse, build, interior
  55. Egress Window Well Covers: windows, installed, light, build - House
  56. feedback on our floorplans..???: dining room, kitchen, cabinets, basement - House
  57. Good way to defrost a freezer: floor, heat, ceiling, cleaning - House
  58. Deck Restore: floor, how much, Home Depot, railing - House
  59. Water draining back into the dishwasher?: drains, sink, cleaner, installation - House
  60. No 24vac at thermostat, trying to install NEST: electrical, replace, between - House
  61. Water too hot in shower but cold: water tank, sink, kitchen - House
  62. How to build up my new project?: bathroom, kitchen, interior - House
  63. use leaf relief gutter guards?: installed, cleaning, building, removing - House
  64. It is too irritating!!!: Home Depot, living room, lights, between - House
  65. Beautiful stone work: how much, build - House
  66. Birds in the fireplace?: curtain, install, living room, chimney - House
  67. So, my evaporator coil has to be replaced...: Air Conditioners, drain, apartment - House
  68. Island Cooktop Ventilation: Home Depot, grill, heat, ceilings - House
  69. Why does my apartment get so hot at night?: shingles, furnace, windows - House
  70. Ideas for a good quality bookcase headboard?: foundation, color, sink - House
  71. Mystery Blackboard and Dimmer Light Situation: curtains, ceramic, asbestos, bathroom - House
  72. Driveways: asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, oyster shells?: grills, tanks, gas - House
  73. Shingles versus Tile Roofing: how much, heat, insulate, insulation - House
  74. need help fighting township wrt sewer connection: installation, plumber, leak - House
  75. Gap between cement slab and block wall - should I fill it in?: floor, roof - House
  76. Best Way to Cool A Bedroom: windows, AC, heat, lighting - House
  77. Outside outlets don't work: installed, bathrooms, kitchen, light - House
  78. Hardwood over 2nd floor slab?: subfloor, how much, engineered, refinish - House
  79. T shaped plumbing tool for accessing recessed shutoffs: sinks, gas, apartment - House
  80. What kinds of construction can you do without a building permit: floors, colors - House
  81. Slate flooring is sooo beautiful. Pros and cons? ?: hardwood, engineered, ceramic - House
  82. Heater Questions on Buying a House: Warranty vs. Service/Certification: furnaces, air conditioning
  83. New Outdoor Project - Huge BBQ Grill stone paver surround: AC, concrete - House
  84. Looking to sell ??: how much, shingles, costs, building - House
  85. Ceiling fan housing rotates???: installation, bedroom, light, electrical - House
  86. Spray Foam Insulation - underside of roof inside?: insulated, ceilings, mold - House
  87. How to remove wax build up on Laminate Floors?: flooring, cleaner, ducts - House
  88. Windows-fit correct?: installed, replacement, cement, caulk - House
  89. Why don't gutter companies do this?: roofing, price, replace, existing - House
  90. Weather proof padlock for fence?: installed, brands, standard, iron - House
  91. Gutter Installation Estimate: installing, cost, build, damage - House
  92. ballpark number of work hours to add outlets to bathrooms?: floor, installing - House
  93. Water damage/Mold: floor, dehumidifier, window, AC - House
  94. Soft Tub Hot Tub Cleaning: drain, cleaner, plumbing, toilet - House
  95. Great home plans: 1400 -1800 s.f. ?: bedroom, building, range, design - House
  96. Not sure where to put this.: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, kitchen, outside - House
  97. Lack of Air Vents?: floor, heat, install, bathroom - House
  98. Daughter just spilled half a cup of melted butter on my hardwood floor: granite, stains - House
  99. Not sure if this is the right forum but HELP: vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  100. Where to put wireless sensors on french doors: pool, paint, room - House
  101. Subfloor of bamboo install: plank, installing, carpet, sq ft - House
  102. From Apartment to House in Texas Hill Country: homestead, roof, windows
  103. Stucco versus Brick: how much, stone, build, sq ft - House
  104. Cleaning/polishing aluminum: windows, cleaner, replace, remove - House
  105. furniture before Ikea: floor, foundation, pool, paint - House
  106. Cost of poured concrete basement per linear foot ?: flooring, roofing, foundation - House
  107. Cleaning solutions: sink, kitchen, concrete, better - House
  108. Help! Water warped Vinyl & Subfloor in rental: drain, sink, installed - House
  109. Converting single story ranch to 1.5 story Cape Style: floor, how much, roof - House
  110. Tell us about your most annoying/upsetting/weird/heart warming garage sale story. I'll start with mine.: color, stain - House
  111. Home warranty or no home warranty?~Rookie alert part II~: roof, dishwasher - House
  112. Fungus growing on deck: mold, washing, crack, replacing - House
  113. attaching shelving to the wall -- quick: floor, Lowes, windows - House
  114. Gutting a Bedroom to the Studs - Need Advice on Order of Steps: subfloor, overlay - House
  115. Cold Joint Problem After Laying a Concrete Driveway: color, installed, cost - House
  116. Is a water heater expansion tank really needed?: installed, plumber, gas - House
  117. Am I getting a fair deal?: flooring, roof, countertops, dishwasher - House
  118. hardwood floors and pets (cat vomit)?: laminate, cleaner, rooms, cleaning - House
  119. stuck in concrete, screw won't come out, help.: how much, Home Depot, vacuum - House
  120. Preferred Refrigerator Type: dishwasher, installed, room, kitchens - House
  121. Contractor Work - Are My Expectations too High?: hardwood floor, how much, phone - House
  122. Can someone school me on building a home: appliance, room, insulation - House
  123. Does want carpet days?: tiling, hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate - House
  124. dehumidifier: floor, townhouse, furnace, windows
  125. Raw Land - Building Process: floor, how much, foundation, tank - House
  126. Fiber cement siding, reality show nonsense,: windows, insulated, paint color - House
  127. wood grain tile - subfloor?: heating, installation, dining room, kitchen - House
  128. Home Alarm / Security System: how much, windows, phones, install - House
  129. Cat Door: floor, Home Depot, smell, installing - House
  130. Leaking shower stall - help, advice needed: Home Depot, install, plumber - House
  131. HVAC duct cleaning: hardwood, how much, fireplace, laminate - House
  132. Filing a homeowners claim for hail damage: roofing, vinyl, leak - House
  133. Adding electrical outlets in an old home: how much, heater, install - House
  134. New high efficiency washer-noisy and takes longer: floor, washers, front loader - House
  135. HVAC filter gets dirty way too quickly: floor, window, AC - House
  136. Clean the unfinished wood dresser drawers: Home Depot, vacuum, paint, smell - House
  137. Bathroom drywall needs special joint compound or not?: paint, installing, bathrooms - House
  138. Opinion on house interior floor plan: how much, countertop, furniture, dining room
  139. How do you remove a small wasp nest?: townhome, bedroom, vent - House
  140. Defect in new foundation pour: drains, installation, insulation, showers - House
  141. So who plans to drop 4 grand on there next toliet?: water heater, phones - House
  142. Granite Countertops or Stainless Steel Appliances?: laminate, stove, installed, bedrooms - House
  143. Basement flooring -- uneven old tile but we hate carpet: subfloor, vinyl - House
  144. Is this a popcorn ceiling? Scared to death...: paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  145. Need help with remodel plans and permits...what an ordeal: floor, how much - House
  146. Mouse/Rat droppings/pee and insulation damage in attic, behind walls, under floorboards: floor, roof - House
  147. hot water circulating pump not working?: floor, washer, water tank, insulated - House
  148. Shared driveway, parking over my line, what would you do about this?: install, vent - House
  149. to remove Clorox from carpet!! :-(: color, smell, cleaner - House
  150. Torsion Spring Install For A Lawn Mower: pictures, flush, mount - House
  151. My Stepdaughter's Kitchen Remodel: stained, cabinets, glass, worth - House
  152. Remodeling a Builder Grade Kitchen: wood floors, overlay, granite countertops, laminate - House
  153. Cannot install air conditioner in my house. Alternatives?: floor, Home Depot, Lowes
  154. Cost for wood privacy fence: Home Depot, painting, install, building - House
  155. Is a humid basement normal ?: floor, roof, vinyl - House
  156. Stove burnt out: stoves, cleaner, appliance, cleaning - House
  157. Advice needed for painting a red door: insulated, color, living room - House
  158. Why the market for 2nd hand furniture and other stuff has disappeared: painting, smells - House
  159. Soundproofing Musical Instruments Playing Using Cork Flooring: hardwood floor, how much, washer - House
  160. Electric water heater safety concerns: dishwasher, air conditioning, water tank, tanks - House
  161. outside house lights: master bedroom, build, electric, downstairs
  162. Best material for a duster cloth?: appliance, furniture, shower, glass - House
  163. The Flipside of Angie's List...: paint, appliance, comparison, repair - House
  164. Low flow toilets and drain problems go hand in hand,: drains, sink - House
  165. AC unit iced more after coil cleaning.: cleaner, install, lighting - House
  166. Best type of Refrigerator--extra Freezer Space: pool, appliance, room, kitchen - House
  167. Why I'll never live in another house with a septic tank: washer, tanks
  168. Prewiring for generator - new house construction: alternatives, AC, installation
  169. floorplan drawn by builder & draftsman...would have architect review?: floor, roof - House
  170. Do I need a new thermostat?: AC, heater, outside, cold - House
  171. Our First House - 88 Years Young: flooring, granite, painting, sink
  172. Wood stove or Pellet stove?: hardwood, how much, Home Depot, heating - House
  173. not sure where to post this, refrigerator filter problem: pool, installing, cost - House
  174. 1st time homebuyer flooring ~ROOKIE ALERT~: subfloor, engineered, countertops - House
  175. Carrier AC unit not keeping zone cool enough: roof, vinyl, furnace - House
  176. Should the A/C be kept on when away on vacation?: windows, AC - House
  177. what are concrete boxes?: Lowes, AC, tank, phone - House
  178. heard of Micro-Homes(essentally the polar opposite of McMansions)?: stove, sink - House
  179. What would you do first - home improvements?: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl - House
  180. I think I messed up my icemaker: how much, repair, replacement - House
  181. ChoiceDek FADING PROBLEMS buyer beware!: roofing, vinyl, Lowes, grill - House
  182. what, in your opinion, are the things that set apart....: hardwood, windows - House
  183. How do I fight this carpenter ant infestation?: roof, Home Depot, kitchen - House
  184. Do we need replace carpet?: hardwood, vacuum cleaner, smell, cleaner - House
  185. Another reason I like living rural: building, vent, 2014, ducts - House
  186. A bit of rust removal needed on an old stainless steel sink: Home Depot, sinks - House
  187. Living without a refrigerator for 4 days: appliance, kitchen, warm, electricity - House
  188. AC electricity: insulated, installing, living room, pipe - House
  189. Unique Rooms In Your House: floor, fireplace, pool, windows
  190. Drywall anchor from an idiot: floor, installed, load, best - House
  191. Exterior color ideas? Need your help: roof, windows, stone, installed - House
  192. Best ways to increase usable space in a smaller home?: flooring, washer - House
  193. Drainage: pool, installed, build, backyard - House
  194. Outdoor Kitchen Frame - DIY?: metal, direct - House
  195. The Things Dome Houses can remind us of: building, cheaper, Texas
  196. Evaporator coil replaced, now outside unit is not working? - House
  197. Lennox AC unit: area, problems - House
  198. Ceramic Tile Refinishing: floors, color, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  199. Paver Cost: Lowes, installing, sq ft, fence - House
  200. Flaking Slate Tile --Repair: bathrooms, shower, repairing, sealing - House