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  1. Installing a Kitchen Countertop.: granite tile, Lowes, paint, sink - House
  2. Don't know what kind of contractor to call: foundation, drains, mold - House
  3. Non salt water softeners: conditioner, installing, better, ducts - House
  4. Loose toilet chain: install, replacement, cement, plastic - House
  5. How to fix a hole in textured ceiling.: paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  6. How To Determine Weight Support for Attic Floor: flooring, roof, Home Depot - House
  7. Outdoor BBQ/grill built-ins/islands: natural gas, build, replace, buy - House
  8. diannacrp54: water heater, installation, shower, plumber - House
  9. 6ft by 10ft deck - timbertek vs azek: color, cost, compare - House
  10. Need 60x42 Shower Insert ideas: floor, granite, colors, showers - House
  11. Need help for solving foundation crack and gap between siding and foundation: vinyl, windows - House
  12. Installing shelves -Need a handyman or help: how much, sink, gas - House
  13. Crack in stamped concrete patio?: to fix, leveling, area - House
  14. Can a microwave be defective, when its working?: heating, phones, appliance - House
  15. Shower leaking and other questions..: drain, installing, bathrooms, stains - House
  16. Temporary gas grill propane for cabin?: tank, tanks, stove, appliance - House
  17. Help with Rheem outside condenser: how much, AC, heat, install - House
  18. Composite decking: railing, installed, cost, square - House
  19. Kitchen Sink Fallen From Granite CT: heat, installation, room, cleaning - House
  20. Water heater pipe burst and damage my house: drain, ceiling, installation
  21. Getting a contractor to pay for corrective work: installed, repair, HVAC - House
  22. Plumbing - Sounds like my system is getting air in the pipes: tank, tanks - House
  23. Wooden Fence project: how much, stains, steel, vs - House
  24. Front Loading Washing Wachine - Start Button broke: washer, pool, Lowes - House
  25. Patio door: replace, remove, company, manufactured - House
  26. Im looking for the strongest concrete screws: painting, stainless steel, price - House
  27. Sump Pump Design: dehumidifier, foundation, Home Depot, tank - House
  28. holes along top of hardie siding board?: light, cold, caulk - House
  29. New Home Construction, where to start: foundation, code, electric, vent - House
  30. Aerate lawn & apply weed and feed: how much, phone, cost - House
  31. Wall-to-wall carpet suddenly smells mildowy: hardwood floors, dehumidifier, windows, vacuum - House
  32. AC unit hissing hours after turned off: Air Conditioner, cleaning, vents - House
  33. need help!: color, cleaner, stain, shower - House
  34. Solar garden lights: lighting, repair, replace, purchase - House
  35. First Homeowner Project Ever: Changing Ceiling Texture: floors, painting, ceilings - House
  36. Pulled rusty nails from roof, plank, insulation, siding - House
  37. ?Remodel at bathroom: tank, drain, sinks, toilet - House
  38. Sill replacement on 1890 home with limestone foundation: building, crawl space, repair - House
  39. ever whitewash exterior brick?: how much, fireplaces, painting, light - House
  40. Water pooling in yard and around roof, pools, drainage pipe - House
  41. Old Republic Home Protection Contract: company, systems, pros, free - House
  42. Video, This dancing roofer will make you happy, pure and simple: tiling, roofing - House
  43. ever tried $0.98 utility oak hardwoods from Lumber Liquidators?: how much, vinyl - House
  44. quick simple shelves: Home Depot, cabinet, price, concrete - House
  45. Replace coil top with glass top stove: pool, stoves, apartments - House
  46. LED recessed lighting: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  47. Painting over polyurethane baseboards -- advice?: floors, laminate, color - House
  48. Loose casement window hardware: windows, outside, cracked, replacing - House
  49. Refinishing oak floors: hardwood floors, vac, smell, installed - House
  50. Benjamin Moore Prime Plus Paint product: color, light, pricing, interior - House
  51. New ductless AC units that are DIY install?: window, air conditioning, heat - House
  52. Mold Illness and allergies: HEPA filter, floor, dehumidifier, pool - House
  53. Pool losing water when pump is off. I don't hear water coming out of the backwash line.: drain, glue - House
  54. How often should doorknobs come loose?: Home Depot, color, install, room - House
  55. What’s a good option for water purification of around 1m gal per day?: cost, company - House
  56. chair legs on wood floor: square, vent, remove, buy - House
  57. Remodeling: lowering the window sill: floor, windows, furniture, install - House
  58. Bathroom remodel - early stage planning - where to browse?: window, drain - House
  59. How much for this deck and patio: roofing, vinyl, Lowes - House
  60. Wifi enabled lights / switches: phone, colors, lighting, standard - House
  61. Friable Asbestos Siding Exposure: shingles, tank, paint, basement - House
  62. Mounting shelves to wall: window, weight, space, using - House
  63. Video, How to cover old/ugly counters for cheap.: countertops, laminate, heat - House
  64. Old chest freezer doesn't appear to be working - help?: how much, Home Depot - House
  65. Dead telephone stalk in yard: phone, electrical, company, driveway - House
  66. Mobile Home insulation?: sink, installation, kitchen, cabinet - House
  67. Recommend a concrete wall sealant: paint, pipes, build, basement - House
  68. Parquet floors: hardwood, plank, installing, carpet - House
  69. Are there real metal (non plastic ) shower trims?: Home Depot, paint, bathroom - House
  70. Converting 1 bedroom into 2... heating: flooring, windows, air conditioning, heaters - House
  71. Pinhole Leaks: hot water heater, installed, kitchen, plumbing - House
  72. Accidentally breaking plates! Oops!: flooring, microwave, ceramic, kitchen - House
  73. Solar powered Attic fan or electric: roofing, cost, building, sq ft - House
  74. US Mail Service - Change of Address: best, new, old - House
  75. Basic HVAC: flooring, window, heating, insulating - House
  76. repeated sewer backups, we are at a loss! help, advice needed.: floor, roof - House
  77. Bathroom Exhaust Leaks: roof, furnace, hot water heater, ceilings - House
  78. rafter ties: roof, plank, ceiling, installing - House
  79. The Coolest Room in the House: window, bedrooms, kitchen, apartment
  80. Window clip help: color, replacement, pictures, cement - House
  81. Kitchen Range Hood Installation: Lowes, microwave, appliance, cabinet - House
  82. are Fernco Flexible Couplings reliable and durable?: glue, price, pipes - House
  83. My Concrete Placement: carpet, remove, yard, leveling - House
  84. News, California Drought Fuels Boom in ... Lawn Painting: weather, green, custom - House
  85. site-finished hardwoods - selecting an installer: engineered, windows, phone, refinishing - House
  86. Garage door opener remote mechanism: light, replace, wiring, wall - House
  87. Pella: windows, installed, price, standard - House
  88. I must be worst DIY'er ever....5 Gal pail woes...: window, cleaning, stains - House
  89. Drinking water: granite, pool, sink, installed - House
  90. Whitening Accidentally Dyed Cotton/Poly Shirt: colors, warm, washing, cold - House
  91. Buy Land for my Mobile Home or Try to Buy a House: how much, cost
  92. Is there a way to reduce the volume of the intercom speaker?: grille, circuit - House
  93. Need to convert gas stove to propane: heating, appliance, conversion - House
  94. Advice needed on bathroom/bathtub shower: cleaning, faucet, replace, new - House
  95. Old House -- non-standard, irregular vent sizes: hardwood, grills, refinishing
  96. buying hardwood online?: cost, sq ft, ranges, filters - House
  97. Living in Domes: how much, cost, building, square foot - House
  98. Removing a closet cabinet fixture intact vs. demolishing it: paint, installing, room - House
  99. adding a thin-sized plywood door that open outward for pantry: floor, color - House
  100. Surprising Controversy: Does bleach kill mold?: dehumidifier, vacuum, colors, smells - House
  101. westin home cambridge plan, Trails of katy: how much, granite, stone - House
  102. Rotten wood/water damaged siding. Need advice~Rookie Alert III~: floor, roof - House
  103. lawn extension cord: Home Depot, heating, lights, warm - House
  104. roof leak around faux chimney: reroof, installed, standard, repair - House
  105. AC compressor noise on stop: Air Conditioner, heat, replace, pump - House
  106. Is it worth it to separate heat (steam boiler and old radiators) in a unregulated multifamily? (tenants, plumber): heating, conversion - House
  107. Tornado Shelter Opinion?: room, building, slab, outside - House
  108. Driveway Sealing Problem: cracked, between, sealer, Austin - House
  109. Which water heater is cheaper to operate: oil or propane?: tank, tanks - House
  110. Wall removal: floor, roof, ceiling, living room - House
  111. Organizing Closet: cleaning, vent, clothes, good - House
  112. Gas starter or gas logs?: fireplace, installation, warm, build - House
  113. Whose House Is On Well Water? Your Thoughts: springs, pool, bathtub
  114. Inexpensive heating options: floor, how much, fireplaces, furnace - House
  115. have you ever on HGTV House Hunters....: hardwood floors, granite countertops, sinks
  116. Would you convert from oil to gas right now or wait until next summer: furnaces, tank - House
  117. Sound proofing windows against traffic noise: Lowes, soundproofing windows, insulation, light - House
  118. questions about working with an architect, and builder: roof, foundation, windows - House
  119. why are range hood or vents in kitchen not made to vent outdoors?: floor, microwave - House
  120. How effectively can you soundproof a ceiling?: floor, installing, condo - House
  121. Fridge shopping: pool, Lowes, appliance, room - House
  122. Started removing shingles, found wet decking underneath. What now?: hardwood, Home Depot, paint - House
  123. which paint to use? Benjamin Moore Aura, Regal or BEHR Premiu Plus Ulta?: windows, paint color - House
  124. House targeted by thieves....What to do?: install, living room, outside
  125. Guys and their perfect firewood! Length / Stacks...: homestead, fireplace, springs - House
  126. kind of ballpark for bath remodel?: flooring, granite, pool - House
  127. Train Tracks and noise 2 miles away?: windows, heater, siding, weather - House
  128. How to remove old glue: hardwood, vinyl, asbestos, kitchen - House
  129. Load bearing wall - will I be ok removing 3 studs?: floor, roof - House
  130. Home Interior to Match the Exterior?: colors, furniture, kitchen, cabinet - House
  131. Has ever had bats in their home?: windows, bathtub, smell - House
  132. Why would want to live in a rural area?: phone, electricity - House
  133. Do you acknowledge the anniversary of moving into your current home?: better, buy - House
  134. Hot water tank energy efficiency: how much, furnace, tanks, insulating - House
  135. Plugged-In Air Freshener Liquid Going Down Fast: how much, dehumidifier, Lowes - House
  136. Garage door frustration: opener, installed, light, cost - House
  137. Turning around in my driveway II: installed, cost, repair, concrete - House
  138. Wall painting - prime or not: color, living room, price, repair - House
  139. Unclogging the kitchen sink?: opener, Home Depot, drains, cleaner - House
  140. How deter random people from sitting on my front stoop?: phones, stone - House
  141. water pressure low in only one faucet: sink, install, cleaning - House
  142. Electric Outlet Melted - No Breaker Trigger: heater, smell, appliance - House
  143. Would you buy this flooring?: hardwood, how much, heat, installing - House
  144. Can I buy flooring in a tax free neighbor state?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  145. Kitchen Remodel Adventure: floor, overlay, foundation, Home Depot - House
  146. recommend your vacuum (for carpet, not HW floors): hardwood floors, cleaning, carpeting - House
  147. How often do you have your carpets cleaned?: hardwood, vacuum, living room - House
  148. Replacing Front door Hardware: cost, repair, outside, pictures - House
  149. A/C running 24 x 7 365 days a year?: dehumidifier, furnace, windows - House
  150. The deck installers crushed my flowers: installing, cost, build, fence - House
  151. How to clean toilet scum: Home Depot, pools, paint, sinks - House
  152. Removing mobile home gas range hood?: roof, stove, ceiling, kitchen - House
  153. Adding an over-the-range microwave: floor, Lowes, heat, stoves - House
  154. Walmart and LED light bulb 3 year warranty / returns: Home Depot, price, better - House
  155. How much weight would this shed floor support?: foundation, rooms, chimney - House
  156. double sink problem: vacuum, drain, sinks, installed - House
  157. Sign for Front Door: bathtub, dogs, yard, property - House
  158. Is there a way to get husband to be more handy/DIY?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  159. Chipboard Furniture: cost, concrete, mattress, company - House
  160. Water from the shower leaking through the walls...: subfloor, window, paint - House
  161. Average Master Bedroom/Bath/Closet Size: how much, foundation, heat, paint - House
  162. Exterior work - who to hire?: roofing, foundation, fireplace, painting - House
  163. hardwood quote - white oak and 2 coats poly?: subfloor, engineered, vacuum cleaner - House
  164. ever put a stairlift into a highranch (aka raised ranch)?: subfloor, how much - House
  165. Home repair completed: Am I expecting too much?: how much, paint, conversion - House
  166. Air conditioner (kitchen): window, heat, install, family room - House
  167. Stick vacuum for hard floors covered in pet hair: laminate, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  168. $4500 to remove rats from my attic?: fireplace, smell, cleaning, insulation - House
  169. Is there a safe multiple outlet adapter for refrigerators?: countertop, stove, appliance - House
  170. Solar Screens, Plantation Shutters, Blinds ideas?: windows, heat, curtains, ceramic - House
  171. If you don't know how to DIY, don't DIY: floor, window - House
  172. Home Warranty / AC: how much, furnace, water heater, leaking - House
  173. Buried water meter and getting overcharged for water: appliance, leak, outside - House
  174. How do you figure out how you want to live?: windows, convert - House
  175. Adult Treehouse? Platform + Cottage Shed?: foundation, pool, stone, room
  176. How's your generator?: how much, Air Conditioner, tank, tanks - House
  177. Questions about portable bidet: hot water heater, sink, bathroom, kitchen - House
  178. Matching Existing Hardwood Floor: engineered, vinyl, Home Depot, laminate - House
  179. About how often is your living room floors swept?: hardwood floors, vacuum, cleaner - House
  180. septic system: pool, drain, cost, building - House
  181. Carrier Condenser vs new: furnace, AC, heating, installed - House
  182. Omelet maker: kitchen, shower, electric, crack - House
  183. Is 1/4 inch backer board good for wall tiling?: shower, build, tile - House
  184. Options for dealing with tile floors that have severe pet urine on them: hardwood floors, laminate - House
  185. Converting a two-prong outlet into a three-prong outlet (grounded).: how much, microwave, install - House
  186. What does it mean that each Lot shall have a three foot easement ??: AC, install - House
  187. Garage Man Cave - Audio Selection: ceiling, bathroom, brands, vents - House
  188. about termites: floor, foundation, drain, bathtub - House
  189. Energy Theft - Electricity Theft: phone, appliance, apartment, glass - House
  190. A/C Condenser broken?: roof, furnace, AC, heat - House
  191. A leaking...something: washer, heat, phone, sink - House
  192. General about hot water heater: appliance, gas, apartment, building - House
  193. Tub surround - tile vs plactic/fiberglass: hardwood, curtain, paint color - House
  194. News, New Dryer Brings the Heat, Prevents House Fires.: heating, gas, cost
  195. the ding dong lost its ding and dong: Home Depot, AC, color - House
  196. 25 year old Fridge, replace?: how much, appliance, cost, basement - House
  197. News, Why Can’t You Smell Your Own Home?: room, 2014, candle - House
  198. 1926 Renovation Video Update: hardwood floors, paint, ceiling, bathroom - House
  199. Problems with Refrigerator: leak, cost, building, damage - House
  200. A Secret Treasure Room: build, space, family - House