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  1. Water moans, groans and thumps when I turn on the faucet: hot water heater, drains - House
  2. Softener systems: Home Depot, pool, sinks, cleaner - House
  3. Concrete flooring ideas: roof, color, room, stain - House
  4. alternative to plastic storage bins: living room, cabinet, toilet, build - House
  5. Grey water irrigation systems: foundation, washer dryer, Home Depot, pool - House
  6. Air filter changeout: how much, engineered, Lowes, AC - House
  7. Re-Doing Pool Deck Sort of DIY'ish: painting, stone, carpet, glue - House
  8. Toilet overflow - need to have someone look at bathroom?: hardwood floors, vinyl - House
  9. In Honor of Halloween: Did your house have a room that scared you as a kid?: furnace, windows
  10. we go with a kitchen!: granite, appliance, install, cabinets - House
  11. Best gadget for painting rooms?: Home Depot, Lowes, cleaner, bathroom - House
  12. picket fence: painting, price, best, existing - House
  13. Multipurpose Rooms....are they used that efficiently?: townhouse, sofa, couch
  14. Vertical Crack in Exterior House Foundation: vinyl, paint, basement, siding
  15. Dryer electrical problem?: washer, heat, light, circuit - House
  16. What is this for ... in the wall between garage and living space?: furnace, pool - House
  17. Bath Remodel--General Contractor or Piece it Out Myself?: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  18. water heater switching off intermittenly after service tech left: install, basement, company - House
  19. where are bed bugs: couch, furniture, dogs, mattresses - House
  20. Sewage back-up cause: drains, bathtubs, sink, cleaner - House
  21. Steam Showers: roof, installing, existing, frame - House
  22. ever knock out the wall under the stairs to make a storage closet?: vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  23. Tile quote: how much, installed, cost, sq ft - House
  24. about drop ceilings: floor, paint, installed, room - House
  25. Slanted cement floor in house. Cost?: how much, Home Depot, sink, building
  26. Help Wanted!: hardwood, how much, Home Depot, painting - House
  27. Size of chainsaw: drain, installing, steel, square - House
  28. recommend books on good housekeeping for a working woman: homestead, cleaning
  29. identifying which cleanout is which: drain, color, sink, bathroom - House
  30. Steam Washers and Dryers: heat, colors, smell, cleaning - House
  31. I need kitchen cabinets: Lowes, kitchens, cost, best - House
  32. Creative Shipping Container Homes: floors, paint, rooms, costs - House
  33. Slight Hardwood cupping: subfloor, dehumidifier, air conditioning, plank - House
  34. Trails of Katy Katy: build, buy, Texas, Houston - House
  35. on rusted deck flashing: paint, siding, best, replacing - House
  36. Bathtub in Shower enclosure: floor, bathroom, light, vent - House
  37. infrared vs. ceramic space heaters: floor, fireplace, Home Depot, windows - House
  38. steam radiators: floor, pipe, warm, upstairs - House
  39. Who do i call to replace a rotten moldy subfloor?: cabinets, vent - House
  40. Heater is not blowing hot air...unit or building problem??: apartment, repair - House
  41. Aircycler?: heating, install, kitchen, apartment - House
  42. Straightening out baseboard heating fins: washers, air conditioning, radiators, remove - House
  43. Mold in basement wall! !: insulation, glass, leak, concrete - House
  44. outside condenser fan is still running with a/c off: cost, electricity - House
  45. Trying to find like decorations: cost, best, ducts, buy - House
  46. Pool Heater, can it be installed after a pool is installed: installation - House
  47. Warming a Apartment Without Cooking/Freezing The Resident :): floor, heaters, ceiling - House
  48. Heat problems- thermostat not registering and no heat: furnace, AC, heater - House
  49. Can electric plastic wire connected to metal electric wire?: small, connect - House
  50. Under cabinet lighting in kitchen and showy stuff: Home Depot, Lowes, colors - House
  51. Family Room Lighting - Dimmer options?: load, best, replace, wiring - House
  52. Just about done with my outdoor kitchen (DIY): granite, grill, hot water heater - House
  53. Flushed a disposable diaper...: toilet, pipes, remove, sewer - House
  54. Radon mitigation system 2 yr check up? help!: phone, install, detector - House
  55. Water meter with computer output?: convert, price, code, electric - House
  56. Replace or dry it out? Damp plywood floor due to slow plumbing leak: subfloor, bathtub - House
  57. electrical help: bathroom, lights, basement, circuit - House
  58. Wall Behind the Shower is Little Damp: heat, paint, bathroom - House
  59. Moved into rental house--have heat, no bill?: gas, electricity, best
  60. s a dilema for ya..Chipper/Shredder vs. Fire Pit?: fireplaces, loading - House
  61. Need advice: foundation chipping/exposed rebar: heat, install, siding, repair - House
  62. Drawing your own home plans?: floor plans, stone, rooms, kitchen - House
  63. Woodpecker Pecking House: siding, damage, area, new
  64. how often should my CBS home be painted in sunny south florida ?: light, construction - House
  65. Another deck twisting boards: railing, installing, replace, pressure - House
  66. Advice for total home renovation: floors, how much, countertops, ceilings - House
  67. Can you brick veneer retaining wall block?: Home Depot, Lowes, cost - House
  68. Area Rug: Enhance the look of your home!!: hardwood, Lowes, color - House
  69. outside spigots making funny noises when open.: sink, install, kitchen - House
  70. Wall Mounting Firewood Rack: hardwood, costs, building, interior - House
  71. Pools and Children - Safety Fence Questions: installing, code, brands - House
  72. Opinion On Floor Color to Go With Cabinets: flooring, engineered - House
  73. Spraying a UV protectant on the solar cell of solar garden light: convert, lights - House
  74. High-Efficiency Light Bulb: heat, color, ceiling, bathroom - House
  75. Termite Protection: Bait or Spray???: foundation, installed, compare, building - House
  76. noise issue with AC units on roof: floor, springs, ceiling - House
  77. What to add on the new home Low Voltage Meeting?: home phone, installing - House
  78. about polishing granite and quartz countertops: granite countertops, cleaner, stone - House
  79. Tub caulking - how long should it last?: countertop, smell, cleaning - House
  80. Outdoor Water Sealant?: roofing, foundation, drain, stone - House
  81. old dresser in need of repair: how much, refinish, paint, stain - House
  82. Telephone Wires in New House: Lowes, home phone, build, basement
  83. how important is insurance?: worth, damages, permit, property - House
  84. My landlord disconnect wires on my garage's wall swtich, refuse to fix it now: opener, AC - House
  85. Can recommend a filter system for well water?: springs, hot water heater, sink - House
  86. clarify counter depth frig's: how much, refrigerator, replace, duct - House
  87. Seasonal bill variations for both gas and electric: furnace, pool, hot water baseboard - House
  88. bed frame: replacement, cement - House
  89. A/C Expand existing, Multi-Split, or leave it?: floors, how much, furnace - House
  90. gas range pilot light: appliance, cleaning, lighting, repair - House
  91. ideas for transforming coffee table: granite, Lowes, paint, stain - House
  92. Adding extra ducts to an exisiting HVAC: double pane windows, AC, heating - House
  93. Proper Thin-set for Porcelain: floor, window, vac, paint - House
  94. Who you gonna call? Rotted Bottom Sill Plate- which professional?: flooring, engineered - House
  95. Electrical experts! Light issue...: room, lights, leaking, warm - House
  96. Garage door screens....: window, sofa, installed, damaged - House
  97. know how to fix this leaky outside faucet - video inside - House
  98. have their wax ring fail?: subfloor, vinyl, heaters, paint - House
  99. Outdoor Cleaning Help!: washer, furniture, gas, light - House
  100. use foam floor tile under foam mattress: foundation, mattresses, best - House
  101. what type of pipe can you use in radiant heat applicatiions: floor, heating - House
  102. Wire your home for 17.95 in 1914: AC, phones, appliance, rooms - House
  103. Cultured Marble - When was it first used/made?: granite, laminate, color - House
  104. Using soda cans for solar heat: insulation, glass, between, efficiency - House
  105. Do you have lighting in your crawl space under the house?: heat, installed
  106. Deck Overhaul: flashing on old construction?: plank, stains, outside, worth - House
  107. Cracks in my ceiling and wall -- help!: floor, foundation, paint - House
  108. Chimney repair.: how much, fireplace, furnace, gas - House
  109. Hardwired smoke detector troubles at a friend's house: install, code, electric
  110. Cleaning Bath Tub & Tile grime: floor, sink, bathrooms, toilet - House
  111. Which paint sheen should I use for stair risers and walls?: painting, compare - House
  112. Tree genocide in our rogue nation!: stove, installed, cost, worth - House
  113. Front Load vs Top Load Washers: floor, front loader, pool, loading - House
  114. Pros & Cons of getting a outdoor Security System Cameras: installing, glass - House
  115. When to replace dishwasher?: appliance, cleaning, stainless steel, cost - House
  116. Washer and Dryer Options: how much, washer dryer, front loader, Lowes - House
  117. Sorry, but I need to talk about toilets.: flooring, Home Depot, drains - House
  118. Basketball Systems: In Ground or Portable?: how much, engineered, pool, installing - House
  119. Replacing wooden fence: stain, cost, build, construction - House
  120. HVAC - is this a good deal?: furnace, heat, drain - House
  121. Options for closing off bedroom hallway in a ranch...pocket door? Curtain?: installing, bathroom - House
  122. with Crimsafe Security Screens?: floors, windows, phone, installing - House
  123. Neighbor complains about boiler steam (video): heater, installation, gas, pipes - House
  124. minimalist living: how much, couch, furniture, living room - House
  125. ever knock out the wall under the stairs to make a storage closet?: flooring, how much - House
  126. what to do with childhood toys: floor, heat, mold, basements - House
  127. Do you let contractors work on your house when you're not home?: how much, opener
  128. kitchen appliances Maytag vs Whirlpool?: dishwasher, steel, costs, square - House
  129. Lights,outlets pricing for to be built house(help in decision): hardwood floors, foundation
  130. Buying a two story home in one story home area: how much, windows - House
  131. Winterizing gas engines: window, tank, drain, cleaning - House
  132. Neighbor's contractor damaged our wood fence: color, plank, furniture, stain - House
  133. Buying a home with foundation issues: cost, compare, vs, basement - House
  134. Portable clothes washer and/or dryer... have good luck w/them?: washers, appliance - House
  135. More Double Sink debate - Kitchens: dishwashers, drain, sinks, plumbing - House
  136. You guys decide for me about new sound system in new house: fireplace, heaters
  137. Where to put the entertainment center: flooring, fireplace, windows, sofas - House
  138. 20 amp Circuit Load: how much, washer, AC, loading - House
  139. Crowded 100 AMP Circuit Breaker Box: how much, jacuzzi, pool, window - House
  140. Old block house electrical and plumbing update: ceiling, install, kitchen
  141. Do you guys wrap up your AC condenser for the winter?: window, Air Conditioner - House
  142. Bricks front makes a huge difference!: window, installing, glass, electric - House
  143. Is this wall a load bearing wall?: roof, railing, ceilings - House
  144. I need help finding a good vacuum: hardwood, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  145. Floorplan Options: floor, convert, room, kitchen - House
  146. Removing Concrete: Home Depot, pipe, cracks, best - House
  147. Breaking verbal contract: cabinets, cost, standard, worth - House
  148. Installing shower doors vs shower curtains ? Cost ? Likes ? dislikes ?: floor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  149. Advice for a mosquito victim?: fleas, color, room, lights - House
  150. Rat problem under mobile home: floor, AC, hot water heater, drains - House
  151. Oil to Gas Conversion vs New system: foundation, furnaces, tank - House
  152. cleaning stained non slip tub: floor, bathtub, cleaner, bathrooms - House
  153. old house electric problem: Home Depot, smell, ceiling, install
  154. Remodeling an old ranch-forgo living room?: hardwood floors, roof, foundation, sofa - House
  155. Neighbors store trash bags on the deck 10 yards from my house's front entrance: curtain, paint
  156. Weird Sounds coming from my attic.: roof, ceiling, insulation, pictures - House
  157. Garden around the mailbox got mowed: 2014, yard, green, area - House
  158. New construction 2 zone HVAC cost: floors, how much, opener, AC - House
  159. What features do you dislike about your house?: floor, fireplace, dishwashers
  160. Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn.: lien, couch, price - House
  161. GE Pro Elite Water Softener: Home Depot, pool, tanks, color - House
  162. where to buy window insulation?: floor, Home Depot, windows, heat - House
  163. What things would bother you if your neighbor did them?: window, installing - House
  164. Help: Clogged Kitchen Sink??: floor, dishwasher, vacuum, phone - House
  165. What is this beautiful wooden box used for?: kitchen, salt, wall - House
  166. Kitchen demolition and remodel - lots of pictures coming!: floor, sink, ceilings - House
  167. Which unique features does your house have?: granite countertops, opener, pool
  168. Energy Startup Working to Solve Propane Heating Issues: tank, tanks, phone - House
  169. HELP! Neighbor oversprayed my side BIG TIME: roof, washer, Home Depot - House
  170. Microwave trips circuit ALL the time! advice?!: floor, countertop, dishwashers - House
  171. Help w/stairwell drain issue: floor, pool, vac, railing - House
  172. buying Appliances that last... Im lost: dishwasher, front loader, pool, heater - House
  173. Replacing outlets/switches and aluminum wiring: Home Depot, installed, condo, cost - House
  174. Having a Refrigerator in garage: pool, heater, insulated, installing - House
  175. House wiring that is very old.: dishwasher, paint, sink, appliance
  176. Benjamin Moore Aura Can Not Cover Old Paint after 2 Coats: Lowes, color - House
  177. Expert Electricians? Smoke Detector Problems: AC, microwave, appliance, ceilings - House
  178. I don't want a bad relationship with my neighbor, but...: townhouses, room
  179. Mice: foundation, fireplace, stove, sink - House
  180. Toaster Mystery: floor, heating, microwave, electricity - House
  181. snow blowers with longevity: heat, gas, condo, price - House
  182. Roofers and Lien Releases - Florida: how much, roofing, smell, install - House
  183. How to Remove Musty Smell from House?: hardwood, dehumidifier, windows
  184. Would you pick - Double oven separate & away from cooktop, or one regular oven with cooktop and separate oven: floor, countertop - House
  185. Heating the garage for short periods of time: window, tank, insulated - House
  186. Oops. Sealed a rat into wall while repairing damage. Now what?: hardwood, washer - House
  187. Renovating an old house - what to expect?: roof, washer, Home Depot
  188. Shocked to see high Water and Sewer Bill: pool, air conditioning, installed - House
  189. Plumber- Natural gas water heater?: appliance, convert, install, room - House
  190. Can a bedroom exit/enter into another bedroom?: windows, bathroom, building codes - House
  191. Our New House And Ongoing Remodel With Pictures: kitchen, load, better
  192. need help making plain facade more interesting: floor, roof, vinyl - House
  193. Can recommend a Refrigerator?: pool, Lowes, appliance, kitchen - House
  194. Sound-deadening fence advice: windows, paint, install, living room - House
  195. Is this too much to pay for a fence?: vinyl, install, stain - House
  196. Mattress Help: springs, sink, furniture, cost - House
  197. Lowes charging delivery fee on tile install job: flooring, laminate, appliance - House
  198. Is it illegal for your mail carrier to hand you your mail?: apartment, building - House
  199. Water (especially hort) smells with heating oil: shower, cold, filter - House
  200. Refinishing Hardware: painting, bedroom, pictures, 2014 - House