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  2. remodeling, is this a good plan?: how much, countertops, window, installation - House
  3. I want to live: pool, family room, interior, load - House
  4. Low Voltage Halogen Landscape Light: how much, Lowes, lights, cost - House
  5. How do I figure out which cartidges to get for my sink?: floor, hot water supply - House
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  7. What to do with this old furniture?: roof, refinishing, color - House
  8. Sink won't drain help!!: drains, sinks, installation, bathrooms - House
  9. The Castle Truck: new - House
  10. advice on how to prepare your home for holiday guests: conditioner, phones - House
  11. Is it safe to leave an unattended electric space heater on?: floor, furnace - House
  12. Chimney Inspection Failed: stove, build, between, efficient - House
  13. Hydronic Baseboard Heater Questions: heaters, installed, bedroom, radiators - House
  14. Looking for recommendations for a steam mop or electric broom,: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner - House
  15. Red bugs in kitchen HELP: glass, ducts, plastic, buy - House
  16. House Repair forums?: springs, drains, sink, installation
  17. Recently installed can lights, want to now resheetrock ceiling, can the can be dropped down?: springs, working - House
  18. granite darkening issue: sink, cleaner, bathroom, cleaning - House
  19. Going rate for Andersen 400 series windows tilt wash, installed: cost, better, replacement - House
  20. Asbestos in Stipple/Slapbrush Ceiling?: ceilings, condo, cost, damaged - House
  21. Quiet Garbage Disposal: Lowes, drain, sink, installation - House
  22. Can windows be installed during the cold weather /winter?: vinyl, furnace, heater - House
  23. article about 30 Relatively Simple Things to Improve your Home: stove, sink, toilet - House
  24. Vertical cracks: foundation, concrete, wall, brick - House
  25. Honeywell model CT3611R44439920E Thermostat DEAD. Brrrr: furnace, heat, plumber - House
  26. cracked stove top: pool, glass, cost, repair - House
  27. Hardwood - tone down from high gloss to satin: kitchen, carpeting, light - House
  28. Pricing of multi-size glass backsplash: how much, stone, installation, bathroom - House
  29. Adding Cement Blocks to Existing Foundation: floor, grill, drain, ceiling - House
  30. No Diy Section: concrete, new, working, type - House
  31. Mystery of the Smelly Sink: subfloor, foundation, dishwasher, drains - House
  32. Heat strips on heat pump: heating, light, electric, circuit - House
  33. Air compressor options/recommendations: home project, Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  34. Basement drain?: floor, washer, laundry room, glue - House
  35. mild sloping in bedroom floor and cracks in wall: foundation, bathrooms, kitchens - House
  36. Hardwood floor issue: engineered, glue, cold, company - House
  37. Outlets Suddenly Quit & Breakers Not Tripped: floor, heater, installing - House
  38. cost of replacing in-wall cadet heater (under recall): Home Depot, heaters, installation - House
  39. cost of replacing in-wall cadet heater (under recall): heaters, installation, plumber - House
  40. Kitchen Sink Dilemma: countertops, washer, drain, sinks - House
  41. Initial Step with Regards to Buying a Home: how much, costs, ranges - House
  42. Personal Article Insurance: prices, standard, worth, best - House
  43. Home renovations: floors, how much, windows, bathroom - House
  44. Disguising my garage conversion: floor, roof, windows, couch - House
  45. Wooden door damage: lighting, interior, slab, new - House
  46. concrete building noise: floor, direct, thick - House
  47. Just Bought House // Tax Assessment: homestead, price, build, duct
  48. Sink disposal often clogged: drain, sinks, cleaning, kitchen - House
  49. Will you post pics of your budget remodeling with prices?: how much, paint - House
  50. Cool Decking repair: floors, how much, countertops, Home Depot - House
  51. Has Removed Their Fireplace?: how much, roof, fireplaces, furniture - House
  52. Leaky Toilet Stained Vinyl Sheet Flooring: color, installing, stain, mold - House
  53. Is it important to have your wine cellar close to the kitchen?: window, apartment - House
  54. MAYTAG ELECTRIC SUPER CAPACITY PLUS range ...Getting F1 error reading...HELP...: stove, appliance - House
  55. Matching holes with new kitchen faucets...?: countertop, sinks, faucet, standard - House
  56. Chimney Questions: how much, fireplace, furnace, heat - House
  57. Hardwood floor damage due to water vapor: engineered, laminate, install - House
  58. Replacing Subfloor: homestead, engineered, foundation, insulate - House
  59. Suggestions on Decluttering/Organizing: bedroom, apartment, 2013, plastic - House
  60. Do I need a pressure gauge on a well or will the switch alone work?: heat, installed - House
  61. Efflorescence/Brick Foundation: pool, drain, installation, building - House
  62. Pet Odor: hardwood, furnace, laminate, smells - House
  63. water leaks thru carpet after rain: AC, drain, ceiling, living room - House
  64. Thermostat CT100?: price, better, good - House
  65. Furnance runs couple minutes leaves burning smell in ducts: furnaces, windows, heat - House
  66. electrician help needed: ceiling, bedroom, lights, code - House
  67. disconnecting gas stove: kitchen, apartment, light, leaking - House
  68. Anderson 400 Series Windows: Home Depot, Lowes, installed, leaking - House
  69. Self paid heating bills.: heaters, living room, kitchen, natural gas - House
  70. How do I cancel settings on RiteTemp thermostat?: energy, screen, custom - House
  71. Running cable/conduit inside existing ceiling: floor, paint, insulation, pipes - House
  72. hardwood flooring: engineered, humidifier, hot water heater, insulated - House
  73. on Gas Water Heater Vent: floor, roof, fireplace, furnace - House
  74. Help with finding matching hardwood: color, plank, appliance, bathrooms - House
  75. Connecting a detached garage and converting it: subfloor, roof, foundation - House
  76. Lighting options for Bar Area?: ceiling, stairs, pictures, wall - House
  77. MDF vs Pine base molding: subfloor, vinyl, vacuum cleaner, paint - House
  78. Have you ever taken a contractor that worked on your house to court and won?: how much, paint
  79. washer dryer combo units: heating, smell, appliance, costs - House
  80. Tried turning on the heat for the first time and nothing: roof, furnaces - House
  81. Whole house humidifier in old Pittsburgh home?: furnace, Lowes, installing
  82. Soundproofing a Room: how much, bathroom, price, electric - House
  83. old house and breaker box.: appliance, living room, kitchens, electricity
  84. About Grounded Outlet: insulated, colors, ceiling, installed - House
  85. Crown Molding movement from house shake: heat, paint, ceiling, vent
  86. Water shutoff valve: foundation, warm, vs, outside - House
  87. heating zone efficiency: floor, water heater, installed, living room - House
  88. Installing a Garage Door opener?: springs, ceiling, master bedroom, building - House
  89. Replacement windows in my basement: vinyl, foundation, Lowes, insulate - House
  90. Garage door: opener, install, codes, construction - House
  91. Gas Starter in Wood Burning Fireplace...Do I want one?: how much, fireplaces - House
  92. Central Air only blowing cool air?: heating, ceiling, apartment, vent - House
  93. Recommendations for programmable thermostat: heating, couch, ceiling, installing - House
  94. Oil-filled radiator heaters: Home Depot, ceramic, cleaner, ceilings - House
  95. House/mansion that encapsulates a state: best, pictures, Colorado, New Jersey
  96. Garage Door Opener Help: colors, light, circuit, outside - House
  97. Dryer: Drum Roller Replacement?: how much, heating, appliance, gas - House
  98. cost of adding hinges to bench in mudroom: paint, kitchen, build - House
  99. Storage between wall studs- done it?: washer, install, bathroom - House
  100. Where have all the house plan magazines gone?: Lowes, rooms, building
  101. Building a backyard ice rink: worth, mount, cheap, freeze - House
  102. What do all my thermostats control?!: Lowes, AC, heating, ceiling - House
  103. Smell from new new air handler: floor, heat, smells, installation - House
  104. Bed frame reinforcement: how much, conversion, room, glue - House
  105. Bathroom sink drains incredibly slow - landlord says he can't do anything about it: Home Depot, bathtub - House
  106. Thinking of wooden floors in kitchen and livingroom combo... have cats....spills on floors, etcl, hardwood floors, refinishing - House
  107. Thermostat - Digital or mechanical ????: floor, my fireplace, furnace - House
  108. Single people who live in big houses.......: floor, how much, heating
  109. Basement Wall not straight: flooring, foundation, paint, ceiling - House
  110. Exterior Coach light for $280 and recess can for $150: how much, install, bedroom - House
  111. Liability for traps: smell, fence, remove, backyard - House
  112. Garage door: vinyl, opener, Home Depot, cleaner - House
  113. Run furnace and wood stove at same time to save money?: how much, heater - House
  114. No housekeeping forum.. about cleaning stove burners: washer, sink, cleaner
  115. are todays appliances more effcicent: dishwasher, glass, versus, electric - House
  116. Tipping..: hardwood floors, furniture, installed, living room - House
  117. Wiring a new Programmable Thermostat: floor, furnace, AC, heating - House
  118. Christmas light tester - do things work?: Lowes, lights, price - House
  119. That Old About Most Cost-Efficient Thermostat Setting: how much, furnace, heating - House
  120. Bathroom Sink Drain Pipes: What preventative maintenance is recommended to minimize clogging from happening?: drains, sinks - House
  121. Ranch addition-can't decide whether I like it or not:: floor, how much, roof - House
  122. Water Leaking into Pool: heater, drain, plumber, pipes - House
  123. Changed light switch, stove doesn't work: lights, electric, circuit, replacement - House
  124. Can you replace half a roof for now and the other half later?: roofing, window - House
  125. RTA kitchen cabnets - Where to buy? What features? Best price?: flooring, how much - House
  126. The single story home vs two story home game: floors, foundation, AC - House
  127. Easy to use Backpack Blower storage: floor, Home Depot, tanks, vac - House
  128. 3 outlets in my kitchen that don't work.: countertop, appliance, bathroom - House
  129. know where I can buy this gadget ...: Home Depot, heater, lights - House
  130. Painting Inside of Birdbath: pool, color, concrete, cracked - House
  131. Basement flooding, Who do i go after? Builder or city or am i screwed?: drains, stone - House
  132. problems with wire closet shelves: vinyl, dishwasher, Home Depot, paint - House
  133. Recommendations on improving my backyard!: how much, roof, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  134. Finished basement wall insulation in existing stud wall: how much, foundation, insulate - House
  135. Keeping a Clean Home... A Lost Art?: hardwood, smells, bathrooms - House
  136. Shutting off outside water: sinks, plumber, faucet, build - House
  137. Is this a backyard ground drain or vent of sort?: pool, tanks - House
  138. Christmas Tree in Particular?: color, ceramic, vent, California - House
  139. Cleaning Shower Stall Tile: floor, windows, stove, color - House
  140. Trash Compactor... Worth it?: fireplaces, sink, smell, appliance - House
  141. Could you live in 86 sq ft?: how much, heater, microwave, paint - House
  142. ideas on space heaters for winter: vacuum, bedroom, radiators - House
  143. Early Spring Cleaning...Magazines: sofa, cabinet, apartment, vent - House
  144. News, France changes rules to allow kitchen toilets: bathtub, living room, kitchens - House
  145. Electricity and Gas - How Much Do You Pay?: furnace, AC, water heater - House
  146. questions about wainscoting: paint, furniture, install, dining room - House
  147. I hate my countertop seam - critique: granite countertops, laminate, color - House
  148. Duct run above garage cold area of house: floor, grille, windows
  149. rust on jar lids: paint, cleaner, glue, glass - House
  150. help with painting issue......: conversion, ceiling, bathroom, electric - House
  151. Victim of Property Flipper cabal -: price, cold, damage - House
  152. Electric Heater for the hall during Winter: windows, heaters, ceramic - House
  153. Hair line crack in ceiling and...: floor, shingles, foundation, painting - House
  154. Tell me about Solar City and solar panels: install, cleaning, costs - House
  155. Masking tape residue on bedroom window: furniture, better, duct, good - House
  156. Heating Choice for New Home : Very Confused: floors, dehumidifier, furnace - House
  157. Nice granite, crappy cabinets: floor, granite countertops, dishwasher, laminate - House
  158. First home...I'm feeling overwhelmed is this normal?: foundation, heating, painting - House
  159. Shower elbow leak: washer, installed, bathroom, leaking - House
  160. Dance on first floor of house: hardwood, ceiling, furniture, basement
  161. Concrete Driveway Replacement: installed, square foot, standard, vent - House
  162. A Alternative to Gutter Covers?: roof, foundation, cleaner, installed - House
  163. Quote from general contractor: lien, flooring, roof, bathroom - House
  164. Electrical outlet next to dishwasher: countertop, appliance, install, kitchen - House
  165. Furnace maintenance: heating, room, cleaning, gas - House
  166. replacing cast iron radiator questions: floor, pool, heating, paint - House
  167. Finding a Plumber / Water Softeners: washer, pool, tanks, install - House
  168. An idea for a floorplan: floor, washer, insulated, loading - House
  169. not like ceramic/porcelain/stone floors?: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  170. Tips to declutter: phone, sink, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  171. Walmart interior paint?: Home Depot, Lowes, paint color, room - House
  172. Mysterious Smell in Kitchen - HELP!: subfloor, roof, dishwasher - House
  173. Arsenic in Well Water -- Should This Have Been Disclosed?: how much, installed - House
  174. Help me choose a space heater for my basement: floor, Home Depot, furnace - House
  175. Reverse Polarity--Why, Lord?: floor, Lowes, bathroom, plumber - House
  176. Grandma keeps sending clutter...: floor, shower, price, vs - House
  177. Attic space: More storage or more insulation?: how much, insulated, light - House
  178. - what does septic system mean?: how much, tank, bathrooms - House
  179. Need help figuring out what this is?: furnace, smell, appliance - House
  180. Dual Zone Heat/Air vs Single Zone?: floor, how much, fireplace - House
  181. How can I buy commerical toilet for home?: floor, Home Depot, furnace - House
  182. Deep Cleaning: tiling, subfloor, paint, smells - House
  183. Is it normal to always have (or...want) a home project?: townhouse, windows
  184. Pool help!: pools, cleaner, leaking, replace - House
  185. Water Heater Mystery: pool, sink, installed, shower - House
  186. Untouched 50 year old time capsule: dishwasher, color, appliance, kitchens - House
  187. a new gas range...: dishwasher, pool, Lowes, heating - House
  188. When you have new friends over, do you give them a tour of your house?: color, rooms
  189. Help with refinishing a kitchen table: how much, Home Depot, conditioner, vacuum - House
  190. Asbestos Help LL exposed my family: flooring, washer, paint, ceiling - House
  191. Leaky basment wall - type of contractor: floor, foundation, furnace - House
  192. New Washer and Dryer - Front Loader HE: floor, how much, dishwasher - House
  193. How much heat needed to keep pipes from freezing?: Lowes, heater, insulate - House
  194. 5 ways to keep your home warmer and save on heating: iron - House
  195. Replacing furnace humidifier filter - reminder: mold, warm, vents, moisture - House
  196. Recommend small roof repair, tampa area -: AC, paint, ceiling, leak - House
  197. How are Andersen 400 series windows? - House
  198. Replacing wall mounted toiled: floor, sinks, bathroom, shower - House
  199. Mysterious Sand in Kitchen Solved!: floor, vacuum, downstairs, remove - House
  200. Hobbit House built entirely from scraps in Wales: money