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  1. Plumbing H20 Valve: Home Depot, Lowes, pipe, replace - House
  2. Old door - single pane windows: alternatives, insulated, installed, glass - House
  3. Air vent filter issue: floor, furnace, heating, bedrooms - House
  4. Water damage or poor dry-walling?: roof, paint, ceiling, installation - House
  5. ROOFING: pricing idea on roofing job from start to finish 35 squares of shingles....: install, cost - House
  6. Help! Have huge oil-like stains on front porch!: cleaning, stain, warm - House
  7. Hardood floors - polyurathane vs Waterlox: hardwood, refinish, ceramic, smells - House
  8. Condensation in attic and windows: floor, how much, roofing, humidifier - House
  9. Maching floor stain for glazed cherry cabinets: cleaner, room, matching - House
  10. Dryer heats on timer but not when using sensor: washer, heating, appliance - House
  11. Ideas for a semi mud room/places to hang bookbags?: family room, cabinet - House
  12. Water/Ice maker on fridge not working - must I fix?: appliance, installation - House
  13. Should I be charged for new wood flooring: apartment, condo, building - House
  14. Chimney waterproofing went wrong: concrete, cracking, better, construction - House
  15. The Longest time you have been in your house for without going outside?: vent, property
  16. HVAC ducts/vents: grill, windows, AC, heat - House
  17. Refurbishing sliders: bathroom, shower, glass, replacement - House
  18. Tiling Marble Sone Floor : 1/4 '' Backer Board Vs. Kerdi Ditra: subfloor, granite - House
  19. future house has had leaks from roof to basement: townhome, heat
  20. New heating system for doublewide: floor, furnace, tank, stoves - House
  21. Is this black mold??: flooring, vinyl, laminate, color - House
  22. Thermostat Replacement Gone Wrong - Help: floor, furnaces, AC - House
  23. Weird electrical thing behind clock in kitchen: furnace, light, basement - House
  24. Header for load bearing wall?: flooring, ceiling, bathroom, insulation - House
  25. What windows can be restored instead of replaced?: vinyl, Home Depot, insulated - House
  26. Leveling Concrete: flooring, vinyl, Lowes, drains - House
  27. How to clean the oven without harsh chemicals: heat, smell, cleaning - House
  28. This information might save your life.: sink, steel, outside, connect - House
  29. Is this a mold or fungus growing around my RV toilet and if so, what kind?: carpet, leak - House
  30. Retrofitting recessed lamps - inspection: how much, heat, smell, ceiling - House
  31. Old home heated with hot water boiler system-Radiators: floor, heating, leak - House
  32. Shower door sticking ...: Home Depot, color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  33. Retrofitting ductless Mitsubishi AC to ductless heat pump: stove, installation, cost - House
  34. Foundation Movement in Prospective House - Structural Engineers Sound Off!: how much, drain
  35. Contractor and handyman holding pattern - a vent: building, basement, worth - House
  36. Insulation - thinking outside the box: roof, heat, insulate, paint - House
  37. cracks in brick veneer wall: floor, foundation, windows, room - House
  38. Does have a walk-in freezer?: kitchen, cost, vs, building - House
  39. changing a light fixture: color, ceiling, lights, electricity - House
  40. Building a house during winter?: roof, foundation, siding, cold
  41. Home Warranty Companies Texas: AC, heating, cost, square foot - House
  42. Swamp cooler leaks & creates white residue on the roof: air conditioning, drain - House
  43. Change of address - moving: vent, company, area, new - House
  44. Accurate humidity levels: Home Depot, master bedroom, kitchen, cost - House
  45. sellf-install a standing seam metal roof?: washer, Lowes, heat - House
  46. Dishwasher leaked (a long time ago), can we still call our insurance?: hardwood, pool - House
  47. Reuse laminate flooring?: hardwood floors, installed, dining room, glue - House
  48. Should we remodel/finish our outbuilding, or leave it as a shop?: flooring, insulated - House
  49. EMCO Stormdoor replacement Lockset?: prices, doors, stores, lock - House
  50. Propane setup for Gas cooking: tank, tanks, stove, install - House
  51. Removal of Paper From Small Tiles, That Is Stuck In Concrete: heat, bathroom - House
  52. Help! Unidentified Rodents Thumping in my apartment!: floor, plumbing, leak - House
  53. Vacuum cleaner lost suction but don't know why: cracks, filters, to fix - House
  54. Getting Ripped-Off by Contractor/Plumber: lien, floor, leaks, cost - House
  55. Need ballpark figure for replacing home A/C compressor: furnace, Lowes, windows - House
  56. Drill your own well?: how much, pipe, cold, construction - House
  57. controlling humidity in house: dehumidifier, drain, install, bathrooms
  58. ceramic tile over cracked slab repair help: floor, foundation, install - House
  59. Does have a KitchenAid Range?: opener, dishwasher, pool, appliance - House
  60. Mobile Home Financing: roof, installation, building, slab - House
  61. How do I refinish/repair plaster walls with moderate damage?: refinishing, kitchen - House
  62. File a Homestead?: lien, forced, homeowner, property - House
  63. Refinishing with or without sealant: hardwood floor, stain, glass, steel - House
  64. Only Two Lights Work on Outdoor Flood Lights on GFI: lighting, electrical - House
  65. Unaligned Pipes for Bathroom Sink: Home Depot, drain, sinks, installation - House
  66. Exterior Drainage - Problem?: floor, humidifier, pool, windows - House
  67. Drawer Inserts: dishwasher, kitchens, cabinets, glass - House
  68. Engineering at its best - House
  69. Kitchen help needed!: pools, window, appliance, ceiling - House
  70. Hot Water continues to flow: shower, faucet, damage, replace - House
  71. Converting central heat to air circulator/cleaner: furnace, ceiling, kitchen - House
  72. HEATING & COOLING in NJ???: window, Air Conditioner, hot water baseboard, conversion - House
  73. Affordable wood flooring vendor: hardwood, engineered, laminate, installation - House
  74. DISHWASHER FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!: hardwood, sink, kitchen, glue - House
  75. How many garage door openers for 2 door garage?: 2013, doors, rate - House
  76. about right bulb for a fixture.: floor, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  77. Clothes Washing Machine Overflows.: fireplace, washer, appliance, installed - House
  78. ixl cabinet doors peeling: vinyl, paint, bathroom, kitchen - House
  79. Pellet stove depreciation?: stoves, natural gas, price, sq ft - House
  80. How to remove this door lock?: outside, company, metal, safe - House
  81. Tile for standard pacific home: floor, kitchen, build, repair - House
  82. Talk about Cool, Automatic Bricklayer: building, replace, remove, duct - House
  83. What can I do to get a house on foreclosure?: buy, safe
  84. Cost to build different style houses: floors, roofing, foundation, window
  85. House vs apartment: washer, townhouse, pool, phone
  86. Hot Water Heater Blowing Out Freezing Air - Is This Normal?: dehumidifier, Air Conditioner - House
  87. Can gas furnace and gas water heater share PVC exhaust pipe?: alternatives, hot water heater - House
  88. Clearance for Range Hood: appliance, installing, cabinet, codes - House
  89. How to fix squeaky floors: subfloor, carpet, damaged, best - House
  90. The Ultimate Rehab: inside, money - House
  91. Exterior Coach light for $280 and recess can for $150: how much, installed, master bedroom - House
  92. Drain: roof, ceiling, glue, toilets - House
  93. Ceiling Fan Wiring Issue: color, installed, detector, light - House
  94. Mold in Bathroom Cabinet: floor, drain, color, cabinets - House
  95. Toilet bowl not filling: tank, install, toilets, replace - House
  96. A real Hobbit House: 2014, family
  97. Old cabin gets a second life: building, new, builder - House
  98. Building inspection at end of warranty period?: floor, how much, foundations - House
  99. Experience with Ductless Cooling Systems: floor, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  100. Where to get European type of fridges?: washer, Home Depot, pool - House
  101. Termite Bonding Company Conflict - Lawers Read: foundation, sinks, kitchen - House
  102. Homeowner's Insurance- your experience with an act of god claim?: how much, roof - House
  103. Securing glass paneled doors in older home: windows, heat, install - House
  104. Dual Chamber Electric Ovens...: floor, heating, microwave, appliance - House
  105. asbestos in house 1956 help. very worried!: flooring, vinyl, furnace
  106. If 4 connecting townhome units all have mice shouldn't the Association help with it?: floor, smell - House
  107. Master Bath with Separate Tub & Shower: bathtub, bathroom, showerhead - House
  108. How to build a house and keep the cost down? *Design and *Materials?: floor, roofing
  109. Living in a garage, tips living with no running water?: tank, microwave - House
  110. Finding An Affordable Contractor: Home Depot, Lowes, painting, plumber - House
  111. Non-Stick- Safest Cookware?: dishwasher, heating, stove, color - House
  112. grouting: how much, color, cleaner, room - House
  113. Where is your garage entrance?: loading, basement, dogs, vent - House
  114. Installing mesh around a fence...?: townhouse, standard, best, wall
  115. spinner on washer is not working: washers, pools, drain, loading - House
  116. Low E vs window tint: Home Depot, windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  117. Don't buy Moan for the life time guarantee.: Home Depot, kitchen, showers - House
  118. Exterior Makeover - need help/ideas..........: floor, roof, windows, heating - House
  119. Would you move into a garage if you couldn't afford typical housing?: convert, bathroom - House
  120. Updating a kitchen: when do you need a permit?: countertops, dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  121. Will snow being thrown against my house hurt my siding?: how much, vinyl
  122. toilet overflowed: bathrooms, mold, carpet, apartment - House
  123. Laying concrete in a basement recommendation?: floor, roofing, granite, asbestos - House
  124. Room over garage cold. - Options?: how much, furnace, heater, insulated - House
  125. HVAC thermometer on OFF switch?: air conditioning, heat, insulated, ceiling - House
  126. Snow Pushing Tractors Out There?? -- I hate snow blowers.: vinyl, gas - House
  127. Do you have a housecleaner?: floors, cleaning, cabinets, dogs
  128. Rat problem in attic?: installed, electric, concrete, vent - House
  129. Can I return Homedepot purchase without a receipt?: Home Depot, Lowes, paint - House
  130. Sick of weeds - nothing worked: how much, tanks, price, compare - House
  131. Cracks in ceiling throughout the house: how much, foundation, windows, AC
  132. Mostly traditionalist in home build style: dishwasher, window, heating, sink - House
  133. birds on my stoop: heat, stone, refrigerator, between - House
  134. How many lights/outlets can be on one circuit?: heat, appliance, installed - House
  135. When selling, what have you been asked to repair/replace?: fireplace, windows - House
  136. Cleaning bottom shelf in GE profile fridge: sink, appliance, installation - House
  137. Home Security Cameras and Personal privacy: phones, light, versus, building - House
  138. Worth it to run gas lines?: furnaces, AC, hot water heater, stove - House
  139. Let's all go in together to buy this place: convert, cost, build - House
  140. Loud creaking from ceiling and cracks: roof, window, paint, room - House
  141. Hot water heater broke need on picking new one..: tank, installing - House
  142. on kitchen remodeling: hardwood, engineered, granite, Lowes - House
  143. Sewer drain and cap: roof, washer, drains, sink - House
  144. IKEA Mattresses - opinions?: bedroom, prices, warm, best - House
  145. Opinions of big screen tv above a fireplace: my fireplace, windows, heater - House
  146. Garage Door Won't Close with Remote: opener, ceiling, installation, lighting - House
  147. How could six panes of glass all shatter?: mullions, muntins, foundation - House
  148. American Standard vs Bryant Gas Furnace: furnaces, air conditioning, heat, comparison - House
  149. Turn off water main when heating system is gas hot water?: water heater, installed - House
  150. Plumbing: New showerhead needed or something: washers, installing, bathroom - House
  151. new house, new porcelain, now cracking: subfloor, foundation, Home Depot, installed
  152. Replace toilet while i have the chance?: flooring, tank, ceramic - House
  153. Advice for home fix - cracks! drywall?: roof, foundation, drain - House
  154. Should I put doors on a closet or not?: floor, how much, curtain - House
  155. Prefinished floors - did we make a mistake?: hardwood floors, vinyl, sink - House
  156. Is building a house financially reasonable as a starter home?: flooring, how much
  157. LG launches a fridge WITHIN a fridge: Innovative design means you can hunt for snacks without wasting energy: prices, refrigerator - House
  158. Electric Outlet: heater, warm, electrical, circuit - House
  159. Deck Repairs for rent: how much, gas, cost, build - House
  160. securing concrete patio to my house foundation: roof, room, leak
  161. Flooring tiles that look like wood but r ceramic.. out there have feedback...: hardwood, engineered - House
  162. Which light bulb do I need?: ceramic, brands, ranges, replacing - House
  163. Incredible use of wooden pallets: floors, roofing, plank, furniture - House
  164. Outdoor Light Suggestions: Lowes, install, lights, price - House
  165. Exposure of Raid Bug Spray to Food. Eat?: phone, stove, room - House
  166. Modern reputable appliance brand?: dishwasher, furnace, pool, AC - House
  167. Tenant, a student, left for Holidays turned heat OFF for weeks: faucets, cost - House
  168. engineered wood vs regular wood: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl, laminate - House
  169. Can you use 2 flues at the same time? silly but ...: floor, roof - House
  170. Double Vanity vs. Two Single Vanities: flooring, how much, countertops, Home Depot - House
  171. Table Saw recomendations: home project, furniture, cabinets, vs - House
  172. How to keep darker hardwood floors clean?: hardwood floor, vacuum, color - House
  173. house with flat room in rainy city?: roofing, vinyl, drains
  174. contractor claims auto accident destroyed my water tank: plumbing, cost, replacement - House
  175. help with cracks in interior corners: foundation, Lowes, paint, ceiling - House
  176. Building new house, what features would you like?: traffic noise, floor, how much
  177. help me fix this broken towel rack: alternatives, installed, cleaning - House
  178. Power Systems (primary, secondary,: granite, opener, tank, tanks - House
  179. Help. found 3 dead mice?: townhome, sink, dogs, cold - House
  180. Houses in dreams (not dream houses!): flooring, window, drains, ceiling
  181. Remodel kitchen without a conventional oven - replaced by large toaster oven?: how much, countertop - House
  182. 60psi Home Water Pressure Feels Low: tank, sinks, appliance, installed - House
  183. Why are 6-panel doors so common in the U.S.?: install, glass - House
  184. Lousy handyman -- should we demand a discount?: painting, furniture, blinds - House
  185. How to persuade a retailer to replace a defective appliance?: floors, how much - House
  186. How do you search the Net when your dream house is a standard house design type?: floor plans, building
  187. Extremly high utility bill.: furnace, AC, heating, insulated - House
  188. Replace or Repair Washing Machine?: how much, washer, pool, smell - House
  189. Need Help Understanding Water Heating System: tank, insulated, appliance, bedrooms - House
  190. What size screws to use for secondary 1/2'' plywood underlayment: tiling, subfloor - House
  191. Why are modern appliances so fragile and poorly built?: washer, pool, stove - House
  192. How to fix damages to my apartment: Home Depot, paint color, installation - House
  193. Has gone from messy to clean?: sink, laundry room, cleaning - House
  194. Whole house fan needed, keep or not?: floor, windows, Air Conditioner
  195. Smoke Detector Recommendations I am tired of hearing it at 2AM: Lowes, drains - House
  196. Going 9+ yrs still averaging $21/mo to heating & cooling: ceilings, cost, build - House
  197. Help me choose a home shop air-compressor: Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  198. plumbers help: floor, townhouse, water tank, bathtub
  199. Non-toxic way to clean gas stove - House
  200. User Manuals Online for Different Electronics, Appliances,: free - House