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  1. DIY Fire Pit area...: heat, stone, cost, building - House
  2. Plumbers- minimum usage to keep your system functioning?: dishwasher, drain, sink - House
  3. Do Outdoor Lights Need to Match?: color, installed, vs, interior - House
  4. R.I.P.: Don Featherstone, Father of the Pink Flamingo: lights, vent - House
  5. I have to repaint the house-Help!: springs, windows, heat, ceilings
  6. AC: portable, casement, or replace the window?: how much, furnace, windows - House
  7. Termites (In Shed): foundation, Home Depot, Lowes, plumbing - House
  8. Installing laminate wood around stone fireplace: flooring, my fireplace, Home Depot, concrete - House
  9. Need help on planning a surprise: kitchen, warm, wall, property - House
  10. need help killing plant growing in vinyl siding: foundation, damaged, fix - House
  11. Water keeps ending up inside my refrigerator: heat, drain, cleaner - House
  12. My poor deck - sun last summer, rain this spring: floor, stain - House
  13. Portable RO filter for home: drain, ceramic, sink, remove - House
  14. Is it circuit breaker issue?: electrical, weather, replace, company - House
  15. Getting adhesive off of wall: color, cleaning, apartment, dryer - House
  16. Smelled Gas in Kitchen of Condo (NV): stove, appliance, install - House
  17. Bugs in my kitchen, can't ID ?: floor, drain, sink, condo - House
  18. Best ideas to store small electric snow blower in garage: floor, Lowes - House
  19. Free houses in Italy. Hurry they are going fast.: cost, building, outside
  20. Garage door openers - keypad or phone app?: code, best, reviews - House
  21. plugs burnt out: heater, appliance, installation, cost - House
  22. how to fix door frame: install, bedroom, glue, light - House
  23. How is this ladder price?: Home Depot, glass, building, better - House
  24. Small lesson re home heating oil tank filling: pipe, vent, clog - House
  25. help with heater vent/duct: ceiling, room, best, replace - House
  26. Pre-Made Laminate Countertop -- Can This Be Cut?: Home Depot, Lowes, converting - House
  27. Mysterious stain on newly built foundation: flooring, pool, installed, leak - House
  28. Sloping floors - should we worry: foundation, windows, stone, room - House
  29. Stamped concrete issues: how much, pools, cost, sealer - House
  30. about window wells: foundation, pool, drainage pipe, installed - House
  31. Refrigerator Feedback: Home Depot, pool, paint, smells - House
  32. AC wall unit problem: window, installation, electrical, circuit - House
  33. Curious about cost $$ to replace toilet and vanity sink: floor, drain, install - House
  34. Need advice about remodel project...: sink, installed, bathroom, kitchen - House
  35. Dedicated home and garden forums?: design - House
  36. Has Ever Been Forcefully Evacuated From Your House, For Period Time?: hurricane, dogs
  37. Multi country wall sockets: Home Depot, electrical, load, replace - House
  38. It's started.....made an appointment with an architect: ceiling, master bedroom, cost - House
  39. Roll-Down Shade Screen for Pergola: Lowes, heat, blinds, cost - House
  40. Cost for plumbing service?: how much, drain, bathtub, plumber - House
  41. Do you keep a family home? Or sell everything?: townhouse, heat
  42. Ge or kenmore appliances: pool, brands, repair, better - House
  43. Problems with Rust-Oleum Deck Restore 10X: roof, stains, cost, repair - House
  44. Removing Rust from Outdoor Grill: paint, cleaner, gas, stainless steel - House
  45. Lighting!: kitchen, cabinets, glass, brands - House
  46. How far past the foundation wall can a room be extended?: floor, how much - House
  47. Top Load Washer Repair: install, best, replacement, remove - House
  48. How to tell if ceiling fan is self-lubricating or not: bedrooms, iron - House
  49. outside french drain odor: foundation, heat, smell, mold - House
  50. Drywood termites in attic: home, range - House
  51. Replace A/C return in floor to accept filter: grill, installed, master bedroom - House
  52. non-bearing wall over baseboard heater: heaters, installed, room, building - House
  53. forget carpet or laminate, I should just paint concrete floors?: vinyl, color - House
  54. Narrow crawl space. Should I buy this house?: floor, dehumidifier, drains
  55. Don't Toss Your Deck Lights, Restore Them!: paint, installed, cleaning - House
  56. Replacing kitchen floor: subfloor, washer, mold, leak - House
  57. Is my attic well ventilated?: Air Conditioner, heat, insulated, ceiling - House
  58. Best wall board ceiling cutters: heater, light, repair, replace - House
  59. rock climbing wall in house: pool, convert, room, seal
  60. Upstate NY - room above single garage estimated cost?: plumbing, building, square foot - House
  61. Water Distillers: heat, showers, toilets, pipes - House
  62. choosing a new bed: window, installed, leaking, cost - House
  63. Help choose laundry: washer, front loader, Home Depot, electricity - House
  64. Does Virginia offer rebate for energy saving products?: toilet, light, residential - House
  65. electrical plug and service upgrade: how much, washer, window, Air Conditioner - House
  66. Fire pit help: fireplaces, heat, stove, sink - House
  67. Sealing the basement?: how much, foundation, window, drain - House
  68. Central AC makes banging noise while on: drain, install, leak - House
  69. exterior door problem: install, outside, wood, patio - House
  70. Ductless AND central air con in the same house: roof, furnace, heat
  71. Drain field two weeks old & water above ground: washer, tank, colors - House
  72. SIP or something better?: shingles, foundation, installation, insulation - House
  73. Softub Hot Tub: how much, smell, outside, remove - House
  74. Is this termite ?: room, crawl space, standard, worth - House
  75. Outdoor kitchen - encompassing exiting grill: tank, tanks, cabinets, plumbing - House
  76. Who do I contact if I want to do a major remodeling job?: how much, room - House
  77. How to fill and seal gap between tile of shower?: floor, how much - House
  78. Flagstone Patio cost vs deck cost: Lowes, refinish, installation, stained - House
  79. Are there restrictions in Florida pools and: installation, resale value, steel - House
  80. HVAC - Cool On flashing for a few before starting: vacuum, drain - House
  81. What tradesman for repair of rotting exterior trim?: how much, roof, painting - House
  82. Heat pump size for 1210 sqft house: furnace, insulation, compare, vent
  83. Flashing on stone siding?: shingles, installation, staining, mold - House
  84. New Floor installed film all over them ?!?: flooring, Lowes, phone - House
  85. Concrete patio is not level: installed, slab, cracking, better - House
  86. Drywall screws keep popping: roof, sink, ceilings, installed - House
  87. HVAC heating: Air Conditioner, heater, paint, ceiling - House
  88. Water softner not drawing brine: tank, vacuum, phone, install - House
  89. HVAC - 10 min. CPM: AC, apartment, costs, electric - House
  90. Short lenght hose (for sprinkler): Home Depot, Lowes, color, faucet - House
  91. Leak behind wall in bathroom. Who to call to fix wall?: floor, painting - House
  92. News, Light Up Your Kitchen With This Funky Glowing Sink: dishwashers, colors - House
  93. Delta valve in one shower and mixet valve in another: bathrooms, showers - House
  94. how to find out if there is mold and harmful?: roof, vacuum - House
  95. Cost to build stairs handrails ?: how much, railing, code, concrete - House
  96. Pool Deckover: cheaper, property - House
  97. Home Window Replacement: vinyl, windows, paint, installing - House
  98. Replacing cartridge in shower: heater, plumber, light, warm - House
  99. Who to call to fix dryer vent: paint, install, cleaning - House
  100. Seeking professional pest control provider help: how much, sink, installed, bathrooms - House
  101. Leaking Sink Basin?: drains, color, plumber, pipe - House
  102. Blower motor issues: furnace, AC, heating, curtains - House
  103. what the heck is this?!! (odd light fixture -- PICS!): lights, electric - House
  104. Central AC fan stopped working - repair or replace?: furnaces, heating, electrical - House
  105. Dehumidifier is not collecting water.: leaks, basement, cold, freeze - House
  106. Bad Placement of HVAC Thermostat... Help!: floor, heat, paint, bathroom - House
  107. How much this would cost?: vinyl, windows, repair, damaged - House
  108. garage - can i use plywood instead of drywall in the garage ?: ceiling, install - House
  109. Does have experience building a 2-room and a bathroom addition over a garage?: how much, roof - House
  110. No water on the hot water side: heater, sink, gas - House
  111. Repair estimates: how much, shingles, townhouse, AC
  112. Rekying And Replacing Lock: installation, cost, building, sq ft - House
  113. Previous owners did not disclose foundation leakage issues: paint, stains, leaking - House
  114. The Window Unit Is Noisy?!: HEPA filter, AC, cleaning, electric - House
  115. Auxiliary oil furnace hot water.: AC, tank, drain, install - House
  116. Tiling Over The Fireplace: how much, granite, my fireplace, Lowes - House
  117. New Driveway (Binder): drain, stone, installed, price - House
  118. Best kind of grout to use in a shower?: tiling, drains, cleaner - House
  119. New Home Pre-wiring, Essentials ?: floor, living room, kitchen, building - House
  120. Adding AC?: furnace, grills, heating, gas - House
  121. Replacing roof - what material to go with?: roofing, heat, paint - House
  122. Gas vs. Electric Utilities: how much, furnace, water heater, stove - House
  123. Lease is signed, what to do with nasty old cabinets?: kitchen, stains - House
  124. caulk around faucet: floor, paint, sink, installing - House
  125. Luxury bed frames....: springs, furniture, bedroom, cabinet - House
  126. Privacy fence - whose fence is it?: stain, hurricane, cost - House
  127. about condensation around duct vents: floor, heating, insulated, installed - House
  128. Safety Tip: using a tennis ball to help park car in garage: vent, better - House
  129. Insulating Interior Walls: roof, windows, air conditioning, heat - House
  130. Vent Hoods?: floor, roof, grille, microwave - House
  131. How long have you lived in your current house?: townhouse, bedroom, condo
  132. Approx cost to install central AC?: floor, humidifier, window, air conditioning - House
  133. about Asbestos and Duct System: how much, Lowes, air conditioning, heating - House
  134. Picking color of shingles: roofing, heating, stone, installation - House
  135. To repair or replace our AC?: furnace, Lowes, Air Conditioner, sink - House
  136. Venting dryer indoors: floor, roof, heat, installed - House
  137. Himalaya salt lamps?: light, electric, weather, 2014 - House
  138. Replacing a heat pump....with???: furnace, windows, Air Conditioner, heaters - House
  139. LED bulbs and dimmer switches: Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling, kitchen - House
  140. developers/H.O.A.'s still don't get it, antenna/dish: townhome, installing - House
  141. Tiny or Small Home Community Needs: roof, apartment, condo, cost - House
  142. Interior door sticking: paint, installing, building, repair - House
  143. $8,000 -$12,000 for new wiring and pipes?: flooring, washer, water heater, painting - House
  144. House has new heat pump, can I install gas furnace to get dual fuel?: floor, washer
  145. What's this weed called? how to treat?: better, pictures, problems - House
  146. Paint Sprayers.. Wagners?: shingles, Lowes, painting, price - House
  147. Why are my LED bulbs going out?: Home Depot, window, heat - House
  148. Living near a fire station?: how much, townhouses, phones, lights
  149. Will I have issues selling my house?: pool, stain, comparison
  150. Is this cement fiber or wood siding?: condominium, crack, pictures - House
  151. Water heaters: to tank or not to tank: subfloor, washer, tanks - House
  152. Odd Situation With Mirror Glass Guy and No Receipt: lien, phone, bathroom - House
  153. Tile Roof vs. Shingles: how much, foundation, stone, installation - House
  154. Clearing Backyard Of Trees: how much, phone, damage, best - House
  155. water leakage outside house...NEED HELP: shower, glue, plumber, toilets
  156. What floor plan appeals to you?: floor plans, countertops, washer, heater - House
  157. suggest which is cheapest central AC: how much, window, heating - House
  158. fixing concrete at garage door opening (PIC): Home Depot, paint, light - House
  159. Neighbor Noise advice: pools, colors, apartment, light - House
  160. Replacement Patio Cushions?: Home Depot, Lowes, colors, furniture - House
  161. How to get rid of raccoons in attic?: smell, worth, better - House
  162. How many of you have been bitten by mosquitoes despite wearing DEET repellent?: alternatives, smell - House
  163. Gated Communities - what do you like about them?: pools, condo, cost - House
  164. Open Source Ecology: flooring, insulating, install, mold - House
  165. to of you who have above-ground pools ...: cost, outside, cheapest - House
  166. Hot summer - what can we do?: floor, roof, windows - House
  167. Timbertech composite deck, hot sun, dog paws and shade: pool, stain, price - House
  168. Should jute netting on lawn be removed?: vent, better, removing - House
  169. How could smaller home have more room?: floor, living room, kitchen - House
  170. What to look for when getting an interior house painting estimate?: flooring, how much
  171. Efficient vacuum cleaner for hardwood, ceramic, and carpet?: HEPA filter, installed, cleaning - House
  172. Privacy Screen That Raises Above Fence: pool, installing, gas, cost - House
  173. What is a good stove for a rental?: countertop, dishwasher, Lowes - House
  174. Moving from Baseboard heater to Heat pump: floor, Lowes, conditioner - House
  175. need help on concrete issues: how much, granite, washers, townhouse
  176. What's broken this week?: floor, roof, washer, phone - House
  177. Should we fix up our first home?: flooring, how much, granite - House
  178. 1920s Bungalow Dining Room obsession: mullions, floor, fireplace, windows - House
  179. new central A/C inefficient: roof, windows, Air Conditioners, heat - House
  180. Slanting House: flooring, roof, vinyl, foundation
  181. Slate Color Appliances: how much, granite, install, cleaning - House
  182. We want to put up a privacy fence and neighbors are mad: pools, paint - House
  183. Switch from gas to electric tankless water heater: dishwasher, tank, sink - House
  184. neighbor kids playing soccer in shared driveway, bouncing ball off my house/vehicles: pools, window
  185. King and Queen: bathroom, slate, mattresses, worth - House
  186. HVAC attic unit keeps running after I turned it off.: AC, heat - House
  187. All-in-One washer/dryer vs seperate washer and dryer: loading, appliance, room - House
  188. Worst home improvement experience?: roofing, foundation, painting, smell - House
  189. carpet or laminate: hardwood floors, pools, paint, couch - House
  190. Shared housing, uestions: vacuum, phones, living room, cleaning - House
  191. Do Home builders have to follow ICC code?: flooring, appliance, installed - House
  192. Hardwood flooring on stairs: engineered, Lowes, laminate, installing - House
  193. Smoke alarms ..: air conditioning, heating, vacuum, appliance - House
  194. security cameras for the home: roof, windows, paint, light - House
  195. website delivery lumber?: Home Depot, Lowes, window, standard - House
  196. So I was doing laundry and...puddle, rust and grease?: floor, washer - House
  197. The restoration of castle (ruins): cold, 2015, stores, expensive - House
  198. Adjustable queen beds (split or one piece)?: furnace, warm, pillow - House
  199. Preventing cats from using one of my bushes as it's litter box: good, neighbor - House
  200. Has ever had to move out of a house or trailer you bought and lose everything money wise on it?: mold, carpet