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  1. Want to add heated square footage by heating sun porch. (North Carolina): tiling, flooring - House
  2. Overgrown Frontyard: how much, costs, average, estimate - House
  3. DIY Granite cutting? Outdoor kitchen worksurface: color, stone, installed, plumbing - House
  4. Heat Pump (In Texas): furnace, windows, AC, heaters - House
  5. Best Pest Control for Interior of House that's Pet-Friendly?: remove, spray
  6. My kitchen is out to get me: windows, stove, smell - House
  7. pool fences: how much, install, price, estimates - House
  8. Snowblower repair - inhouse ?: brands, better, replace, buying
  9. Water on Driveway: tank, installed, pipes, crack - House
  10. Home AC needs a reboot?: Air Conditioner, drain, room, leaking - House
  11. Direct vent HVAC air repair chimney: floor, roof, furnaces, AC - House
  12. Neighbor's foundation work..: roof, drain, installed, basement - House
  13. Metal Roof options.......: paint, steel, versus, vent - House
  14. AC home warranty (non covereds): drain, insulation, code, slab - House
  15. blacktop cracks and sealing: Home Depot, tank, sink, cost - House
  16. Need help with staggered end joints: flooring, vinyl, plank, room - House
  17. Bottle House: glass, better, freezing, Tennessee
  18. Why do our flourescent tube lights continuously flicker?: install, laundry room, lighting - House
  19. SS Dishwasher Stain: cleaner, appliance, stainless steel, iron - House
  20. various problems with plumbing/water in house: washers, hot water heater, sink
  21. Clogged Garbage Disposal: dishwasher, drains, sink, plumbing - House
  22. At home in a van: repair, better, replace, buying - House
  23. Internet: TPlink (Powerline) Vs Cat5: floors, how much, colors, install - House
  24. Why is my grass turning yellow?: dryer, driveway, new, spots - House
  25. TV mount-Slim: between, wall, extension, good - House
  26. Artist transforms neighborhood: colors, good, rate - House
  27. Home toilets: how much, cost, pipes, code - House
  28. Deck-Flies/Mosquito: lights, standard, vent, outside - House
  29. Flexible drill bit - which diamieter? 3/8 , 1/2 , 9/16 , 3/4 ?: installing, cabinet - House
  30. WHo likes Bostitch Nail guns?: Lowes, gas, light, prices - House
  31. Help Second Story Deck Repair and Painting the House: install, cost
  32. HVAC making a grinding noise: heat, installed, pump, pressure - House
  33. Maximized Affordable Mortgage for 70% of Americans $69,000: heater, sinks, smell, appliance - House
  34. Recently seeded front yard not looking so good: pool, iron, cold - House
  35. Didn't order enough laminate flooring? Can I start?: hardwood, engineered, installing - House
  36. Do I need to repair a very small chip in my granite counter?: sink, stone - House
  37. How to hang ceramic wall sculpture exterior: Home Depot, siding, outside - House
  38. What is this connector and how does it work? (Water line to fridge): Home Depot, installed - House
  39. Neat idea for shed: air conditioning, heater, basement, electricity - House
  40. Cleaning after attic insulation removal.: HEPA filter, floor, furnace, window - House
  41. Drywall suggestions?: bathroom, glue, costs, tile - House
  42. Very small drip from baseboard heater pipe: floor, heaters, room - House
  43. Removing texture from old plaster/lath walls? Suggestions?: windows, insulate, paint - House
  44. Found a good house but TV must go above fireplace. Is it safe to do so?: floor, how much
  45. Burying power lines: phone, cost, electric, repair - House
  46. Sequence: Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program: price, build, vent - House
  47. New Reverse Osmosis system leaking (black drain hose): plumbing, standard, damaged - House
  48. House Has 2 Water Wells. Should the Old Shallow One Be Filled In?: pool, costs
  49. Move overhead power to underground?: heat, phone, installing, gas - House
  50. Cost To Build Solid Foundation For Manufactured House?!: how much, roof, pool
  51. Fixing my wooden gates: install, steel, concrete, iron - House
  52. ever bought an above ground pool?: how much, pools, installation - House
  53. Toilet Loud Bang: tank, drain, showers, plumber - House
  54. River Rock- sold by yard. Does this mean cubic yard?: price, material - House
  55. Stuck door lock. Help!: kitchen, best, removing, between - House
  56. How successful is flood control?: foundation, drain, installed, basement - House
  57. Emergency AC back-up- recommended unit: Lowes, window, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  58. How do I make stagger cuts on laminate flooring without messing up the tongue and groove?: installing, room - House
  59. Toilet running: Home Depot, tank, install, bathroom - House
  60. Toilet- Water level: floor, tank, tanks, bathrooms - House
  61. Installing metal railing into/onto stone steps (exterior): granite, compare, versus - House
  62. New Patio- pooling water: pools, stone, carpet, best - House
  63. Cost to replace both evap coil and condenser unit: roof, springs, AC - House
  64. Renting out your house as a vacation house: how much, drains, color
  65. experience with Hydro Systems bathtubs?: drain, bathroom, mold, shower - House
  66. hot tub maintenance: alternatives, drain, better, between - House
  67. What do you think of tiles, vanity, counter top?: floor, granite - House
  68. Washer and Dryer Broken: floors, pool, heating, basement - House
  69. Hail marks on hardi siding-does it go away?: washer, paint, plank - House
  70. What type of wood is on this floor?: flooring, color, stain - House
  71. Water Heater-Tankless: floor, dishwasher, Home Depot, pool - House
  72. Freezer Rubber Loosing Stickyness: install, cleaning, glue, replacement - House
  73. Old Window sashes for sale. Wavy glass: windows, installed, building - House
  74. Will putting a Washer and Dryer in my basement increase mold?: dehumidifier, installed - House
  75. A secret retreat: build, pictures, covered, legal - House
  76. Safe and Sound: floor, apartments, vents, closet - House
  77. what do you call light with chain?: ceiling, lighting, build - House
  78. Recommendations on ceiling cracks: roof, window, paint, bathrooms - House
  79. HVAC tune up, a waste of money?: furnaces, AC, heat - House
  80. Window Fan: windows, paint, kitchen, apartment - House
  81. Urgent wax ring size?: flooring, stone, install, bathroom - House
  82. Help adding casters to shelf.: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, convert - House
  83. garage concrete wall - paint peeling?: foundation, color, stains, interior - House
  84. Direction of Flooring: vinyl, windows, plank, installing - House
  85. How to deal with this layout?: how much, windows, sink, ceilings - House
  86. Reverse Osmosis System-slow stream when filters are less than a year old: floor, tank - House
  87. Sweet, musty, urine smell in old house: floor, heating, insulated
  88. HE detergent strengths are confusing?: washer, load, efficiency, new - House
  89. Help! Garage Door Stuck Down: opener, lights, interior, repair - House
  90. Sealing a concrete slab: floors, installation, comparison, outside - House
  91. Windows fogging up?: vinyl, AC, gas, build - House
  92. Sparrow Extermination: room, cost, best, remove - House
  93. Surging toilets: tank, tanks, faucets, leak - House
  94. Showing problem areas in house through design: floor, how much, install
  95. Affordable and clever pool: pools, conversion, cost, salt - House
  96. Water Softener - HELP!!: tank, installed, plumber, salt - House
  97. Windows: Star gazing, Bird gazing: how much, heat, light, damage - House
  98. Navien Vs Rinnai: heater, install, gas, brands - House
  99. Fence around Utility & Drainage Easement: phone, drains, price, building - House
  100. What is this called? (Clips for curtain valance?): paint, blinds, replacement - House
  101. Stained glass window problem: windows, insulated, installing, cleaning - House
  102. 1yr old house joint bulging under carpet: floor, build, crawl space
  103. Insulation - where did it go?: furnace, ceiling, installation - House
  104. a/c up grade needed/worth it?: grills, condo, electricity - House
  105. Whirlpool Dishwasher making hammering sounds.: cost, repair, pump, ducts - House
  106. Hate my he washer!! I'm returning it. What brand do you recommend? Normal agitator style: washers, pool - House
  107. How to get rid of crickets without harming other wildlife?: bathtub, paint - House
  108. Need dirt under house to fill large hole: floor, furnace, drain
  109. What would you do? (Re Flooring): engineered, vinyl, laminate, colors - House
  110. toilet leak disaster/Home owners insurance?: flooring, washer, laminate, tank - House
  111. Iron Curtains - Whole House Filter: how much, installed, steel, square
  112. Cooling Upstairs: floor, roof, Lowes, window - House
  113. Air Handler/Duct Mold Removal Recommendations & Price: furnace, AC, vacuum - House
  114. I need a gas weedeater...: Home Depot, cost, electric, worth - House
  115. Minimum Bedroom size?: window, master bedroom, code, square foot - House
  116. Garage Door Sticks to Weather Seal: opener, heat, paint, cleaning - House
  117. Water valves - conventional or quarter turn ball valves?: washers, sink, installed - House
  118. Attic ventilation suggestions?: floor, windows, heat, insulated - House
  119. Mold Problem- Need Advice: HEPA filter, floor, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  120. What kind of pipe is this?: furnace, Air Conditioner, hot water heater, drains - House
  121. Is it to keep snowblower outside in winter: floor, heater, insulating - House
  122. Is The City Responsible for Extending a Storm Pipe that stops short of my property line?: how much, repair - House
  123. Oil vs Propane for home heating: roof, furnaces, tank, stove - House
  124. Does have solar panels installed?: how much, roof, electric heat - House
  125. have a Power Assist toilet?: how much, tank, installing, plumber - House
  126. security light: alternatives, Home Depot, color, ceiling - House
  127. Sealing gap near attic vent in roof: furnace, heat, insulating - House
  128. Picking a building site: floor, how much, feng shui, heat - House
  129. Bats in the walls - cost for removal and remediation?: ceiling, bedroom - House
  130. Major appliances with a 5-6 year life span?: floor, dishwasher, pool - House
  131. Is Wet/Acid Battery for Backup Sump Pump Safe Near Flame?: furnace, pool - House
  132. how do you clean a wool blanket?: washer, heat, drains - House
  133. repairing/restoring old wood floor experience?: hardwood, windows, refinishing, paint - House
  134. Next Steps: subfloor, vinyl, stove, ceramic - House
  135. Replace sump pump and battery powered backup: how much, costs, compare - House
  136. Can I jackhammer a pool out? Fill over it?: floor, engineered, foundation - House
  137. Beds - Foundation or platform?: carpet, warm, building, interior - House
  138. Keeping house at 79 in hot summer- mold?: dehumidifier, windows, air conditioning
  139. Paradigm ceiling speakers or soundbar?: room, cabinets, build, brands - House
  140. hot tub/spa/jacuzzi: pool, water tank, drain, bathtub - House
  141. Is It Time to Ditch Your Dining Room?: furniture, kitchens, better - House
  142. Where can I drop of used paint ( not oil ): disposal, mount, old - House
  143. Bonding/Grounding Black Iron Gas Pipe: furnace, AC, water heater, smell - House
  144. What's your fave/best detergent for a high efficiency washer in a home that has hard water?: washers, smell - House
  145. Replace carpet on stairs or paint them?: hardwood floors, vacuum, refinishing - House
  146. Need a13x30 piece of granite cut .........: colors, ceramic, shower - House
  147. Bringing Kitchen Up To Code [Massachusetts]: flooring, roof, countertops, dishwasher - House
  148. Buying a 15 year old townhome. squeaking on the 2nd floor: subfloor, how much - House
  149. does scrub your dishwasher?: cleaning, disposal, vinegar, average - House
  150. How to Fix - Ceiling Retexture Gone Wrong: Home Depot, Lowes, painting - House
  151. Older Thermostat - Which Side is Correct?: Home Depot, air conditioning, heat - House
  152. Strange electrical box in mobile home: Lowes, installed, insulation, costs - House
  153. broken floor tiles in basement and sunroom: flooring, vinyl, foundation - House
  154. Cracked and sunken driveway, worth fixing?: overlay, foundation, pool, installed - House
  155. experience with window film for keeping heat out?: Home Depot, windows, curtains - House
  156. Does this method work?: window, Air Conditioner, drain, gas - House
  157. Need feedback on issue my dishwasher ruining my garbage disposal: Lowes, drain - House
  158. House centipedes: floors, fleas, Home Depot, Lowes
  159. Paint - How long does it last in cans?: painting, smell, rooms - House
  160. Bathroom after number 2: tank, drains, sink, smell - House
  161. Water shortages in the future - which areas will still have LUSH, GREEN yards?: insulated, showers - House
  162. Where to find reliable home & property maintenance workers?: painting, apartment, price - House
  163. Do you have excessive appliance & electronics failures?: pool, window, Air Conditioner - House
  164. What type of lawyer for suing a house flipper?: washer, drain, curtains
  165. Best home security system?: loading, installation, cost, dogs - House
  166. Is the original 1921 fuse box illegal/hazardous: roof, painting, ceilings - House
  167. How do I clean grease from granite counters?: smells, cleaner, appliance - House
  168. Bird Poop on Patio Sets: pool, heat, colors, furniture - House
  169. Going to get new roof, advice?: floor, roofing, Home Depot - House
  170. Dispute with neighbor - you decide: window, living room, blinds, kitchen - House
  171. Why do people use ADT?: window, phone, furniture, installed - House
  172. Wood thickness for garage shelving: ceiling, install, glue, standard - House
  173. Are dishwashers becoming too quiet?: floor, dishwasher, front loader, loading - House
  174. running large garage equipment in off the grid home?: Home Depot, AC, heating - House
  175. Basement from a rookie: flooring, dehumidifier, foundation, Home Depot - House
  176. WASPS over the patio: room, build, best, remove - House
  177. Can't get the stink out of the basement, tried everything: floor, dehumidifier - House
  178. Stinky dishwasher - on high loop: Lowes, hot water supply, vacuum - House
  179. The Ridiculous Budjects Earmarked for Junk Homes on TV?: flooring, granite, fireplace - House
  180. How often should septic tank be serviced?: tanks, drains, cleaner - House
  181. Need feedback on bathroom design: fireplace, jacuzzi, pool, windows - House
  182. Trying to cut off cabinet frame to fit new fridge, other ways?: floor, how much - House
  183. Family of 3 or more Buying A Tiny Home: dining room, apartment, square foot - House
  184. Soundproofing Door: how much, Lowes, curtains, paint - House
  185. Just curious how much your house makes noise.: wood floors, roof, furnace
  186. Front loader washer - mold concerns with low humidity?: washers, Home Depot, pool - House
  187. When The Ant Bait Fails...: ducts, pressure, mount, doors - House
  188. Heating a gas heated Pool for the weekend: heater, cleaner, installed - House
  189. How to vent this attic? Truss blocking flow?: floor, shingles, phone - House
  190. HVAC not working. Landlord hasnt got it repaired in 2 weeks.: washer, townhome - House
  191. Men are different. Yup, they are.: window, curtains, paint, appliance - House
  192. It was definitely not a good idea to paint concrete slab: flooring, how much - House
  193. The Poor woman's dresser: how much, alternatives, sofa, master bedroom - House
  194. John Edwards ads: money - House
  195. Shutters - Hunter Douglas vs Norman vs Bloomin Blinds: pricing, between, wood - House
  196. Sealing Flagstone or just power washing from time to time?: vs - House
  197. Advice - water damage: floor, drain, laundry room, repair - House
  198. The Infrastructure of Life: stove, plumber, square, washing - House
  199. Neat idea for shed: heater, basement, backyard, built - House
  200. shade ideas for vinyl pergolas - is it ok to drill holes in the vinyl ?: installing, light - House