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  1. Maytag French door refrigerators: dishwasher, pool, appliance, price - House
  2. Converting electric cooktop in island to gas on slab house: foundation, heater
  3. 24V Hedge Trimmer - fix or get new?: cost, replacement, cement - House
  4. Air vent fell in attic: floor, roof, AC, bathroom - House
  5. Insulation for Sprinkler System: how much, Lowes, insulate, drain - House
  6. Stainless steel appliance trim package. Ever use one?: dishwashers, Home Depot, microwave - House
  7. Have 11 yr old refrig with a noise and doesn't work now.: appliance, install - House
  8. Fumes of spray-in fiberglass for shower: windows, refinish, smells, installed - House
  9. Lawnmore issues: tank, drain, cleaner, gas - House
  10. Stovetop Surface Element Replacement -: pool, heat, electric, damaged - House
  11. Fireplace with old gas line: floor, heating, convert, installed - House
  12. experience with soapstone wood stoves? Lack of adequate heat in a kitche...: flooring, fireplaces - House
  13. Noisy flashing for direct vent gas fireplace installed correctly?: installation, insulation, glass - House
  14. wall between 2 bedrooms - How to insulate: Home Depot, insulated, install - House
  15. Sewer Line Insurance: phone, repair, better, replacement - House
  16. ideas about light wooden floors?: wood floors, color, couch, furniture - House
  17. Mailbox Placement: apartment, stairs, property, area - House
  18. micro fiber sheets: color, dryer, light, price - House
  19. Winterizing AG Pool (Plug Inlet Hole, Why?): vent, damaged, remove - House
  20. Issues with Basement Overflow of Sewage: drain, smell, bathroom, cleaning - House
  21. Smell Natural Gas near Gas Meter outside House: phone, smells, leaking
  22. How to clean ?: sink, stainless steel, vinegar, better - House
  23. How's Homedepot's Clopay Coachman collection garage door?: insulated, installation, vent - House
  24. Filling in missing insulation? DIY?: townhouse, Home Depot, window, tank
  25. Should I use this plinth block in my trim?: windows, paint, dining room - House
  26. Replacement of interior drain in basement: foundation, pool, drains, install - House
  27. Home Soft water unit has a issue?: tank, plumber, faucets - House
  28. huge remodel -- adding a second floor -- lots of pics!: furnace, AC - House
  29. Doorbell Replacement?: floors, convert, installation, cost - House
  30. Who to Hire to clean spiders and webs out of garage.: windows, vac - House
  31. Alternatives to HOAs? Adjoined Access needs repair: townhouse, condominium, cost
  32. PEX valve mystery: Lowes, sinks, plumbing, code - House
  33. share your tips for whitening white grout: floor, countertop, paint - House
  34. Red light On Smoke Detector: replacement, cement, wiring, attic - House
  35. Bruce engineered hardwood flooring problems: roof, refinish, installed, glass - House
  36. annoying imperfections: floor, appliance, installation, dining room - House
  37. DYI Roof fix: railing, ceiling, bedroom, leak - House
  38. What kind of paint I should use for wooden porch railing: painting, damage - House
  39. Mold problem: Home Depot, Lowes, windows, air conditioning - House
  40. Garages are Great!: apartments, load, cold, garage - House
  41. Chimney flashing- Who to hire?: best, replace, company, second - House
  42. Looking for Cookware: heat, prices, iron, oven - House
  43. Darker Plywood Underlayment of Roof, Issue?: roofing, AC, room, mold - House
  44. Gas Stove Broiler: grill, heating, stoves, cleaner - House
  45. Need advice for settings on new frig;: appliance, cold, better - House
  46. Cameras?: phone, install, detector, price - House
  47. Drywall Questions: tank, color, laundry room, square - House
  48. Bay window cost - for a wall currently with no window: how much, vinyl - House
  49. setscrew locked down tight and needs to be removed?: washers, heater, sinks - House
  50. Is laminate or engineered Flooring Ok in Desert.: hardwood, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  51. Adapting a 220v appliance to a 110v outlet: fireplaces, heater, convert - House
  52. Does'GREEN' Termite Treatment Work?: vent, iron, company, ducts - House
  53. Wal to wall carpeting: paint, smell, family room, mold - House
  54. Small Ant Like Creatures: sinks, bathrooms, apartment, toilet - House
  55. Samsung Fridge: Who has one & water issues like me: washer, tank - House
  56. Am I the 2nd or 3rd owner of my house?: roof, building
  57. Remove OLD!! packing tape from desk?: laminate, heat, vac, smells - House
  58. Help with my luxtx1500e: heat, install, breaker, buy - House
  59. Chimney sweeping: furnaces, heating, pipe, build - House
  60. Removing load bearing wall: how much, ceiling, installed, steel - House
  61. HVAC humidifier filter replacement: heating, installation, build, buy - House
  62. Better to leave separated paint or scrape off?: foundation, color, light - House
  63. Slippery carpet on staircase edges? solution?: hardwood, vinyl, Lowes - House
  64. Large Patio Door Latch/Handle: Help identify!: Home Depot, window, repair - House
  65. That smell....: flooring, laminate, windows, paint - House
  66. Dryer smells like burning after vent cleaning - normal?: electric heat, compare, electric - House
  67. Are there good shingle companies?: roofing, colors, vent, worth - House
  68. How long will a Lawnboy mower last?: conversion, gas, vent - House
  69. Marble Tile: how much, granite, fireplace, refinish - House
  70. Generator Cord Size: water heater, appliance, install, toilets - House
  71. Honeywelll TH8000 Thermostat SCHED button not responsive: installed, screen - House
  72. Squeaky Dryer - Troubleshooting: appliance, installed, light, cost - House
  73. LG WM4270HWA vs. WM3575CW Front Load Washer: washers, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  74. Bought anew house...: floor, foundation, windows, ceiling
  75. What kind of caulk do I need?: floor, foundation, slab - House
  76. Sleep Number vs. other beds: foundation, AC, smell, mold - House
  77. mini fridge that actually gets COLD (30-32F): pools, heater, insulated - House
  78. installing toilet / bathroom sink: floor, tank, toilets, leaking - House
  79. Seal Stone Veneer: roof, window, color, install - House
  80. Is it ok to seal the top of the block walls in my basement?: floor, foundation - House
  81. Bump-Out Extension?????: flooring, roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  82. How to ship a large framed picture: springs, painting, stained - House
  83. Drawer support keeps breaking. Idea So?: Home Depot, Lowes, bathroom, cabinet - House
  84. two circut breakers for a single light fixture.: circuit, replace, remove - House
  85. Laundroid, world’s first laundry-folding robot - I want one!: dishwasher, installed - House
  86. 6x6 Post attachment, need advice.: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, convert - House
  87. Drain pipe liner: how much, sink, installing, bathroom - House
  88. Should I pay for it alone? Light switch on wrong side: hardwood, bathtub - House
  89. How to put a dishwasher in?: countertop, drain, ceramic, sink - House
  90. Toilet Repair: Word to the Wise: tank, ceramic, insulation, build - House
  91. Pool Heater in all-electric house: pools, heaters, paint, gas
  92. a tube to go through drywall: painting, sink, install, bathroom - House
  93. Need cost effective help...if ..for steel door with no insulation: vinyl, worth - House
  94. Blanco Composite Sinks (Staining): granite, color, stain, light - House
  95. Could you clean my curtains for me?: cleaner, light, cost - House
  96. Leaking ridge vent due to blowing rain/snow - how to waterproof but allow ventilation?: shingles, heat - House
  97. Radiant Floor Heating - Poll: flooring, laminate, AC, insulated - House
  98. Toyota homes possibly in U.S?: cost, code, sq ft, electrical - House
  99. Mobile Homes and Toxins, brand suggestions?: flooring, Home Depot, Lowes, insulation - House
  100. Bathroom Fan/Light Electrical: paint, ceiling, installation, build - House
  101. Ground Level Deck Against House & Slab: roof, drain, molding
  102. Laying Tile, need advice: floor, ceramic, laundry room, lights - House
  103. Replacing Despard switches: Home Depot, room, insulation, lighting - House
  104. Onion Smell from Bathrooms: drains, sinks, smells, cabinets - House
  105. What size ceiling fans should i use for my two story family room?: better, pictures - House
  106. THE Top Ten Price Tags: remove, home - House
  107. What is it in my laundry room? Pics included.: phone, installed, remove - House
  108. Engineering: floor, phone, drainage pipe, pipe - House
  109. Heating my home: furnace, heaters, phone, natural gas - House
  110. neighbor refuses to rake his yard: cleaning, worth, fence, blower - House
  111. Help?: vacuum, labor, rent, large - House
  112. What is this kind of pest?: glue, basement, repair, best - House
  113. painting ikea mdf cabinet doors: laminate, refinishing, color - House
  114. Screened porch ideas and accessories: floor, foundation, windows, heat - House
  115. Getting double duplex electrical outlets (4 plug outlets) installed in a Living Room?: sofa, heaters - House
  116. Calling all folks who live in developments: pools, windows, apartments - House
  117. replace oil furnace (hot water heat) vs installing gas?: humidifier, AC, hot water heater - House
  118. help identify my house style and...: roof, window, dining room
  119. Gas Stove or Electric Stove??: how much, window, heat, stoves - House
  120. Think you want a tiny house? Businesses offer a tryout first: costs, building
  121. Why is the science of finding stuff so hard?: floor, laundry room - House
  122. Huge Water Bill - what are my options?: phone, installed, kitchen - House
  123. Convert bedroom to laundry/utility room?: floor, roof, washer-dryer, drains - House
  124. Backup heat (battery backup / generators): how much, fireplace, AC, heaters - House
  125. Space heaters and lower gas bill: fireplace, Home Depot, ceramic, installed - House
  126. Why are most showerheads in the US fixed on the wall?: install, cleaning - House
  127. where to put 12V LED driver?: heater, ceiling, installation, living room - House
  128. Dark brown fluid leaking from freezer: drains, installed, insulation, cost - House
  129. Outdoor electrical outlets: install, leak, code, circuit - House
  130. Are you actually saving water using a dishwasher?: how much, sink, appliance - House
  131. Sliding shelves for Kitchen cabinets: Lowes, sink, installing, brands - House
  132. help needed with decisions RE TV over gas fireplace: floor, fireplaces, window - House
  133. LG Dishwasher IE error: Home Depot, Lowes, heater, phone - House
  134. Blocked pipe from valve to shower head. A little help?: washer, water heater - House
  135. Old Gas Furnace, replace now or wait till the end of it?: furnaces, AC - House
  136. News, A underground House or Bunker.: pool, heaters, convert, condo
  137. Wood burning insert into an old fireplace: roof, foundation, installation - House
  138. US Washers: water heaters, color, smell, kitchen - House
  139. Is the lack of erector sets in current childhood the reason for the demise of the nut&bolt home shelf?: bedroom, light - House
  140. Induction cooktops?: how much, heating, microwave, stove - House
  141. On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters - Propane vs. Electric: AC, tank, sink - House
  142. So, the termite company tells me I need a vapor barrier - $1,200+: dehumidifier, foundation - House
  143. What if life like in a mobile home?: floor, roof, heat - House
  144. Trying to remove the drawers from my dresser and other bedroom furniture to no avail. Help?!: installed, vents - House
  145. Really need help with trim for windows/doors: floor, cleaner, master bedroom - House
  146. know about non-wired doorbells?: repair, vent, weather, better - House
  147. Alternatives to power washing?: vinyl, foundation, washer, drain - House
  148. I need cleaning advice!: how much, heat, colors, sink - House
  149. Are bad neighbors pretty much a fact of life?: townhome, convert, vent - House
  150. Three Questions for interior and exterior home improvement project: engineered, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  151. know anything about woodstoves..: heat, installing, chimney, kitchen - House
  152. Who do I hire to make sure sub floor can support new tile flooring?: tiling, hardwood floors - House
  153. I have MASSIVE windows in my new apartment with really ugly curtains and blinds...what should I do?!: floor, bedroom - House
  154. moving house wall inwards 3 feet: how much, roof, foundation, windows
  155. Broken insulated window pane: washer, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  156. How to get cat hairs out of laundry: how much, washers, vacuum - House
  157. Help with fence issue with neighbors: vinyl, installed, room, cost - House
  158. Has bought furniture from Costco?: floor, couches, family room, best - House
  159. What Brand of Hot Water Heater Do You Have: installation, plumber, gas - House
  160. Dirt Floor of Crawl Space mushy: foundation, drains, sink, pump - House
  161. Replacing appliances: dishwasher, pool, microwave, stove - House
  162. microwave has gotten a mind of it's own: heat, stove, standard - House
  163. Used TV?: room, cost, mattresses, worth - House
  164. Used Mattress?: how much, stains, refrigerator, mattresses - House
  165. Must crown molding match baseboards?: paint, ceilings, install, bedroom - House
  166. Workbench for the woman on the move: flea, windows, heating - House
  167. Need help wiring abthroom fan: heater, appliance, ceiling, install - House
  168. covered water drain on neighbor's property; flood danger?: how much, pipe, build - House
  169. HGTV Property Brothers: floor, fireplace, kitchen, prices - House
  170. Removing painted over wallpaper.: Home Depot, window, painting, smell - House
  171. Washer & Dryer Vs. Laundromat: washers, heater, bathroom, apartment - House
  172. Appliance Purchases: washer, front loader, Lowes, installation - House
  173. Ripped out garage floor? Is this weird?: pool, sink, plumbing - House
  174. Ceiling Texture?: floor, window, color, ceilings - House
  175. How to get rid of a lot of flies in apartment?: windows, smell - House
  176. dog poop in your trash: comparison, dogs, company, duct - House
  177. Caulking Gun faux pas!: floor, dishwasher, window, paint - House
  178. Location of heating vents: floor, how much, grills, window - House
  179. uninstalling a washing machine ... HELP! (PIC): washers, Home Depot, furnace, loading - House
  180. Toilet Recommendations That Don't Use Lot of Water?: how much, Home Depot, installation - House
  181. Replacing Kitchen Appliances White or Stainless???: wood floors, granite countertops, washer, stove - House
  182. Solar Power back into the grid: Lowes, air conditioning, hot water heater, insulating - House
  183. Best way to heat up a small apartment?: floor, windows, Air Conditioner - House
  184. It wherever I move, the CENTIPEDES follow!!: convert, cost, building - House
  185. help with choosing 'cool roof' Shingles: Certainteed Landmark Pro Series vs. Landmark Solaris Platinum (/other?)s: windows, heat - House
  186. Porcelain tiles for basement?: flooring, engineered, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  187. new house/development - how to block tree root from foundation?: roof, install
  188. A lot of nerve: townhouses, phone, sink, kitchen
  189. LED retrofit Canned lights?: ceiling, install, kitchen, lighting - House
  190. what exactly is the benefit of a big house?: floor, how much, fireplace
  191. How did early settlers get water in the winter?: homestead, heat, cold - House
  192. Ideal Window Review: windows, install, replace, seal - House
  193. Maytag dryer failure/repair: heating, appliance, install, gas - House
  194. brand new development house has so many roaches/crickets: paint, toilet, build
  195. Electric furnace heat coil turns on when breaker is switched on: installed, warm - House
  196. Panasonic FV-04VE1 WhisperComfortTM Spot ERV? mid-Michigan area: floors, vinyl, dehumidifier - House
  197. Rodents in attic: vacuum, smells, insulation, glass - House
  198. gas logs unvented: smell, light - House
  199. Which reliable radon detector to buy?: dehumidifier, gas, crawlspace, vents - House
  200. How much should I budget for tub shower tiling labor and tub installation?: window, bathtub - House