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  1. monitor 41: heating oil, vac, stove, cleaning - House
  2. What are the chances there would be mold?: flooring, carpet, condo - House
  3. Vintage Caloric Gas Stove: fireplace, grills, insulated, stoves - House
  4. Solar City: converting, installed, cost, electricity - House
  5. New Home Builder Rant: phone, cost, repair, construction - House
  6. York heater Red light flashes four times - NO HEAT: furnace, install - House
  7. Whats the easiest deck?: furniture, installing, construction, cheaper - House
  8. Kenmore washer won't drain: floor, loading, appliance, repair - House
  9. Should I shut off water is pressure regulator is going bad: town house, water heater
  10. Worth it to call an HVAC company?: how much, furnace, heating - House
  11. Water coming up from the shower floor?: townhouse, drain, install
  12. Second Story Floor Plan Critique: roof, convert, family room, chimney - House
  13. How to change bulbs on this fixture?: ceiling, bedroom, glass - House
  14. Tips to Temporary Stop a Window Leak?: floor, pool, windows - House
  15. Stud cracks in Superior Walls precast foundation - major problem or not?: townhouse, insulation
  16. new home has chemical smell in hot water: water heater, sink, kitchen - House
  17. Video, Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show MIX 2014 FROZEN Shake It Off Let It Go Fancy: better, duct - House
  18. Install carpet and wood floors after painting?: hardwood, color, installing - House
  19. ?'s about installing beadboard paneling in mobile home: flooring, laminate, painting - House
  20. Gap between the header beam and jack stud?: roof, windows, family room - House
  21. Swimming Pool - Annual Maintenance Cost?: how much, pools, electric, vent - House
  22. s for 1 piece tub + shower in $400-900 price range?: curtain, room - House
  23. Oil burner advice: tank, natural gas, cost, worth - House
  24. Garage safety sensor are lit but door doesn't close automatically: opener, cleaning - House
  25. PVC waterline replace it or not ??: plumbing, leaking, cost, pipe - House
  26. Electrical Wiring: insulated, bathroom, insulation, glass - House
  27. Starbucks Coffee Maker: Does have one: better, mount, check - House
  28. How Do You Put Mansion, Net Zero/Eco-friendly, in the Same Sentence?: dining room, kitchen - House
  29. Reverse Osmosis DI water unit at kitchen sink: tank, install, cleaning - House
  30. Opinions on leatherette furniture: vinyl, sofa, paint, couches - House
  31. Cleaning a long shag rug - white: floor, laminate, vacuum cleaner - House
  32. Tips on how to repair a shower cartridge-style faucets: floor, ceiling, installed - House
  33. Adding patio off of ground-level slab, should it start level with slab?: floor, how much - House
  34. Exposed Basement sewage cleanout pipe: vinyl, carpet, plumber, gas - House
  35. Infra Red heater: Lowes, heaters, insulated, paint - House
  36. Electrical cost of standby equipment: AC, heat, phone, light - House
  37. Pics of Ceiling....Is this asbestos?: sq ft, electric, tile, concrete - House
  38. Fixing annoying subfloor squeaks under carpet: Home Depot, paint, bathroom, detector - House
  39. How to turn on gas fireplace: floor, how much, fireplaces, furnace - House
  40. Survey: Value of Smart Home Services (University of Stuttgart): phones, install, cost - House
  41. Why is Augusta GA (Richmond Co) Realty Cheaper?: cost, buying, Georgia - House
  42. tone coming from valve: installing, standard, vent, outside - House
  43. how do you clean an oven?: floor, roof, countertops, laminate - House
  44. Experts Advice Needed on Abandon House Remodel: hardwood, how much, roof
  45. 3 of 4 outlets not working...: heater, cost, electrical, circuit - House
  46. Balcony leaking into house with pictures: subfloor, installation, siding, upstairs
  47. LG top load washer: cleaning, outside, remove, clog - House
  48. The smell in old schools and churches: floors, refinish, furniture - House
  49. Garage Door Keypad -- Special Battery?: opener, installing, brands, outside - House
  50. Shrinkage of My Dress?: cleaner, cleaning, good, check - House
  51. leech field leaks: foundation, leaking, pipes, repair - House
  52. Recommendations for good shower squeegee??: washer, Lowes, window, bathroom - House
  53. Dayton garage heater problems: natural gas, load, new, ground - House
  54. Is this asbestos? Is my whole building contaminated?: furnace, heating, paint - House
  55. Temporarily insulate hole in siding from tree damage?: Home Depot, window, insulating - House
  56. Split system vs. package AC unit: AC, installation, electric, best - House
  57. Thermostat blank display: furnace, AC, central heating, living room - House
  58. central vac - do you use your vacpans?: hardwood, install, bathroom - House
  59. Basement flooring after flooding - advice?: vinyl, foundation, pool, drains - House
  60. Overhead Door Original Code Dodger Keypad Programming?: opener, light, company - House
  61. Faucet identification needed: kitchen, plumbing - House
  62. Over the range microwave getting hot: roof, heating, stove, plumbing - House
  63. My ongoing documenting renovations on our 1931 Tudor: hardwood, Lowes, refinish - House
  64. Bonding fiberglass to ABS plastic: paint, cleaning, repair, load - House
  65. Gas dryers - Kenmore vs LG ?: appliance, dryer, cost, warm - House
  66. Shower Leak and Mold with Schluter System: window, drains, smell - House
  67. Allure flooring: tiling, vinyl, Home Depot, water heater - House
  68. A Mansion At an Almost Give Away Price...: building, repair, company - House
  69. Gas Oven: heating, stove, appliance, light - House
  70. Suggestions for attaching vinyl to screened in porch windows: how much, insulated, blinds - House
  71. Concrete in December: warm, weather, duct, driveway - House
  72. Best Last payment for the gardeners?: how much, cleaning, worth, rated - House
  73. Air Purification Annual Maintenance Kit replacement: alternatives, installed, HVAC, purchase - House
  74. Trying to hang exterior shades...: steel, outside, mobile, mount - House
  75. How long will this fence last?: how much, install, stain, dogs - House
  76. To the people that hired contractors, how much did it const you to remodel basement?: hardwood, refinish - House
  77. range vent hood drips water: roof, outside, cold, sealing - House
  78. Mess on stove top .: Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic, sink - House
  79. Need help with garage door - not touching the ground: opener, installed - House
  80. Dual AC units?: floor, installed, bedrooms, wiring - House
  81. Changing the handle on a tub faucet?: built, turn, type - House
  82. The inside of our dishwasher is ALWAYS wet. Why?!: mold, damaged, cracked - House
  83. garage floor to ceiling drywall is 80.5 inch, can I install 6'6'' garage doors?: opener, alternatives - House
  84. Laser Thermometer: air conditioning, stove, detector, insulation - House
  85. Fireplace: roof, foundation, fireplaces, furnace - House
  86. Family with asthma can't breathe I'm lower level of house: dehumidifier, furnace
  87. Easy to use embossing leveler: floors, vinyl, kitchen, glue - House
  88. Are Cracks? (anything serious?): foundation, heating, paint, ceiling - House
  89. Advice on hot water circulator: water heater, drain, sink, installation - House
  90. New counter top options that are not granite: granite countertops, alternatives, dishwashers - House
  91. with US And Uk plumbing systems?: tiling, drains, bathrooms - House
  92. Bed Protector and Bed Sheets Laundry: how much, cleaning, stained - House
  93. Air Vent (0), Toddler (1) -- Tips?: floor, pool, grill, heating - House
  94. Adding rooms to house: floor plans, roof, fireplace, pool
  95. Can I burn wood in this fireplace: my fireplace, installed, chimney - House
  96. how do i know if i have a gas leak?: water heaters, smell - House
  97. Breaking builder contract: cost, building, dogs, concrete - House
  98. Kitchen Area Ceiling Light Options?: stove, painting, install, family room - House
  99. Recessed Can - Light bulb keeps going out: heating, paint, installing - House
  100. My Odd Perspective On Searching For A Preexisting Home.: roof, windows, Air Conditioner - House
  101. What's Hiding in your Garage?: foundation, pool, insulated, paint - House
  102. Help on a range hood wiring diagram: installation, kitchens, plumbing - House
  103. how to simplify interior stuff: how much, cleaner, furniture, bedroom - House
  104. upstairs floor feels different: subfloor, engineered, furniture, convert - House
  105. First floor plan critique: flooring, fireplace, windows, dining room - House
  106. AGGGH! House building, they never said it would be like this!: flooring, how much
  107. Design defects in houses for sale: granite, townhome, Lowes
  108. Ants that move really fast: Home Depot, kitchen, cabinet, outside - House
  109. Indoor brick staircase: subfloor, install, family room, kitchen - House
  110. HELP, -- dishwasher brackets for granite?: granite countertops, Home Depot, pool - House
  111. Kitchen Cabinet - Installers: color, installing, cabinets - House
  112. HOA clause open to interpretation?: how much, alternatives, standard, dogs - House
  113. Knob & Tube replacement: Do you have to physically remove the old wiring to be up to code?: foundation, heating - House
  114. Fails in your life: sink, faucet, table, to fix - House
  115. House insurance: subfloor, vinyl, my fireplace, hot water heater
  116. What is the oddest thing you have in your house/garden currently?: vinyl, sofa
  117. Cleaning Stainless Steel Dishwasher front: window, sinks, cleaner, appliance - House
  118. Is this rotting wood piece a major problem?: Home Depot, color, installation - House
  119. Carpet or hardwood for bedrooms?: hardwood floors, bathrooms, kitchen, slate - House
  120. That musty basement smell.: how much, dehumidifier, foundation, furnace - House
  121. Have you purchased a GE Geospring hybrid water heater?: washer, Lowes, Air Conditioner - House
  122. How much do you pay someone to spread 1 cubic yard of rock?: cost, square feet - House
  123. thoughts on smart homes: how much, washer, pool, AC - House
  124. Dual Systems, for Cooking.....for Communicating with one's builder?: how much, opener, fireplace - House
  125. freestanding gas stoves - what do I need?: flooring, how much, Lowes - House
  126. What's wrong with my spray?: kitchen, faucet, vent, replace - House
  127. Looking to buy new Thermostat: roof, furnace, appliance, ceiling - House
  128. Help - How to get rid of bed bugs: floors, fleas, windows - House
  129. When Less Equals More: how much, opener, vacuum, furniture - House
  130. iRobot Roomba - Which Model ?: hardwood floors, vacuum, ceramic, bathrooms - House
  131. What is a four-room bungalow ?: floors, ceilings, living room - House
  132. Gas line: pool, heater, stove, installed - House
  133. House construction and tarps when raining?: subfloor, roof, foundation, install
  134. well/septic system vs city water/sewage?: tank, drain, toilet - House
  135. on home security system: how much, windows, phone, installing - House
  136. redoing plumbing myself: Home Depot, heat, drain, sink - House
  137. How Long Do You Keep Your Christmas Lights On?: lighting, warm, electricity - House
  138. Wood Paneling - paint or leave it alone?: how much, insulated, color - House
  139. Fresh! Odor eliminators for houses and cars other than masking: windows, sink
  140. Your tried-and-true decluttering strategies,: how much, AC, furniture, bedroom - House
  141. Deteriorating Wooden Beams: roof, ceiling, rooms, interior - House
  142. Threw Leather Belt in Washing Machine: curtains, compare, warm, standard - House
  143. Pellet stoves. have one?: floor, roof, furnace, windows - House
  144. Cleaning Stained T White Shirts: dishwasher, color, stain, dryers - House
  145. on purchasing a new AC unit: furnace, installing, cost - House
  146. Ideas for cleaning second story entryway window (exterior): floor, Home Depot, windows - House
  147. Have you ever had someone you hired to do work on your home steal from you?: floor, living room - House
  148. have experience with end basketball backboards (garage mount): vinyl, room, glass - House
  149. Countertops: Granite vs. Quartz vs. Soapstone ... ?: overlay, color, installed, kitchens - House
  150. Pillow Very Dirty?: shower, costs, mattress, replacing - House
  151. Need help with editing security camera footage or blocking a jammer: windows, phone - House
  152. use WI-FI thermostats?: flooring, windows, heat, install - House
  153. toilet flushing mechanism: tank, toilets, pipe, repair - House
  154. i believe i saw mouse in my place: floor, sink, smell - House
  155. Solar regrets? Or living large?: pool, AC, installing, cost - House
  156. Best heating for a home and why?: floor, furnace, windows - House
  157. Contaminated Dishwasher?: heat, paint, smell, cleaner - House
  158. Cleaning copper - that's been cleaned?: color, cleaner, stainless steel - House
  159. cozy: warm, code, square feet, vent - House
  160. Help! I Need Vacuum Recommendations!: how much, sofa, couch, carpeting - House
  161. Laundry Detergents: washer, brands, washing, load - House
  162. Hardwood Floors - Older style: engineered, vacuum, refinishing, plank - House
  163. Removing bricks around a fireplace - DIY?: how much, roof, my fireplace - House
  164. Lemon Oil: hardwood, humidifier, sink, furniture - House
  165. Why are window designs inconsistent in houses?: muntins, windows, stone
  166. Help with bench seat on deck.: railing, price, code, standard - House
  167. 17-minute service call -- billed for an hour. Not happy.: how much, dishwasher - House
  168. Coffee Makers: What kind do you have: stove, price, brands - House
  169. Mixing bleach and ammonia: cleaner, bathroom, cleaning, glass - House
  170. Replacing Windows - vinyl or fiberglass?: how much, double pane windows, insulate, curtains - House
  171. HVAC: furnace, water heater, insulated, stove - House
  172. gas fireplace not lighting: my fireplace, furnace, AC, heat - House
  173. Thoughts on installing a pool: floor, how much, pools, heater - House
  174. Sewer oder at cast iron house P-Trap: floor, drain, sink
  175. double oven questions ...: heating, microwave, appliance, kitchen - House
  176. So sue me, I like open floor plans... lol: how much, roof - House
  177. How often do you change your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors?: townhouse, phone
  178. How to prevent window condensation?: dehumidifier, fireplace, windows, AC - House
  179. Electrical Work proposal: floor, countertop, Home Depot, furnaces - House
  180. No GFCI outlet in the kitchen?: convert, bathrooms, apartment, lights - House
  181. Keeping cool: window unit, fan, or portable A/C?: floor, AC, heat - House
  182. Do you really need to replace original single pane windows with dual pane windows?: vinyl, insulating - House
  183. what is that combination of stuff that gives off a good smell: smells, room - House
  184. Snail Mail Rant: bedroom, apartment, mount, table - House
  185. Where to buy a gas grill right now?: Home Depot, pricing, outside - House
  186. Cordless vacuums?: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, cleaning - House
  187. Should HVAC filters carry an Energy Star label?: living room, condo, glass - House
  188. Could a neighborhood get group WiFi?: phones, loading, microwave, installed - House
  189. Builder/bricker put in wrong mortar on the brick: floor, color, stone - House
  190. Why do people wall mount TVs so high?: floor, fireplace, windows - House
  191. Main floors are creaking after putting up basement wall: vent, between, to fix - House
  192. Hood ducting issue: roof, ceiling, install, kitchen - House
  193. Stainless steel countertops vs granite and others....: Home Depot, laminate, colors - House
  194. how to block off areas in kitchen base cabinets?: floor, dishwasher - House
  195. Cost to build rental unit: how much, roof shingles, foundation, installed - House
  196. Water coming through carpet near the en suite bathroom: floor, tank, sink - House
  197. What is the weirdest thing you found when you moved into your home?: foundation, bathroom - House
  198. thinking seriously about replacing a/c: how much, roof, furnaces - House
  199. Vintage Caloric Oven Replacement/Service: cleaner, cabinets, gas, light - House
  200. Ken & R-E's Internet Controlled Christmas Lights: Alaska, family, turn - House