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  1. Bellies in Sewage Line under house foundation...: drain, sink, kitchen
  2. Your opinion on ventilation: washer, heat, ceiling, laundry room - House
  3. I messed up repairing drywall ceiling, suggestions needed: Lowes, bathtub, paint - House
  4. How to reduce walking and creaking noises from first floor?: subfloor, ceiling - House
  5. Add Plumbing to Existing Garage?: how much, tank, tanks, drain - House
  6. Roofing contractor charging more than quote: how much, Lowes, phone, install - House
  7. Talk about strange or is it just laziness: countertop, washer, furnace - House
  8. new thermostst: furnace, AC, heat, replace - House
  9. Method to clean carpets, professionally: vacuum, cleaner, cleaning, ducts - House
  10. labor Cost and Advice of Replacing Tile, Hardwood, and installing cabinets: tiling, hardwood floors - House
  11. Recommendations on Countertops and Where to get them: granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  12. Dealing with vermin inside finished basement walls???: floor, ceiling, basements - House
  13. Roof leakage - Cathedral Ceiling: how much, roofing, ceilings, install - House
  14. Removing mold from concrete foundation: cleaning, leaking, basement, cracks - House
  15. Tile making crackling noises: floors, pool, sink, bedroom - House
  16. Need advice from experienced general contractors or the like: flooring, how much - House
  17. Floor tile adhesive: flooring, roof, asbestos, best - House
  18. Extra Security feature: heater, worth, frame, door - House
  19. Stump Removal Option: conversion, build, vent, salt - House
  20. Black Sludge Coming From Furnace Room: floors, fireplace, Air Conditioner, hot water heater - House
  21. Large hallway mirror: stain, damaged, door, direct - House
  22. Pro-actively replace water heater ?: installed, build, vent, attic - House
  23. Chipped floor tile: color, ceramic, kitchen, light - House
  24. do you use an air purifier? what kind?: HEPA filter, furnace, vacuum - House
  25. having trouble getting hot water to my upstairs shower: water heater, sink, bathroom - House
  26. Problem with ice storms - entire slabs of ice falling off roof.: shingles, install - House
  27. Low End vs. Mid-Grade Cabinets -- What's the difference?: alternatives, laminate, furniture - House
  28. Deck for New House - Green Treated Wood or Cedar?: color, cleaning
  29. Becoming a General Contractor: building, load, company, Reno - House
  30. News, Researchers Make Electric Concrete That De-Ices Itself: drain, steel, electricity - House
  31. Varied carpet beetles: hardwood floors, pool, vacuum, couch - House
  32. Ceiling Fan AC or DC?: convert, install, costs, electricity - House
  33. Can I install a tub and plastic surround now and put up tile later?: window, bathroom - House
  34. help with a bath tub where the glass doors were: heat, glue - House
  35. Base Board Separation: Lowes, paint, molding, compare - House
  36. Blue Ocean Shower Panel Tower: bathroom, plumbing, build, electricity - House
  37. How do I tell when my roof is bad?: shingles, glass, leak - House
  38. Learning a new skill: Drywall (pointers welcomed): paint, ceiling, room - House
  39. Selecting quality interior doors.: installing, better, replace, mount - House
  40. How much longer do you think till our house is done building?: subfloor, roof
  41. Dacor oven accidentally locked: pool, stove, cleaning, lights - House
  42. VTAC Unit: air conditioning, heat, insulated, installed - House
  43. Exterior color opinion: stone, glass, lighting, steel - House
  44. HVAC heat: furnace, Air Conditioner, heater, insulated - House
  45. non-insulated aluminum patio covers: roof, windows, heat, ceiling - House
  46. Stove Burner Replacement: appliance, install, cleaning, gas - House
  47. Stainless Kitchen Sink: Easy or Hard to Scratch?: how much, granite, drain - House
  48. heating rooms with high ceilings: floor, living room, leaks, warm - House
  49. Wood trusses vs. concrete vs. ??? for 2nd floor: wood floors, roof, townhouses
  50. Security systems and pets: heat, couch, installing, detector - House
  51. Stacked washer and dryer squeaks...: floor, vent, between, ducts - House
  52. Cerameta vinyl Flooring: laminate, windows, cleaner, installed - House
  53. MDF vs laminate for home office, and cost: hardwood, countertop, Home Depot - House
  54. about window and tiles installation: Home Depot, windows, furniture, tile - House
  55. Should i get my furnace and central air replaced.: AC, installed, gas - House
  56. How to make a door creep closed: how much, springs, laundry room - House
  57. Searching for a special Antique Vintage Kohler Spout with Diverter: Home Depot, convert - House
  58. Why there are little lumps on walls after painting?: floors, vacuum, loading - House
  59. Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator: hurricane, price, outlet, purchase - House
  60. What can be done about ants besides bait traps?: foundation, pool, outside - House
  61. Gap at end of chain link fence: vinyl, concrete, wall - House
  62. when someone flushes the toilet while you're taking a shower... Ouch!: bathrooms, plumber - House
  63. Solar Screen vs Fiberglass Screen Materials Cost: worth, ducts, covered - House
  64. Remotes open garage but won't always close: springs, toilet, light - House
  65. Running a new Gas Line: furnace, heater, appliance, plumber - House
  66. Cold air this winter seeping through electrical outlets!: floor, vinyl, insulating - House
  67. Resale 3 bedroom 2 bath/Laundry room or 3 bedrooms 3 baths: convert, shower, upstairs - House
  68. Window Treatment Problems: alternatives, Home Depot, Lowes, curtains - House
  69. Gas Fireplace turns off when blower turns on: glass, vent, worth - House
  70. Patio covers price comparison: roof, paint, cost, code - House
  71. HELPPPPP!!!How to remove baking soda from concrete floors: smell, cleaner, vinegar - House
  72. Help From the Government vs. Living with a Roomate/Friends: apartments, costs - House
  73. Is the house reversed?: floors, townhouses, sofa, phones
  74. News, Woman Comes Home From Vacation To Find Her Neighbor Had Done This.: phone, color - House
  75. Reputable Whole House Water Filter Company: how much, tanks, best, salt
  76. Old House, new switch: ceiling, installing, light, build
  77. WSJ house of the year: heat, installed, apartments, costs
  78. Thinking about installing an air conditioner heat recovery system to heat my in-ground swimming pool: how much, heaters - House
  79. Carrier Thermostat to Honeywell Wifi issues: furnace, AC, heat, upstairs - House
  80. Whirlpool Gold Conquest side by side fridge issue... now the interior fridge light won't work-- help,: appliance, lights - House
  81. got approved ! house problem!: painting, cleaner, insulation, light
  82. water off at house, but still running water: how much, washers, water tank
  83. Can a glass window in an apartment Spontaneous Breakage?: homestead, floor, vinyl - House
  84. Stair edge solutions with tile and carpet?: floor, Home Depot, installation - House
  85. Thermostat wires: furnace, heating, between, pumps - House
  86. Using single thermostat to control in-floor electric heat and a electric baseboard heater: flooring, heaters - House
  87. Installing hardwood vs Installing tiles - difficulty comparison: tiling, hardwood floor, laminate - House
  88. Best flooring type for log cabin bathrooms: hardwood floors, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  89. Opinions needed on ceiling tile asbestos: installed, glue, build, weather - House
  90. Regravel driveway TN: homestead, company, existing, material - House
  91. Vinyl over Vinyl: subfloor, asbestos, convert, installing - House
  92. Best Home Camera system?: loading, installation, lights, cost - House
  93. Clean side of house vents?: grill, microwave, cleaner, bathroom
  94. Cabinet Hardware Needed: alternatives, kitchens, vent, cheap - House
  95. New thermostat doesn't work -- am I doing this right?: furnace, pool - House
  96. unresponsive alarm keypad buttons in cold weather: cleaning, insulation, light - House
  97. Floor bulging, OK to shave floor joist down?: subfloor, washers, installation - House
  98. What to look out for when buying 1920's era to 1940's house?: flooring, roof
  99. Energy Performance Level Index?: roofing, ceiling, insulation, hurricane - House
  100. Remodeling Old, Small Kitchen: flooring, countertops, washer, Home Depot - House
  101. Seeking Opinions- Replace my Water Heater?: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, water tank - House
  102. Why do people refer to living with parents as living at home ?: phone, slate - House
  103. Why do newer homes have a gap under the room doors?: flooring, furnace - House
  104. Bigger water heater? More expensive when idling?: floor, how much, tank - House
  105. Corian / Solid Surface v. Granite/Quartz: flooring, laminate, refinish, color - House
  106. Finishing basement to add 2-bed, 1-bath & den- advice?: hardwood, how much, granite - House
  107. Post your Garage Sale Stories!: how much, stove, appliance, furniture - House
  108. Heat pumps/furnaces have me scratching my head: AC, heating, install - House
  109. No Hot Water at upstairs vanity faucet: water tank, bathtub, sink - House
  110. advice for diy flooring throughout house: hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl, Lowes
  111. about HE top loader washing machines: floor, washers, front loader - House
  112. What would you budget for 5 new appliances?: how much, dishwasher, front loader - House
  113. Do you air your bedding and other linens regularly?: windows, smells, furniture - House
  114. Water Storage Tank (For Well) Just Keeps Running: drain, installed, glass - House
  115. Carrier Heat/Air lays of 1400. Moving plant to Mexico: how much, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  116. Can I Install A New Electrical Receptacle Myself or .....: window, ceiling, code - House
  117. GFCI outlet is stuck on reset: Home Depot, Lowes, bathroom, dryer - House
  118. Roof repaired before foundation: shingles, Lowes, window, drain - House
  119. What to do with a giant antenna?: how much, window, cleaner - House
  120. Why dishwasher brand to buy?: how much, pool, appliance, installation - House
  121. Installing gfci near pool pump: heaters, light, vs, codes - House
  122. Had bedbugs 2 years ago - now want to buy a new bed (which to choose?): floor, vinyl - House
  123. secrets to keeping things dust free: HEPA filter, hardwood, furnace - House
  124. How to find out what my real estate tax is for 2015?: how much, square foot - House
  125. can i lay vinyl over ceramic tiles?: subfloor, plank, bathroom - House
  126. My neighbor is weed wacking and destroying my fence: roof, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  127. Hot Water Heater Sparking?: washer, appliance, plumber, gas - House
  128. Non-window room air conditioners: floor, dehumidifier, Home Depot, windows - House
  129. Cracking moldings and walls: floor, roof, foundation, heating - House
  130. Crawlspace fungus problem: foundation, mold, price, best - House
  131. burst pipe connected to outdoor faucet ...: floor, heater, insulate - House
  132. Tall Baseboard Enclosures: floor, vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  133. Changing the color of ugly gold shower surround?: installed, bathroom, cleaning - House
  134. Don't pour Drano in the garbage disposal?: drain, stove, sink - House
  135. Help with decisions installing Radiant heat floor mats under laminate: subfloor, roof - House
  136. Do you like it when a bathroom has mirrors so you can see yourself on the toilet?: countertop, phone - House
  137. Electric hot water tank in attic?: floors, tanks, drain, ceiling - House
  138. Is a bathtub in your master bathroom a necessity?: pool, bathtubs, showers - House
  139. Travertine deck tile cracking and breaking after 3 months: tiling, flooring, roof - House
  140. How To Easily Unclog A Bathtub Without Chemicals (Baking Soda + Vinegar): drain, plumber - House
  141. New gutters installed on my house last month.. Now they are bulging?: installing, cold
  142. Toilet Ring: tank, cleaner, stone, bathroom - House
  143. Install baseboards or carpet first?: hardwood floors, paint, cleaner, installing - House
  144. Using butt joints for inside and outside corners - baseboards: painting, install - House
  145. Range hood replacement: roof, furnace, window, appliance - House
  146. putting off home redos because of cost ?: flooring, vinyl, granite - House
  147. Kitchen Renovation Nightmare: granite, townhouse, window, phone
  148. switch from front load washing machine to new high efficiency top loader?: floors, washers - House
  149. Old Motor: vacuum, stove, insulation, price - House
  150. Sporadic beeps of CO detector: replace, mount, table, Boston - House
  151. Raiding the Salvation Army household items: Lowes, sink, furniture, condo
  152. How to clean my waffle maker: grill, heat, drains, cleaner - House
  153. Buying new pillows: floor, alternatives, sink, smell - House
  154. Getting hot water to washing machines: dishwashers, water tank, insulate, colors - House
  155. Deadbolt with lever on inside - won't open: Home Depot, Lowes, install - House
  156. Weird Problem, Just bought house, Water in garage, No drain!!: floor, drains
  157. How long have you been using your everyday china?: dishwasher, stove, color - House
  158. Is it really that simple to remove kitchen cabinets?: countertops, laminate, sink - House
  159. They don't build them like they used to - comparison btwn 70s houses to now: hardwood floors, roof
  160. removing french doors: how much, windows, paint, furniture - House
  161. Plaster/stucco popcorn ceiling removal - 3 contractors = 3 different solutions: heater, phone, painting - House
  162. Landscaping for privacy and aesthetics: faucet, price, vent, iron - House
  163. Bathroom Still Steamy after fan install: windows, Air Conditioner, heater, vacuum - House
  164. One big bad stucco problem: shingles, drain, color, install - House
  165. Electricians: 3 prong outlet not grounded in old apt. Is this to code?: flooring, stove - House
  166. Can I do wireless home security, with cameras, through my smart phone?: window, apartment - House
  167. Everyone wants larger houses, but future trends?: floor plans, townhouses, furniture
  168. Cracks in Paint on Interior Walls: roof, foundation, washer, loading - House
  169. What to install during fence installation?: vinyl, electrical, vent - House
  170. Code enforcement requests a letter...: installed, plumbing, cost, electrical - House
  171. Hooking up an OTA antenna in the attic: floor, how much, microwave - House
  172. Installing Motion Lights: codes, electrical, siding, weather - House
  173. Mini split heat pump users - for you: Home Depot, window, AC - House
  174. molding for the base of a tub and vinyl flooring?: subfloor, Home Depot - House
  175. Fireplace not drafting well: floor, fireplaces, windows, heater - House
  176. My tub slow to drain..Help!: Home Depot, drains, cleaner, plumbing - House
  177. Shut off the gas to furnace when replacing a hot surface ignitor?: color, appliance - House
  178. One Cup Coffee Maker to Drip: Have you switched: heat, sink, steel - House
  179. how to remove toothbrush holder that is affixed to wall?: heat, paint - House
  180. Electricity goes out in two rooms but breaker not tripped: heating, vacuum - House
  181. Inward sloping driveway... Is it really that bad?: floor, drain, installed - House
  182. Building a house...Siding and Shake Color HELP!?: vinyl, slate, best
  183. Thoughts on switching from natural gas to electric stove: heating, stoves, appliance - House
  184. Using handyman to install engineered hardwood vs floor pros: hardwood floor, Home Depot, plank - House
  185. How can I find out the source of moths?: Lowes, vacuum, smells - House
  186. Ideal House size: How big is just enough: floor, heating, dining room
  187. Is this moss or carpet?: roof, Home Depot, furniture, mold - House
  188. new thermostst: AC, heat, installing, cold - House
  189. Air Duct Cleaning Price: Air Conditioner, vacuum, mold, carpeting - House
  190. Roof replacement when?: how much, roofing, stone, installation - House
  191. Queen size bed - Full/Queen comforter vs Queen size???: foundation, room - House
  192. Mice in our car: insulation, carpet, warm, siding - House
  193. Window Blinds for New House - Self-Install or get Pro?: Home Depot, Lowes
  194. wallpaper taken down and weird outlines...asbestos?: ceiling, installed, dining room - House
  195. Electrical / Light fixture: color, smell, ceiling, installing - House
  196. Prep panel for crackle: paint - House
  197. GE to sell lighting business?: appliance, electric, ducts, Cleveland - House
  198. Finding replacement hydronic baseboard heater covers: paint, replacing, new, built - House
  199. Gas problem or is it a Furnace Problem?: water tank, stove, appliance - House
  200. How do I adjust attic installed air handler run-time?: heat, pump, efficient - House