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  1. Septics and Pets: tank, tanks, drain, toilet - House
  2. Construction adheasive removal: paint, install, interior, vent - House
  3. How much was your pool?: price, tile, average, ground - House
  4. Heat pump is blowing air out of the floor return: installing, insulation - House
  5. Tips on painting wood trim: hardwood floors, window, dining room, stained - House
  6. The Mother In Law House: roof, pool, furniture, living room
  7. How do I remove oily stains from hardwood floor?: cleaner, cleaning, kitchen - House
  8. Had cracks in popcorn ceiling filled in (asbestos containing) and fell off: floor, heater - House
  9. removing rust from cart: stains, best, replacing, buy - House
  10. Geico Home Insurance: best, company, reviews, cheap - House
  11. New floor will rise 1 1/2 above kitchen tile...: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate - House
  12. Adding Hose bibs to water line, couple questions: tank, sink, install - House
  13. Fence staining: type of sprayer: painting, installed, stain, versus - House
  14. For curiosity's sake: flooring, how much, engineered, fireplace - House
  15. Other flooring over tile?: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, laminate - House
  16. Indoor air quality monitors: windows, smell, cleaner, rooms - House
  17. Spackle vrs. Plaster: paint, price, basement, repair - House
  18. Most cost-effective way to add space to a house?: room, code, basement
  19. Really need help determining sq footage from floor plan: hardwood, engineered, kitchen - House
  20. How to remove this lock (storm door, double cylinder)?: convert, replace, doors - House
  21. Piece broke off of foundation: windows, build, slab, tile - House
  22. painted shut: windows, painting, ceiling, kitchen - House
  23. Small backyard landscape ideas: pool, drain, paint, stained - House
  24. Deep Pool Ideas: floor, pools, build, concrete - House
  25. Dishwasher part (Broken): repair, vent, plastic, check - House
  26. New roofline: how much, roof, ceiling, cost - House
  27. Inversing Motion Detector (sensing motion turns light off): build, electric, circuit - House
  28. Which contractor to build a shower?: floors, window, installation, bathrooms - House
  29. Do I really need embossing leveler?: flooring, vinyl, laminate, asbestos - House
  30. Easiest shower set-up to keep clean?: curtains, bathroom, glass, leak - House
  31. ants around bathroom fixtures thru wallboard opening: Lowes, windows, drain - House
  32. Painting trim, requires multiple coats?: fireplace, Home Depot, color, light - House
  33. New A/C Coil?: installed, leaking, cost, build - House
  34. Ballpark figures for various home projects if hiring someone to do it: floors, how much - House
  35. Ants in the kitchen: phone, outside, replacement, company - House
  36. Sparking microwave: laminate, heating, square, damage - House
  37. Roof not up to code!: shingles, Lowes, installation, bedroom - House
  38. Purchasing refrigerator and washer/dryer: washers, front loader, pool, Lowes - House
  39. Use and storage of a propane patio heater: how much, grills, heaters - House
  40. Portable dehumidifier's that cool: window, Air Conditioner, outside, mount - House
  41. How would you decorate this room?: how much, fireplace, sofa, ceilings - House
  42. need help with pool cover: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, remove, table - House
  43. Siding/painting pricing. advice needed!: roof, color, plank, average cost - House
  44. How much would you expect to pay for small-scale landscaping?: townhouse, furniture
  45. Kitchen Faucet Plumbing: pipes, standard, repair, better - House
  46. How to wind rope around wooden post for cats?: glue, square, better - House
  47. New house construction contract review: hardwood floors, roof shingles, engineered, vinyl
  48. Help! Need a Cleaning Lady: wood floors, cleaner, family room, kitchen - House
  49. Fridge recommendation - preferably no external ice maker/water faucet: Home Depot, pool - House
  50. Kenmore 30 inch glasstop cooktop with down drop: heating, installed, light - House
  51. Gap between on-grade slab and foundation: subfloor, install, living room, kitchen - House
  52. Generator Hook Up to house: existing, duct, buy, cheap
  53. Sink Stopper- clevis screw tightness?: installing, repair, vent, damaged - House
  54. Bugs in the house: flooring, windows, hot water heater, microwave
  55. Ashton Woods builders: building, standard, repairing, 2015 - House
  56. Painting Vinyl Shakes: hardwood, color, bathroom, cleaning - House
  57. Gutter Guards Through Costco - Are You Satisfied?: Home Depot, Lowes, installation - House
  58. Is mold always visibile?: vacuum, smell, cleaner, carpet - House
  59. installing a water softener inside a condo in a high rise: hot water heater, bathroom - House
  60. Concealed Water Damage...: tiling, insulated, ceiling, bathroom - House
  61. Bathroom lights turn on and off randomly, after storm....: installed, bathrooms, electricity - House
  62. Bathroom sink: water still running when cold water handle is in off position: washer, phone - House
  63. Red and black wires from ceiling light chandelier -: colors, installed, lights - House
  64. Small Bathroom renovation: floor, sink, ceiling, installed - House
  65. Is this horse hair or asbestos fibre ?: color, mold, insulation - House
  66. Basement floor in 1928 home: flooring, how much, washer, drain - House
  67. Tiny Homes community built in Austin, TX: heater, square feet, ranges - House
  68. Lumber Liquidators new cancer risk report: flooring, laminate, paint, conversion - House
  69. Pool Losing Water In Winter: how much, light, leak, outside - House
  70. King Split Bed Sheets: prices, pillow, standard, best - House
  71. Renting Thermal Camera: how much, Home Depot, phone, leaking - House
  72. What size of whole house water filter is this?: countertop, Home Depot, sink
  73. Best way to remove concrete footings??: pool, removing, chain, rent - House
  74. TV stand or mount?: how much, fireplace, window, paint - House
  75. Water In Crawl Space Middle Tennessee: installing, build, vent, damage - House
  76. 150A to 200A service panel or 100A sub panel?: pool, AC, heat - House
  77. Acoustic Doors?: soundproof windows, master bedroom, insulation, cost - House
  78. Non Compliant Garage Side Door - Help: window, room, price - House
  79. Tile to wood transition: flooring, installing, molding, glass - House
  80. Deteriorating cement floor cellar: drain, ceilings, steel, pipes - House
  81. Annually put UV Protectant Urethane on Wood Front Door?: refinish, color, stain - House
  82. How should I level an uneven epoxy garage door threshold?: floor, installing - House
  83. 4.9 cu ft top loader vs 4.3-4.5 front loader on hot water usage?: washer, pool - House
  84. Need Help Finding a Bathtub / Alcove Wall: Home Depot, Lowes, drain - House
  85. replacing cast iron drain: floor, how much, drains, bathrooms - House
  86. Rinnai tankless hot water heater - low flow rate: bathtub, installed, plumber - House
  87. Pool alarm ideas: windows, installed, code, rated - House
  88. Building a duplex, on driveway?: concrete, weather, mount, cheaper - House
  89. Pool Cover Pump Phenomenon?: drain, pressure, mount, typical - House
  90. No plumbing catagory so I have one ?: drains, sink, cleaner - House
  91. Meeting with Prospective Builders: floor, shingles, Lowes, window - House
  92. two feeds to a subpanel: how much, costs, electrical, circuit - House
  93. is this discoloration or scratch on the cabinet?: color, kitchen, stained - House
  94. What is going on with the heating system and ways to possibly troubleshoot it?: furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  95. Gutter Guards: Home Depot, install, rated, home - House
  96. Storm door recommendations: Home Depot, paint, install, price - House
  97. Mold in Attic: roof, plank, install, insulation - House
  98. Replace or reuse waterlogged carpet: subfloor, washer, tank, smell - House
  99. HVAC in ATTIC?: floor, roof, furnace, AC - House
  100. Cleaning Dirty Refrigerator - Advice?: smells, cleaner, kitchen, mold - House
  101. Electrician did outside work without permission: standard, 2013, wiring, yard - House
  102. Central AC preventative maint advice: heating, appliance, cleaning, mold - House
  103. what raises your electric bill more??: floor, windows, AC, electric heat - House
  104. Ever Considered Ridding Your Kitchen Of Cupboard Doors?: drain, curtains, colors - House
  105. Dusk to Dawn LED, change sensitivity?: Home Depot, installing, lights, pipe - House
  106. what are protective gear I need to have when working on a house with asbestos?: flooring, Home Depot
  107. Removing/replacing knob and tube wiring: flooring, roof, windows, heat - House
  108. Help!! Advice to get rid of a high % of weeds in lawn?: sq ft, better - House
  109. 3 Ways To Organize Your Garage: how much, heat, cleaning, lights - House
  110. Prepping a House for Sale: flooring, granite, furnace, laminate
  111. adding drywall: window, paint, bedroom, insulation - House
  112. Avoid The Tiny Home Scam!!!: bedroom, cabinets, cost, building codes - House
  113. How to properly store household items in crawl space storage room?: floor, foundation
  114. Great housewarming gifts?: floor, Lowes, grill, appliance
  115. Roof leak. Three contractors, three diagnoses, three estimates. How do I know what to believe?: roofing, foundation - House
  116. Why do so many people hate manual reel mowers?: window, heat, drain - House
  117. Housekeepers for your House- Tips: floors, how much, washer, vacuum
  118. want to buy a pillows, give me suggest: cost, mattress - House
  119. How to remove caked on grease on gas cooktop grates: stove, ceramic - House
  120. Whole house fan: windows, insulated, paint, insulation
  121. Neighbor Has a Useless Fence: install, price, building, standard - House
  122. Outrageous quotes from contractors: $4-$5k to frame/drywall over old door!?!: painting, bathroom - House
  123. bees inside wall of home: vac, smell, warm, repair - House
  124. Help to design a moveable garage: floor, engineered, vinyl, foundation - House
  125. Dryer lint is everywhere: furnace, windows, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  126. So, can someone help me with a furnace?: furnaces, air conditioning, heating - House
  127. own a second (seasonal) home>: furnace, heater, phone - House
  128. Landscaping Qoutes: how much, costs, electric, tile - House
  129. flagstone, pavers, or bricks for DIY patio: Home Depot, stone, cost - House
  130. Wall to Ceiling Tiles in Bathroom?: floor, window, color, ceramic - House
  131. had luck hiring the Amish?: phone, refinish, painting - House
  132. Can builders just make up their square footage numbers?: floor, window, room - House
  133. Will a new water heater be worth it?: tank, drain, convert - House
  134. how much does it typically cost to finish a basement 1800 sq ft?: flooring, windows - House
  135. furnace/heater in bathroom: water heater, curtain, stove, sink - House
  136. How to store touchup paint for future long-term usage?: Home Depot, conditioner, painting - House
  137. I had a pipe burst inside my wall, and I feel like insurance company is screwing me?: flooring, how much - House
  138. A Wrenching Look At How To Easily Break A Padlock: Home Depot, remove - House
  139. Refrigerator and W/D Recommendations for new home: floor, how much, dishwasher - House
  140. Cleaning out the cookbook shelves: cold, pictures, pressure, buy - House
  141. Temporarily removing lower kitchen cabinets?: flooring, countertops, washer, stove - House
  142. Strange situation between furnace and hot water: flooring, roof, springs - House
  143. Water, water, water: flooring, roof, Home Depot, water tank - House
  144. Septic System waned.: how much, dishwasher, tank, drain - House
  145. blocking out horrible views: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, railing - House
  146. Thermostat help: how much, furnace, AC, heat - House
  147. Electrically Cords: A room for every cord&a cord for every room?: vacuum, phones - House
  148. patio roof leaking when it rains...: how much, roofing, Home Depot, paint - House
  149. privacy trees or fence for a corner lot-need privacy!!: traffic noise, how much, insulation - House
  150. Ants in Rice?: cabinet, apartment, vent, best - House
  151. Water Heater Size: appliance, insulation, plumber, gas - House
  152. Acceptable Clean: hardwood floors, vacuum, paint, smell - House
  153. Brick color options: roof shingles, building, siding, best - House
  154. Paint..: Home Depot, color, appliance, stain - House
  155. Infrared Heaters: Ripoff?: stove, ceramic, ceiling, rooms - House
  156. Kitchen soffit removal: floor, how much, painting, ceilings - House
  157. rythmic thumping in the walls: furnace, tank, pipes, warm - House
  158. Kitchen Sinks: flooring, granite countertops, washer, laminate - House
  159. Interior color schemes: gray vs sand/beige: windows, couch, appliance - House
  160. Have you heard of paper bag floor?: flooring, laminate, room - House
  161. Building a house and now builder wants to charge us $2500 extra for back fill.: hardwood floors, roof shingles
  162. Issues with french door refrigerators and ice makers?: sink, appliance, installed - House
  163. lights for security: phone, lighting, cost, electricity - House
  164. home came with alarm prewire, now what?: how much, windows, phone - House
  165. chlorine left white spots on trousers- to get out?: color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  166. Need help choosing kitchen back splash and color: tiling, granite countertops, paint color - House
  167. should we build a pool? if not, what can we do?: how much, pools - House
  168. Bedroom off Master Bedroom: floor, convert, installing, bathroom - House
  169. Cold Stiffs, errrr, Stuff! (a freezer): washer, sink, appliance, family room - House
  170. Homeowners Insurance: flooring, foundation, furniture, bathroom - House
  171. Screened in porch - need winterizing: floor, vinyl, insulating - House
  172. Hot refrigerator: leak, electricity, repair, cold - House
  173. who does not have house insurance ?: how much, roof, springs, Lowes
  174. Can hardwood floors go over a slab?: engineered, refinish, installing - House
  175. Pulling teeth to get quotes from contractors: shingles, dishwasher, pool - House
  176. Might need new gas range: Home Depot, pool, window, stove - House
  177. Load or non-load bearing wall (with pictures): subfloor, roof, ceiling - House
  178. Roach problems: foundation, microwave, sink, kitchen - House
  179. Should you get a home inspector for new construction?: roof, fireplace, AC - House
  180. A Thank you party for contractors after construction?: roof, kitchen, warm - House
  181. House placement opinions needed: floor, window, light, building
  182. have an in home sauna?: alternatives, shower, lighting, building - House
  183. Need to replace your failing electric water heater?: how much, window, conditioner - House
  184. Water pressure is low in my master bath (shower): sink, installed, cleaning - House
  185. Our Kitchen Renovation: ceramic, refrigerator, tile, better - House
  186. first time home owner in a freezing state: floor, how much, shingles - House
  187. Cost to get a decent home in your area?: flooring, roof, bathroom - House
  188. Loosing tens of thousands on our condo because of stinky food!: townhouses, windows
  189. Silestone, quartz.... opinions? Advice?: hardwood, granite, fireplace, laminate - House
  190. Hooking Up A Gas Dryer!: how much, washer dryer, Home Depot, paint - House
  191. LED lighting Technology: Home Depot, cleaner, compare, electrical - House
  192. How to eliminate spider webs on a high ceiling?: pool, vacuum - House
  193. How many smoke detectors should be in my house?: floor, Home Depot, furnace
  194. Do you care about the back yard when buying a house?: how much, window
  195. How old were you when you moved out of your parents house?: bedroom, apartments
  196. mortar recomendation for tiling around fireplace: ceramic, stone, glass, tile - House
  197. Gas Stove Timers: installation - House
  198. Neighboring Condo Units With Mold: building - House
  199. Scratches in white oak floors: plastic, area, issues - House
  200. Difficulty keeping an Energy King 360 burning: furnace, heating, stove, installation - House