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  1. Security system that calls/texts, plus security camera setup: alternatives, phone - House
  2. Replace sill plate: stove, stone, cost, sq ft - House
  3. Cost for Hardwood: how much, engineered, installation, sq ft - House
  4. Brass on granite: how much, paint, stone, staining - House
  5. Which one works better?A daul zone furnace or a furnace with two zone?: installation, best - House
  6. Washing machine repair Glasgow or UK: washer, window, phone, kitchen - House
  7. Red brick walkway: paint, stain, concrete, remove - House
  8. Big Box Stores :>))): Home Depot, Lowes, grill, gas - House
  9. Maintenace of new plumbing and pipes in the house: washer, drains, sinks
  10. Old house standards for furniture weight: flooring, Lowes, loading, stove
  11. propane tank disposal: tanks, remove, company, purchase - House
  12. Opinion on rangehood installation: countertop, kitchen, cabinets, glass - House
  13. Help with replacing Dual/Single Run A/C Capacitor(s): AC, outside - House
  14. Patio Pavers Issue: Home Depot, stone, installed, build - House
  15. Two Story House, Two AC Units... Most Efficient Use?: HEPA filter, roof, furnace
  16. Portable Dehumidifier fan speed: how much, windows, heat, appliance - House
  17. Thru the wall vs Mini Split for my Sunroom Florida: roof, windows - House
  18. Concrete Floor Preparation?: flooring, vinyl, laminate, installation - House
  19. recourse if contractors do shoddy work?: lien, paint, plumber - House
  20. A/C unit - Remove it or leave it: roof, pool - House
  21. with Central FL codes on window replacement?: windows, install, hurricane - House
  22. Shopping for carpet: flooring, window, vacuum, paint - House
  23. High Efficiency 98% or Standard 80% Furnace & Central Air: how much, humidifier, furnaces - House
  24. Faded veneer red brick patio...: Home Depot, seal, ducts, pavers - House
  25. Odor from washing machine drain: floor, washers, plumbing, gas - House
  26. Buying a house with foundation problems: hardwood floors, how much, roof
  27. Spider webs everywhere: foundation, grills, light, building - House
  28. Chimney / Fireplace: gas, outside, propane, homeowner - House
  29. Well Head Ideas: plumbing, leak, electrical, yard - House
  30. Funny household wiring issue: insulating, lights, electrical, better
  31. Granite Counter Matching Backsplash Conundrum: floor, paint color, ceramic, stone - House
  32. Above Ground Pool Maintenance: vacuum, drain, stain, interior - House
  33. EPA (?) mandate for water heaters.: tank, insulation, plumber, gas - House
  34. Leslie's Water Analysis Report Accuracy: pools, vacuum, light, salt - House
  35. Very tough dehumidifier for very humid climate, crawlspace or basement: how much, heat - House
  36. New England Home Ideas: flooring, townhouse, sofas, furniture
  37. small mold spots in basement: floor, dehumidifier, AC, heat - House
  38. Repair Roof Truss: how much, foundation, plumbing, damage - House
  39. OASIS washing machine help: washer, Kenmore, quality - House
  40. Increasing Water Pressure Made Toilet Noisy: washer, install, plumbing, faucet - House
  41. Laundry / Bathroom distance from edge of house?: floor, window, vacuum
  42. Applying peel and stick vinyl. Paint the floor first with latex primer/paint?: flooring, Lowes - House
  43. How do power outages work?: apartment, building, electric, repairing - House
  44. Ailing patio - refinish or replace or fill-in and concrete or other ideas?: hardwood floors, how much - House
  45. Laminate Floor Underlayment Suggestions: subfloor, vinyl, installed, insulation - House
  46. window sill protection in apartment?: flooring, vinyl, windows, heat - House
  47. Fireplace Removal: flooring, how much, roofing, railing - House
  48. Termite Protection Costs: how much, installation, cost, compare - House
  49. What kind of condensation on roof with HVAC is normal? Roof damage?: grill, drain - House
  50. Is R49 worth the added expense: hardwood floors, how much, heating, paint - House
  51. Garage door torsion spring can be installed at back instead of front?: opener, springs - House
  52. Thoughts on Veneer Plastering. Does Veneer Plaster Solve the Shortcomings of Traditional Drywall.: paint, installation - House
  53. Normal for sinks to shoot water out after taking shower?: tank, appliance - House
  54. Which backup makes the most financial and practical sense?: how much, furnaces, tank - House
  55. Dehumidifier recommendation?: drain, room, light, cost - House
  56. Kitchen Safety: stoves, cabinet, showers, stainless steel - House
  57. Kitchenaid refrigerator not cool but freezer is fine -: pool, heater, appliance - House
  58. Name of Faucet Part: bathtub, showerhead, buy, rate - House
  59. Would a circuit break trip if there was an upstream short?: foundation, leaking - House
  60. what kind of paint(or solution) reflects light the most: best, wall - House
  61. I like a clean house, Getting rid of cooking smells, regular freshening up: floor, countertops
  62. What projects are you currently working on?: flooring, countertops, pool - House
  63. I am looking into home security systems: monitored ? self installed - non monitored ??: installing, lights - House
  64. Roof algae cleaning: roofing, Home Depot, cleaner, install - House
  65. Checklist for talking to contractors about building basement: floors, foundation, insulated - House
  66. Ornamental Fencing - Aluminum: how much, pool, painting, installed - House
  67. Driveway issue..urgent!!: Home Depot, repair, cracks, best - House
  68. Termite Warranty Renewal: how much, townhouse, installed, condo
  69. kal: installed, electric, upstairs, removing - House
  70. Roofing advice, small hole not over structure....: paint, leak, cost - House
  71. Is It Critical To Ground Low Voltage Wiring: window, installing, electrical - House
  72. Installing storm door re-install of door jamb: glass, compare, construction - House
  73. Skin and body of small bugs on window sills: floor, windows, furniture - House
  74. Flickering lights: roof, ceiling, insulation, circuit - House
  75. Gas ranges with steam clean tops: heat, cleaning, better - House
  76. stucco or plaster or parge (oh my!): tiling, drain, gas - House
  77. Bad Window Job?: roof, windows, installed, living room - House
  78. bed slats: cost, building, buy, yard - House
  79. Sump pit and perimeter drainage: floor, foundation, drainage pipe, install - House
  80. Whirlpool side by side: lights, refrigerator, replacement, cement - House
  81. brick masons or concrete workers: cement, metal, plans - House
  82. Cleaning fireplace soot spot off cleaning?: fireplaces, dishwasher, heat, painting - House
  83. Storage under stairway, entry from garage: steel, building, interior, stairs - House
  84. Water softener is producing salty water: pool, drain, plumbing, faucet - House
  85. Electrical ? Power out in just one room, but when I jiggle the main breaker it works: smell, bathroom - House
  86. Construction/Energy Efficiency: roof, heating, appliance, insulation - House
  87. Home Inspection - HVAC: how much, foundation, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  88. about AC unit: floors, how much, dehumidifier, ceiling - House
  89. Windows replacement: all or just 4?: ceiling, installing, mold, insulation - House
  90. Self propelled lawnmower for a tall person: worth, between, purchase - House
  91. How to transition from hex tile floor to wainscoting wall in bathroom?: paint, bathrooms - House
  92. Only getting warm water from my water heater: electric, replace, breaker - House
  93. Can I replace olf shut off valves myself?: how much, install, bathroom - House
  94. Small interior 12V transformer for 40 ft wiring length: Home Depot, Lowes, installing - House
  95. Good Furniture Stores??: sofa, living room, dryer, prices - House
  96. Water Main Shut with boiler on ???: toilet, leak, systems, safe - House
  97. Best placement for gas stub on patio: fireplaces, grills, resale value - House
  98. Noisy Central AC compressor: furnace, window, Air Conditioner, bedroom - House
  99. No access panel in 80s jetted tub, help!: floor, bathroom, cabinet - House
  100. Nightmare with Directv/ATT- who do I call now?: roof, phone, installation - House
  101. New House Cabinet Problems: hardwood, windows, paint, room
  102. Why are American homes built poorly?: floors, dishwashers, Lowes, water heaters - House
  103. Roof Beam and Truss Separation: how much, installed, cost, compare - House
  104. What temp to set thermostat while at work?: AC, heating, furniture - House
  105. Plumbing venting: floor, washer, drain, smells - House
  106. Proven remedies for smelly Kitchen drains?: sink, cleaning, pipes, disposal - House
  107. What cleaning products do you consider a necessity?: floors, dishwasher, window - House
  108. Need s for a GOOD CARPET CLEANER around $160 or less: tank, vacuum - House
  109. Conrete drying uneven?: paint, vs, concrete, cracks - House
  110. Where do you park your car?: apartment, building, basements, cold - House
  111. HGTV or diy with actual construction knowledge: drain, sink, slate - House
  112. Combatting the stink of marijuana: smells, cleaner, room, apartment - House
  113. Washing Machine Rubber Hose: washer, installed, steel, leak - House
  114. Turning off Hot Water Recirculation Pump - excessive natural gas use: floor, how much - House
  115. Using multiple AC systems: floor plans, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  116. Toilet not flushing: tank, tanks, drains, plumbing - House
  117. Washer and dryer recommendation: vinyl, dishwashers, front loader, loading - House
  118. Need help identifying tool: how much, window, square, worth - House
  119. post-construction housecleaning?: hardwood floors, windows, vacuum, furniture
  120. Water Leak in Bathroom Vent Fan, How Concerned Should I Be?: pool, hot water heater - House
  121. platform for washer/dryer: washers, vacuum, furniture, cleaning - House
  122. Contractor Abandoned My Basement Finish Job: flooring, paint, bathroom, carpet - House
  123. Tipping a contractor??: how much, roof, granite, install - House
  124. Home Shield or similar service?: roof, dishwasher, windows, heating - House
  125. Would You Buy A House With An Unattractive Street Name?: code, screen
  126. Transparent sliding door instead of bathtub curtain: floor, curtains, color - House
  127. How often do you clean your dryer vent?: how much, roof, opener - House
  128. Deep stains in bathtub: bathtubs, cleaner, cleaning, stain - House
  129. Bathroom tub: re-glaze or replace?: window, drain, refinish, paint - House
  130. Windows in Bedrooms overlooking Great Room: roofing, heating, color, ceilings - House
  131. New Construction - RG6 runs to every room or waste?: roof, phone - House
  132. Loud buzzing noise from LG front load washer: alternatives, washers, front loader - House
  133. In slad foundation houses, plumbing is under the slab?: floor, Lowes, insulate
  134. Fireplaces that don't work: heating, ceiling, stone, room - House
  135. Buying vs renting.: floor, how much, room, apartment - House
  136. Bathroom Re-Do - Lowe's or Home Depot?: flooring, how much, vinyl - House
  137. Electric Bill: floors, how much, pool, windows - House
  138. Musty basement smell: dehumidifier, alternatives, AC, heating - House
  139. Installing blinds: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  140. House exterior: How to tell concrete from clay brick?: color, installation, compare
  141. Paying rent (no roommates) How much?: Lowes, appliance, bedroom, apartments - House
  142. Building an outdoor kitchen: how much, granite countertops, Lowes, grill - House
  143. Old vs New House Framing: hardwood floors, how much, roof, engineered
  144. Weeds after mulch was applied on the spring: Lowes, warm, vent - House
  145. laminate or carpet over top of ceramic tile?: subfloor, ceilings, installed - House
  146. Patching Drywall: paint, ceiling, installed, vent - House
  147. How much should I expect to spend to carpet apartment?: floors, Home Depot - House
  148. thickness: how much, granite, installed, kitchen - House
  149. Is my kitchen countertop seam too big?: granite countertops, phone, color - House
  150. All outlets in kitchen are dead----HELP: Home Depot, appliance, dryer, electric - House
  151. Aluminum,Fiberglass or Vinyl Siding?: insulated, colors, plank, stone - House
  152. 33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome: floor, bathroom, chimney
  153. The Tiny Home Illusion?: washer, Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  154. Remodels - are they worth it?: roof, granite, fireplace, window - House
  155. What have You Let Go? (Or you don't care about as much as you once did): floor, water heater - House
  156. Chainsaw Hard To Start, Why Can't They Make Them Better?: drain, gas - House
  157. volt-Ampere ratings: pool, window, AC, heaters - House
  158. Swiffer on hardwood floor: Home Depot, AC, vacuum, cleaner - House
  159. Cooktop vs range: granite, stove, appliance, stone - House
  160. replacing part of a carpet tile: tiling, hardwood, how much, Home Depot - House
  161. Underperforming AC: townhouses, windows, Air Conditioners, heat
  162. Metal Roofing is No Good?: washers, window, insulated, ceilings - House
  163. Contractor issue: shingles, phone, installation, cost - House
  164. US Beachfront Residential Developments: pools, condo, hurricane, price - House
  165. Why Starter Homes are a Thing of the Past: homestead, washer, curtains - House
  166. Two copper sought from period restorers (1920s-40s): hardwood floor, roof, vinyl - House
  167. HVAC Problem with confusing: Lowes, Air Conditioners, heating, light - House
  168. Need help cleaning HVAC evaporator coils: furnace, heat, insulated, smell - House
  169. about water saving toilet: Home Depot, pool, drains, bathtubs - House
  170. NO PRIVACY in townhouses: Agree or Disagree: windows, couch, living room
  171. ideas to safely get rabbits to stay away?: electric, dogs, fencing - House
  172. How can I attach something to stucco without penetrating the surface?: color, sink - House
  173. Brown Well Water: pool, tanks, drain, shower - House
  174. Help! Kitchen ceiling cracks - normal or big problem?: floor, roof, furnace - House
  175. Can you re-use the bags with foil on them for microwave: heating, paint - House
  176. How clean and tidy do you keep your house on a regular basis?: dishwasher, vacuum
  177. My new (to me) house is a money pit...: flooring, shingles, foundation
  178. Tracking down the chirp: hardwood, washer, furnace, hot water heater - House
  179. How would you decorate this living room?: floor, sofa, couches - House
  180. If someone died in a house you wanted to buy, is that a deal breaker?: bedroom, dogs
  181. Washing machine water hoses leaking?: floor, washer, drain, plumber - House
  182. Sump Pump - help: Home Depot, Lowes, drains, installing - House
  183. Why do people butcher old house kitchens?: floors, vinyl, granite countertops
  184. Bathroom remodel - Single Vanity to Double: flooring, vinyl, granite - House
  185. Help me find the best vacuum!: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, color, cleaner - House
  186. AC Condensate Drain VENT - blowing cold air in attic: floor, furnace - House
  187. Ever Tried To Soundproof Their House?: hardwood, townhouse, Home Depot
  188. galvanized water pipes - when to replace?: how much, dishwashers, water heater - House
  189. Tipping and pre-paid delivery fee: Lowes, furniture, living room, cold - House
  190. Floor Plan Advice: fireplace, windows, ceiling, dining room - House
  191. Help with Floor Plan: fireplace, windows, ceiling, dining room - House
  192. Is it normal to have spots of warm floor throughout the house - or is it hot water leakage?: heater, sink
  193. How much should electrician charge to replace my old 100 amp circuit breaker box with new one?: cost, labor - House
  194. How do I remove this hardware under sink for kitchen faucet?: countertop, installation - House
  195. Lighting Problem: heat, installed, kitchen, compare - House
  196. DECKS: Concrete vs Pavers vs Wood vs Composite Decking: foundation, railing, sink - House
  197. Something to be aware of - your emergency fire services: wall - House
  198. awful experience with ice-air ptac units: apartment, repair, worth, replace - House
  199. Replacing kitchen counter tops: granite, tile, labor, rate - House
  200. addition to rambler in N. Seattle/ Shoreline cost/ideas: converting, bedroom, attic - House