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  1. Home Air Purifier: HEPA filter, Home Depot, furnace, cleaner - House
  2. Exterior GFCI Outlet Not Working At All: bathroom, condo, dryer - House
  3. #1: pool, bathroom, construction, new - House
  4. Luxury Vinyl Tile with grout: flooring, heat, ceramic - House
  5. Tubs with scratches - How to remedy: tiling, how much, Home Depot - House
  6. Mortgages for rental apartments: condo, buy, rent, moving - House
  7. Outdoor lighting help: Lowes, color, stone, install - House
  8. Oil Smell on Sill Plate: roof, paint, smells, installed - House
  9. Heat for a sun room.: floor, how much, roof, windows - House
  10. Floating hardwood over tile?: hardwood floors, window, ceramic, installed - House
  11. Certificate of Occupancy Requirements: floor, townhouse, railing, detector
  12. Gas Cooktop Igniter (mind of it's own): appliance, lights, replacing - House
  13. Tighten up loosy-goosy wardrobe drawers?: between, mount, extension, space - House
  14. what is the best room you have ever been in?: pool, ceiling - House
  15. 2 layers of lathe in wall: floor, how much, window, insulating - House
  16. Pediment (above door) design change: shingles, vinyl, Lowes, colors - House
  17. Best Space Heater for 750sqft Shop???: insulated, ceramic, ceiling, cost - House
  18. Quick about laundry: color, stains, dryer, warm - House
  19. Help Needed: Plumbing Leak: drain, sink, bathroom, plumber - House
  20. Need a replacement for my sliding screen door...: springs, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  21. Heat Pump Brands, Rheem: air conditioning, warm, electric, better - House
  22. Pianos best musical segment: oven, duct, new, good - House
  23. Roof on new home: roofing, build, construction, exterior - House
  24. Dryer lint on my floors/in the air?: furnace, window, Air Conditioner - House
  25. General Tips: Pool Maintenance (Intex 15x4/15x48): how much, Lowes, color - House
  26. Need to re-insulate air-handler?????: furnace, insulated, cleaning, insulation - House
  27. What did the guy do to my Honeywell baseboard heat adjuster: furnace, heating - House
  28. septic inspection: stone, install, build, permit - House
  29. Does this look like mold to you?: Home Depot, ceiling, cleaning - House
  30. Economical Laundry Soap Powder for Top Loader Washer: brands, best, plastic - House
  31. 50 amp sub panel, 150 main panel: furnace, ceiling, bedroom, plumbing - House
  32. Re-painting doors: Home Depot, build, interior, best - House
  33. Help, What kind of bugs are: furniture, best, pictures - House
  34. clothes dryer replacement.: washer, Lowes, heating, natural gas - House
  35. Genset to House: Lowes, electrical, circuit, company
  36. Garage Door Seal (Replace or Convert?): vinyl, opener, paint, installing - House
  37. Respirator mask for protection from hanta virus dust (mice)?: Home Depot, paint, building - House
  38. Carpet for kid's bedrooms, hallways - berber vs regular: hardwood floors, vacuum, color - House
  39. Plumbing leaking shower stall: flooring, drain, bathtub, installed - House
  40. Are both Whole house water filter and Water softner necessary?: heater, sinks
  41. Trying to figure out what this seal/rubber is around my old pool: vinyl, room - House
  42. Whole home water filter: Lowes, cleaner, faucets, costs - House
  43. Chest Freezer Compressor: room, warm, refrigerator, cold - House
  44. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) - a Few Concerns: rooms, kitchens, cabinets - House
  45. Good resource to learn more about the custom home process?: flooring, how much - House
  46. HVAC System-4 or 5 ton?: install, cost, build, square foot - House
  47. Is it serious for the foundation wall of a attached garage: floor, lights - House
  48. How does it stay so warm in my apartment: furnace, heating, insulated - House
  49. My washer has a hand wash/wool cycle, can I use this for a cashmere sweater?: heat, warm - House
  50. Getting ready for winter.: floor, humidifier, heater, ceramic - House
  51. Toilet installation: wood floors, Lowes, heat, costs - House
  52. old house - experience with custom registers or grilles?: flooring, furnace
  53. Just moved in - kitchen sink leaks, mould in the floor: drain, smell - House
  54. know where to get high powered outdoor led lights that mount normally: Lowes, colors - House
  55. NOISE through NEW double pane windows: vinyl, vacuum, bedroom, mold - House
  56. Rooftop package ac/heat unit - heat not coming on after summer: roof, AC - House
  57. Nest vs. Lyric: floor, humidifier, furnace, AC - House
  58. Radiator thermostats: do they work?: heat, installing, radiators, apartments - House
  59. Restoration contract: floor, building, basement, damage - House
  60. Exterior touches: roof, paint, installed, outside - House
  61. Hardware Wooden Pole Connectors: roof, steel, pipe, worth - House
  62. Water damage and insurance company.: cost, basement, estimate, duct - House
  63. Large patch of 'grey' discolouration in newly laid white terrazzo floor: subfloor, roof - House
  64. Kwikset Kevo Smartlock 2nd Gen?: price, worth, ducts, buy - House
  65. Water was dripping onto carpet for several hours: hardwood floor, Air Conditioner, vac - House
  66. s to clean an underground basement to make it less attractive to spiders?: cleaner, ceiling - House
  67. Hiring drafter to modify stock house plans (or new plans): floor, convert
  68. 22 foot sill replacement for 1941 house Ohio: floor, foundation, steel, building
  69. Aluminium Fence: how much, vinyl, stained, price - House
  70. Help. What is this sound?: Air Conditioner, vacuum, cleaner, outside - House
  71. Furnace service inspection: furnaces, AC, water heaters, appliance - House
  72. House frame inspection check list: roof, washer, laminate, window
  73. Gas water heater to Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater: hot water heater, stove - House
  74. help me think about remodeling my kitchen ...: hardwood floors, fireplace, windows - House
  75. Do I need to hire a contractor?: flooring, window, paint - House
  76. Heating a finished basement: floors, fireplace, furnace, heaters - House
  77. Sprinker system pipe weirdness: heating, install, plumbing, pipes - House
  78. Do popcorn ceilings reduce noise or is that a myth?: furniture, carpeting - House
  79. Carpet for basement?: floors, vacuum, sink, mold - House
  80. Rant: previous homeowner was an idiot: grill, heat, natural gas, light - House
  81. French door refrigerator in humid place = water on floor: mullion, pools, heater - House
  82. help me figure out the logistics of renovating my current house and moving: flooring, window
  83. Sump pump on all night?: drain, plumbing, leak, pipe - House
  84. Laundry Room Light Fixture: washer, circuit, replace, removing - House
  85. Security System: Actual recommendations,: double pane windows, install, detector, apartment - House
  86. Rotting porch railing: paint, mold, building, repairing - House
  87. Dry Wall replacement cost?: AC, painting, ceilings, compare - House
  88. Frontload washer and dryer suggestions. TO STACK OR NOT STACK.: floors, front loader - House
  89. take space from garage to make/build mudroom?: flooring, how much, springs - House
  90. Repairs to 3/4 PVC, Wait Times for Glue Drying: hot water heater, installing, insulation - House
  91. Step cracks on brick wall - House settlement or foundation issue??: color, ceiling
  92. Working with Liquid Wood and WoodEpox for exterior wood repair: how much, heat - House
  93. Living in a Lighthouse done this?: stone, plumbing, warm
  94. Help me identify pipe type!: plumber, pipes, best, replace - House
  95. When shopping for a house what were your deal breakers?: hardwood floors, fireplace
  96. What is your opinion of Mobile Home parks?: how much, roof, pools - House
  97. Toilet: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, installed - House
  98. Looking for a baby/pet gate for opening only 24 wide: bathroom, pipe - House
  99. Thermal Curtain for Winter: windows, heating, insulating, curtains - House
  100. Toilet covers be for real.: floor, tank, bathtub, shower - House
  101. Generator- standby or portable?: how much, fireplace, springs, furnace - House
  102. Lead paint in 1970?: kitchen, costs, interior, worth - House
  103. Paint gun sprayer for interior of home: floors, how much, windows - House
  104. electric hot water heater lifespan: water tank, drain, installed, plumber - House
  105. about ungrounded 2 prong outlets in older home: Home Depot, furnace, heater - House
  106. Questions about a roof replacement.: roofing, installing, building codes, removing - House
  107. Caulking keeps cracking: dehumidifier, Home Depot, window, paint - House
  108. Hydronic radiator install: windows, heat, ceiling, furniture - House
  109. Unfriendly Neighbor: roof, phone, bedroom, hurricane - House
  110. Is this house a bargain?: hardwood floors, windows, heat, insulate
  111. Does age/generation play into type of house you buy?: wood floors, how much
  112. Recessed Can lights not fitting: Home Depot, insulated, cleaner, ceiling - House
  113. Unpaid water and sewer in a new house: electric, better, between
  114. Shed recommendation: roof, vinyl, Home Depot, windows - House
  115. Just me or traditional home designs/styles dead?: color, furniture, rooms - House
  116. Bookcase & Fireplace - does this look ok?: hardwood, townhome, paint - House
  117. Contemplating New Construction - Advice/Warnings?: subfloor, roof, countertops, pool - House
  118. Trane HVAC Price Check - Dallas: furnace, Air Conditioner, heater, installation - House
  119. Chainsaw Happy Tree Cutters: company, property, ranch, legal - House
  120. Need guidance for attaching exterior moisture barrier: paint, build, basement - House
  121. Exterior Siding of New House is Melting: vinyl, windows, light
  122. Interior Frames, Trim, Paint, Caulk - What's Happening?: foundation, window, painting - House
  123. What is the messiest your house has ever been?: living room, kitchen, dogs
  124. Let's talk about kitchens: countertop, stove, sink, ceiling - House
  125. How do I permanently disconnect a chirping smoke detector?: floor, AC, heat - House
  126. My dishwasher won't dry: heating, appliance, glass, dryer - House
  127. Septic safe remedy for stinky kitchen sink drain and dishwasher?: drains, smell - House
  128. Reminiscing The McMansion...: floor, roof, windows, stone - House
  129. Who pays to fix the fence?: hurricane, cost, basement, standard - House
  130. Mouse in the house! !!!!!: dishwasher, Home Depot, sink, smell
  131. cinder block mortaring: roof, vinyl, paint, furniture - House
  132. Your home automation setup: opener, sofa, phone, ceiling - House
  133. Updating Brass Fixtures in Bathroom Before Listing?: painting, appliance, kitchen - House
  134. Hardwood Flooring (hardness and stability)?: engineered, humidifier, pool, color - House
  135. You're Selling Sold: Emotions? Do you care about the house anymore: flooring, window
  136. I think someone stole our garbage...: kitchen, light, damaged, driveway - House
  137. Shark Vacuum- which one?: hardwood floors, laminate, color, furniture - House
  138. Do You Know What Brand Your Vacuum Cleaner Is?: cleaning, light, stainless steel - House
  139. October 2016: still holding out and using 'standard' 60W incandescent bulbs?: heat, room - House
  140. HVAC routing to new room: floor, window, heating, insulated - House
  141. Does 's street view look like crap on Google maps?: roof, heat - House
  142. Crowns and Popcorn: paint, ceilings, installation, rooms - House
  143. Sewage smell from dishwasher - help: pool, drain, sink, smells - House
  144. Best practice advice when hiring residential contractors?: roofing, paint, plank - House
  145. Foundation Too Low: windows, drains, build, basement - House
  146. Opinions: is this a security risk?: floor, windows, painting, glass - House
  147. Which would buyers prefer?: flooring, how much, vinyl, washer - House
  148. If you could change one thing about your home , what would it be?: heater, ceiling - House
  149. No hot water from Samsung washer: how much, washers, front loader, hot water heater - House
  150. Choosing between two neighborhoods: roof, pools, costs, build - House
  151. What you wish your home had: jacuzzi, window, bathrooms, kitchens - House
  152. Granite vs. quartz?: engineered, bathroom, kitchen, price - House
  153. Vinyl Plank Flooring over a (covered) Concrete Porch?: roof, paint, installation - House
  154. Home values and updating: hardwood, granite, window, refinishing - House
  155. Alternative to Chlorinating a Pool: pools, heaters, drain, smell - House
  156. phone call house, scam or not?: smell, kitchen, basement
  157. Doesn't want pianos anymore?: bedroom, square foot, rated, wall - House
  158. Things Owners Did That Ruin (hurt) Resale: floor, pool, AC - House
  159. Should we built an attached or detached garage?: floor, roof, heating - House
  160. Does buy a house, expecting it to be their forever home, anymore?: window, resale value
  161. Lighting For Holidays Other Than Christmas?: color, ceiling, install, living room - House
  162. Has in recent years demolish their old house constructed a new one: how much, roof
  163. How many cars will actually fit in your garage?: ceiling, room, cabinet - House
  164. plumbing back up: how much, washer, Lowes, tank - House
  165. LED and sliding dimmer switch - compatibility issue?: Home Depot, AC, color - House
  166. A/C shut down, still hear a fan inside: price, vents, replace - House
  167. Would you consider buying a home that doesn't have a garage?: windows, room - House
  168. Does turning my AC on when the back is covered up, cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning?: Air Conditioner, heat - House
  169. Thinking of Putting Laminate Flooring in Rental: hardwood, vinyl, ceramic - House
  170. How to tell if there is an active leak in ceiling?: roof, heating - House
  171. Two questions about a house we are thinking of buying: how much, roof
  172. Need advice on finishing wood workbench top?: hardwood, washer, heat - House
  173. 240 Into Disconnect Box 120 Out: heater, loading, stove, installing - House
  174. POLL: Messy Houses: sink, furniture, company, clothes
  175. Can a tree trimming service take me to collections if I don't pay them for an invoiced job they never completed?: lien, Home Depot - House
  176. Dissolution Of An HOA, Know Of It Can Be Done?: jacuzzi, townhouses
  177. Nightmare Neighbours - have you ever had one?: apartment, lights, vent - House
  178. One coation or two coatings?: color, ceilings, room, lighting - House
  179. Roofing contract missing start and end dates: how much, paint, cost - House
  180. on strange power cord - outlet to outlet: phone, installed, electricity - House
  181. Duct work for kitchen steel vent hood: floor, how much, ceiling - House
  182. Wired for satellite TV; how to convert wiring to cable Internet comcast: phone, converting - House
  183. Condo owners: How often are you hit with special assessment fees? For how much?: lien, roof - House
  184. what is the worst room you have ever been in?: floor, heat - House
  185. how to deal with earwigs in house: floor, Air Conditioner, ceiling
  186. Dishwasher clogged lines: heater, drain, sink, installed - House
  187. Hardscapers: Need Ideas for Special Paver Project: I want permeability, but not weeds: granite, installed - House
  188. Do you watch house renovation shows?: floor, how much, granite
  189. Do you LOVE your house???: hardwood floors, pool, ceilings, bathrooms
  190. Buying a vacay home....: comparison, best, pressure, mount - House
  191. Bathtub repair: floor, glass, vent, coat - House
  192. Stair safety: hardwood, carpeting, lights, vs - House
  193. Supplier recommendation for door hardware?: color, cleaning, cost, building - House
  194. Air Source Heat Pump for cold climates? Real-world efficiency and backup heat: how much, furnaces - House
  195. Do you live in an area that has light pollution?: how much, shower - House
  196. Driveway with a slight curve...: lighting, concrete, damage, better - House
  197. What do you think people would say is the worst thing about living with you?: vacuum, flat - House
  198. Neighbor cleared away tree branch debris that fell during storm: window, load - House
  199. have experience with Crown Cabinets?: cost, Utah - House
  200. Smart Vent & AC Filters: filter, HVAC, system, rate - House