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  1. Glaring hole in wireless home security systems: phone, pipes, vent - House
  2. Cleaning used upholstered furniture bought via Craigslist: sofa, smell, cleaner - House
  3. water coming into garage: roof, drain, tile, siding - House
  4. HELP water in crawlspace: pool, costs, pump, moisture - House
  5. Seeking Advice for LVP to Hardwood floors: color, family room, molding - House
  6. Electric heater in garage reduce heat loss?: floors, Home Depot, furnace - House
  7. Replaced flourescent with LED tubs (dimmer light?): washer, Home Depot, heat - House
  8. Low water pressure in outside yard: install, plumber, faucet, building - House
  9. ever move their air conditioner OUT of the attic?: roof, furnace - House
  10. composite fencing: vinyl, washer, springs, Home Depot - House
  11. Looking for rental port Washington, ny: townhouse, bedroom, condo, basement
  12. Winter mowing?: how much, warm, yard, freezing - House
  13. Electrical inspection: how much, bathrooms, kitchen, costs - House
  14. Reading a lots Gradient: drain, ceilings, build, basement - House
  15. Cost of retractable roof: floor, how much, engineered, windows - House
  16. Slate Roof Maintenance: bathroom, leaks, cost, tile - House
  17. Breaking up leveling cement: subfloor, vinyl, heat, plank - House
  18. Walk-Up Basment Drain Cover?: foundation, build, basement, vent - House
  19. What are things in/on HVAC duct?: furnace, AC, heat - House
  20. Self contained recording WebCam: window, lighting, remove, cement - House
  21. Fence Return placement: how much, installing, room, cost - House
  22. Roomba: hardwood floors, vacuum, furniture, rooms - House
  23. Aeroseal duct sealing: window, heat, installing, crawlspace - House
  24. Water softener running for hours/low water presure: sink, bathroom, shower - House
  25. Water Coming From a PVC Valve Outside?: water tank, drain, pipe - House
  26. Leveling a Driveway - Mudjacking vs Polyurethane Foam: slab, concrete, washing - House
  27. French Drain: how much, foundation, drains, costs - House
  28. Legacy Kitchen cabinets: floors, drains, sinks, kitchens - House
  29. Public Adjuster - Insurance claim- fire damage: how much, cost, build - House
  30. Furnace heating elements won't turn off: heaters, installed, electrical, circuit - House
  31. Toilet in upstairs condo overflowed...: floor, ceiling, bathroom, staining - House
  32. Using 12 x 12 granite tiles for outdoor kitchen counter: ceramic, stone, install - House
  33. Best window a/c units: living room, square feet, electrical, brands - House
  34. Plumbing Problem: how much, tank, phone, drain - House
  35. Roomba vacuum learning and mapping: floors, furniture, dining room, cleaning - House
  36. What is a Wireless Access Point and ......: phone, bedroom, best - House
  37. Appliances: steam oven vs microwave.: kitchen, lighting, prices, comparison - House
  38. New toilet flapper leaking: drain, installed, bathroom, steel - House
  39. Google Reviews: price, best, salt, company - House
  40. Replacement Glass for Exterior Door and Sidelights-Help?: Home Depot, Lowes, installation - House
  41. Need Help Choosing Kitchen Vent Hood: microwave, stove, ceiling, price - House
  42. How to remove color bleeding from white shirt w/ colored stripes?: Lowes, smell - House
  43. Radiant floors AND walls?: hot water heater, insulated, installed, dining room - House
  44. No priming kitchen cabinets: painting, coat, second, direct - House
  45. Huge exterior gap between top of window and brick...spray foam?: windows, painting - House
  46. Islandaire PTAC no Heat: AC, electric heat, costs, code - House
  47. Roof to wall flashing / kickout: between, company, wood, fix - House
  48. Garage Door Issue-help: opener, phone, brands, replacement - House
  49. Advice on finishing attic: floor, install, stain, insulation - House
  50. Sliding aluminum closet doors rattling: Air Conditioner, heater, install, room - House
  51. Leaky Fridge: floor, drain, room, apartment - House
  52. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Baffle?: roof, Lowes, insulated, ceiling - House
  53. Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets: heat, paint, cleaner, siding - House
  54. Shower : Scalding hot water???: Home Depot, hot water heater, cost, warm - House
  55. Is it to remove granite on brick fireplace hearth?: installed, glue - House
  56. How much does it cost to build a garage?: slab, cold, fence - House
  57. Maid/Housekeeper advice: how much, vacuum, sinks, cleaner
  58. HVAC zone control: how much, townhouse, heat, insulating
  59. Purchasing a Power Carpet Cleaners: carpets, pressure, purchase, good - House
  60. Coal Burning Stoves: heat, natural gas, cost, compare - House
  61. Concrete slap vs pier and beam foundation: hardwood floors, dehumidifier, air conditioning - House
  62. Gas Cooktops- Educate me: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes, stove - House
  63. No hot water coming out of of the faucets, but the cold water works just fine. I have an electric water heater.: water tank, insulating - House
  64. have this problem? Amana dishwasher water valve bursts during very cold weather: Lowes, heat - House
  65. crawl space dehumidifier - best place to install.: foundation, paint, installing - House
  66. New Garage Door - Too Many Choices, So Much Confusion: Home Depot, laminate - House
  67. how to tile a fireplace to the ceiling: floor, paint, slate - House
  68. Strong metallic odor in room when windows heat up: insulated, smell, installing - House
  69. banging from air ducts: furnace, AC, heat, paint - House
  70. Older Magic Chef Mini Fridge: Home Depot, appliance, refrigerator, repairing - House
  71. Exposed Basement Insulation in Mid 1900s House: insulated, asbestos, install
  72. fireplace parts frustration: how much, refinish, steel, versus - House
  73. News, After Falling Ill, Family Learns New House Was a Meth Lab.: asbestos, cleaning
  74. Propane Heaters: Mr. Heater vs Vanguard, Thermostat vs Controlling Individual Elements, Parts for Vanguard: window, smell - House
  75. Soundproofing a Ceiling (in a Condo/Apartment): floor, how much, ceilings - House
  76. expansion tank, pressure reducing valve relationship: tanks, drain, installing, plumber - House
  77. Air duct damper: humidifier, furnace, bedroom, basement - House
  78. Help Me Find the Water Problem: roof, windows, bedrooms, chimney - House
  79. Barn door style window covering: vinyl, bathtub, curtains - House
  80. what is and is not covered in mark ups on subcontractrs: Home Depot, costs - House
  81. Replacement condenser compressor & A-coil: cost, system, door, new - House
  82. Securing furniture without drilling holes (for kids safety). Need advice!: alternatives, paint - House
  83. Great Stuff Foam inside HVAC vent ? Dangerous ? ?: hardwood, vinyl, Lowes - House
  84. How much is your Water/Sewer bill?: cost, replace, between - House
  85. Crown molding/ceiling in my bathroom is cracked and need help!!: heat, basements - House
  86. Do cracks look severe?: floor, roof, foundation, windows - House
  87. Damaged PVC in yard: drains, install, pipe, vent - House
  88. Paying housekeeper when on vacation: room, cleaning, carpet, standard
  89. General Contractors - on contracts: lien, foundation, bathroom, carpet - House
  90. Efficient temp to leave programmable thermostat at?: furnace, heating, kitchen - House
  91. Decluttering Challenge for Lent: 40 bags/40 days: bathroom, kitchen, cabinets, apartment - House
  92. walkin shower clear looking plastic came off??: vinyl, Home Depot, window - House
  93. I have a new home. Looking into gas fireplace.: fireplaces, furnaces, window - House
  94. Rolling Gate: installed, electric, interior, dogs - House
  95. Installing window AC in business style window above business style door: Air Conditioner, heat - House
  96. outdoor security cameras: roof, window, AC, phones - House
  97. Faucets Direct VS Plumbing Supply House: Lowes, loading, sink, installation
  98. How to change the lightbulbs in this fixture?: how much, glass, lighting - House
  99. LED lights in the house: installed, damage, better, blue
  100. thoughts on barn doors in master bedroom?: granite, opener, living room - House
  101. most economical way to heat a house: floor, how much, fireplace
  102. Why is gas range preferred?: furnace, water heater, stoves, appliance - House
  103. New Windows in older home: heat, installed, bedrooms, blinds - House
  104. Metric equivalent of 10-24 screws?: engineered, washers, conversion, standard - House
  105. 4 way switch operation: electric, circuit, load, between - House
  106. Foundation cell wall repair: floors, ceilings, installed, costs - House
  107. New light bulbs burn out within seconds of install: how much, cost, electrical - House
  108. New HVAC and water on wet around its concrete base: floor, window - House
  109. Tabletop Oven Flips Circuit Breaker: heater, appliance, bedroom, kitchen - House
  110. Tax assessment increased after purchase: phone, prices, buy, property - House
  111. repair a burner on a Nexgrill (or other) propane grill?: gas, light - House
  112. fake fireplace: tiling, flooring, fireplaces, heater - House
  113. Security camera options (not security co): installation, lights, costs, best - House
  114. Real Cool New Round Electical Box.: Lowes, ceiling, install, glass - House
  115. HVAC filter 16x25x4.5: how much, light, iron, damage - House
  116. New Hardwood Floors - MOVER scratched moving furniture: refinish, couches, stain - House
  117. Tray ceiling or nay?: floor, painting, ceilings, dining room - House
  118. Need Plumbing Help - Adding Supply Valves to Capped PEX Stubs: how much, heat - House
  119. How much do you spend on year round yardwork?: townhouse, pool, Lowes
  120. 1200-1500 sq ft apartment too large for elderly lady?: how much, fireplace, vacuum - House
  121. Nasty sweet smell in bathroom - Dead rat in walls?: drains, paint - House
  122. best comforter or blanket for 57-60 degree house at night?: heater, bedroom
  123. Are crawl spaces a negative?: hot water heater, convert, bathroom, plumbing - House
  124. HVAC System 20 Yr Old When To Replace?: floor, roof, humidifier - House
  125. Wood floor install - gaps/putty ok?: hardwood, humidifier, Home Depot - House
  126. Better weatherproof outdoor outlet?: hardwood, installed, code, electrical - House
  127. If you have purchased a new construction house: flooring, granite, opener
  128. What is the strangest thing you have seen at someone s house?: floor, pool
  129. Detecting odor device?: subfloor, Home Depot, paint, smell - House
  130. 2017 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway: a & the down-low: vent, cold, between - House
  131. Replacing tiled counter tops in kitchen and bath--cost?: how much, granite, dishwasher - House
  132. new construction house vs 10-15 yr old house: floor, foundation, colors
  133. Driveway ideas?: how much, foundation, pool, conversion - House
  134. A quick grout: fireplace, stone, installation, kitchen - House
  135. Washer and dryer sales?: floor, pool, Lowes, appliance - House
  136. Ducted mini split A/C / heat pump systems: floor, AC, heating - House
  137. Home buying is a peril? AKA NOOOOOO Don't do it!: roof, townhome - House
  138. Cleaning out small appliances: heating, kitchen, insulation, electric - House
  139. ever used FABULOSO in a carpet cleaner?: vacuum, smells, cleaning - House
  140. New water heater isn't hot enough...?: dishwasher, Lowes, tank, sink - House
  141. Haven't used my home heater in 4 years: how much, furnace, vacuum - House
  142. Audibility in apartments: floors, engineered, townhouses, pools
  143. Ecobee3 smart thermostat: humidifier, AC, heat, install - House
  144. Master Bed/Bath Issues: how much, AC, paint, ceiling - House
  145. Clear Boarding: mullions, muttons, windows, paint - House
  146. Attaching an attic antenna through existing cable wiring?: floors, townhouse, phone
  147. Bathroom remodel. Currently not on dedicated circuit...: opener, heaters, convert - House
  148. Bathroom ceiling problems: floor, roof, foundation, heat - House
  149. Why can't I get a roofer?: roofing, tanks, install, slate - House
  150. How do I find a good general contractor?: plumbing, cost, code - House
  151. How often do you vaccuum your house?: hardwood floors, how much, vacuum cleaner
  152. Old toilet disposal: tanks, appliance, install, plumber - House
  153. roomba/robot vacuums--worth it?: floor, cleaner, bedrooms, cleaning - House
  154. New string trimmer won't start: Home Depot, smells, gas, cost - House
  155. Purchased vs Homemade pavers? - Cost difference: Home Depot, color, mold - House
  156. Drano story: floor, drains, sinks, smells - House
  157. Black discharge from heat register: floor, furnace, ceiling, mold - House
  158. Icicles coming from outdoor spigots, burst pipes for sure?: insulated, drain, plumber - House
  159. A/c not heating: how much, Home Depot, window, Air Conditioner - House
  160. Why did they lose 1/32 ?: subfloor, furniture, cost, vent - House
  161. Ok, I have a new idea...: floors, fireplaces, furnace, heaters - House
  162. Contractor from HELL!: how much, sink, room, kitchen - House
  163. Drain Pump for Bar Sink - Need Help: floor, ejector, heat - House
  164. Do we need to upgrade our electric service to 200 Amps?: how much, window - House
  165. Cost of adding central air?: alternatives, furnace, window, Air Conditioners - House
  166. Slippery tile floor - cheapest way to fix?: bathtubs, kitchen, carpeting - House
  167. sump pump switch: price, pipes, vent, worth - House
  168. The myth of best toilet - need your: Home Depot, tank, tanks - House
  169. Pot racks.. got one?: loading, ceiling, install, room - House
  170. Type of screws needed to reinforce subfloor?: Lowes, heating, color - House
  171. Butcher Block Counter Tops: granite, laminate, smell, kitchen - House
  172. Garage door won't close all the way: opener, build, repair - House
  173. Housewarming Gifts??: how much, dining room, kitchen, toilet
  174. Updating home or buy more land: floor, bathrooms, kitchen, price - House
  175. Vapor barrier in crawlspace: floor, how much, dehumidifier, smell - House
  176. Should I buy home warranty?: Air Conditioners, heater, microwave, stove - House
  177. Is my toilet running (slowly)?: tank, tanks, installed, toilets - House
  178. Heat pump keeps icing up.: electric heat, installed, warm, electric - House
  179. What kind of small wrench can I use to fix tighten this?: dishwashers, sinks - House
  180. Mysterious intermittent beeping in my apartment...: AC, stove, detector, glass - House
  181. HVAC SEER Ratings: AC, installation, room, light - House
  182. Dishwasher won't heat & identify this wire part: floor, heater, appliance - House
  183. Damp/Humidity/Musty Smell: floor, how much, roof, dehumidifier - House
  184. Least expensive fencing?: vinyl, installed, steel, costs - House
  185. New boiler: floor, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  186. Suggestions on electrical upgrade: how much, opener, pool, AC - House
  187. Tips for cleaning grout in between floor tiles: color, cleaner, installed - House
  188. Ask town to drain water from sump pump?: roof, pool, install - House
  189. use a steamer to freshen their clothes?: heaters, laundry room, cabinets - House
  190. Is it really that much cheaper for builders to use a plastic shower surround than tile????: hardwood, how much - House
  191. Toilet issues: how much, tank, tanks, drain - House
  192. Juswt found out dominos pizza charges tax on delivery fees: how much, heating - House
  193. Botched electrical work in new kitchens: countertop, dishwashers, microwave, appliance - House
  194. Toilet in an old building: Home Depot, tank, drain, install - House
  195. Would you buy a house that only had a shower in its bathroom, no bathtub?: jacuzzi, curtain
  196. Where Is the worst place you have ever peed?: heat, smell, rooms - House
  197. Home Inspection Plumbing and Heating: roof, Home Depot, tank, installed - House
  198. about shoddy work by contractor: floor, install, kitchen - House
  199. Is this asbestos?: vacuum, paint, installation, family room - House
  200. Indoor Air Quality Check: floor, heating, smell, repair - House