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  1. on electrical conduit through slab: glue, pipe, building, circuit - House
  2. Oil Filter On Oil Burner Filled And Overflowing On Floor: furnace, tank - House
  3. shower pink mold: floor, how much, curtain, cleaner - House
  4. What is this under the carpet?: flooring, asbestos, glue, tile - House
  5. CO dectector false alarms: stove, installed, living room, detector - House
  6. Need help with yard drainage: drains, pipe, concrete, better - House
  7. Satillo tile - resealing?: floor, heat, ceramic, installation - House
  8. Weird Black Specks in My Shower/Tub: hot water heater, phone, drain - House
  9. I need help: sheets, small, direct, control - House
  10. about insulation, postwar house: floor, roof, Home Depot, heat
  11. Car port or detached garage and preparing the land for them: alternatives, installation - House
  12. Cost to replace half wall with railings: code, interior, standard - House
  13. glass block mortar - seal it?: ceramic, mold, shower, cost - House
  14. Good idea to give bldg department a heads-up on exempt work?: painting, building - House
  15. Newhomedilema: floor, how much, foundation, bedroom - House
  16. Creative ideas to block sound in apartment?: hardwood floors, Home Depot, sofa - House
  17. Uneven floors and loud cracking noises in 58 year old house: flooring, roof
  18. Shower: Single lever no hot water??: Home Depot, bathroom, cold, replacement - House
  19. Garage doors under house insulated...: floor, vinyl, window, heat
  20. Condo water leak - 3 questions: floor, ceiling, installed, detector - House
  21. How much does it really cost to use gas logs?: fireplace, Lowes - House
  22. Bi- level depth: room, wall, material, property - House
  23. about roof insultaion in unventilated shed: window, insulate, ceiling - House
  24. Washer noises: floor, washers, sink, plumber - House
  25. How to fix line crack on ceiling from roof leak?: paint, installing - House
  26. lift and turn tub drain stopper - know which brand is this?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  27. Make paint on wall less satin-y, more eggshell-y: color, buy - House
  28. Hot water line is full of air?: hot water heater, shower, faucets - House
  29. Bay windows - installation cost: how much, roof, Home Depot, wooden windows - House
  30. Appliance repair to be big business!: countertop, microwave, cleaning - House
  31. How should this wood surface be repaired?: glass, light, steel - House
  32. Swapping out a Range for a dishwasher: countertop, heating, drain - House
  33. Window unit: grill, AC, heating, warm - House
  34. Does hardiplank attract woodpeckers?: window, stained, insulation, build - House
  35. adding ac filters to intake side: furnace, drain, installed, pipe - House
  36. Side paneling has large cracks. What causes it?: foundation, laminate, color - House
  37. Painting Exterior of House Gray: color, warm, outside, best
  38. Questions in early phases of lot purchase planning: stone, costs, building - House
  39. Cost of building an OFF GRID house in Big Island: granite, tank
  40. Central HVAC Freon Loss: window, AC, heat, microwave - House
  41. Winterizing a Home: dehumidifier, AC, hot water baseboard, insulate - House
  42. Something NOT to use.: alternatives, windows, smell, glue - House
  43. Does get their tile/grout cleaned ?: floor, ceramic, cleaner - House
  44. water shutoff valves keep cracking/leaking: washer, installing, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  45. Cost to Wire a Screened In porch: ceiling, install, lights - House
  46. Need Ball Park estimation on the following items: opener, springs, drain - House
  47. Interior Adobe: color, glue, sealer, duct - House
  48. Circuit breaker not tripped, no lights...: Lowes, ceiling, dining room, plumbing - House
  49. New Furniture (how to clean the glass?): fireplace, windows, cleaner - House
  50. Swimming pool vacuum recommendations: how much, vinyl, cleaner, build - House
  51. Metal roofs and SiriusXM reception: installation, weather, worth, better - House
  52. Decks: Alternative to cement footings - Diamond Piers: foundations, tank - House
  53. know if a off-grid house kit?: homestead, roofing, tank
  54. New construction vs remodel recessed lighting: how much, heat, installing, insulation - House
  55. How negotiable are broker fees for selling a NYC co-op apartment?: costs, building - House
  56. Filtering Minerals in Hard Water: humidifier, warm, standard, 2013 - House
  57. How much does architect's service cost?: roof, granite, windows, color - House
  58. Installing Flashing on Existing Deck: vinyl, build, siding, weather - House
  59. Insulation: roof, ceiling, install, removing - House
  60. Cleaning AC Drain Pipe: how much, Home Depot, pool, heating - House
  61. a new deck. Average cost?: railing, glass, disposal, versus - House
  62. built a pergola from a kit?: foundation, furniture, room - House
  63. Small crack in fiber flass tub - why repair?: glass, leak, repairing - House
  64. Hiring a Good Contractor: lien, roof, windows, AC - House
  65. Birds pecking at windows: condo, glass, outside, worth - House
  66. help milk stain on hardwood floor: smells, bedroom, mold, wood - House
  67. IP camera for home.: phone, price, basement, ranges - House
  68. Rustic Mountain Cabin: roof, heat, railing, bathroom - House
  69. How do I remove an odor: painting, smells, furniture, warm - House
  70. Leak where drain elbow meets p-trap under kitchen sink (PVC): washer, installed - House
  71. Level a floor before putting down hardwood?: how much, vinyl, foundation - House
  72. Mini fridge cycles every few minutes: room, cost, pipes, versus - House
  73. Is there a program to see your house with different color shutters?: insulation, basement
  74. Sizing a ductless min-split for basement: window, heating, insulated, vs - House
  75. have a shower spa?: dishwasher, tank, installing, showers - House
  76. Help with wiring a cooktop - Electricity scares me: stoves, install, gas - House
  77. Tiny black bugs on bathroom sink: mobile, green, Mobile, moving - House
  78. Where to seek advice on site planning?: building, outside, pictures - House
  79. Will this hurt my steam cleaner?: heat, vac, cleaning, carpet - House
  80. mold issue and HOA: roof, plumber, gas, condo - House
  81. Toilet waste piping problem: bathroom, pipe, vent, iron - House
  82. Is multistrand aluminum wiring safe and up to code in branch circuit wiring?: air conditioning, appliance - House
  83. Opinions on shiplap vs tongue-and-groove?: flooring, insulated, paint, plank - House
  84. Sewer and Water Line insurance: plumber, cost, pipe, compare - House
  85. Small appliances using same outlet: heater, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, circuit - House
  86. Replace kitchen faucet - need to remove whole countertop?: granite, dishwasher, drain - House
  87. Renovate an old house or buy a new one?: flooring, shingles, furnaces
  88. Make sense? Buy land to take rocks: stone, cost, building - House
  89. Repair/renovation costs by region: how much, ceiling, installing, cost - House
  90. Rusty Hot Water in Tub only: water heater, drain, plumber, natural gas - House
  91. Living room vs. family room vs. rec room vs. great room. Are there actual distinctions or is just marketing?: floor, fireplaces - House
  92. Laundry - washer/dryer upstairs vs downstairs: floors, roof, washers - House
  93. What to do with a gap between a 2x4 wall stud and a bottom plate?: hardwood, bedroom - House
  94. How to Get Rid of Bird Nest Above Front Door: how much, grill - House
  95. Exterior paint ideas for a single family house: homestead, foundation, window
  96. Advantages of a water softener: washer, air conditioning, tank, tanks - House
  97. Septic tank failure: drains, installed, plumber, costs - House
  98. After unfortunate divorce, moving to townhome or smaller single family home?: pool, bedrooms - House
  99. Washing Machines - Bigger Isn't Always Better When You're Short!: how much, washers - House
  100. Pay for Pool/Spa Prewire?: how much, pools, heater, drain - House
  101. FSBO.. where to start?: cost, standard, better, company - House
  102. How do you find a septic tank?: pools, tanks, drain - House
  103. What is a non-operable opening (per code)? Is a glass block window non-operable ?: windows, stove - House
  104. New construction - Oak Treads & Painted Risers: color, ceilings, install - House
  105. How was Frank Lloyd Wright able to build Fallingwater ?: roof, pool - House
  106. Should I replace my windows?: AC, heating, cleaning, condo - House
  107. What Size House Is Ideal For You?: floor, how much, washer
  108. Indoor Insect Prevention Tips: roof, flea, townhouse, Lowes
  109. Koch Cabinets: hardwood, overlay, Lowes, appliance - House
  110. Septic and Well vs City Water- Pros and Cons: furnace, tank, appliance - House
  111. Tiny Home alternative: sinks, appliance, stone, bathrooms - House
  112. Changing staircase from straight to landing?: floor, railing, color, ceiling - House
  113. Broken sewer line in basement: floor, foundation, tank, install - House
  114. My old garbage disposal was hardwired. My new one has a plug. I installed an outlet but it won't power on: opener, sink - House
  115. electrical wiring for detached shed: Lowes, install, room, cost - House
  116. Storm windows vs. replacement windows....need advice: vinyl, heating, insulating - House
  117. Firewood help for fire pit: hardwood, fireplaces, heat, stain - House
  118. Pantry Moths: how much, bathroom, cleaning, cabinets - House
  119. updating security system: opener, windows, phones, color - House
  120. Basic electrical related to garbage disposal: drain, sink, appliance - House
  121. Capping Outdoor Live Wires: bathrooms, lights, electric, circuit - House
  122. Do fences make people irrational?: paint, toilet, compare, dogs - House
  123. Moving kitchen gas stove: grills, sink, appliance, cabinets - House
  124. Warm spot on bedroom wall cause for concern?: floor, foundation, hot water supply - House
  125. I am afraid of my (gas)fireplace !: wood floors, my fireplace, grill - House
  126. Foundation in a former leech field?: pipes, building, basement, concrete - House
  127. New house is prewired with Ethernet... help.: AC, phones, ceiling
  128. Paint on top of popcorn ceiling: heating, insulated, loading - House
  129. Fly killer thats safe for humans: windows, smell, bathroom, cleaning - House
  130. Would you recommend an induction cooktop over regular electric cooktop?: countertops, grill - House
  131. Whee, neighbors are dumping raw sewage in their back yard...: pool, heating oil - House
  132. Unexpected dust magnets: how much, fireplaces, windows, vacuum - House
  133. Is this brass and worth saving/re-using?: faucet, versus, building - House
  134. What was your dream home as a child?: tudor style, rooms, covered - House
  135. New Hot Water Heat Pipes Banging Loudly: heating, kitchen, radiators - House
  136. Building a house on top of garage: floor plans, windows, insulated
  137. Hang exterior brackets on Vinyl siding: townhome, standard, vent, crack - House
  138. Box Springs---do they exist anymore?: steel, vs, standard, mattress - House
  139. Bad paint matching from Home Depot: color, living room, vs, codes - House
  140. Building site comments: how much, roof, Air Conditioners, heat - House
  141. Dishwasher installation w/out existing: floor, countertop, drain, painting - House
  142. Incremental cost to increase roof pitch when redoing roof? 100% or 400%?: roofing, countertop - House
  143. What do people put inside of a rec room in their house?: hardwood, fireplace
  144. siding type costs: floor, engineered, vinyl, painting - House
  145. New Homeowner - Water Softener and Tannins: washer, pool, Lowes - House
  146. Home Inspection AFTER new construction closing: floor, roofing, fireplace, windows - House
  147. Does appliance manufacturer build a good refrigerator?: dishwasher, pool, loading - House
  148. have a sand box?: floor, springs, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  149. Buy a house with a swing set when you don't have kids: pool, Lowes
  150. Triangular shower stalls: window, bathtub, sinks, stone - House
  151. Lights in half of living room no longer work: paint, convert, code - House
  152. Choosing the best type of flooring...: hardwood floors, vinyl, windows, refinish - House
  153. Can I put a 1400 pound fully set up fish tank on my 2nd floor?: floors, air conditioning - House
  154. Exterior Door Locks - Looking For Better Security: Home Depot, windows, convert - House
  155. should we pay for an in-ground sprinkler system?: foundations, install, cost - House
  156. Laundry room wall cabinets - advice: how much, washer, laminate - House
  157. Birds in a Tree and Pooping on the Sidewalk: detector, driveway, plastic - House
  158. Toilet with grinder/pump: ejector, Home Depot, sink, smell - House
  159. BBQ: Gas or charcoal?: grill, ceramic, cleaning, chimney - House
  160. Is above-ground pool good idea?: pools, cost, pipes, build - House
  161. IC or Non-IC recessed lighting. I can't tell!: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  162. Repair: Water damage to electrical outlet?: plumbing, circuit, replace, breaker - House
  163. Tree next to driveway: overlays, stone, hurricane, price - House
  164. Caring for house on slab in Pennsylvania: hardwood, foundation, windows
  165. questions about propane heaters for supplemental heat ... I'm confused!: roof, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  166. Best carpet for dogs: subfloor, laminate, color, cleaner - House
  167. Which tubs are better quality Americast (American Standard) or Kohler?: floor, drain - House
  168. Will insurance really replace Victorian woodwork?: flooring, Lowes, window, paint - House
  169. debating paying for a cleaning service...: floors, how much, vacuum, sink - House
  170. Radon levels above 3, but below 4: windows, heater, paint, asbestos - House
  171. The Story of the Heart Attack and The House: floor plans, how much, shingles
  172. Attic insulation: roof, insulated, sink, plank - House
  173. How often do you use your soaking tub?: bathroom, cleaning, showers - House
  174. Could you live in a shed?: living room, kitchen, shower, carpet - House
  175. Well winter issues?: tank, tanks, insulated, ceramic - House
  176. Utility truck damaged sewer and won't pay!!!: pool, tank, drain - House
  177. Garage problem: paint, bonus room, steel, cost - House
  178. Should Worrywarts Like Me Buy Houses/Condos???: flooring, how much, roof shingles
  179. Pergola/Patio Cover Support Beams?: roof, laminate, cost, code - House
  180. Process for updating a bathroom: tiling, how much, Lowes, drains - House
  181. Repair old dryer or replace?: how much, washer, Home Depot, pool - House
  182. Rough ballpark estimate to install new deck.: roof, color, furniture - House
  183. know how to clean Victorian brass plate?: homestead, alternatives, cleaner - House
  184. Replaced shower cartridge slow leak??: washer, drain, bathtub, ceiling - House
  185. New dishwasher noise, repair or replace opinion: how much, pool, phone - House
  186. Is PEX still king for plumbing?: drains, gas, lighting, steel - House
  187. Aluminum Siding - Paint or Replace: vinyl, color, light, price - House
  188. replacing outlets in house...has 3 wires and ground: ceiling, light, load
  189. We have mice :(: floor, cleaning, cabinet, glue - House
  190. Substandard new sofa: sofas, curtains, color, sink - House
  191. How do you design & build custom house (Roof, Rafters, framing, cost ?: floor, engineered
  192. Critter in my Office Wall: roof, ceilings, bedrooms, pipe - House
  193. New construction - prewiring options: floor, roof, Home Depot, pool - House
  194. Electrical outlets - replace child safety ones?: washer, appliance, installing - House
  195. Cricket is driving me insane: bedroom, apartment, dogs, better - House
  196. Mortgage Co wants to send unlicensed Inspector for insurance progress ? Illegal ?: pool, kitchen - House
  197. Cap Windows over Old Cement Siding?: asbestos, cost, vent, best - House
  198. Family of 5 lives in a school bus: green - House
  199. HELP clean shea butter off brand new Engineered Hardwoods: cleaner, wood, area - House
  200. New construction - swing set: ceiling, living room, build, load - House