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  1. a/c and heating filters, to use two 1 instead of one 2 ?: Home Depot, furnace - House
  2. A/C in entrance foyer?: how much, washer, ceiling, installed - House
  3. Leaking leach field.: tank, smell, stain, pipe - House
  4. experience with Home Depot roofing? And self adhesive synthetic underlayment?: Lowes, phone - House
  5. Bug Zapper (house, open, memories)
  6. porcelain tile vs glazed ceramic: floor, color, installed, better - House
  7. XL1600 Trane blower motor won't shut down: furnace, appliance, circuit - House
  8. Approach to repair a drywall ceiling hole: paint, install, glue - House
  9. Flexible concrete repair?: build, cracks, best, replacing - House
  10. Odd-looking bathroom water pipes: electric heat, drain, sink, plumber - House
  11. Not using a central vacuum: floor, vacuum cleaner, smell, cleaner - House
  12. Do new textured walls need primer?: floor, painting, light, build - House
  13. Sunken Floor: subfloor, townhouse, windows, tank
  14. Point of use electric water heater: alternatives, Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  15. Insurance release form: company, property, Texas, check - House
  16. Best old-fashioned green for front door...: window, paint color, furniture - House
  17. Ceiling crack in downstairs apartment.: windows, installing, bathroom, building - House
  18. The White House over the years: floor, bedroom, toilets, building
  19. Hardwood Florring Vapor Barrier: subfloor, foundation, plank, installation - House
  20. Painting porch floor....: floors, refinish, color, furniture - House
  21. Electric Free-Standing Range w/Rotisserie; Under $1k?: convert, kitchen, cabinet - House
  22. Bertolini Kitchen Cabinets?: countertop, washer, stove, colors - House
  23. Lights turn on and off as you walk on floor: bedroom, electric - House
  24. No lint trap in my washing machine, clogged sink!: washer, drain, loading - House
  25. Hot tub chemicals and wood treated deck.: engineered, vent, plastic - House
  26. Samsung gas dryer mystery: floor, replace, pump, cheap - House
  27. How big a transformer for residential usage: heating, gas, apartment - House
  28. White Mold on Floor Joists: dehumidifier, washer, windows, basement - House
  29. Was going to stain fence...but pickets have white green blobs?: fences, sealer - House
  30. Clean/sanitize unused under sink RO system?: tank, drain, install - House
  31. winterizing unused bathroom: how much, heat, drains, bathtub - House
  32. Refinishing a wood sideboard/buffet: Home Depot, paint, bathroom, stain - House
  33. Chip in basin of bathtub repair or replace: how much, refinishing, paint - House
  34. grey powdery shavings under my kitchen cabinet: paint, cabinets, steel - House
  35. Softener problem: how much, salt, plastic, moisture - House
  36. Roof Leak Detected During Harvey Hurrican: shingles, hurricane, leaks, cost - House
  37. Overhead Garage Door Squeaks like the Devil: how much, springs, Lowes - House
  38. tile floor sticky with shoes, but not bare feet?!?!?: ceramic, cleaner, bathrooms - House
  39. Antique House Budgeting: subfloor, how much, foundation, central heating
  40. Replacing an air return grille: grill, color, living room, cleaning - House
  41. House Hit by Car - Need Advice: AC, cost, compare
  42. Genei garage door opener, need help.: Home Depot, install, light, price - House
  43. LED Floodlights: how much, roof, heat, lighting - House
  44. Sealing Bluestone Steps: stone, installed, stain, better - House
  45. Best Way To Maintain A Metal Fire Pit: fireplaces, heat, stoves - House
  46. Broken A/C condensation pipe: floor, foundation, air conditioning, drains - House
  47. Replacing dry rot wood siding - job too small and handymen refused to do: painting, repair - House
  48. Sub lease: washer, furnace, heat, insulate - House
  49. Mini split heat pump reverse cycle A/C costs in the US vs other countries: furnace, Lowes - House
  50. Evening shower mud floor: flooring, Home Depot, install, vs - House
  51. What can I do between friendly neighbor and evile HOA: how much, roof - House
  52. Tomato leaking stains: window, paint, sink, kitchen - House
  53. Pool Closing (Pooltree?): engineered, vacuum, cost, pillow - House
  54. The case of the failing GFI...: install, light, code, electrical - House
  55. What is the proper way to prep exterior foam concrete blocks for stucco?: installation, cracks - House
  56. Have a leak after the Hurricane Harvey, roof leak or window leak?: roofing, Lowes - House
  57. Do you use your gas fire pit?: tank, natural gas, cost - House
  58. What is this item?: painting, attic, plastic, wooden - House
  59. :::After RO Install, Kitchen Faucet Developed A Drip: sink, bathroom, damage - House
  60. YUK, sewer back up - look for trouble or no?: subfloor, townhome - House
  61. What do you call windows that are like this?: roof, light, cold - House
  62. HELP exterior House color: roof, vinyl, siding, metal
  63. Asphalt Shingle Marks On Vinyl Siding: how much, roofing, paint, cleaner - House
  64. Flooring: how much, laminate, installed, living room - House
  65. Geothermal Heat Pump Costs: how much, heating oil, install, cost - House
  66. Bad roofing job: painting, installation, cleaning, apartments - House
  67. Attic roof fan - the more the better?: how much, heat, microwave - House
  68. Drywood termites ? - treatment: foundation, pool, bathroom, plumbing - House
  69. Motion light switch: Home Depot, Lowes, curtain, cleaner - House
  70. Basement Utility Closet smells musty: floor, dehumidifier, grills, AC - House
  71. AC maintenance?: dehumidifier, furnaces, heater, insulated - House
  72. Places online to shop for light fixtures? Prefer the style of Cb2 and west elm.: lighting, antique - House
  73. Window Quotation and Order Problems: windows, loading, furniture, kitchen - House
  74. Exterior House Painting in Hot Weather: better
  75. Redoing caulk on sliding door shower: floor, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  76. Lights and outlets dead in master bathroom: sink, smell, installed - House
  77. Knee wall access door: floor, windows, insulating, paint - House
  78. Cleaning grease from kitchen cabinets: wood floors, stove, paint, smells - House
  79. Very powerful security light for the backyard: convert, installed, lighting - House
  80. Shower Curtail Liner - odd shape: curtain, glue, buy, material - House
  81. Blue/ black water in basement?: drain, smell, appliance, cleaning - House
  82. Can low-e coating on windows be damaged by scraping?: insulating, paint, blinds - House
  83. bathroom in pole barn: tank, drain, plumber, toilet - House
  84. Patio Expansion Gap: vs, concrete, cement, ducts - House
  85. Exterminators: foundations, control, expensive - House
  86. Air Purification Systems: how much, washer, furnace, insulated - House
  87. Converting garage to Bedroom: flooring, how much, roof, foundation - House
  88. Dog Proof Screens?: Home Depot, grille, windows, installed - House
  89. Does Anything Work to Restore Light Leather?: paint, stained, repair - House
  90. Bee wax-- do we still use this to lube wood shelves?: better, plastic - House
  91. Putting in a nice mirror cabinet in bathroom: paint, sinks, kitchen - House
  92. Repair woodpecker holes: paint, insulation, square, siding - House
  93. Ejector pump in basement broken?: smell, bathroom, plumber, electrical - House
  94. Freon huffing is a real thing: AC, tank, gas, cost - House
  95. Village has to pay for the main valve replacement: plumber, faucet, leak - House
  96. Home HVAC thermostat questions: floor, furnace, AC, heat - House
  97. wine storage ideas that are cheap?: how much, air conditioning, heating, convert - House
  98. Help understanding the types of roof Underlayment: glass, tile, between - House
  99. Internet/ Security system Pre wire: floor, how much, installing, cost - House
  100. Landscape Lights - Can I mix LED fixtures and halogen fixtures: how much, lighting - House
  101. How often do you have your gas furnace serviced?: floor, furnaces, Air Conditioner - House
  102. Over the range microwave dilemma: countertop, Lowes, stove, smells - House
  103. Wood Vs. Vinyl Fence: color, install, stain, mold - House
  104. Better House or Better Pool? Which Would you Have Bought?: vinyl, pools
  105. Cost of building a modular home: hardwood, vinyl, foundation, heating - House
  106. Resurfacing a wood deck: paint, stain, building, weather - House
  107. Cleaning Waxed Parquet Floors: hardwood floors, vinyl, color, cleaner - House
  108. Driveway cracks - is it worth replacing the driveway?: flooring, how much, refinish - House
  109. I had vynal sheet installed in my basement.: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  110. What is this thing in yard?: sinks, installed, bathroom, plumbing - House
  111. crawlspace moisture and under deck is wet: foundation, drains, smell - House
  112. do you rinse your dishes after putting them through the wash?: dishwasher, cleaner - House
  113. Help I bought a deep freezer and when compressor kicks on flickers lights in kitchen: how much, engineered - House
  114. Shed on side yard would block a window: pools, curtains, install - House
  115. Frog in house: painting, furniture, living room, outside
  116. issues with furnace near master bedroom?: floor, how much, roof - House
  117. How tough (i.e., expensive) is it to enclose a Trex deck?: flooring, roof - House
  118. Why are ductless mini split heat pump/reverse cycle A/C units so expensive to buy and install in the US?: washer, furnace - House
  119. New AC / R22 to 410?: engineered, furnace, converting, install - House
  120. Exterior windows facing another house?: air conditioning, sink, install, master bedroom
  121. On-Line Mattresses?: how much, springs, furniture, apartment - House
  122. how do you keep bedsheets from wrinkling every night?: sofa, pillow, mattresses - House
  123. Trees near house: foundation, costs, building, dogs
  124. Help!! What type of siding is this?: shingles, vinyl, asbestos - House
  125. Bathroom sink slow drain: roof, drains, sinks, plumber - House
  126. Does peppermint oil spray really work to curb mice problem in home?: stove, color - House
  127. way to get ink spots out of clolthing?: color, stain, glass - House
  128. Best Vacuum For All Wood Floors & Area Rugs: hardwood floors, cleaner, furniture - House
  129. Replacing glaze vs. new window?: vinyl, Lowes, windows, install - House
  130. Fleas living in mattress HELP: furniture, washing, mattresses, rated - House
  131. Brush or roller to paint round pillar: dishwashers, windows, painting - House
  132. Favorite home treatment for seriously smelly clothes?: how much, washer, washing - House
  133. bathroom outlet ... 1960 house (PICS): windows, curtain, paint, sink
  134. Insect eggs?: floors, foundation, window, vacuum cleaner - House
  135. finding fridge filter that fits: better, replace, remove, pictures - House
  136. Smart Houses that let you turn on lights, from a distance: AC, heater
  137. How many coats of exterior paint?: how much, heat, color, plank - House
  138. Loose bathroom tile: tiling, floors, how much, vac - House
  139. How often do you replace mattress?: vacuum, cost, building, pillow - House
  140. crawlspace moisture: dehumidifier, AC, water tank, tanks - House
  141. Epoxy floors in the garage?: flooring, alternatives, Home Depot, laminate - House
  142. Member No Kudzu: best, rated, covering, Michigan - House
  143. 7.2 Home Theater Speaker System: ceiling, installing, living room, cost - House
  144. Thinking about installing sump pump(s): floor, foundation, pool, vacuum - House
  145. What risks of leaving house vacant?: install, mold, toilets, leaks
  146. House exterior painting - initial shock: roof, vinyl, window, paint color
  147. French Drain pump?: roof, washer, tank, drains - House
  148. Is there such a company/business that will take all my stuff: townhouses, loading
  149. Another game of Name That Faucet: Home Depot, Lowes, vacuum - House
  150. What is the most people you have ever lived with?: floors, living room - House
  151. Futherest away from your home you have been?: washing, outside, Washington - House
  152. Installing gutter: floor, roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  153. tip/tricks for drilling a hole in tile?: Home Depot, heat, ceramic - House
  154. Cleaning Evap Coil: floor, foundation, furnace, AC - House
  155. Price to paint new house in FL?: floors, color, ceilings
  156. BEWARE. My new handyman just broke a $275 light fixture: grills, paint - House
  157. House Building Advice: hardwood, roof, countertops, laminate
  158. Repair or replace dishwasher?: how much, water heater, loading, cleaner - House
  159. What pending projects are most frustrating for you?: flooring, roof, countertops - House
  160. Buying a house with wood floor crowning: hardwood floor, foundation, townhouse
  161. Need help troubleshooting Plumbing issue main line clog: floor, how much, roof - House
  162. Lights flickering in house.: heat, phones, electrical, circuit
  163. Central Air filter: how much, furnace, pools, AC - House
  164. The white elephant in my basement... I need ideas: pool, heating, ceiling - House
  165. Delivery Ruined Paint Job: floor, plank, repair, worth - House
  166. What have you learned since buying your first home?: floor plans, how much, furnace - House
  167. Flood Risk: condo, hurricane, light, building - House
  168. What The Heck Are Things Called?: alternatives, pool, insulation - House
  169. 15 year granite sealer?: granite countertops, Home Depot, stone, installing - House
  170. Water Heater sitting on the ground: tank, tanks, installed, plumber - House
  171. Home Steam Generator Leak: Home Depot, insulate, drain, paint - House
  172. Nest thermostat and renters: Air Conditioner, rooms, costs, warm - House
  173. Runaway toilet paper: floor, vent, replacing, cement - House
  174. Floating permanent houses?: floor, mold, hurricane, light
  175. Replacing AC: floor, fireplace, furnace, windows - House
  176. Making Inswing French doors to outswing: floor, paint, convert, installed - House
  177. Concrete VS Pavers: pool, drain, plank, installed - House
  178. HELP! What the heck are 'things'?: roof, leaking, price - House
  179. Scorpion inside my bathroom skylight: roof, hurricane, glass, light - House
  180. Sentricon termite colony elimination system: foundation, drain, installation, warm - House
  181. Guest Bath - Paper or regular towels: floor, sinks, bathrooms - House
  182. 12' ceilings and island vent hoods: foundation, grill, stove, appliance - House
  183. Have you ever walked into the wrong house?: stone, price, cold
  184. Ground fault interrupt outlet: how much, water heater, install, pipes - House
  185. toilet paper: Lowes, paint, sink, stone - House
  186. Doorbell: Home Depot, installed, cost, remove - House
  187. Adding a step to this front porch--granite? Or decking material?: vinyl, refinish - House
  188. How do you guys feel about modular homes?: flooring, foundation, Lowes - House
  189. about getting a mortgage... Realtors/mortgage lenders especially, read!: building, load - House
  190. Ordering new kitchen appliances: dishwasher, Home Depot, microwave, stove - House
  191. Home Theater and Sureoind Sound: ceiling, light, cost, building - House
  192. Window Frame Smells like mold: vinyl, windows, paint, installing - House
  193. Patio furniture recommendations?: Home Depot, sofas, paint, room - House
  194. Washer and Dryer: washers, front loader, pool, laminate - House
  195. Retaining wall-timber vs stone/brick: how much, Lowes, installed, steel - House
  196. share feedback on your self-monitoring wi-fi home security w cameras system: phones, installing - House
  197. How Can I Get Water Stains Out of Leather?: couch, stain, working - House
  198. Reviews in my shopping catalogue.: my fireplace, replace - House
  199. Searching for soft light fairy lights for Xmas: compare, warm, new - House
  200. Security camera with FTP upload to server: loading, company, second - House