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  1. Home walls with white/light-beige vs. walls with colors: color, furniture, warm - House
  2. Changing out kitchen faucet...a concern with junction box: installed, disposal, vent - House
  3. If you have doors that stick or hard to open in winter or muggy summer: painting, cold - House
  4. Bathroom smells bad only in the night: subfloor, windows, heat - House
  5. Attic Air Handler and Indoor Air Quality: heat, ceiling, installed - House
  6. Foundations poured in sub zero weather?: foundation, heat, warm, building - House
  7. Peel-and-stick wallpaper: paint, kitchen, apartment, remove - House
  8. Napoleon BBQ conversion to propane: converting, natural gas, buy - House
  9. quick plumbing: water heater, drain, plumber, faucets - House
  10. Refrigerator off-balance?: vacuum, repair, remove, table - House
  11. Fixing dishwasher: drain, cleaning, kitchen, vinegar - House
  12. Slippery bath tub: installed, coat, new, using - House
  13. have an electric heat pump water heater?: furnace, window, air conditioning - House
  14. Wayfair's child company Birch Lane has better prices. Has shopped there?: how much, sofas - House
  15. Is Schlage B60 deadbolt bump-resistant?: installed, light, build, company - House
  16. Grout Lines: floor, cleaning, square, tile - House
  17. Seal exterior crawl space access and install in house instead?: floors, foundation
  18. Prairie Windows vs Colonial Grids: mullions, light, building, iron - House
  19. Does your condo have the 'walls in' policy? (what you are responsible for): how much, fireplace - House
  20. Is it mold on the bed?: floor, roof, windows, smell - House
  21. Cement board butting up against drywall: installing, bathroom, shower, leak - House
  22. Ease of use vacuums - cordless and handheld: hardwood, vinyl, vacuum cleaner - House
  23. Need a replacement boiler, which one ?: floor, furnace, AC, gas - House
  24. Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Identification?: Home Depot, cleaner, glue, standard
  25. Best decking material for lower NY?: heat, installed, glass, concrete - House
  26. Long spout for Roman Tub: shower, leak, price, tile - House
  27. Foundation problems?: building, slab, cracks, moisture - House
  28. Vinyl Siding Job in South Jersey: roofing, windows, insulated, installing - House
  29. Single plate corner connections: roof, ceiling, installation, insulation - House
  30. Gap between studs and top plate: floor, loading, ceiling, install - House
  31. Moving soon to Kalipsell: fireplaces, stove, bedroom, gas - House
  32. Need an odd CPVC elbow: paint, room, replace, remove - House
  33. lean-to shed off garage ... concrete pad, door,: flooring, foundation, window - House
  34. 3 rat hole below A/C air handler: insulation, steel, basement - House
  35. Questions about sewer cleaning and using pressure washers: drain, bathtubs, sinks - House
  36. What is this electrical item in my garage?: opener, pool, air conditioning - House
  37. What critter created mud tubes?: build, vent, Oregon, area - House
  38. Best adhesive for rubber to tile: Home Depot, bathroom, glue, cement - House
  39. Rowhouse vs Townhouse: roof, townhouses, apartment, condo
  40. Hardie vs. LP SmartSide lap siding?: engineered, vinyl, paint, installation - House
  41. Black pipe measurements: how much, plumbing, pipes, building - House
  42. Minor flood- chest freezer OK?: dehumidifier, vacuum, smell, cleaner - House
  43. Bathtub faucet water temp swings wildly: water heater, appliance, bathroom, plumbing - House
  44. HVAC Help!: AC, heat, drain, smells - House
  45. HUD Home fixer uper or pass??: flooring, roof, washer, furnace - House
  46. use an air-fryer? Particularly a GoWise 5.8?: grill, smell, gas - House
  47. Cost of New Central Heating and Air Conditioning?: furnace, grills, heater - House
  48. Help me on Design Center Process/Builder process: flooring, how much, foundation - House
  49. Should I paint the roof eaves another color?: how much, roof shingles, washer - House
  50. Tony: installed, code, fix, door - House
  51. Etching in marble countertop: better, duct, sanding, spots - House
  52. Help Identify Drain Line in my House: AC, water heater, drains
  53. Tanning bed 220 outlet: how much, light, electric, replacing - House
  54. Hello, have body tried this?: weather, best, home - House
  55. New vs old gas wall furnaces: heater, living room, chimney, vent - House
  56. Wrong kind of paint for a bedroom wall?: floor, Lowes, color - House
  57. Vinyl Replacement Window Installation: windows, heat, installing, insulation - House
  58. Recommended Washing Machine Hoses: countertop, dishwasher, pool, Lowes - House
  59. Leak on Outside Water Pipe- How to Repair?: water heater, vacuum, glue - House
  60. Best way to get rid of smoke smell?: stove, apartment, light - House
  61. how to clean acid spiil mark on the cement floor?: flooring, colors - House
  62. Where is my A/C control board? (C-wire install): furnace, heat, replace - House
  63. Can melamine panel/sheet be painted?: Home Depot, light, duct, panels - House
  64. Are proper washer/dryer hookups?: washers, drain, sink, installing - House
  65. Plumbing is annoying: flooring, how much, roof, drains - House
  66. HVAC alternatives in basement: furnace, heater, insulate, ceiling - House
  67. Venting for a new roof in San Diego: roofing, AC, heat - House
  68. Kitchen sink has very low water pressure: washer, cabinet, plumber - House
  69. When I update my house..: floors, windows, heat, curtains
  70. Thermostat Short Cycling: vs, weather, HVAC, table - House
  71. Having numerous stains your idea on door.: exterior, wood, coat - House
  72. Heat Pump water heaters: Air Conditioners, water heater, tanks, appliance - House
  73. FHA appraisal and paint requirements: vinyl, foundation, windows, painting - House
  74. Drain Flies in bathroom-Where are they hiding: floor, drains, sink - House
  75. What's your favorite Kitchen Sink?: granite, dishwasher, drain, bathtub - House
  76. bizarre house noise during storm: furnace, windows, insulated, plumbing
  77. Pickwick/V-groove pine paneling: floors, heat, color, cleaner - House
  78. Does this look like it could be natural or someone put it there?: leaking, walls - House
  79. Vent free gas stove: floor, fireplaces, heaters, stoves - House
  80. What type of pest is this?: iron, termites, Durham, second - House
  81. Garage wall materials: Plywood, OSB, Drywall?: heat, insulate, painting, ceiling - House
  82. AC Coil or Freon: heating, installed, detector, gas - House
  83. Think I ruined paint with magic eraser!: hardwood, paint color, appliance - House
  84. Garage door spring sizing / replacement?: springs, color, cost, codes - House
  85. Guests wearing shoes inside your house: hardwood floors, how much, colors, cleaner
  86. Flexible Gas line.: flooring, laminate, grill, windows - House
  87. KITCHEN REMODEL redux -- turning my LIVING ROOM into the kitchen (PICS): hardwood floors, roof - House
  88. Light bulbs occasionally blinking out: AC, heating, appliance, ceiling - House
  89. sticky stuff off laminate flooring: Home Depot, paint, furniture, installed - House
  90. New kitchen counter existing cast iron sink: lien, floor, roof - House
  91. 4 bedroom vs 5 bedroom house: floor, pool, heating, ceilings
  92. 3D Printed homes - the way of the future - a solution to affordable housing: how much, living room - House
  93. Wallpaper glue on drywall: painting, cleaner, bathroom, molding - House
  94. Kit to build a house: hardwood, roof, opener, insulated
  95. Grinder pump and sewer vs septic tank: tanks, drain, install - House
  96. Getting rid of mice (professionally)...: wooden windows, phone, smell, dryer - House
  97. Stuck Flapper: tank, color, toilets, steel - House
  98. How Womb-Like Is Your House?: fireplace, windows, heat, insulated
  99. Mailbox being damaged by mail deliverer: steel, pipe, concrete, vent - House
  100. Indoor to Outdoor Table: Home Depot, heat, paint, furniture - House
  101. Rustoleum Restore ruined my deck - options?: painting, staining, build - House
  102. New kitchen countertops and backsplash: how much, engineered, granite, heat - House
  103. Need a good paint sprayer for kitchen cab doors: color, cabinets, outside - House
  104. Options for turning wood panel wall into a more modern wall: how much, window - House
  105. Heat Ducts in Mobile Homes: flooring, furnace, windows, vacuum - House
  106. Upgrade to hardwood in family room?: hardwood floor, engineered, vinyl, Lowes - House
  107. Bathroom color scheme beige or gray?: bathtub, paint color, sinks, furniture - House
  108. Walk through with constuction manager: floor, foundation, paint, cabinet - House
  109. Scraping a large window a/c: Air Conditioners, paint, appliance, prices - House
  110. my poor roof: roofing, fireplace, installation, chimney - House
  111. identify unwelcome guests: paint, smell, plumbing, price - House
  112. Knocking down a house, but leaving a partial frame?: foundation, bathrooms, kitchen
  113. Neighbors tree limb and shingle damage: roofing, cost, siding, repairing - House
  114. Electrical stoves and window AC units: Air Conditioners, heat, room, kitchens - House
  115. Tell me why you'd go with a traditional tub/shower combo.: heat, bathtubs - House
  116. Renovations Often Not Really Needed: floor, countertop, vacuum cleaner, drain - House
  117. Bill Pulte died: vinyl, install, build, siding - House
  118. Remodeler says folks with big kitchens don't cook that often: granite, room - House
  119. Well Water Tastes Like A Dead Animal: Lowes, conditioner, tank - House
  120. High radon level DIY Project ?: floor, how much, foundation, drain - House
  121. Fixing Horizontal Crack in Basement: foundation, drain, cost, repair - House
  122. Why are most windows frame white?: Home Depot, heat, color, installed - House
  123. Is there a mold killer that actually works?: Home Depot, bathtub, painting - House
  124. Level it or leave it?: subfloor, how much, vinyl, foundation - House
  125. Replacement for Sliding Patio Door: ceiling, installed, room, blinds - House
  126. 100 year old stone bungalow????: vinyl, paint, installed, dining room - House
  127. Popcorn ceiling and asbestos: paint, ceilings, bathroom, vent - House
  128. heat pump vs space heater efficiency: how much, roof, furnace, AC - House
  129. Toilet/Plumbing: hardwood floors, vinyl, washers, tank - House
  130. Why one-storied house is preferred?: window, smells, living room, cleaning
  131. Stacked Washer and Dryer: drain, sink, appliance, installed - House
  132. Lime on granite: granite countertops, cleaner, stone, stains - House
  133. Water Heater - How often should it be drained: how much, tank, drains - House
  134. Contractor changing amount: floor, roof, plank, convert - House
  135. Bed Sheets Where?: colors, smell, light, cost - House
  136. laying tile on old vinyl over concrete: flooring, foundation, laminate - House
  137. Bathrooms with no doors - why??: floor, window, bathtub, curtains - House
  138. I don't understand why people mount TVs over fireplaces....: floor, window, ceilings - House
  139. My neighbors built illegal deck and flooded my house 3 times!: drain, asbestos
  140. Fiberglass tub shower repair or replace: flooring, vinyl, countertop, foundation - House
  141. Finished basement vs will Finish basement later - $$ or $$$$: floors, townhome, family room - House
  142. about HOA conflict of interest: condo, vent, best, construction - House
  143. Washing machine over flowed today.: dishwasher, heater, phone, drain - House
  144. 1/2 OSB as subfloor: vinyl, ceramic, ceiling, installation - House
  145. cutting electric power: AC, heater, appliance, gas - House
  146. A Primer on Water Heaters: tank, drain, installed, shower - House
  147. Jetted Tubs: dishwasher, sink, install, cleaning - House
  148. Wood Stove? Pellet Stove?: roof, fireplace, furnace, heaters - House
  149. Frozen pipes burst in rental home. hrll: floor, heating, insulated - House
  150. Roomba, Deebot, robot vacuums: microwave, kitchen, vs, refrigerator - House
  151. Why do people want to raise HOA fees?: how much, painting, condo - House
  152. What Have You Recently Bought For Your House That You Would Recommend??: countertop, washer
  153. What Have You Recently Bought For Your House That You Regret??: floor, how much
  154. going tankless - Water Heater!!: floor, dishwasher, tank, insulated - House
  155. Landscaping Reported to Code Enforcement: lien, costs, warm, codes - House
  156. Has ever been to a fully tiled home?: flooring, vinyl, laminate - House
  157. Electric outlet replacement: heat, vacuum, insulated, microwave - House
  158. Pex Or Copper Plumbing?: sinks, installation, bathroom, kitchen - House
  159. What To Put Into Built In Planter That Won't Look Tacky??: colors, ceramic - House
  160. Convert powder room to closet: floor, how much, paint, converting - House
  161. Tomorrow morning I plan to replace the anode rod in my Water heater.: floor, Home Depot - House
  162. Bids that come in over budget: how much, gas, costs, best - House
  163. Carpet vs. wood for stairs?: hardwood, refinish, install, glue - House
  164. Basement woes and tips: floor, foundation, indoor pool, windows - House
  165. Adding additional insulation in the crawlspace: wood floors, how much, dehumidifier, insulated - House
  166. about PVC trim: shingles, engineered, vinyl, grill - House
  167. Replace Circline Fluorescent: Home Depot, ceiling, room, lighting - House
  168. garage door opener repair: ceiling, install, hurricane, light - House
  169. Replace ALL toilet water valves?: bathroom, plumber, building, upstairs - House
  170. Mystery bug bites?! Help!: heat, couch, build, pillow - House
  171. Will pressure treated wood start to 'go bad' if it sits outside under weather elements?: installation, warm - House
  172. Mobile Home Experts Needed: slate, steel, building, basement - House
  173. KITCHEN REMODEL -- thinking of getting this 48 range (PICS): Home Depot, Lowes - House
  174. about problem with shower door?: washers, install, glass, price - House
  175. How to thoroughly clean broken glass at home?: floor, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  176. device that will turn on my outside light at dusk?: alternatives, Lowes - House
  177. Wood Siding vs Vinyl Siding on an old house: hardwood, double pane windows, insulating
  178. i have a: paint, install, apartment, outside - House
  179. Sewer Grinder Pumps: how much, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  180. Help choosing smart thermostat: furnace, hot water baseboard, installed, bedrooms - House
  181. Removing a fiberglass shower enclosure: installed, bathroom, glue, plumber - House
  182. Toilet professionals: tank, smell, cleaner, install - House
  183. My house is falling apart!: roof, ceiling, installed, leaking
  184. do your windows have screens?: pool, cleaner, apartments, glass - House
  185. Removing bathroom wallpaper: paint, glue, toilet, build - House
  186. Townhouse vs Row House. Are they the same?: fireplace, townhouses, window
  187. Need help with paint color !: Home Depot, ceiling, room, lighting - House
  188. Moldy Siding: foundation, washer, paint, cleaning - House
  189. Old Home Heating Issues: flooring, roof, furnaces, hot water heater - House
  190. Water Softner Sizing: tanks, install, plumber, cost - House
  191. Help Me With Fountains ): granite, install, build, concrete - House
  192. Portable (Room) Air-Conditioners: windows, AC, heat, insulated - House
  193. Bathroom Deodorizing - Matches vs. Spray: window, smell, living room, toilet - House
  194. Questions for who use pressure washers for car washes and other things: Home Depot, heat - House
  195. New construction - Dual Furnace and A/C system: floor, roof, air conditioning - House
  196. Water heater and trouble with American Home Sheild: tank, color, installation - House
  197. Should I just buy a new washing machine? Spin cycle out of control...: washers, springs - House
  198. Allergy Issues in New House: flooring, window, phone, smell
  199. devious washing machine: washer, drain, appliance, replace - House
  200. Vinyl board and batten siding - House