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  1. grinding cement floors: carpeting, leveling, area, new - House
  2. Advice on Foundation repair: slab, upstairs, damage, cracks - House
  3. Cost to replumb bathroom?: floor, drain, install, bathrooms - House
  4. How important is Janka when it comes to selecting wood floors: flooring, refinish - House
  5. HVAC Thermostat about replacement (picture): dehumidifier, air conditioning, electrical, wiring - House
  6. Basement Pole: painting, installation, room, steel - House
  7. Window Air Conditioner for small windows: floor, Air Conditioners, bedroom, code - House
  8. Cleaning vent covers: roof, vacuum, painting, concrete - House
  9. Vertical/step crack in brick exterior of home: floor, how much, roof - House
  10. Trimming spray foam........: install, flush, drywall, cheap - House
  11. Safe Cleaning For Polished Nickel & Chrome: cleaner, bathroom, kitchen - House
  12. I need to set up wireless hotspot-options?: how much, phone, installing - House
  13. Clothes Dryer Settings: Lowes, heat, cleaner, room - House
  14. Air Handler has mold but how do I get to it?: humidifier, furnace - House
  15. Bathroom Paint Peeling and Alligatoring: window, painting, ceilings, bathrooms - House
  16. Painting concrete: floor, stain, weather, duct - House
  17. Paint Scraping, How much Paint?!: painting, vs, better, company - House
  18. Lighting dimmer switch with auto dimmer?: heater, cold, ducts, mount - House
  19. Can't shut off Water!: springs, water tank, loading, bathtub - House
  20. Hardwood floor coating with scratch resistance?: refinish, color, sink, smell - House
  21. painting roof flashing: heat, installed, flush, buy - House
  22. Plumbing: tank, bathroom, kitchen, showers - House
  23. Safety of posting link to house?: remove, location, home
  24. Aerial Eastement - Utility Company: phone, build, washing, worth - House
  25. Connect Timer to outside faucet: what is this white plastic blocking it?: washer, vacuum - House
  26. Typical cost of an evap coil?: roof, heating, install, leaking - House
  27. Underground air line: tank, tanks, drains, ceiling - House
  28. 23 wide oven: kitchen, build, outside, replace - House
  29. Water from one faucet smells/tastes weird: Lowes, installed, plumber - House
  30. Spec houses vs custom-built: floor plans, how much, roof, foundation
  31. Do we really need to change the valves?: washers, installing, bathrooms - House
  32. 8ft storm door(screen/glass): Lowes, install, price, ranges - House
  33. Outside AC unit running in Winter: dehumidifier, furnace, heater, installed - House
  34. Site Plan for Condo: how much, cost, build, removal - House
  35. Wall heater thermocouple only lasted a couple of years, is this common or rare: replace, buy - House
  36. Water taste with new plumbing: sink, smell, installed, bathroom - House
  37. Condensate Pump leak and humidifier leak do I need a new one?: furnace, AC - House
  38. Squirrels - Gutter Guards To Install: roof, paint, chimney - House
  39. New construction electric roughin?: water heater, stove, installed, dryer - House
  40. Repaint concrete floor with cobblestone design: flooring, refinish, color, stain - House
  41. Lay New Floor Tiles Over Old?: laminate, living room, kitchen, carpet - House
  42. Gutter cleaning using pressure washer: shingles, window, drains, install - House
  43. Serious flooding in yard. Believe it is neighbor / Main water line: how much, pools - House
  44. Best way to clean screens on screen porch?: Lowes, vacuum, ceiling - House
  45. How much electricity do standby/supposedly off applications actually use?: insulation, light - House
  46. Is picture window a good option?: floor, windows, AC, curtains - House
  47. 15/20 minutes to wipe of excess grout..conflicting directions: floor, how much, bathroom - House
  48. Power: dishwasher, AC, lights, building - House
  49. Lights Off / Breaker NOT tripped: opener, heat, ceiling, installed - House
  50. Soft walls: curtain, wall, new - House
  51. Kidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a Fire: installed, 2014 - House
  52. Doorknob/lockset for exterior door exposed to the elements: cleaner, installed, cleaning - House
  53. Weird Breaker Issue: lights, pipe, basement, electrical - House
  54. Group Lawn Care.: how much, roof, townhouses, colors
  55. Weird Irrigation Valve Situation: cleaning, leak, pipe, build - House
  56. White water mold: pool, drain, cleaning, iron - House
  57. had Milgard window?: paint, glass, between, expensive - House
  58. Resurface/Repair front steps. What type of concrete is this: pools, colors - House
  59. What type of framing is this?: building, siding, wood, material - House
  60. Water Damage, Mitigation, Restoration: floor, dehumidifier, Home Depot, drain - House
  61. Space saver bags: vacuum, pillow, brands, seal - House
  62. Want a new storm door on 1998 Palm Harbor double wide: roof, vinyl - House
  63. V-shaped curtain rod brackets for inside mounting: windows, curtains, install - House
  64. 2 Ton HVAC outside unit that's 24 wide: roof, condo, cost - House
  65. About an Interior Basement Wall: foundation, insulate, insulation, glass - House
  66. 2 water heaters questions: dishwashers, tank, tanks, drain - House
  67. Shower door: vinyl, curtain, bathroom, showerhead - House
  68. How long should soft close drawers: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, appliance, kitchen - House
  69. My father told me in the old days homes used to have wooden windows.: vinyl, glass - House
  70. Slab showers: granite, converting, bathroom, stained - House
  71. Window fogging (insulated glass units): vinyl, windows, heat, phone - House
  72. Roofing in the rain: installing, light, better, existing - House
  73. radon pipe has water: floor, roof, foundation, vacuum - House
  74. Dominion's Water Line Insurance: cost, repair, worth, replacement - House
  75. Shed color: window, light, shutters, rate - House
  76. about low voltage landscape lighting: Home Depot, installing, cost, codes - House
  77. 2 window air conditioners or portable AC unit: floor, Home Depot, windows - House
  78. Wow - lousy plumbing?: tank, phone, install, room - House
  79. A bad day.: how much, roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  80. Combo topic - is it ok to have two different colored floors in a 2 story house and what is wrong with Chinese made floor: hardwood, windows
  81. HOA Reserve Investing: price, worth, company, mount - House
  82. Do thresholds serve a purpose? Leave in or take out?: subfloor, laminate - House
  83. Ants on counter: window, stove, sink, smells - House
  84. Years later old renter still using my address: phone, outside, company - House
  85. Help Picking a Water Softener: how much, Home Depot, pool, tanks - House
  86. A/C Thermostat - battery powered: AC, compare, warm, vs - House
  87. How to keep dogs from peeing on my dumb American lawn: fence, best - House
  88. Bare minimum tools: paint, room, molding, glue - House
  89. MDF / HDF for beadboard/waiscotting - would you use it: painting, smells - House
  90. Deck Problem: window, paint, stain, cost - House
  91. Amanda Freezer soft ice cream: vacuum, repair, vents, cold - House
  92. Wood Fence sides.. neighbors and maintainence: installation, codes, standard, outside - House
  93. Kitchen install error, they will not correct.: lien, stove, cabinets - House
  94. Gas Hot Water Heater Gives out an Explosive Sound and Goes Dead: roof, Home Depot - House
  95. What in the actual *bleep* is this thing?: roof, dishwasher, furnace - House
  96. Sewer Smell in bathroom: how much, drains, sinks, smells - House
  97. Whitening Boxer Shorts?: color, sink, smell, cleaner - House
  98. Fluorescent lights in garage ceiling not working. Do I need to call a electrician?: how much, color - House
  99. Can wireless ISP signals be jammed?: phone, microwave, appliance, light - House
  100. Best surveillance system for exterior of house: window, lights, dogs
  101. repair or buy another?: shingles, foundation, install, dining room - House
  102. Vintage 1972 Kitchenaid Dishwasher: pool, drain, sink, appliance - House
  103. Pre-approval/Pre-qualification: ceiling, price, versus, code - House
  104. My attic air handling unit won't turn off - help: furnace, AC - House
  105. A/C unit boosters: how much, AC, heaters, rooms - House
  106. Hostile HOA: how much, worth, best, forced - House
  107. A decent Riding lawn mower for my dumb American Lawn: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  108. Golf ball cracked window - do I have recourse?: condo, hurricane - House
  109. New home ac issues: heating, leaks, warm, circuit - House
  110. Tips on using Window Glazing?: windows, painting, installing, glass - House
  111. Missing Shingles- Patch?: roofing, phone, color, installed - House
  112. Is an interior decorator the right one for this job, or...?: flooring, paint color - House
  113. Sump pump for below grade garage, is this sufficient?: floors, roof, foundation - House
  114. What brand of a refrigirator is decent?: Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  115. What would you do ? Need advice.: roof, convert, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  116. Ice maker stopped working...: pool, appliance, faucet, refrigerator - House
  117. Schools of on hardwood flooring installation: subfloor, engineered, alternatives - House
  118. Home Emergency Kit Must Haves?: grill, convert, gas, duct - House
  119. We Should Just Move...Right? - Rude Neighbors, Small Lot: curtains, bedrooms - House
  120. The American Lawn. What a waste of time and money: apartment, warm - House
  121. What should I wash my grays with? Whites or Coloreds?: color, lights - House
  122. Cleaning a condemned house: hardwood floors, vinyl, vac, paint
  123. Can we paint a gold faucet? Good idea or bad idea?: color, ceiling - House
  124. How to get rid of termites?: foundation, Home Depot, Lowes, rooms - House
  125. Irrigation Valves: glue, leaking, repair, vent - House
  126. Earthquakes, asbestos, and lead oh my!: wooden windows, heat, colors, ceiling - House
  127. New Water Heater: AC, tank, stove, install - House
  128. Washlets: installing, kitchen, plumber, toilets - House
  129. Water Pressure Photo included: how much, washer, color, sink - House
  130. What's a good mouse trap? Is this a good one Meolin Walk The Plank Mouse Trap.: smell, glue - House
  131. Hardwood floor rehab help: laminate, refinishing, color, plank - House
  132. First time remodeler: flooring, Home Depot, Lowes, appliance - House
  133. Is there turn-key solution to building a home on vacant lot?: how much, roof - House
  134. Refinishing Old Hardwood floors that are damaged...: stove, cleaner, furniture - House
  135. Septic aerator pump hum driving me mad: insulate, installed, bedroom - House
  136. Jetted tub has no access panel!: bathtubs, paint, bathroom, cabinet - House
  137. Townhouse Never Again: floor, townhouses, pools, window
  138. Toilet Smell: roof, tank, smells, bathroom - House
  139. House burned down: how much, basement, vent, fence
  140. What to do with a derelict pool?: storm shelter, vinyl, drain - House
  141. Old Mobile Home...: wood floors, roof, insulation, slate - House
  142. In THIS case, would it be less expensive to remodel or start fresh?: floor, roof - House
  143. When you left home , what did your parents do with your bedroom?: sofa, couch - House
  144. Enclosing under deck for lawnmower storage: floor, room, glass, build - House
  145. Worth it to seal the basement?: floor, how much, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  146. How old is your water heater: Lowes, hot water heater, drain, plumber - House
  147. Need a new mattress, suggestions if you have plush: sink, bedroom - House
  148. where to put your purse as a guest in a home ?: floor, how much - House
  149. Homeadvisor Lawsuit: phone, plumber, price, build - House
  150. Adding Washer and Electric Dryer (no vent) to Condo Unit?: washers, pool - House
  151. Adding bathroom and closet: floor, windows, heat, bathtub - House
  152. Good God! I Just Want A Garage Door That Works For Home! Help!: opener, Home Depot - House
  153. Guys what do you think of this house?: floor, roof, windows
  154. Did you get Utility line insurance?: springs, phone, installation, gas - House
  155. school me on ridge vents: how much, roofing, AC, heating - House
  156. Mattress in a box: bedrooms, mattresses, worth, best - House
  157. Heating Sources?: floor, furnaces, Lowes, windows - House
  158. Building Dept denied request to build fence and gate, now my house is broken into: window, toilet
  159. Contractor License for Roofing: heating, between, plywood, purchase - House
  160. New construction, drywall finishing issue: flooring, window, paint, ceilings - House
  161. Shrub and tree maintenance help: brands, vent, better, between - House
  162. Dishwasher soap dispenser won't open: appliance, build, repair, load - House
  163. Vibrations when using water after opening hose bibb shut off: floor, washer - House
  164. Dimmable security light bulbs: Home Depot, install, detector, costs - House
  165. Habitat Restore: flooring, sofa, stove, sinks - House
  166. Outdoor kitchen recommendation: granite, pool, grills, sink - House
  167. Increasing Security of Accessible Roofs: floor, roof, windows, paint - House
  168. Thoughts on this House Exterior: roof, windows, curtains, colors
  169. Odd: sulfur smell in basement, smoke alarms going off: floor, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  170. double-pane window fogging: vinyl, Lowes, windows, heat - House
  171. Inflating Air Mattress With Late Wife's Hair Dryer: floor, heating, electric - House
  172. Builder Deposit At Contract: cost, concrete, construction, buy - House
  173. Buying a house! help with ? Plywood under carpet laid over concrete?: subfloor, foundation
  174. The Good and Bad side of early morning workmen: how much, roofing, phone - House
  175. Outdoor Security Camera Questions: light, cost, outside, best - House
  176. Range hood installation, problems adding duct through roof?: furnace, insulated, ceiling - House
  177. Repairs in apartment before I move out: color, furniture, cleaning - House
  178. Injuries Suffered By People Performing Paid Chores On Your Property: roof, vent - House
  179. Electric motor wiring (with a picture): stove, color, bathroom - House
  180. Best dust buster for home use ....: Home Depot, vacuum, replacement, cement - House
  181. Remnants of bird's nest/debris clogging my dryer vent from the outside...: how much, Lowes - House
  182. Pergola colors...: how much, roof, window, railing - House
  183. Has tried washing their house without a power washer?: vinyl, dishwasher
  184. Are foam mattresses good?: prices, pillow, better, between - House
  185. Deterring birds from nesting in decorative wreaths?: windows, ceiling, install - House
  186. At my wits end with weeds that won't die: light, warm, weather - House
  187. Your idea of a Dream Home: flooring, roof, engineered, fireplace - House
  188. Why is stucco used primarily in the south west?: vinyl, color, plank - House
  189. What is this floor/slab type called?: flooring, laminate, heating - House
  190. Is it worth redoing my kitchen?: floor, countertops, Home Depot, laminate - House
  191. Dryer Vent Cleaning-Tube Now Falls Off?: AC, pipe, standard, outside - House
  192. What housework did you last do?: dishwasher, room, cleaning, basement
  193. This is so obvious I could kick myself... Home Depot and Lowes Lumber: home project, price - House
  194. Can my insurance cover this pipe leak ?: kitchen, cabinets, mold - House
  195. New neighbor put kitchen sink in his garage and drains to my side.: smell, convert - House
  196. Design access for a row garden on a steep slope: color, stairs - House
  197. Why are so many crap homes with solar panels?: lien, shingles, townhouse
  198. In what scenarios home insurance covers internal water damages ?: floor, how much, roof - House
  199. tried the Sharp robot floor and carpet vacuum??? - House
  200. Cool Roof Tax Credit?: installing, energy, rated, San Diego - House