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  1. Is fascia board really necessary?: roofing, painting, plank, ceilings - House
  2. has experience with stucco'd foam privacy wall/fence: company, material, California - House
  3. Air compressor problem: drain, cleaning, repair, company - House
  4. Building new fence or repairing with neighbor, disagreements: cost, replacing, cement - House
  5. Storing Fabric Items in Garage: damage, clothes, plastic, rubber - House
  6. Outdoor furniture: Pawleys Island vs Highwood vs....: refinishing, paint, interior - House
  7. Connect dehumidifier drain to furnace humidifier condensate pump?: plumber, leak, pipes - House
  8. Cost of freezer or fridge plastic parts.: compare, refrigerator, repair - House
  9. Discoloration of heat pump on rental home: AC, heater, paint - House
  10. A Challenge to All...: how much, kitchen, staining, slate - House
  11. Solid hardwood flooring vs newer others: subfloor, engineered, vinyl - House
  12. Brick Mortar Color: how much, room, iron, between - House
  13. Which keys to carry: window, sink, code, exterior - House
  14. Wet Thermo Ply on a new construction home: phone, drain, mold - House
  15. Is it ok to put foam insulation on exterior AC Elbow Cover?: heat, insulated - House
  16. Best Floor for Florida: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, laminate - House
  17. Wood wall panels: floor, insulated, ceilings, installing - House
  18. another wasp: fireplaces, windows, vacuum, smell - House
  19. Insulating attic with 25+ year old roof: heat, stone, installed - House
  20. Wiring a new ceiling fan and remote: installation, room, light - House
  21. Metal Pole Barn - Fly Control: window, insulated, insulation, cost - House
  22. Access panel for jetted tub: floor, ceiling, glue, wood - House
  23. Recommendations for replacement sliding doors: vinyl, paint, installed, glass - House
  24. Dimmable LED tubes for basement: alternatives, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  25. When you have remodeling work done at your house...: flooring, how much, roofing
  26. dowel rods????: ceiling, convert, condo, price - House
  27. How to fix windows...: vinyl, springs, bedroom, glass - House
  28. Sanding wood: paint, stain, rated, Madison - House
  29. Sanding a Deck - Prepping for Paint or Stain: washer, Home Depot, color - House
  30. Kenmore washing machine not cycling?: loading, fix, direct - House
  31. Hanging Stained Glass Outdoors: fireplace, Lowes, windows, paint - House
  32. Cabinet Door Refinishing Mistake, Coming Back From It?: color, furniture, installing - House
  33. So I found this Medieval Gate: furniture, stone, install, building - House
  34. DIY - Insect Pesticides.... keeping the ants, spiders out: foundation, flea - House
  35. HVAC repair tech claims rectifer in HVAC unit failed: AC, heat, convert - House
  36. The Bridge House, Hancock Park LA area: vent
  37. NJ basement french drain cost: roof, foundation, alternatives, phone - House
  38. questions about AC: floor, how much, window, Air Conditioners - House
  39. Magazine Feature Story: best, buying, homeowner, Chicago - House
  40. Is glass door handle a good choice?: material, metal, using - House
  41. Hairline Cracks in Bathroom Floor Tiles: subfloor, foundation, ceiling, bathrooms - House
  42. Simplicity 42” riding mower: company - House
  43. Florescent lights slow to come on: roof, insulated, ceiling, installed - House
  44. Patio pavers Techo-bloc colors: color, installed, slate, vent - House
  45. AZ Irrigation: PVC vs Poly?: installed, pipe, warm, build - House
  46. Best underlayment for laminate?: flooring, how much, townhouse, installing
  47. R22 Refrigerant phasing out: tank, tanks, pumps, older - House
  48. Tub Issue-bathliner: floor, drain, refinishing, bathtubs - House
  49. Squeaking Noise From Home Fan When A/C Is Off: Air Conditioner, cost - House
  50. Household Hints: cleaning, toilet, mop
  51. Past to present homes: hardwood, roof, pool, ceilings - House
  52. Corrosion at shower valve in wall? Both lines: showers, pipes, iron - House
  53. Pinterest concrete bathroom: bathrooms, plumbing, building, basement - House
  54. Securities door and window sensor: Recessed vs regular: phones, installation, glass - House
  55. Fixing a sink supply line: installed, plumbing, faucet, repair - House
  56. Need recommendation for home alarm monitoring service?: phone, installation, prices - House
  57. The cost of A/C in an apartment: floors, window, AC - House
  58. Venting a drop down ceiling....: AC, heat, insulated, ceilings - House
  59. Shower Wall Issue: floor, drain, installation, bathroom - House
  60. a plumbing: install, insulation, plumber, faucet - House
  61. LED Recessed luminaires doubts: ceiling, installation, light, cost - House
  62. New: tile, best, remove, duct - House
  63. Now it's raining ants: floor, vacuum, ceiling, dining room - House
  64. Peeling ceiling plaster: roof, paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  65. my niece bought an air conduction cooker: countertop, best, ovens - House
  66. No Soil Under Part of Basement Foundation Near Sump/Sewage Pumps - Normal?: engineered, smell - House
  67. asbestos: paint, insulation, pipe, building - House
  68. Remove self-stick tile adhesive from terrazzo: floor, vinyl, washer, Home Depot - House
  69. Removing hot and cold kitchen hoses ?: sink, plumber, faucet, pipe - House
  70. Dying-off bug infestation causing horrible smell: weather, vinegar, mount, yard - House
  71. Should I repair or replace wood sidings?: roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  72. GE Paintable Silicone or Titebond Weathermaster Polymer for Exterior: build, interior, iron - House
  73. - hear of this company?: plumber, pipes, build - House
  74. Electrical issue: insulation, lights, circuit, better - House
  75. Fleas in home just purchased....: vacuum, bathtub, living room, carpet - House
  76. What is this electrical panel?: hot water heater, room, code, circuit - House
  77. Fan Limiter Switch for Old Carrier Furnace: furnaces, gas, safe - House
  78. Sink plumbing leak: leaking, versus, pressure, mount - House
  79. What is stronger than spackle to repair a hole in drywall?: paint, ceilings - House
  80. Who would you call for gutter spacing issue? to have pulled out from flashing?: roofing, paint - House
  81. Having trouble with driving screw into cinder block/ hammer drill.: how much, vacuum - House
  82. have a coffee percolator?: stove, smell, kitchen, condo - House
  83. I love my vinyl siding house: hardwood floors, granite, painting, stone
  84. Upgraded to led 6 months ago: Lowes, heat, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  85. Portable power source?: phone, installing, stain, slate - House
  86. Bathroom reno - budget between tile and fiberglass surround: ceramic, cleaner, installation - House
  87. Do you leave your ceiling fans on?: dehumidifier, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  88. How can I stop the heater from getting hot water?: Lowes, windows - House
  89. Response time to home alarm system going off (just found out)...: phone, light - House
  90. Tankless systems - need help understanding if this the way to go?: tank, tanks - House
  91. 230V mini split air conditioning?: heaters, installation, room, cost - House
  92. House with no water softer loop.: washer, townhouse, pool, water heater
  93. Looking for advice for improving HVAC efficiency: floor, shingles, grille - House
  94. Snowblower recommendations/reviews: how much, Lowes, paint, cost - House
  95. adding attic stairs to access a garage loft (PICS): flooring, window - House
  96. Fake stone veneer: how much, vinyl, tudor style, paint - House
  97. best cotton bed sheets?: AC, ceiling, price, comparison - House
  98. When did smoke detectors get so expensive?: installed, cost, electric - House
  99. Water leak in garage - cannot locate - help: shingles, foundation - House
  100. back yard visitors ...: pool, window, outside, company - House
  101. So it's impossible to hire a roofer?: roofing, ceiling, bathrooms - House
  102. How to get mildew smell out of towels???: washer, front loader, color - House
  103. American Warranty Insurance - worthwhile?: air conditioning, water heater, appliance, cost - House
  104. Sticky lock: cleaner, install, cleaning, build - House
  105. What to do when inspector has no attic access: roof, vinyl, windows - House
  106. about painted floors: flooring, Home Depot, AC, refinish - House
  107. Washing Machine - Top Loading - Quiet: washers, front loader, pool - House
  108. How to remove bedbug eggs?: heat, couches, furniture, room - House
  109. Help with floor plan / interior decorating: floor plans, fireplace, sofa, heat - House
  110. Mildew on bathtub caulking...: dehumidifier, window, curtain, cleaner - House
  111. Shed into tiny house? How much how difficult?: flooring, roofing, drain
  112. Looking to buy a house but it has two big trees right next to it.: how much, foundation
  113. How do you keep your house clean?: floors, dishwasher, vacuum
  114. Installing a Kitchette: countertop, washer, heaters, microwave - House
  115. Looking for advice on hot water: dishwasher, tank, insulating, sink - House
  116. KITCHEN REMODEL - it's happening!! (LOTS OF PICS!!): floor, countertops, dishwasher - House
  117. Is it worth to buy a house with Window units instead of Central AC?: windows, Air Conditioners
  118. Mildew on ceiling in garage: dehumidifier, windows, heat, paint - House
  119. Hanging 16 Pound Item on Plaster Wall: window, stained, glass, light - House
  120. What are your must haves for a house?: fireplace, pool
  121. What is frying my AC Contactor?: installation, electrical, vent, load - House
  122. caulking under baseboards to keep out water?: floor, window, drains - House
  123. Help! Water leak from ceiling without visible cause??: floor, shingles, fireplace - House
  124. Boomers and the Upcoming Housing Trends: wood floors, heater, refinish, paint color - House
  125. Need electrical help (outdoor): Home Depot, install, lighting, basement - House
  126. Oven is dirty and sets off the smoke detector in the ceiling !: stove, bathroom - House
  127. Ceiling Fan what should I know?: townhouse, Home Depot, Lowes, AC
  128. requested for exterior house painting: how much, vinyl, windows, heat
  129. Luxury Vinyl Plank: hardwood, engineered, dehumidifier, laminate - House
  130. Things you should NEVER pour down the drain: sink, ceiling, kitchen - House
  131. Zone AC for New Build - yes or no is the: floor, ceiling - House
  132. What would you do with this fireplace?: flooring, roof, my fireplace - House
  133. Thoughts on this framed home: building, weather, pictures, wall - House
  134. Adding Second Story to Old House: roof, bedroom, cost, code
  135. Removing an under-counter wine cooler: countertop, installation, cabinet, between - House
  136. Septic tank, total confusion: roof, dishwasher, tanks, drain - House
  137. Leave ice maker on while away (Amana model): floor, plastic, copper - House
  138. Need your help - getting a new house - what appliance brands are most reliable over the long term (10+) years?: washers, pools
  139. fireplace in master bedroom? too much??? (PICS): floor, fireplaces, washer - House
  140. Best No See/No Touch Mosue Trap--if: smells, glue, apartment - House
  141. Seeing roaches frequently pest control safe for kids ?: hardwood floors, vinyl, granite - House
  142. Isn't it time for California and continental US to learn to embrace the ductless split reverse cycle A/C system?: window, AC - House
  143. How easy is it to remove this fireplace insert myself?: fireplaces, heating - House
  144. Dehumidifier in basement?: how much, tank, drains, mold - House
  145. Sick of mail box filling up with junk.: phone, apartments, iron - House
  146. New Construction Basement Waterproofing: foundation, laminate, drains, painting - House
  147. my dining room cold-air return vent connects to nothing!: floor, furnace, grille - House
  148. will mulch against the house attract termites?: foundation, crawl space, interior
  149. Realtor put sign in my yard for house down the street...didn't ask: roofing, AC
  150. Removing house interior wall to create larger space?: flooring, alternatives, refinish
  151. Ideas on how to block kitchen island opening from theater room when needed: curtains, blinds - House
  152. Who do you call to out a sunken floor.: subfloor, roof - House
  153. Audio/video wiring for new house construction: how much, humidifier, Home Depot
  154. Row House Design and Structure: floors, roof, townhouses, ceilings
  155. car oil on new pavers: washer, color, installed, stains - House
  156. Leaving a slow-cooker unattended all day. Does it seem a little questionable to you?: dishwasher, laminate - House
  157. Trash pick up charge: cost, code, outside, company - House
  158. For who bought furniture from Wayfair...: sofa, color, cabinet - House
  159. What's You Oldest Appliance? (Or the oldest one you know still works): dishwasher, furnace - House
  160. A/C Maintenance?: furnace, window, Air Conditioner, water heater - House
  161. Dishwasher or Washer/Dryer?: appliance, room, cleaning, kitchen - House
  162. adding a front porch to a 1960 Colonial house (PICS): flooring, how much, shingles
  163. Flying ants inside my house!: floor, window, vacuum, ceiling
  164. CCO inspection and no extension cords attached to garage openers: ceiling, install - House
  165. What is this called over my vertical blinds?: curtain, color, better - House
  166. Outdoor furniture cushion care: how much, mold, standard, vent - House
  167. Ceramic/Porcelain Tile vs Luxury Vinyl Planks - Kitchen: subfloor, installing, dining room - House
  168. Natural Gas Dryer not drying as fast as it use to: roof, vac - House
  169. Homes with a front porch: How often do you see people on them? Or furniture?: pool, windows - House
  170. Patching poorly painted asbestos shingle: shingles, vinyl, foundation, washer - House
  171. What's your preference for getting rid of a mouse: glue traps or snap traps? (Or exterminator?): kitchens, plastic - House
  172. Water pressure: tank, plumber, toilets, leaks - House
  173. use a small countertop ice maker?: Lowes, insulated, room - House
  174. Repair 30yr+ AC unit: furnace, install, insulation, leaks - House
  175. Storing food in garage pantry: heat, smell, kitchen, cabinets - House
  176. Clean House People - splain yourselfs: windows, vacuum, color
  177. Spiral staircases: floor, pool, furniture, bathrooms - House
  178. 2 year old house has vertical crack on outside brick veneer: floor, roof
  179. Seller's inspection and buyer's inspection to happen at the same time?: floor, plumbing - House
  180. Moisture in a coastal area home...: floor, dehumidifier, laminate, AC - House
  181. How to convert electric stove to gas stove?: how much, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  182. Covering Artists Oil Paint on wall....: Home Depot, sofa, color, living room - House
  183. Home Security System sans cell phone?: phones, better, cement, homeowner - House
  184. Cost to frame/drywall/mid grade carpet 400 sq ft in basement: subfloor, how much - House
  185. Neighbor speeding through neighborhood: floors, smell, vents, best - House
  186. Home Inspection reveals problems: drain, plumber, cost, basement - House
  187. Relocating wooden fence with a tree in the way: installed, build, standard - House
  188. Alternative to contact paper in kitchen cabinets: floor, vinyl, dishwasher - House
  189. Ductwork odors: window, Air Conditioner, heat, insulated - House
  190. Metal verses shingle roofing: how much, color, couch, installation - House
  191. Single handle vs 2 handle faucets: sinks, bathroom, kitchen, showers - House
  192. Kitchen island has cooktop or sink. Practical?: granite, Home Depot, heat - House
  193. Why would Driveway corners be removed?: heat, stains, build, damaged - House
  194. Outlets not working. Breaker is fine. No GFCI: floor, Home Depot, window - House
  195. Dishwasher repair ...: how much, dehumidifier, springs, Lowes - House
  196. Mailbox Placement for Fenced House: townhouse, Home Depot, steel, outside
  197. Do you miss a previous house...a lot???: hardwood, fireplaces, windows
  198. People, learn how to fix your stuff: better, replacing, mount - House
  199. Reusable A/C filter racks/fittings: buy, frame, quality - House
  200. Waterproofing company: foundation, repair, remove, good - House