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  1. Furnace and A/C Installation Cost Sanity Check: how much, humidifier, furnaces - House
  2. Return Air Grille: Lowes, grill, paint, install - House
  3. HVAC ?: smell, warm, electric, vents - House
  4. Sagging gate and turn buckle kit: washer, Home Depot, build, square - House
  5. How To - Installing Insulated Glass Unit onto existing window - HELP needed: pools, windows - House
  6. Problem with outdoor flood lights: outside, company, wiring, good - House
  7. water coming in windows: how much, pool, drain, paint - House
  8. Small crack in rafter in attic: roofing, loading, ceiling, repair - House
  9. Poured Concrete Basement Cracks: foundation, build, slab, cold - House
  10. New water meter; water does not come out right away.: install, faucets - House
  11. PVC valve stem leak: best way to repair?: install, room, glue - House
  12. outdoor receptacle box outlet covers: Lowes, installed, electrical, standard - House
  13. Will water in vent/duct work become a problem?: floor, how much, humidifier - House
  14. Can SimpliSafe Be Set Up To Have More Than One Home Setting?: detector, using - House
  15. Replace or Repair Sewer: floor, roof, drain, sinks - House
  16. SHORT metal rack for a convection microwave?: appliance, installed, kitchen - House
  17. How far away does a heat source cause a buzzer to go off on a smoke detector?: furnace, Lowes - House
  18. Heatwave infrared sauna - use one?: worth, between, good - House
  19. Mohawk - Luxury vinyl plank: flooring, smells, installation, kitchen - House
  20. Which Caulk to Use?: painting, siding, weather, between - House
  21. Pouring H2O In Sump Pit To Test System: dehumidifier, drain, smell - House
  22. Non-occupied house? try Fake TV!: 2015, ducts, neighbor, products
  23. How far from a heated area should your alarm system be so ambient heat doesn't set it off??????: heater, ceiling - House
  24. Noise reduction window ?: laminate, windows, installed, bedroom - House
  25. Humidifier operational help & oxalic acid cleaning: how much, light, cost - House
  26. Legionnaires' disease from unused shower?: floor, drains, sink, bathroom - House
  27. Energy Star Compliant Fridge Runs A Lot: floor, how much, pool - House
  28. Can a fire break a window?: roof, vinyl, windows, heat - House
  29. How to cover in ground pool: paint, code, fence, best - House
  30. How in the h... do you troubleshoot LED christmas lights?: cost, circuit - House
  31. Washing machine draining to sewage ejector pump: washer, tank, drains - House
  32. Illuminated Residential Switches with LEDs?: ceiling, bedrooms, lighting, basement - House
  33. basement remodel: Remove all hvac and replace with minisplits?: floor, furnace, window - House
  34. changed PRV to main line, now water pressure is low to entire house: heating, phone
  35. Condensing Furnace OK in Attic in Moderate Climate?: floor, roof, Lowes - House
  36. Wall outlets not working: heat, furniture, living room, light - House
  37. How to tell if you need your cesspool pumped ?: how much, pools, tank - House
  38. Best caulk to use for hardiplank: paint, siding, between, Georgia - House
  39. Rooms To Go: vinyl, sofas, color, couch - House
  40. Drywall tape has come loose is a few places.: floor, vinyl, paint color - House
  41. Best remedy for orphaned water heater: floor, roof, furnace, ceiling - House
  42. Dimmer options for 22 recessed LEDs: ceiling, installed, room, lighting - House
  43. Exterior Painting Costs: square foot, interior, coat - House
  44. Large heavy objects on a glass counter? (pawn shop): furniture, steel, buying - House
  45. Sump Pit No Sump Pump No Water Problems, But: pool, window, drains - House
  46. How to take apart the door viewer cover?: building, interior, pictures - House
  47. strange low water pressure problem: water tank, drain, bathrooms, shower - House
  48. Toilets - widest selection: how much, Home Depot, plumbing, build - House
  49. Foundation leak and framing rot: window, drain, installed, bathrooms - House
  50. Heat pump emergency heat setting: heating, ceilings, warm - House
  51. HVAC repair call: furnace, water heater, installed, kitchen - House
  52. Ceiling Fan Installation: convert, bedroom, standard, replace - House
  53. Home (furnace) heating in Minnesota in Winter (MN): floor, furnaces, AC - House
  54. Aqua Link Pool control panel is blank, no power: light, cost, best - House
  55. Different Types of Fiberglass Batt Insulation: Home Depot, heat, insulating, ceilings - House
  56. help with what the name is: Home Depot, Lowes, lighting, old - House
  57. Is my fireplace a gas starting or gas fireplace: chimney, vent, outside - House
  58. Radiator advice: central heating, paint, ceilings, living room - House
  59. Neighborhood House Tours: living room, cleaning, kitchen, costs
  60. What color stain would look best on my 10 yr old log home?: roof, refinishing - House
  61. Porch concrete sinking: build, repair, best, company - House
  62. Stripes on sweater from washing machine: washers, color, cleaner - House
  63. asbestos exposure: floors, roof, paint, sink - House
  64. Leak...Flashing or Chimney?: roof shingles, ceiling, installed, bedroom - House
  65. Smashed carpet on stairs - Replace or Renew ?: installed, carpets, build - House
  66. Sugru moldable glue for home repairs and fixes: ceramic, molding, cracked - House
  67. Hand held shower head help: heat, colors, installed, mold - House
  68. PLUMBERS! What toilet tank kit should I use?: vacuum, drain, conversion - House
  69. Foundation has cracks: cost, between, pictures, cement - House
  70. What's My Bug?: windows, sinks, smell, rooms - House
  71. Crack in foundation wall where steel beam is supported: installation, bathroom, pipes - House
  72. Basement remodel - Rebuilding stairs or create external entrance?: floor, window, heat - House
  73. Sound of rushing water with baseboard heating: furnace, tank, installed - House
  74. Help with Freezer Extension Cord Selection: opener, washer, Home Depot - House
  75. Post - Hardwood Floor Installation: vinyl, laminate, vacuum, refinish - House
  76. ever build an aluminum deck? I didn't know it was: floor, heat - House
  77. know what causes this?: foundation, building, slab, concrete - House
  78. Heating a house in New England with just a pellet stove?: furnace, Lowes
  79. Is this just a gas fireplace or wood: roof, fireplaces, townhouse
  80. Are Houses Built Weaker Than Commercial Structures?: floors, insulated, insulation
  81. Cleaning brown potato debris from the kitchen cutting board...: dishwasher, sink, cleaner - House
  82. Pinhole in copper pipe: dishwasher, water heater, appliance, plumber - House
  83. Whole House Surge Protector: furnace, appliance, install, hurricane
  84. Ripped off on furnace repair: Home Depot, heating, phone, install - House
  85. I THINK this is a thermostat but it doesn't seem to GO to anything? (PICS): dehumidifier, furnace - House
  86. Is 67F (19.4C) to cold?: how much, AC, heater, apartment - House
  87. HVAC......Arcoaire vs Payne?: AC, heat, paint color, installed - House
  88. Costs for various services on new construction?: foundation, fireplace, stone - House
  89. Termite repair Co. Covered window weep holes: foundation, windows, paint - House
  90. Lots of burglaries through garage door: opener, window, installing, glass - House
  91. Garage Door Occasionally Won't Close: floor, opener, installing, lights - House
  92. Selling condo: SS appliances necessary?: granite countertops, stove, color, sink - House
  93. Can I hang a whiteboard on a sheetrock wall?: installing, cabinets, square - House
  94. Shocked by the Number of People Who Have a Garage But Don't Put Their Car In It: floor, opener - House
  95. I’m stumped, but I know someone knows the answer...: dining room, kitchen - House
  96. The Relative Costs of Owning Versus Renting (in Retirement): how much, roof, pool - House
  97. Neighbor noise in a townhouse: townhouses, windows, tanks, insulated
  98. A casserole dish with SERIOUSLY baked on!: dishwasher, heating, stove - House
  99. Obviously(?) a rat but usual evidence missing: ceiling, bathrooms, glue - House
  100. Should I buy a new washer?: dehumidifier, washers, windows, drains - House
  101. Your parents' cookware: floor, dishwasher, heat, stove - House
  102. Remodeling next door - How to avoid exposure to construction: townhouse, paint
  103. Home owner insurance differences: floor, shingles, phone, paint - House
  104. asbestos wrapped pipes: Home Depot, heaters, insulating, paint - House
  105. New custom home issues...: how much, foundation, vacuum, drains - House
  106. New Construction Home - Porch Columns Inspection: foundation, drains, light - House
  107. Comfort Level with Bedroom Door to the Outside: floor, pool, windows - House
  108. Whole House Surge Suppressor: humidifier, dishwashers, furnaces, appliance
  109. Basement: Adding a bathroom -- meet height requirements: flooring, washer, heater - House
  110. Strange noises: roof, pipes, siding, outside - House
  111. How much should I budget for AC and furnace replacement?: heat, chimney - House
  112. Reverse Osmosis water filter waste: how much, pool, water tank, drains - House
  113. Unimproved cabin improvements.: fireplace, tank, tanks, stove - House
  114. people who don't fix things in their house: window, microwave, stove
  115. House odors: hardwood floor, Home Depot, furnace, laminate
  116. Advice on Roof Deflection - New Home: how much, roofing, install - House
  117. White powder stuff around sink faucet: installed, bathrooms, toilet, build - House
  118. Replacement Windows: Are They Worth It?: alternatives, heat, ceiling, installation - House
  119. Frustrated with DIY: tiling, washers, heater, appliance - House
  120. New home construction inspection: floor, shingles, fireplace, drains - House
  121. Phone interviewing service providers: what to watch out for: flooring, how much, vinyl - House
  122. Ryobi: opener, phone, gas, toilet - House
  123. 2 or 3-car garages?: how much, laundry room, basement, square feet - House
  124. Lake Living - Summer Cottage: how much, pool, painting, installed - House
  125. Finding a door store that will cut/prep a slab: window, installing - House
  126. What's the correct way to clean a water softener brine tank?: tanks, vacuum - House
  127. Asking Contractor or Neighbors How Much They Charged/Paid: floor plans, painting, cleaning - House
  128. Cleaning grout/hard water stains in travertine shower: floor, pool, vacuum - House
  129. Temp bed recommendations: floor, sofa, couch, furniture - House
  130. Changing battery in outside garage door remote: opener, detector, code - House
  131. Price check replace two, 2-ton heat pumps SE USA: how much, install, gas - House
  132. How to change a single kitchen drawer?: Home Depot, railing, install - House
  133. What temperature to set heat?: furnace, AC, stove, bedroom - House
  134. People that happily live in dated “not perfect” homes...lower stress life?: hardwood, refinishing - House
  135. Ideal Humidity: humidifier, windows, heater, bedroom - House
  136. Someone having my house when Im gone..: price, better, buy
  137. opinions on Dryers: washers, front loader, pool, Lowes - House
  138. Finding the missing ground: drain, ceramic, ceiling, light - House
  139. Hoarding incandescent bulbs: alternatives, Lowes, heat, color - House
  140. Painting: Mil Thickness: how much, color, steel, square foot - House
  141. ? about guarding against ice: flooring, shingles, heating, paint - House
  142. Why can't I put used cat litter into toilet/septic tank?: tanks, drain - House
  143. How does wood structure achieve sound-proofing?: flooring, how much, heater, insulated - House
  144. High power (500W equivalent) LED in warm white?: floor, color, installed - House
  145. cracks on foundation wall of a 5 year old house: light, cost, building
  146. Neighbors on both sides large hazard trees hang over my house: pool, air conditioning
  147. Door leak - water seepage ruining flooring: roof, foundation, installed - House
  148. Skybell Vs Ring Video Pro: phone, installed, outside, weather - House
  149. Need Expert Electrician Advice, Fan That Keeps Coming On: ceiling, installed - House
  150. Recommend a whole house dehumidifier/dehumidification scheme: floor, foundation, Lowes
  151. Buying a house with a horizontal crack in basement: foundation, paint, stone
  152. Generator for power outages - power, noise, reliability, long-lasting: floor, windows, heater - House
  153. Pier shimming or crawlspace insulation?: subfloor, dehumidifier, foundation, window - House
  154. Heavy Pocket door.: hardwood, washers, paint, installation - House
  155. soil to close to foundation: floor, how much, drains, pipes - House
  156. Buying a snow blower...: alternatives, light, price, brands - House
  157. Can I replace wall outlet with smart switch?: install, kitchen, light - House
  158. Are All New Kitchen Faucets Like This?: phones, sink, installed - House
  159. The Toilet Bolts!: floor, tank, install, toilets - House
  160. Heat pump water heater: how much, alternatives, Lowes, Air Conditioner - House
  161. Cost/time to replace 100A exterior Service Entrance box?: how much, furnace, install - House
  162. Kitchen faucet freezes up...: sinks, plumber, replacement, company - House
  163. Transformer help: paint, lights, electric, vent - House
  164. Inside shut-off for outside water spigot not completely closing--NH: insulation, plumber, cost - House
  165. Long Vacation: plumber, light, outside, pictures - House
  166. Can you EVER get rid of a musty smell in an old house?: floors, dehumidifier
  167. Worth Replacing Windows Before Selling?: flooring, heating, stove, paint - House
  168. I Hate LED Christmas Lights, Cheap Traditionals. Solutions?: Home Depot, color, living room - House
  169. Suggestions Requested. Non conductive product.: fireplaces, heat, insulated, stove - House
  170. Snow blower or Plow attachment on riding mower: springs, Lowes, gas - House
  171. Appliance Delivery - Test out Before Signing Papers?: dishwasher, heat, painting - House
  172. Salt Level In Water Softener Reservoir Not Moving: tank, tanks, pipes - House
  173. Mice in the house: floor, stove, smell, furniture
  174. Are there companies that still make their kitchen faucet out of metal?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  175. Floor trusses installed upside down?: subfloor, roof, ceiling, install - House
  176. Asbestos in old window caulk: windows, paint, glass, costs - House
  177. Strange electronic things going on...: floor, phone, bedroom, light - House
  178. Sump Pump Pit Steady Flow of Clear Water: drain, sink, installed - House
  179. Meeting with structural engineer around foundation/water table: pool, drain, sink - House
  180. Can you replace hose on a faucet or the whole thing?: Home Depot, sink - House
  181. Cable connection - novice asking opinion: roof, convert, rooms, better - House
  182. cinder block house?: flooring, roof, window, insulate
  183. Having trouble with ceiling light, LED bulbs, new LED dimmer switch...: Lowes, lighting - House
  184. Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generators: flea, AC, phones, appliance - House
  185. Another foundation crack: roofing, Home Depot, Lowes, paint - House
  186. My house burned down and .. (i hope this is the right forum): floors, phone
  187. Issue: Battery BackUp For Sump Pump: phone, installed, plumbing, hurricane - House
  188. Does recognize this commercial sink?: sinks, bathroom, plumbing, faucet - House
  189. Insulating Attic, is attic fan worth it?: floor, roof, heater - House
  190. 3-way switching a desktop lamp?: Lowes, convert, bedroom, lights - House
  191. Insurance for total loss of house: how much, phones, furniture, cabinets
  192. outlet safety: Home Depot, Lowes, rooms, apartment - House
  193. Space Heater for an Old House: furnace, window, heaters, ceilings
  194. So, I'm NOT supposed to cover my central air conditioner in the Winter?: heating, installed - House
  195. Appliance Brand which would you choose: washer, pool, microwave, stove - House
  196. Cleaning mold in, or on, dishes: foundations, dishwasher, showers, glass - House
  197. Contractor is a violent criminal -- be careful who you hire: build, repair - House
  198. Fixing up the house for someone: floors, how much, pool
  199. Improving compressor life or disadvantages to Hard Start kit for A/C: how much, air conditioning - House
  200. Tricks or tips for hanging heavy cabinet doors to share?: refinishing, installing - House