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  1. General contractor license requirement in MA: kitchen, construction, home, check - House
  2. Main sewer line going directly into sump pit: floor, foundation, tank - House
  3. Home fire extinguisher lifespan: cost, standard, outside, cold - House
  4. How much should I expect to spend on bathroom remodel?: tiling, flooring - House
  5. Basement bathroom remodel--foundation issues?? link to pics included: floor, install, shower - House
  6. Fire Place: Help turn on pilot light?: fireplace, water heater, stove - House
  7. Carrier Furnace Looking to find Manufacturer in 1990: heating, repair, replacement - House
  8. New Roller Wheels for Old Wood Garage Door: springs, repair, vent - House
  9. Termite swarm: paint, pricing, vent, outside - House
  10. So, for the next time we paint...: floor, painting, ceiling - House
  11. Is noise from a gas meter normal?: heating, smell, appliance - House
  12. Staining parquet flooring: color, bedrooms, stain, warm - House
  13. How to tell if foundation issues or just settling?: floor, window, vacuum - House
  14. Garage door stopped 1 foot from ground?: opener, cleaning, lights, cold - House
  15. Dual Fuel Heat Pump Safety Concern?: furnace, electric heat, natural gas, cost - House
  16. Granite counter covered with wax: furniture, better, construction, remove - House
  17. Small leak on jacuzzi hot water faucet: installed, kitchen, plumber - House
  18. Tips for arranging new floor tiles (variations of color): hardwood, loading, plank - House
  19. New Home Construction Round Rock, TX: flooring, foundation, paint, building - House
  20. Faucet drip: washers, ceramic, sink, installed - House
  21. Clueless boiler service: heating, install, price, pipe - House
  22. sitting wall (chapel wall) on concrete: drains, loading, installed, room - House
  23. Unlevel subfloor in my second floor: how much, ceiling, installed, better - House
  24. Conflicting building regulations: how much, roof, insulated, furniture - House
  25. Electric fireplaces/inserts: heat, sink, chimney, gas - House
  26. Is it legal to get a neighbor's floor plans if you live in a condo complex?: bedroom, plumbing - House
  27. Air oscillating cooling fan for apartment. Advice: floor, how much, windows - House
  28. pump indicator: wood floors, ejector, installing, detector - House
  29. MITES!!!! How to get rid of mites in your home?: fleas, shutters - House
  30. Cleaning exterior soffit and gutters: roof, washer, cleaner, pressure - House
  31. Belt sander vs. block sanding: refinishing, paint, stain, best - House
  32. So my brother's moving out and I want to make his room into a studio: phones, bedroom - House
  33. Complicated buyer Situation: lien, sink, condo, price - House
  34. Grout Sealer - Bathroom: bathrooms, shower, tile, remove - House
  35. House paint color software?: roof, lighting, compare, siding
  36. Garage air compressor 110 volts: how much, AC, heater, painting - House
  37. Weird Home Heat Pump Diagnosis: cold, HVAC, system, freeze - House
  38. Lead Paint: windows, vacuum, asbestos, glass - House
  39. Removing house paint from a frosted glass vintage lampshade?: heating, cleaning, damage
  40. about prepping for countertop replacement: granite, laminate, paint, sink - House
  41. Cleaning shower glass (update): window, stain, remove, good - House
  42. Looking For Replacement French or Patio Doors: floor, windows, colors - House
  43. Carpet Cleaning: window, heater, vacuum, smells - House
  44. Problem with basement waterproofing: floor, drain, stone, installing - House
  45. Can 2 P-traps in sink drain be a problem ?: Lowes, drains, cleaning - House
  46. Interior Paint: color, build, best, between - House
  47. Experience with Travelers Ins: furnaces, heater, phone, installing - House
  48. Closing off bottom of shed: stone, install, cost, building - House
  49. DWT series-Double wall oil tank: installed, steel, pipe, vent - House
  50. Ceiling fan install help: electric, replace, remove, mount - House
  51. Hardwood flooring refinishing: costs, better, buy, door - House
  52. Solar Water Pump for Tall Fountain: how much, Lowes, load, cold - House
  53. Heating use in Phoenix vs. Houston: insulated, installed, insulation, warm - House
  54. Samsung Front Load Washer - small water inside the drum after washing: drain, pump - House
  55. Foundations covered up: floor, foundation, paint, smell - House
  56. adding subway tiles to laundry room what kind of thinset: paint, kitchen - House
  57. Provide Listings of Small Houses: square foot, construction, between, filter
  58. Suggestions to cover tree stump: how much, roof, drain, railing - House
  59. Short term roof repair?: overlay, how much, roofing, color - House
  60. Tiny beetles in my bathroom help: pools, vacuum cleaner, bathtub - House
  61. For who have vinyl plank flooring - couple of questions: hardwood floor, engineered - House
  62. Help reset home security system???: alternatives, windows, phone, installation - House
  63. Robbery!Refrigeration Line Replacement Billed for $5700???: lien, how much, phone, installed - House
  64. Stamped concrete patio renovation: fireplace, Home Depot, color, stain - House
  65. Bathroom remodel quote: floor, paint, installation, shower - House
  66. Wood window dry rot can I repair?: windows, paint, glass - House
  67. How to clean Efflorescence off paver?: furnace, drain, stone, install - House
  68. Re-face, Re-finish, or Re-paint kitchen cabinets: floor, color, stain, repair - House
  69. Best way to do residential haul-off - mostly furniture?: how much, springs, Home Depot - House
  70. Electric bill, holy cow!: washer, furnace, pool, water heater - House
  71. Professional Painters - Roll or Spray?: painting, ceiling, vs, building - House
  72. Houses with multiple colors of siding: color, build, 2014, exterior
  73. Remodelers with skills but bad taste.: colors, ceramic, room, kitchen - House
  74. Home Structural Issue?: hardwood floor, foundation, paint, plank - House
  75. A dead duct pipe ??: heating, drain, bathroom, insulation - House
  76. Fluorescent lights not working after two new ballasts: AC, cost, basement - House
  77. Will homeowners insurance cover water damage caused by cracking roof shingles?: roofing, ceiling - House
  78. Is your home shoes-off?: floor, cleaner, carpet, tile - House
  79. Economy of Scale with independent contractor: paint, kitchen, cabinets, plumbing - House
  80. Interlocking laminate floor not installed underneath dishwasher?: subfloor, engineered, vinyl - House
  81. Shower door frame corrosion: Home Depot, curtain, cleaner, install - House
  82. city patio pavers: flooring, Home Depot, windows, color - House
  83. 2nd Floor Of House Is Shaking A little Tiny Bit Can Not Find Out What Is Causing It.: floors, foundation
  84. Thermostat ....: phone, warm, electric, brands - House
  85. pre -House walkthru - new construction: foundation, comparison, building, slab
  86. can you mouse proof a row home: smells, installed, steel - House
  87. How often do you clean the house?: hardwood floors, fireplaces, dishwasher
  88. Dryer Vent...who to hire: roof shingles, foundation, Lowes, heat - House
  89. Historic Single Pane Windows....Replace or Convert?: vinyl, double pane windows, heating - House
  90. Rubbermaid Shed, how to seal top?: roofing, vinyl, Home Depot, painting - House
  91. Replaced roof on house... have questions.: roofing, heat, color, ceiling
  92. Replacing my Roof - best way to finance: Lowes, build, duct - House
  93. Trey/Tray Ceilings--is it worth getting rid of them: curtain, painting, bedroom - House
  94. Were you taught about how to maintain a house growing up?: install, plumber
  95. Struggling with bathroom design - master bath: tiling, flooring, vinyl - House
  96. Is annual roof inspection worth it?: roofing, color, installed, chimney - House
  97. I left bbq gas tank outside. Is it safe to use it?: grill, tanks - House
  98. Razor blades found in walls during remodeling!: installed, cabinets, between - House
  99. Amount of time to get hot water: how much, tank, insulated - House
  100. How to determine if a sump pump is necessary: townhouse, heating, drains
  101. Replacing vanity countertop laminate - disaster, how to fix ?: granite, colors, sink - House
  102. Tips for freezing weather and no furnace?: heaters, curtains, bathrooms - House
  103. Well Water Leaving Stains: Home Depot, installed, cleaning, stain - House
  104. best clothes washer: washers, front loader, pool, loading - House
  105. Reducing thermostat temps in cold weather: Lowes, heaters, stove, smell - House
  106. Aluminum single pane window weatherproofing: windows, insulated, curtains, color - House
  107. Woodworking 101: alternatives, color, sink, room - House
  108. Negative grade toward house. Swale, french drain?: foundation, drains, pipe
  109. ICF in new construction?: floor, foundation, heat, insulated - House
  110. Friends uncles home repair: paint, ceiling, repairing, cracks - House
  111. plumbing help: tank, toilets, pipe, warm - House
  112. Screened in Deck: floor, roof, railing, curtains - House
  113. Security Camera?: windows, phone, curtains, installation - House
  114. Best Glue to Repair Broken Wood Picture Frame?: floor, install, molding - House
  115. Sanding stairs: hardwood floors, Home Depot, window, tank - House
  116. Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Asbestos Exposure: HEPA filter, floor, vacuum, painting - House
  117. Hydrojetting/snaking pipes as a preventative measure in condo - worth it?: drain, bathtub - House
  118. Nudity in back yard or at home - OK?: floor, windows, code - House
  119. Why no more sturdy bookcases?: flea, furniture, dining room, cabinet - House
  120. Remodeling vs selling in near future: floor, how much, curtain, sink - House
  121. Can old tiles be made to look new again?: cleaner, bathroom, cleaning - House
  122. Roofing Contractor Called and Asked for More Money: pricing, pipe, square - House
  123. New Garage Doors: vinyl, opener, Home Depot, insulated - House
  124. New vs Older Vacuum Cleaners: floor, fireplace, furniture, room - House
  125. leveling cement under heater: floor, hot water heater, insulate, drains - House
  126. Does closing vents/doors of unused room reduce heating/a/c bills: window, air conditioning - House
  127. Strange ticking sound in bathroom: jacuzzi, sinks, ceiling - House
  128. Stink Bug Problem.: bedroom, condo, lights, basement - House
  129. Popcorn Ceiling Removal: paint, ceilings, furniture, asbestos - House
  130. My Papa's plumbing bill i right?: homestead, sink, install - House
  131. Turning a vacant lot into a side yard?: pool, windows, cost - House
  132. HVAC-Heat Pump not keeping up with set temp in very cold NE PA: Lowes, heater - House
  133. Why not use your garage for cars?: floor, convert, laundry room - House
  134. Why were guys wearing dust masks?: paint, asbestos, installing - House
  135. The World of Refrigerators: countertop, Lowes, installed, room - House
  136. secret solution to absorbing frig smell: tank, smells, mold - House
  137. New Home Construction - Cuts in interior studs: ceilings, building, concrete - House
  138. To sell a bell collection: price, better, replacement, pictures - House
  139. Best thoughts for peeling paint: painting, kitchen, cabinets, building - House
  140. Need waterproof adhesive Dish washer rubber?: dishwasher, appliance, glue, stainless steel - House
  141. Is the oven vulnerable to frequent use? (how often do you use it?): pool, heat - House
  142. Replacing the Bathroom Vanity: flooring, granite, drains, refinish - House
  143. Gypsum Dust is all over my property from next door remodeling construction: granite, installing - House
  144. For sale by owner: cost, best, yard, chair - House
  145. What is the best vacuum for both hardwood floors and carpet?: Home Depot, laminate - House
  146. How much can a circuit breaker take before tripping?: countertop, heater, microwave - House
  147. What's inside my walls?: insulation, interior, outside, best - House
  148. Counter Top Materials: floor, granite, paint, ceramic - House
  149. Builder Fail - No Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection Done on New Construction - Warranty Denied?: engineered, cost - House
  150. HVAC refrigerant line reuse?: furnace, AC, paint, ceilings - House
  151. Furnaces to require ECM blowers in July: Air Conditioner, heat, appliance - House
  152. sound proofing floors: hardwood floors, how much, engineered, AC - House
  153. Unused Bathroom 2: A sauna?: jacuzzi, pools, drains, installation - House
  154. unused bathroom: floor, Home Depot, drain, sinks - House
  155. Tea leaves down the kitchen sink OK?: dishwasher, drain, cleaning - House
  156. Strange honk sound: floor, dishwasher, furnace, heat - House
  157. House with repaired foundation crack--how normal is this size crack, should I be concerned?: roof, bathrooms
  158. Ice on wooden front porch and steps: flooring, Home Depot, paint - House
  159. dumb neighbor tricks: window, siding, concrete, vent - House
  160. Can I convert a commercial tanning bed to residential?: heat, stove, appliance - House
  161. How to deal with a problem resident: HOA.: townhome, paint, condo - House
  162. Cracks in garage floor: foundation, vacuum, interior, slab - House
  163. Well pump throwing fuse...?: insulated, install, insulation, pipe - House
  164. Neighbor fence issue: installed, costs, code, standard - House
  165. How many homes have you lived in? Add your age and other details for perspective if you like.: bedroom, apartment - House
  166. oxidized vinyl siding (cleaning?): townhome, painting, plank, cleaner - House
  167. Dutch lap vinyl siding vs traditional vinyl lap siding vs insulated siding: shingles, paint - House
  168. Handyman by the hour: floor, how much, vinyl, ceilings - House
  169. PVC or Cast Iron Stack?: floors, drain, cleaner, ceiling - House
  170. Toilet seats: colors, installation, bathroom, cleaning - House
  171. Home Depot Remodel: floor, countertops, Lowes, sink - House
  172. Weatherizing/Updating Old house: furnace, windows, water heater, insulate
  173. Secure a Comforter: vinyl, mattress, best, fake - House
  174. Ventilating a bathroom without external walls: floor, how much, washer, windows - House
  175. Which exterior colors do you like and why?: color, mold, glass - House
  176. Why are 6 panel doors and white trim so common?: window, refinish, paint color - House
  177. Tankless Water Heater: Have One? How Do You Like It?: floor, jacuzzi - House
  178. Closing on new construction: install, bathrooms, cleaning, plumber - House
  179. How to clean shower glass: fireplace, windows, cleaner, cleaning - House
  180. 3 way switch in stair well not working right?: Home Depot, ceiling, light - House
  181. Contractor FAQ & Best Practices: how much, countertops, windows, appliance - House
  182. Is this legitimate - plumber?: washer, dryer, cost, outside - House
  183. Scared of turning on HVAC due to construction dust: wood floors, granite, townhome - House
  184. Septic Tank Restriction: washer, loading, sink, installation - House
  185. Water filtration system: how much, countertop, water heater, sink - House
  186. Looking for portable generator opinions: furnace, Lowes, heater, gas - House
  187. Does This Temperature Setting Make Sense?: furnace, AC, heating, insulated - House
  188. HOA fining us for having a portable basketball hoop in our backyard: roof, foundations - House
  189. What method of dust where wall and floor meet: vacuum, paint, molding - House
  190. Need to run new water line from city line meter to garage: how much, lighting - House
  191. New Roof Installed ; Exposed/Covered Nails on Ridge Cap: roofing, glue, standard - House
  192. Help! Frozen Dry well line????: washer, tank, vacuum, insulated - House
  193. A Downsized Lifestyle: floor, townhouses, paint, ceiling
  194. My problem with dishwasher loading trays: glass, price, vents, load - House
  195. Freezing concrete slab: hardwood floor, vinyl, foundation, fireplace - House
  196. What to do? New HVAC, or wait til it breaks?: furnaces, AC - House
  197. Your Opinion Of A Laundry Product: home project, how much, colors, stain - House
  198. Smell under kitchen sink in island: roof, granite, dishwasher, drain - House
  199. Le-Petit Godin 2122 Stove: load, wood, old, good - House
  200. Door lever for ice maker about to go south--I think?: cracking - House