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  1. Window A/C - how much clearance in front of vent?: floor, furniture - House
  2. Need help with a toggle switch/electrical problem (pics): tank, tanks, installed - House
  3. Mold on Kitchen Cabinet: dishwasher, refinishing, color, stain - House
  4. Mineral-type buildup/clog in AC drip line: heat, drain, mold - House
  5. asbestos tile in basement: floor, heat, installing, rooms - House
  6. Original Flooring Restoration: hardwood, refinishing, installed, bedrooms - House
  7. Reasonable wait for HVAC quote: heat, phone, kitchen, cost - House
  8. Wood-Mode Closure Reverberates Industrywide: Home Depot, appliance, installed, kitchens - House
  9. Cutting Glass: Home Depot, Lowes, window, install - House
  10. Patio cost?: how much, installed, square foot, concrete - House
  11. Tile over concrete patio with prior stain/sealer: floor, installed, cleaning - House
  12. Asphalt Driveway Crack Repair: how much, room, light, cost - House
  13. How to paint over existing finish: windows, refinish, colors, cleaner - House
  14. update on the unpermitted porch...: cost, code, repair, labor - House
  15. What are the sources to buy Kitchen remodeling/floor, counter top, Cabinets ?: hardwood, granite - House
  16. Should Be an Easy Shower Repair, But...: drain, sink, install - House
  17. Drainage issue from neighbors new construction: drains, installed, building, repair - House
  18. Unmounting a wall mounted TV (temporarily): painting, installation, room, light - House
  19. Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor and rug: room, company, buying - House
  20. Roof problems in a condominium building: roofing, paint, ceiling, furniture - House
  21. Sump Pump Floated Out of Ground!: tank, drain, stone, install - House
  22. drainage issues with sump pump: home project, foundation, Home Depot, tank - House
  23. Aluminum wiring in older house: Home Depot, heat, insulation, cost
  24. Sound proofing with recycled Jeans: Home Depot, furnace, smell, insulation - House
  25. rust stains on vinyl siding: pools, paint, square feet, iron - House
  26. Is this silverware dishwasher-safe?: how much, microwave, steel, costs - House
  27. Water powered (backup) sump pump?: pool, AC, install, plumber - House
  28. 32”x 96” Storm Door: windows, stone, glass, steel - House
  29. Plumber's grease to reinstall P trap?: sink, bathroom, faucets, pipe - House
  30. Ceiling wall in garage: mold: roof, insulated, leaking, cost - House
  31. Outage blows bulb: appliance, install, compare, electric - House
  32. electric wiring: lights, building, electricity, circuit - House
  33. Exterior foundation wall: stone, concrete, cracks, duct - House
  34. Life expectancy of electronic gas valves ?: tank, install, shower, cost - House
  35. Doorbell Transformer Says 10V, but it reads 16V?: AC, convert, install - House
  36. Stone veneer siding help: colors, concrete, outside, best - House
  37. Is a type of roof caulking need…?: roof shingles, AC, tanks - House
  38. Fraser Johnson furnace model 60CEHOBNL: furnaces, gas, warm, repair - House
  39. GFCI outlet / Wiring problem ?: opener, ceiling, installed, room - House
  40. Asbestos scare with young family: roof, ceiling, bathroom, cost - House
  41. Outside GCFI outlets no power?: floor, installed, detector, lighting - House
  42. Arc fault interrupt breakers - false trip?: AC, install, kitchen - House
  43. No heating/cooling in bedrooms: window, install, bathroom, price - House
  44. Small flies hatching out of a plant: drains, colors, ceiling - House
  45. How do we work with Home Renovation Deals ?: flooring, roof, room - House
  46. Backer Rod: interior, repair, moisture, exterior - House
  47. Moving from NYC to Connecticut: townhouse, bedroom, apartment, price
  48. How to clean the sink?: granite countertops, bathtub, paint, ceramic - House
  49. Water in one bath faucet! Not sure what to do: floor, bathroom - House
  50. Clueless on Home Construction: how much, Lowes, cost, electric - House
  51. What type of windows are: floor, paint, insulation, glass - House
  52. Can you update/swap out *just* kitchen island?: flooring, windows, stove - House
  53. Should I have a/c vents vacuumed?: floors, roof, furnace - House
  54. Low or No VOC poly finish for hardwood floor: windows, refinish, plank - House
  55. Rug cleaner black spots: tank, vacuum, cleaning, stains - House
  56. Mold on canvas awning: window, cleaner, cleaning, washing - House
  57. Equity loan: roof, convert, basement, difference - House
  58. Cones attached to foundation of house, pest control?: insulation, steel, slab
  59. LVP flooring experts: hardwood floors, vinyl, refinish, plank - House
  60. Trying to replace Glass door locks: Home Depot, repair, replacement, pictures - House
  61. Pentair RO cartridge: filter, duct, buy, safe - House
  62. Exterior paint: paint color, room, light, square - House
  63. What are the sources to buy Kitchen remodeling/appliances need ?: Home Depot, stainless steel - House
  64. Noisy washer: vent, fix, old, setting - House
  65. Garage Refer on GFI with Front Lights: installed, circuit, refrigerator - House
  66. Has really soundproofed a house effectively? How?: flooring, townhouse, air conditioning
  67. Soil eroding around inside of foundation? What is happening?: how much, installing, vent - House
  68. Like to know: roof, insulated, install, insulation - House
  69. Cooling Fan recommendations: air conditioning, bathroom, interior, cold - House
  70. Best Filler for Wide Cracks in Log-style Deck Railing?: colors, stained - House
  71. Whirlpool Tub Purifying System Review: cost, repair, vent, replacing - House
  72. pop corn ceiling: painting, room, square, repair - House
  73. Thickness for backerboard behind porcelain tile on fireplace: steel, between, frame - House
  74. Vinyl wooden fence: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, steel - House
  75. Old doorbell chime cover removal: Home Depot, paint, installed, molding - House
  76. Add shower to garden tub: sink, cleaner, install, plumber - House
  77. plumbing/drip: bathroom, shower, leak, sq ft - House
  78. One of three zones of heat only works if another zone is on.: hot water baseboard, paint - House
  79. Shower Spa Tower: cleaner, install, showerhead, price - House
  80. whirlpool jetted tub quit working: ceramic, installed, bathroom, leaking - House
  81. Furniture Wax vs. Pledge: vinyl, refinish, dining room, stained - House
  82. Water leak in my pipes: washers, tank, sink, bathroom - House
  83. Does none have the Taexx pest system installed in their new homes: townhome, best - House
  84. refinishing: flooring, color, plank, installed - House
  85. Electrician charged me 3k for 10 hours, what yall think?: floors, washer, window - House
  86. Bathroom etiquette (not what you might think!): drain, bathtubs, curtain - House
  87. reason for a house to not have rain gutters?: floor, roofing
  88. When a contractor works on your property, do you watch them work?: flooring, bathroom - House
  89. Replace hood on a stove: microwave, ceiling, installed, kitchen - House
  90. Cable boxes ....: windows, phone, installation, rooms - House
  91. Replacing roof - taking three days with rain 2 nights: shingles, installed, insulation - House
  92. white-out fluid: color, carpet, vents, best - House
  93. Ants outside can they get inside?: floor, Home Depot, sink, couch - House
  94. Cost to replace cracked concrete driveway slabs: how much, drains, stone - House
  95. Screw types: subfloor, laminate, installing, room - House
  96. Painting a Deck: floor, stain, sq ft, best - House
  97. what's the best way to insulate an unheated bedroom from the cold?: floor, fireplace - House
  98. Is this a load bearing wall?: floor, engineered, window, installed - House
  99. Living Rooms - Dead Space or Useful Space?: floor, couch, furniture - House
  100. Toaster oven favorites?: heating, microwave, kitchen, warm - House
  101. No firewall between two townhouses: floor, roof, ceiling, insulation
  102. Outdoor rat problem: foundation, couch, kitchen, insulation - House
  103. Patio weeds: stain, build, vinegar, remove - House
  104. Limits of HOA powers?: how much, roofing, color, warm - House
  105. Kitchenaid mixer repaint: refinish, paint color, appliance, ceiling - House
  106. Convert whole-house fan to attic fan?: roof, pool, windows, AC
  107. Downside With A 3rd Floor: AC, heating, bathroom, plumbing - House
  108. 3 HVAC systems in a house?: flooring, AC, heating, drain
  109. Rebuild or Replace Water Softener?: Home Depot, tank, drain, install - House
  110. Deck Maintenance: countertops, color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  111. Mushrooms growing on siding BUT....: roof, vinyl, paint, insulation - House
  112. What happens for a tenant when rooms needed to be 'improved': flooring, vinyl - House
  113. GFCI in Garage for Garage Door Opener: insulated, colors, ceiling - House
  114. AC only a year old and having issues?: furnace, heating, warm - House
  115. Construction Inquiry: flooring, vinyl, countertop, Lowes - House
  116. Sidewalk buckle in heat wave - what to do: how much, pool, sink - House
  117. Faucet water feeding lines, how to bend?: washers, sinks, install - House
  118. Next generation of power tools?: Home Depot, Lowes, installation, light - House
  119. Lowe's vs HD, 2019: Home Depot, Lowes, color, ceiling - House
  120. How many bedrooms do you have in your house, apartment, cottage, condo,: windows, bathrooms
  121. AC unit replacement: floor, how much, furnace, heater - House
  122. DIY - Bathroom Vanity Split: drains, sinks, cabinets, plumber - House
  123. Recommend alternative A/C solution in apartment?: windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  124. Oil Filled Space Heaters ?: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, grills - House
  125. Drainage Preference: drain, pipes, best, energy - House
  126. Painted our shutters a baby blue, should we repaint? (pic): color, room - House
  127. Moving soon into inherited home: fireplace, Home Depot, AC, water heater - House
  128. Old Cat Pee on Sheetrock in FL: subfloor, painting, smell - House
  129. Rectractable awning for your deck/patio: roof, stone, install, cost - House
  130. Bedroom door ventilation: how much, grills, AC, heater - House
  131. Tile layout with different floorplan angles; what would you do?: flooring, color - House
  132. Move Into a House and NOT Upgraded/Remodeled in the First 6 Months?: hardwood, townhouse
  133. What Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost?: hardwood floors, roof, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  134. Good price for asphalt driveway replacement?: cost, standard, outside, best - House
  135. Can you have different condo fees for different residents?: how much, tank, resale value - House
  136. I don't want to hijack the swale/french drain conversation...: floors, how much - House
  137. Paint Enthusiasts, help! (pic): how much, roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  138. Walking around backyard barefoot?: jacuzzi, condo, warm, vs - House
  139. New Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher, leaking all over underneath: sink, appliance, installation - House
  140. Home Office Sound Proofing: air conditioning, heat, curtains, install - House
  141. Swimming pool?: how much, pools, vacuum, costs - House
  142. Vaulted ceilings in houses: heat, room, insulation, light
  143. Insurance claim (first time ever): hardwood, engineered, vinyl, heat - House
  144. Log Home Owners: Have You Switched from Exterior Stain to Paint: roof, painting - House
  145. Wood brace in attic is bowing: roof, heat, phone, building - House
  146. Freezer in Phoenix: heat, insulated, room, cost - House
  147. Foundation cracks round rock: stone, building, interior, slab - House
  148. Is it to locate a source of insects in my house?: flooring, foundation
  149. Buying a house with an unpermitted addition....: how much, roof, costs
  150. Hot Water Heater Brand Suggestions: how much, pool, installed, bedroom - House
  151. How Smart Is Your House?: opener, phone, appliance, kitchen
  152. How to clean grout residue from tile install: floors, couch, plank - House
  153. Tool to cut vinyl: laminate, square, best, attic - House
  154. Why does my sump pump out so much water?: pool, Lowes, drain - House
  155. Recommendations for In-home surveillance system for elderly?: phone, bathroom, detector - House
  156. Asbestos Insulation got wet I pulled a piece off should I be worrying?: windows, water heater - House
  157. Found a door but it is the wrong swing. How much would it cost to change it to correct swing?: paint, stained - House
  158. What Do You Use To Cover Up With in Bed in the Summer: ceiling, light - House
  159. Best way to loosen bolts & nuts: opener, ceiling, installed - House
  160. Cost of adding attic insulation?: roof, Home Depot, heat, ceiling - House
  161. What type of professional an I looking for in this situation??: drains, sink - House
  162. kitchen sink drain problem: floor, roof, washer, heater - House
  163. Reminder to check your bed pillows...: smells, stains, mattress, plastic - House
  164. Can I Put Clothing in the Dishwasher?: conditioner, heating, bathtub - House
  165. Best way to cut this part of the lawn.: convert, electric, pictures - House
  166. How do faucet brands compare?: Home Depot, Lowes, installed, bathrooms - House
  167. Would you buy a house with a distressing past?: bathroom, price, repairing
  168. Are toads coming in through my toilet?: roof, drains, bathtub - House
  169. Civil Engineering Proposal: cost, vents, construction, between - House
  170. Water Softener Questions: vinyl, Home Depot, water heater, installing - House
  171. Water under bath fitter unit: floor, washer, window - House
  172. for experienced electricians: vacuum, installing, bathroom, building - House
  173. Opinions wanted exterior finishing choices: engineered, vinyl, windows, appliance - House
  174. old tape and velcro: window, heat, paint, living room - House
  175. Steel Foundation Piers: Will I be done afterward?: floors, Lowes, drain - House
  176. Cost of Concrete Paint: foundation, Home Depot, painting, stone - House
  177. HVAC fair price to unclog a piston?: AC, vacuum, smells - House
  178. Propane grill with empty indicator: Home Depot, tank, cold, worth - House
  179. Redoing an Old Deck: heat, railing, paint, ceiling - House
  180. ***POLL*** What size lot do you prefer if affordability were not a factor?: townhouse, condo
  181. Do you have a hobby that requires a specific space?: wood floors, insulated - House
  182. Help w/onion smell near sink plus caked on gunk... unrelated: dishwashers, Home Depot - House
  183. Flow Restrictor For Neutralizer Backwash: how much, drain, sink, installed - House
  184. black buildup on bottom of pans: heating, cleaner, cleaning, warm - House
  185. What other exterior colors would you suggest with dark brown: roof, window - House
  186. Man Made Synthetic Fence: vinyl, plank, steel, build - House
  187. Custom kitchen cabinet cost: hardwood, washer, laminate, microwave - House
  188. Concrete basement floor (seal it?): flooring, vinyl, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  189. Water penetrates through brick veneer wall and internal wood frame wall during a heavy storm: floor, roof - House
  190. Little/No Water Pressure: ceilings, kitchen, shower, toilet - House
  191. Fiberglass versus Gunite pool?: tiling, vinyl, pools, heat - House
  192. :::Is There A Way To Attenuate RF In A Garden Apt?: phone, appliance - House
  193. Bad idea to hire a contractor to cut trees without workman's comp?: price, better - House
  194. Well pressure low- ideas?: tank, tanks, drain, faucet - House
  195. Is sealing the grout really necessary in homes?: floors, countertops, color - House
  196. Shark UV330: hardwood floor - House
  197. Whirpool freezer accumulating ice around light: heat, appliance, cost, repair - House
  198. have photos of their tiny home?: floor, ceilings, install - House
  199. Home designs in 2019: townhouses, condo, construction, area
  200. build a smoker with a pellet pro?: issues - House