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  1. Unclog drain with enzyme cleaners: opener, sink, bathroom, pipes - House
  2. Are T8 and T12 Fluorescent Bulbs Interchangeable?: Home Depot, install, kitchen - House
  3. Skunk digging up our lawn: smells, dryer, square foot, fences - House
  4. Tub rough in plumbing: bathtub, install, faucet, pipe - House
  5. HVAC: Mismatched coils, should I replace AC?: AC, heat, installed - House
  6. Lead Paint Encapsulation in old houses in New England - Has done it themselves?: wooden windows, color
  7. water cistern level indicator?: kitchen, shower, crawlspace, buying - House
  8. Constant problems with kitchen drainage: dishwasher, drain, sink, cabinets - House
  9. Shark Vacuum Replacement Filters: Home Depot, prices, comparison, brands - House
  10. Water Service Line Leak Advice - Water Still Safe to Drink/Shower/Cook?: installed, plumber - House
  11. Open Hot on GFI/GFCI power light on, trip resets, but plugs not working: pool, AC - House
  12. Water lead in shed: roof, vinyl, heat, leaks - House
  13. toto toilet WONT stop running: tank, drain, ceramic, installed - House
  14. Patio upgrade: drain, installing, cost, build - House
  15. do i need this vent?: roof, paint, installed, siding - House
  16. Paint strippers: interior, iron, damage, better - House
  17. Toilet Flush Device I Have Never Seen: tanks, installed, toilets - House
  18. High Pressure showerhead: floors, roof, tank, tanks - House
  19. Parklex panels for outside: price, square feet, weather, cement - House
  20. Need a General Contractor for water damage repairs/restoration. Must understand insurance claim / estimate process: tiling, flooring - House
  21. New Siding on Old Houses: floor, shingles, vinyl, paint
  22. Converting Bilco basement door entry to an egress entrance: how much, drain, railing - House
  23. Best method to clean outdoor porch tile with caked on dust: washers, duct - House
  24. Window replacement advice: windows, heat, insulated, color - House
  25. Just a whacky about sun exposure: roof, windows, heat - House
  26. replacement of 12 trusses and new roof installation: engineered, cost, building - House
  27. Higher Humidity Downstairs in New Construction: dehumidifier, furnace, heat, ceiling - House
  28. Electric Breaker Finder: convert, installed, detector, light - House
  29. Damp vs. Wet Ceiling fans?: roof, heat, color, furniture - House
  30. PVC vs Composite decking: drain, installed, mold, build - House
  31. Painting concrete steps.: floors, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  32. Solar Tubes?: roof, installation, bathrooms, removal - House
  33. Purchasing 1940 home w/ detached garage is partly on neighbors property.: building, standard - House
  34. HVAC - Supply Cover Issues: installing, vents, duct, drywall - House
  35. Storm door only opens 60 degrees: installed, removing, to fix, chain - House
  36. So I was going to paint my 2 x 4 garage color, furniture - House
  37. Building an exterior stairway and landing: price, material, property, typical - House
  38. Hard wood floor panel repair: hardwood, engineered, plank, installation - House
  39. Dark spots in attic: floor, roofing, humidifier, heat - House
  40. Need help choosing the right recessed lighting (and another: paint color, ceiling - House
  41. My AC has a small leak. What options do I have for R22?: heat, leaks - House
  42. Water coming behind the gutter when it rains: shingles, drain, installed - House
  43. Vivint security cams: phone, installed, compare, outside - House
  44. House/apartment shopping advice: floor, how much, drain, apartments
  45. House -Roof replacement help!: roofing, versus, tiles, repair
  46. Refrigerator noise: kitchen, remove, shelves, freeze - House
  47. Aprilaire Filter: AC, cost, refrigerator, iron - House
  48. Closet Organizers 2019: floor, opener, Home Depot, ceiling - House
  49. Well Water Treament Systems for low pH: tank, install, plumbing - House
  50. Haier dehumidifier: remove, filter, ducts, products - House
  51. what is this roof?: shingles, old, built, family - House
  52. Shower Plumbing Mystery: how much, leaking, cost, pipes - House
  53. Tub spout and shower head on at the same time: installed, bathroom - House
  54. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - Rigid Core v. Resilient?: laminate, install, bedrooms - House
  55. Outlet in a 1957 house: lights, system, metal, old
  56. Swinging Storm Door Chain/Spring: floor, vinyl, springs, paint - House
  57. GE Slate colored refrigerator with bottom freezer Fridge leaks from front underneath pullout freezer drawer.: heat, drain - House
  58. Do I need to remove water damaged insulation?: floor, drain, stove - House
  59. Laminate floors for condo: flooring, vinyl, opener, Home Depot - House
  60. Decking Materials: hardwood, pool, laminate, grill - House
  61. Water Source Heat Pump Replacement: AC, vacuum, insulated, install - House
  62. Electrical. Connecting surface mount light to recessed canister?: ceiling, install, bathroom - House
  63. AC - Water Dripping - Condensate Drain Line terminated in ground?: foundation, furnace - House
  64. Tub Resurfacing: refinishing, painting, installation, cleaning - House
  65. Fiber Optic Cable in sewer line: drain, installed, bathroom, slate - House
  66. Partitioning off a Ground Floor MIL Unit - Ridicule My Unrealistic Ideas: hardwood floors, phones - House
  67. New HVAC, wait for low-demand months?: dehumidifier, furnace, installation, cost - House
  68. Crawl space steel pier footings are submerged in standing water: pool, drains - House
  69. Is it weird to have a washer and dryer in the master bath?: floor, drain - House
  70. Why my homeowner increases so much?: how much, roof, hurricane, cost - House
  71. Home surveillance systems at Costco: installation, cost, best, between - House
  72. DIY pigtail conversion for house aluminum wiring: washer, furnace, paint
  73. Hanging a sheet on a concrete wall: Lowes, curtain, painting - House
  74. Why do builder Air Conditioners suck?: installing, electric, better, replacement - House
  75. when did polarized electrical plugs arrive: AC, insulated, appliance, ceilings - House
  76. how to keep rain from the screened porch: floor, how much, drain - House
  77. Roofing--Best Sealant?: furnace, heater, stove, color - House
  78. Best paint for vinyl siding: Lowes, color, stain, brands - House
  79. Is This Fair? Contractor: lien, windows, installed, price - House
  80. Rekeying Locks: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, cost - House
  81. Privacy rail on deck: railing, installing, light, building codes - House
  82. Redoing an Old Deck - Update!: roof, Lowes, railing, installed - House
  83. Small ants in the kitchen: flea, window, best, remove - House
  84. Dishwasher installation advice: hardwood floor, countertops, sink, appliance - House
  85. Water damage on hardwood floor below window: roof, windows, phone - House
  86. Ceiling fan blade count: install, living room, standard, worth - House
  87. What is the cheapest you have rented/bought a house?: bedroom, apartment
  88. Does 2 AC units mean 2 filters?: floor, Home Depot, furnaces, grille - House
  89. Burying Verizon FiOS Cable - Do I Need Conduit?: phone, paint, sink - House
  90. Comm Undercounter LT Dishwashers?: floor, dishwasher, kitchens, cost - House
  91. Upping the Wattage on Electric Light Bulbs: heat, ceiling, living room - House
  92. Should I convert a bathroom into a walk-in closet?: floor, washer-dryer, curtain - House
  93. Thoughts on house color scheme..: windows, electric, outside, better
  94. Has painted vinyl doors and windows?: engineered, heat, color - House
  95. Can electric stove top plate be replaced?: cleaner, appliance, cleaning - House
  96. Fan light: loading, lighting, electricity, circuit - House
  97. Convection oven users, advice: vent, best, between, ovens - House
  98. Natural gas line not in use: floor, fireplace, furnace, water heater - House
  99. Is there an effective range hood that has no duct to outside?: grill, ceiling - House
  100. Minor Buckled/Cupped Flooring - Will it go back down?: hardwood floor, how much - House
  101. Would you do this to mailbox thieves?: cost, outside, worth - House
  102. Fool the Inspector?: floor, opener, grille, ceiling - House
  103. Cost of Repair: painting, better, duct, rated - House
  104. Engineered hardwood floors for kitchen?: vinyl, pool, laminate, refinish - House
  105. How much does an inground pool cost?: vinyl, jacuzzi, pools - House
  106. Are Contractors so Busy: Home Depot, phone, painting, cost - House
  107. Best place to find a piece of glass 2ft X 8ft: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  108. Best types or brands of freezeless sillcock (outdoor spigot)--Woodford?: install, plumber - House
  109. Is it to pipe natural light to a room without window?: roof, windows - House
  110. Attic ventilation fans: roof, Lowes, windows, heat - House
  111. Going solar (grid-tied): lien, roof, pool, phones - House
  112. Cost to replace windows and fix up siding?: painting, install, glass - House
  113. Looking for touchless wall plug to turn light on/off: Lowes, phone - House
  114. Hot water dilemma: floor, tank, appliance, installation - House
  115. Getting creative with mini-split a/c installation?: floor, how much, shingles - House
  116. Replacing Windows on Craftsman House: vinyl, Home Depot, heat, color
  117. HVAC unit fan won't Shut Off it continuously Runs: AC, heat, build - House
  118. In the middle of buying a house...Do I need an engineer to look at broken roof truss?: engineered, ceiling
  119. New Roof leaking in windblown, heavy rains: floor, Home Depot, ceiling - House
  120. How many rooms are in your home?: floor, sink, ceilings - House
  121. I want to buy a new heatpump: how much, AC, heat - House
  122. Convert 4 prong dryer outlet to 3 prong oven range outlet: furnace, Lowes, tank - House
  123. Tree Trim & Removal rates and referrals: cleaning, carpet, glass - House
  124. My basement keeps getting flooded during rainstorms: floor, how much, foundation - House
  125. Thermostat Setting: AC, heater, warm, electric - House
  126. Electrical wiring in return air chase: engineered, phone, ceilings, installing - House
  127. Strange set screw on old door knob?: interior, replace, remove - House
  128. What are raccoons good for?: iron, attic, mobile, backyard - House
  129. Neighbor Pruning Tree Entangled in Wires: window, phone, installed, electrical - House
  130. Remodeling worth it or not?: flooring, countertops, Home Depot, laminate - House
  131. 10 ft x 3 ft bathroom mirror: window, curtains, color, sinks - House
  132. Failed Home Improvement Projects: floor, how much, hot water heater, color - House
  133. How much clearance behind dryer: floor, washers, ceramic, appliance - House
  134. Thermostat change from conventional to Nest: AC, heating, phone, install - House
  135. Separating Rafters in Attic: floor, roof, foundation, sink - House
  136. Will this work for riding lawn mower storage during winter: tank, insulation - House
  137. Home Depot Shed = Tiny House?: roof, heat, insulated, stove
  138. Why I DIY: floors, AC, water heater, phone - House
  139. Thoughts on buying a house: flooring, how much, foundation, laminate
  140. Best Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer: roof, Lowes, tank - House
  141. Lawn Mower engine - loses power then regains power: tank, tanks, drain - House
  142. What are droppings?: smell, master bedroom, kitchen, cabinets - House
  143. Power Outage HVAC: dehumidifier, windows, AC, tank - House
  144. Wet bars in basements: pool, couch, downstairs, paneling - House
  145. Basement engineered wood floor install: subfloor, refinish, plank, installing - House
  146. non-electric gas fireplace: how much, alternatives, fireplaces, window - House
  147. Filthy Toilet: smell, cleaning, stains, mold - House
  148. LED lighted mirrors: color, ceiling, install, bathroom - House
  149. Chipmunks and Yellow Jackets: gas, glass, better, rated - House
  150. How long until painted walls dry to return to room?: windows, painting - House
  151. Redying a leather couch: sofa, color, furniture, living room - House
  152. Breaker Box: bedroom, detector, lighting, sq ft - House
  153. Garage Door Opener Noise Level Chamberlain b970 vs Wall Mount Chamberlain RJO20: springs, Lowes - House
  154. Why are American houses built so cheaply/poorly?: floor plans, roof shingles, heat
  155. Craftsman Door Color: vinyl, window, stained, mold - House
  156. way to adjust nges?: floor, washers, heat, paint - House
  157. Heavy Rainwater Seeping Into Home Through Foundation Slab, Advice?: pool, drain - House
  158. oven issue: countertop, heating, phone, stove - House
  159. Does use trash compactors anymore?: dishwasher, microwave, sink, convert - House
  160. buzzing sound from wall at random times: dishwasher, heater, phones - House
  161. New Refrigerator: washer, Home Depot, pool, phone - House
  162. Single family houses are getting bigger in square footage but why builders are still so stingy on garage parking space?: flooring, townhouse
  163. What kind of contractor to call?: window, heat, converting, family room - House
  164. Assessing the Need for Flood Insurance on New House: foundation, window, drain
  165. Will a knife sharpening service do a better job than an at home sharpener?: ceramic, sink - House
  166. Handyman Prices: roof, washers, window, installed - House
  167. Warranty on appliance: AC, standard, worth, average - House
  168. hear of an a/c unit in attic leaking a lot of clean water into bath sink below?: washer, AC - House
  169. Covered deck with metal roof is HOT!: roofing, heating, insulated - House
  170. Single Sink- what size do you have and is it good for you?: countertops, sinks - House
  171. if vinyl asbestos tile were removed entirely intact, should you worry about asbestos?: tiling, flooring - House
  172. Spray foam: floors, roofing, AC, heating - House
  173. Want to purchase house BUT basement floor is uneven. Should I be worried?: flooring, pictures
  174. Garage Door Insulation: Home Depot, window, heating, insulated - House
  175. Can tile be placed over tile?: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  176. Removing OIL based paint from staircase spindles?: heat, painting, stain - House
  177. Extension for old weird French house: muntin, roof, granite, foundation
  178. Oil furnace connected to water heater: furnaces, water tank, installation, radiators - House
  179. Help me pick between two Kitchen Faucets: ceramic, sink, installed - House
  180. This is life changing.: washer, cleaner, bathroom, standard - House
  181. Sprinkler System: installed, standard, fence, replacing - House
  182. Replacing Sink Faucet: floor, drains, paint, sinks - House
  183. Shower Faucet Leaking and No Hot Water: sink, installed, cleaning - House
  184. Popcorn Ceiling DIY: floors, phone, paint, ceilings - House
  185. try electric riding mowers?: floor, heat, gas, electrical - House
  186. Expensive bedsheets?: how much, colors, cost, versus - House
  187. Slab versus crawl space Arkansas: subfloor, smells, furniture, plumbing - House
  188. Do you see a lot of spiders around your house?: light, warm
  189. air conditioning, what would be best?: how much, vinyl, windows, water heater - House
  190. Help with outdoor faucet leak,: washers, room, leaking, vent - House
  191. Counter depth fridge???: washer, pool, insulated, microwave - House
  192. Getting rid of fleas in home. What are your tips ?: sofa, vacuum - House
  193. How much does it cost to replace AC compressor for house?: Air Conditioners, bathtub
  194. Best way to get rid of hornet/wasp nest under deck: build, vent - House
  195. Kitchen Remodel - Must Haves?: floor, how much, countertops, dishwasher - House
  196. Getting Rid of Skunks under our shed in backyard...: smell, cost, build - House
  197. Cracked Rafter: Home Depot, build, weather, best - House
  198. Sidewalk buckle in heat wave - what to do: how much, pool, sink - House
  199. Professional Roofing Contractors in Texas: construction - House
  200. Home Assistant Home Automation - House