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  1. Squirrels in the attic..: shingles, vinyl, ceiling, bedroom - House
  2. Termite plan- Help or Hype?: painting, toilet, cost, crawlspace - House
  3. Blanco silgranit sink: granite, color, cleaning, stains - House
  4. Basement dehumidifier: how much, window, insulated, drain - House
  5. Exterior house paint: paint color, stain, price, compare
  6. Kitchen remodel/ dishwasher plumbing: subfloor, how much, drain, sink - House
  7. What steps to take...lightning strike, ? chimney drip, inspections?: roof, opener, fireplaces - House
  8. Alternating Outlets not working: steel, electrical, circuit, between - House
  9. Help me find something simmilar: between, material, sheets, difference - House
  10. Detached garage door opener offline; who to get for access and repair?: window, phone - House
  11. Whirlpool Range is Junk!: washers, stove, appliance, installation - House
  12. gravel for the driveway: stone, new - House
  13. Power Outage-wiring from main box or enternal?: vacuum, rooms, electrical - House
  14. Does this carport proposal make sense?: roof, color, light - House
  15. Clean dripped dried poly from wood floor: hardwood floor, refinish, railing - House
  16. Replace anode rod(s) on 10 y.o. water heater? Taco Leakbreaker.: phone, install - House
  17. leak in my well pipe: phone, installed, leaking, flush - House
  18. Metal-clad Windows: best, wood, material, frame - House
  19. Samsung ice maker not working: Home Depot, refinish, kitchen, insulation - House
  20. Home water DIY test kits: color, installed, room, cost - House
  21. Update On Our House fire: washer, front loader, smell, appliance
  22. Noisy furnace: floor, heat, curtains, room - House
  23. Source for wider-than-usual pillowcases?: cleaner, cost, standard, clothes - House
  24. Cabinet Painting help: countertops, bathroom, kitchen, stain - House
  25. Help me find this replacement kitchen lighting fixture: cleaning, build, design - House
  26. freeze alarms: phone, detector, cold, Alaska - House
  27. Shower Leak: floor, bathtub, bathroom, glass - House
  28. World's oldest housing estate, rent 0.88 euro.: location, home, good - House
  29. Zwave light switch (dual): opener, phone, convert, install - House
  30. Microwave installation: washers, Home Depot, Lowes, stove - House
  31. Old House talk...Did you make the transoms functional again?: vinyl, windows
  32. Concrete Filler? What is this?: Home Depot, color, electric, repair - House
  33. Mattress pads & covers: vinyl, mold, light, leak - House
  34. Problem with walk in bathtub: jacuzzi, drain, installed, rating - House
  35. Installing engineered flooring after removing banister: hardwood, railing, plank, cleaner - House
  36. Safe and best way to clean shower tile & grout: window, cleaner - House
  37. Shower handle door: Home Depot, remove, pictures, buy - House
  38. Chimney Sweep and bugs: my fireplace, replace, Pennsylvania - House
  39. Whole Home Water Conditioning: washer, Home Depot, heater, microwave - House
  40. Difference in Humidity Indoor Vs. Outdoor: windows, AC, heat, bathroom - House
  41. Microwave tips and hacks: heating, smell, kitchen, interior - House
  42. Leaky Showers/Baths Stem Replacement or?: washers, bathrooms, leak, better - House
  43. Strange sound from fridge help!): refrigerator, between, clog, freezing - House
  44. Recirculating Hot Water...Timer or No Timer?: tank, insulated, install - House
  45. Want to finish my basement -- what should be hired out and not?: flooring, foundation - House
  46. Sporadic hum in residential water lines.: dishwasher, drain, ceramic - House
  47. Soffit/Fascia (New) Possibility: vinyl, painting, cracked, best - House
  48. Rheem Air Conditioning Problems: Air Conditioner, appliance, installing, brands - House
  49. Shower or carpentry problem?: subfloor, paint, ceiling, bathroom - House
  50. Cost for a 2nd floor addition in Flushing, Queens, NYC: heating, convert - House
  51. OK to use winged outlet box on siding?: install, electrical, weather - House
  52. PEX piping in attic: roof, AC, water tank, insulating - House
  53. Turning Dead Space Under Roof into Closet - Dumb Idea?: subfloor, how much - House
  54. Old house, concrete floor and damp: floors, roof, dehumidifier, furnace
  55. Replacing range hood blower motor assembly using other brand's: how much, windows, appliance - House
  56. Fence landscaping etiquette: better, replace, between, attic - House
  57. Light filtering sheer shades: windows, dining room, blinds, kitchen - House
  58. My pool guy made an expensive mistake: pools, vacuum, furniture - House
  59. Favorite exterior home colors?: color, ceilings, stained, light - House
  60. Are Oil Rubbed Bronze plumbing fixtures out of style?: color, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  61. Wood stove surround: floor, fireplace, heat, stoves - House
  62. Best way to collect leaves: vac, stone, warm, build - House
  63. Are there no ways to build hurricane-proof homes?: floor, bomb shelters, windows - House
  64. How Long have you lived where you currently live?: kitchen, apartment, best - House
  65. Tankless water heat: dishwasher, Home Depot, furnace, tank - House
  66. ROI on adding a urinal: floor, how much, sink, cleaner - House
  67. AC Efficiency and other Questions: how much, furnace, Air Conditioner, cleaner - House
  68. Squeaky shower door: cleaning, iron, better, removing - House
  69. All things being equal, are brick and masonry homes superior to wood frame homes?: installation, chimney - House
  70. New roof advice needed: shingles, color, install, costs - House
  71. How much is too much to spend on a deck/porch?: tiling, flooring - House
  72. propane vs electric appliances: windows, hot water heater, stoves, smell - House
  73. Korky vs. Fluidmaster toilet flappers: washers, tank, phone, install - House
  74. Exploding glass!: window, heat, installed, kitchen - House
  75. Roof sagging in the middle: how much, room, cost, sq ft - House
  76. Is there such a thing as a decent garage door opener?: installed, light - House
  77. What's the name of this type of siding from my old 1920s home: floors, shingles - House
  78. Can you add a cable outlet to a room?: floor, Home Depot, installing - House
  79. Repairing wood rot in exterior wall and there is no wrap on the sheathing -- how should this be replaced?: pool, plank - House
  80. LG water filter: sink, install, kitchen, build - House
  81. Front control range: granite, heat, stove, color - House
  82. Delta In2Ition showerhead broke - replace under warranty or buy something better?: installation, bathroom - House
  83. Are tamper resistant outlets required in renovations? (NY): bathroom, cost, code - House
  84. Should home dryers be banned?: washer, phone, microwave, stoves - House
  85. How many clocks in your home?: furnace, heater, phones, microwave - House
  86. House Water Pressure Gauge: Home Depot, tank, plumber, leaking
  87. vent free or direct vent stove: fireplaces, furnace, window, heaters - House
  88. Fix old fridge or buy a new one: washer, AC, drain - House
  89. Manufactured home that's paid for or build new site built house: resale value, price
  90. How to cool fourth level loft with skylight.: floor, shingles, opener - House
  91. Smoke alarm batteries: dining room, detector, outside, cold - House
  92. AC condensate outdoor drainage issue: pool, Air Conditioner, drains, sink - House
  93. Wi-Fi remote garage door opener: dishwasher, phone, loading, installing - House
  94. Gutter cleaning without using a ladder?: vacuum, installing, outside, best - House
  95. Handyman or Electrician?: painting, install, lighting, cost - House
  96. sour smell in the washer: front loader, loading, smells, cleaner - House
  97. Residing: Hardies Plank or LP SmartSide?: paint, installation, stain, fence - House
  98. Contracted shower complete 5 months behind schedule: flooring, drains, sink, bathroom - House
  99. Smart Doorbells -- How to Find the Right Person to Install: how much, installation - House
  100. How to add roof/attic ventilation: floor, shingles, heating, install - House
  101. Shopping for Home insurance: how much, foundation, appliance, cost - House
  102. Two Zone Heat Pump System: floor, AC, heating, sink - House
  103. Training For Home Lawn Care: alternatives, Home Depot, warm, build - House
  104. Do I need to worry about a corner grout crack in a brand new shower?: floor, bathtub - House
  105. TXV Needs Replacing: how much, air conditioning, vacuum, install - House
  106. Looking for an easy to use/maintain snow blower: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  107. Do you leave your outside lights on at night?: townhome, stove, installed - House
  108. Heat pump water heater with solar power?: roof, dehumidifier, water tank - House
  109. Is it that mold can grow inside and down the water line in this case?: how much, washer - House
  110. Outdoor surveillance at home: install, light, steel, outside - House
  111. Building a home without an HVAC: furnace, AC, heating, stove - House
  112. Shower leak through walls: hardwood, engineered, bathtub, ceiling - House
  113. Electric cordless snow blower: alternatives, gas, best, removal - House
  114. How to address cold air coming from Sliding Glass Doors?: window, insulating - House
  115. New LED coming. The end for incandescents.: AC, heating, color - House
  116. First Time Remodeling: Go Big or Stay Home?: floor, how much, roof - House
  117. Replacement HVAC: furnace, AC, heating, appliance - House
  118. New Refrigerator (hooking up water line): floor, washers, Home Depot, hot water heater - House
  119. To build on-grid or off?: flooring, furnace, heat, tanks - House
  120. Thoughts on this foundation repair? (New Jersey with photo): installed, insulation, build - House
  121. Help unlock bathroom door: dogs, vent, replace, cheap - House
  122. Dual 150 RO system with booster pump: window, tank, sink, toilet - House
  123. What convinced you to move into your current home?: resale value, pricing, square feet - House
  124. Staining Hickory Floors: flooring, refinishing, color, installed - House
  125. Mattresses that don't smell? Avocado?: how much, alternatives, phone, smells - House
  126. Concerned about purchasing clothing from a department store built in 1963: floors, asbestos - House
  127. Do YOU flush wipes?: cleaning, toilets, washing, damages - House
  128. carpenter ants nesting in dishwasher door: heat, ceiling, insulation, building - House
  129. Mildew on vinyl siding: washer, sink, mold, outside - House
  130. Difficulty in Finding Fridge to Fit Space: pool, appliance, kitchen - House
  131. Toilet hard to flush.....: tank, plumber, pipe, replacing - House
  132. Wolf decking PVC?: heat, plank, stain, comparison - House
  133. Plumbing leak(?)issue: floor, pools, drain, install - House
  134. Intermittent Dishwasher Wash Cycle (Circulation Motor Often Doesn't Run): subfloor, drains, sink - House
  135. Why did you move out of your parents home?: old, flat, living - House
  136. Does have old house with a functional cupola?: dehumidifier, furnace, windows
  137. Happier without Houzz: fireplace, appliance, room, kitchen - House
  138. Best Space Heaters: furnaces, ceramic, bedrooms, natural gas - House
  139. Venting for a electric dryer: roof, vinyl, washer, Home Depot - House
  140. Cost for basement ceiling: flooring, how much, pool, painting - House
  141. What type of new cookware?: dishwasher, grill, heating, stainless steel - House
  142. Mailbox Post Needs Reseated After Neighbor's Visitor Backed Into Mailbox: painting, install - House
  143. Interior painting: paint color, ceramic, ceiling, dining room - House
  144. Andersen 100 Series Windows: vinyl, versus, build, worth - House
  145. HVAC Condenser not level - issue?: plank, build, basement, electricity - House
  146. WOOD Foundation House Having Issues: floor, how much, ceiling, stone
  147. A c: how much, grills, AC, heating - House
  148. Tree roots going under my home: foundation, concrete, remove, driveway - House
  149. ideas what type of outlet this is?: phone, convert, condo - House
  150. Cons of gutter guards?: shingles, installation, cleaning, hurricane - House
  151. What do you think about this fridge organizing 'hack': how much, cleaning, apartment - House
  152. Rapidly dimming lights in the entire house.: appliance, install, gas
  153. New home build - broken trusses: roof, engineered, installed, cost - House
  154. Where to find pros to replace kitchen countertop?: granite, Home Depot, laminate - House
  155. Do you flush liquid-y foods?: drain, sink, plumbing, condo - House
  156. have success with using herbs or mint to repel mice?: heating, sink - House
  157. Fridge is warm and freezer is freezing: air conditioning, heater, drain - House
  158. Trane Central Air: installation, brands, standard, weather - House
  159. Does have a freestanding induction range?: Home Depot, pools, Lowes - House
  160. Tile vs Wood Flooring: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, laminate - House
  161. how to dispose of garden insecticides: drain, paint, slab, vents - House
  162. 2 Broken Trusses and 1 Cracked Truss: floor, roof, ceiling, installation - House
  163. Samsung appliances stink: dishwasher, front loader, pool, phone - House
  164. Which professional do I want for this?: floor, how much, dishwasher - House
  165. Deliveries Left at End of Driveway: phone, vinegar, company, duct - House
  166. Odd odor coming from vents: flooring, laminate, heating, paint - House
  167. Do older homes still have lathe and plaster walls?: windows, AC, heating - House
  168. Installing whole house surge protector: electric, circuit, outside, damages
  169. Fireplace questions: how much, fireplaces, heat, stove - House
  170. TAMKO products: roofing, color, install, slate - House
  171. Can I replace this gas range?: countertop, tanks, microwave, stove - House
  172. Sealing Deep Freeze: how much, appliance, install, insulation - House
  173. sewer smell in the basement: floor, windows, drain, sink - House
  174. How often to change Refrigerator water filter if I have an RO System?: pool, smells - House
  175. thoughts on whirpool fridges: appliance, kitchen, electric, refrigerator - House
  176. Out of control sibling wanting to fix elderly dad's house...WTF: paint color, furniture
  177. All-in-one tool for cutting: home project, Home Depot, build, interior - House
  178. Painting patio floors/fence and decorating, need help. PHOTOS provided: flooring, pool - House
  179. Illinois Scam: Decking companies doubling material cost. gouging on labor: heating, railing - House
  180. Hideous Tile Ceiling: heating, painting, ceilings, installed - House
  181. Recommendations on range hoods: furnace, window, heating, microwave - House
  182. HOA or No Poll: pools, colors, installed, build - House
  183. Do people misuse the uick Wash cycles on their HE washers?: cleaning, stained - House
  184. Can I have quiet, light and power all in a vacuum cleaner?: couch, furniture - House
  185. Bath towels: What's the decorative trim across the end of a towel called?: standard, oven - House
  186. 11 months What we have learned after a fire: how much, roof, washer - House
  187. What Is Most Important to You when Buying a Refrigerator?: pool, color - House
  188. that hates well water?: bathtubs, sinks, cleaner, installed - House
  189. Dryer venting- Carbon Monoxide: heater, appliance, detector, mold - House
  190. Help me figure out which refirgerator brand to buy: pool, drain, microwave - House
  191. Hiding Money Vent: Air Conditioner, paint, smells, installation - House
  192. How to solve this heating problem?: windows, hot water baseboard, stove, installed - House
  193. When do I change a furnace filter?: air conditioning, heating, cleaner - House
  194. Seeking a cold house detector: furnaces, heat, phone, drain
  195. Engineered hardwood floors for kitchen?: vinyl, pool, laminate, refinish - House
  196. Large groove in concrete floor in bedroom: flooring, ceramic, installed - House
  197. Need help with a foldin bed: couch, furniture, bedroom, steel - House
  198. Alkyd Enamel vs Oil - How to tell?: color, kitchen, cabinets - House
  199. How can we check Desire Location For Exchange Home? - House
  200. If you have a Whirlpool, Jenn-Air or Kitchen-aid refrigerator: drain, appliance, leak - House