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  1. baseboard/beadboard: color, installing, master bedroom, molding - House
  2. End of year taxes: appliance, repair, purchase, appliances - House
  3. Washing machine odor. What to do?: dishwasher, drains, mold, disposal - House
  4. Engineered hardwood floors: company - House
  5. Holy Black Widow Spiders!! Is getting rid impossible??: ceilings, outside, wall - House
  6. thinking of putting in a new driveway?: colors, installed, leaks - House
  7. News, Woman, .357 blazing, chases intruders from home.: ceiling, Ocala, ground - House
  8. Is it normal to build in corrosive soil?: floor, foundation, stone - House
  9. Stop me if I'm going to cause an avalanche by removing this hill!: how much, granite - House
  10. Need to cut 1/2 off bottom of hardwood doors: interior, vent, best - House
  11. Fast set above ground filtered pools... pain in the behind???: how much, vacuum - House
  12. Back of yard is like a lake after raining- how to fix that problem?: pools, drains - House
  13. News, Swimming in Chlorine, Beware of hidden environmental risks while swimming.: how much, pools - House
  14. Updating/Replacing Windows: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, master bedroom - House
  15. know?: color, bedrooms, construction, removing - House
  16. sand or sandless grout?: tiling, flooring, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  17. Drainage systems: countertop, dishwasher, drain, sink - House
  18. Mounting things to wall in Steel Frame Home: microwave, build, replace - House
  19. Dishwasher: how much, furnace, hot water heater, stove - House
  20. Shower faucet problem...... Help?: installation, plumber, cost, cold - House
  21. downspout drainage idea: roof, drain, install, pipe - House
  22. Exterior yard wall/gate replacement: foundation, railing, color, stone - House
  23. Water marks on Stainless: cleaner, cleaning, stains, stainless steel - House
  24. Which window should I buy? Anderson 200 series or 400 series?: windows, installation, hurricane - House
  25. Swiffers and floor scratching: hardwood, vacuum, furniture, living room - House
  26. Shatter Proof Glass/Windows: shatterproof, how much, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  27. Laying Carpet DIY?: hardwood floor, ceramic, stone, installation - House
  28. Can recommend a mattress pad...: replace, reviews, foam, table - House
  29. Can I plug my refridgerator into a regular outlet?: floor, heater, stove - House
  30. Low window ledge -- looking for a way to cover it: floor, vinyl - House
  31. New Kitchen Sink, Venting: floor, roof, window, drain - House
  32. Erosion Control: foundation, Lowes, installing, costs - House
  33. Family looking for housing: bedroom, washing, Washington, area - House
  34. Installation cost for Bilco basement doors?: foundation, window, installing, chimney - House
  35. Installing French doors... is this a DIY thing?: floor, Home Depot, molding - House
  36. Does the type of wood used in framing a home matter?: light, steel - House
  37. Roof: shingles, color, installation, washing - House
  38. Does adding a weather strip can cut your utilities bill significantly?: roof, window - House
  39. News, 'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure.: bedroom, replace, construction, system
  40. which circuit breaker?: roof, pool, loading, installed - House
  41. Barberstudent: furnace, heat, gas, prices - House
  42. Electrican advice: Home Depot, phone, ceiling, install - House
  43. Satellite or Cable Wiring: convert, installing, outside, better - House
  44. Can recommend a heat pump brand?: townhouse, furnace, Lowes
  45. Portable Carports: hurricane, square, concrete, best - House
  46. Maytag Bravos: washers, front loader, Home Depot, pools - House
  47. on tearing down 3 illegal room additions...: Home Depot, phone, rooms - House
  48. Hardwood floor: laminate, refinish, color, kitchen - House
  49. Cellular shades/mounting for casement windows - should we buy on internet and do it ourselves?: springs, Home Depot - House
  50. quick/easy/cheap/temporary fix for missing tile: subfloor, colors, bathroom - House
  51. Attic: floor, roof, plank, ceiling - House
  52. Attic fans: how much, roofing, Home Depot, heat - House
  53. Power Meter Display: how much, AC, vac, cost - House
  54. What to have on your formal Dining Room Table?: window, curtains, color - House
  55. Spray Foam Insulation: how much, roof, heating, ceiling - House
  56. 2 Prong male cable converter?: Home Depot, Lowes, appliance, circuit - House
  57. Home moving and basement digging: how much, foundation, cost, build - House
  58. 1950s Lamp - What is It?: heat, paint, room, lights - House
  59. Polaris Pool Cleaner: vac, paint, sink, room - House
  60. Softener with a filter?: replace, green - House
  61. Newpro/Owens Corning basement systems?: hardwood, vinyl, color, ceilings - House
  62. needed on Italian Marble: flooring, granite, washer, townhouse
  63. Black Birds ?: pool, dogs, ducts, buy - House
  64. Its the owner that needs fixing: washer, heating, smell, dryer - House
  65. Screen room: floor, alternatives, pools, curtains - House
  66. Pest control and children?: floor, vent, cold, better - House
  67. Vaulted ceilings?: floor, heating, apartments, cost - House
  68. water in duct work: roof, insulated, drain, sink - House
  69. Adding on hardwoods: hardwood floor, laminate, refinish, color - House
  70. Another bedroom: floor, Lowes, color, furniture - House
  71. Long-lasting AA Batteries: drain, best, replace, buy - House
  72. Home Owner and Rental Folks: roof, heater, sink, smell - House
  73. Efficient use of AC/cooling: floors, how much, dehumidifier, my fireplace - House
  74. Downstairs master and AC zones. (moved from NC forum): floors, heating, ceiling - House
  75. I am in need of a discontinued type of Georgia Pacific siding!!!: roofing, vinyl - House
  76. Help - Mystery water in the bedroom: floor, roof, pool - House
  77. House Window Tinting: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, windows
  78. Napoleon Pellet stoves: fireplaces, chimney, gas, vent - House
  79. Hot water heater questions/comparison: floor, washer, pool, water tank - House
  80. Only One Room Not Cooling: AC, heat, ceiling, master bedroom - House
  81. Ryan Homes - Septic System: phone, installed, build, best - House
  82. Building a Cabinet for a Hot Water Heater: roof, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  83. Differences in LP Gas vs Natural Gas: tank, appliance, dryer - House
  84. concrete patio-leaking basement caulk: roof, foundation, paint, ceiling - House
  85. Developements for 55 and older: new, built - House
  86. Replacing a Toilet Flapper: installing, removing, pictures, buy - House
  87. Replacement Windows: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  88. About Carpet Pad/Cushion:: floor, Home Depot, installed, carpeting - House
  89. Ikea kitchens: hardwood, countertops, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  90. Genie garage door opener-how do I get more wireless openers?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  91. The Dream home in DUbai!: plumbing, hurricane, prices, building codes - House
  92. Looking for your thoughts: tiling, shingles, color, ceramic - House
  93. Would you live in a house where a man murdered his wife and child, then killed himself?: build, outside
  94. Swimming pools, hot tubs, natural stone pools, price questions...: how much, vinyl, springs - House
  95. mud dauber infestation: foundation, window, tank, vacuum - House
  96. Hot Water Heater in Attic?: water tank, insulate, drains, appliance - House
  97. Rekey Locks - Help: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, install - House
  98. Frigidaire Freezer - Having A Problem With It.......: grill, drain, radiators - House
  99. Hot or cold bedroom problems: wood floors, roof, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  100. How important is a double oven to most women?: stove, sink, resale value - House
  101. Windows facing west in Socal!!! Our living room is terrible hot!: AC, heat - House
  102. Tiny Houses: floor, window, ceiling, dining room
  103. Residential window tinting: floor, how much, windows, heat - House
  104. HELP!!!!Urine smell: subfloor, smells, cleaner, bedroom - House
  105. Pex Pipe Safe for Drinking?: foundation, heating, sink, smells - House
  106. Stain Removal: countertops, laminate, cleaner, bathroom - House
  107. Do You Own An Old Home?: wood floors, fireplace, compare, basement - House
  108. Is buying a Townhouse a good idea, or no?: floors, how much, townhouses
  109. home renovations: floor, heating, paint, ceramic - House
  110. Stains in a bathtub: paint, sinks, cleaner, bathroom - House
  111. Opinions on Clothes Irons!!: cleaner, cleaning, best, replace - House
  112. about propane usage with a Water Heater: how much, pool, tank - House
  113. Dust...: hardwood, how much, furnace, vacuum - House
  114. drain for 2nd floor laundry?: washer, water heater, insulated, ceramic - House
  115. Contractor Drama, help!: flooring, bedroom, cabinets, glue - House
  116. Home Invasion and no good deed goes unpunished: costs, outside, worth - House
  117. Appliance choices: washer, stove, color, living room - House
  118. Hardwood Floors: engineered, laminate, vacuum, refinish - House
  119. BEST outdoor swing...teak or brazillian cherry???: how much, flea, color - House
  120. Electrical Relay Switch: floor, engineered, grille, heat - House
  121. rehabbing a fireplace: wood floors, roof, my fireplace, furnace - House
  122. own a LG Washer: laundry room, leaking, brands, washing - House
  123. Well water or city water for washer?: washers, stains, versus - House
  124. Leaky Ridge Vents: roof, washer, vacuum, paint - House
  125. hard water vs soft water..?: how much, bathtubs, appliance, shower - House
  126. Underground Pipe Break: water heater, tanks, installed, shower - House
  127. easy way to find a lost septic tank?: tanks, drains, detector - House
  128. Swimming pool cost of installation and maintenance: vinyl, pools, cleaner - House
  129. Dryer Vent Condensation Prevention: floor, roof, insulating, ceiling - House
  130. hardwood floors-do they need to match?: fireplace, refinish, color, ceramic - House
  131. Adding a 220v outlet to a garage: stove, ceiling, install - House
  132. Flat Basement Door: opener, furnace, ceiling, room - House
  133. What about High-Efficiency Top Loaders: washers, front loader, Lowes, loading - House
  134. is it too close to highway: double pane windows, living room, resale value, lights - House
  135. Let's talk about your A/C system...: floors, furnace, grill - House
  136. shall i buy a house with mold: roof, drain, paint
  137. Is there a tree with no bugs?: outside, best, mount - House
  138. door closing by itself: flea, AC, installed, bathroom - House
  139. Do electronic rodent controls work?: insulation, apartments, basement, vent - House
  140. How do you cover tile countertops with stainless steel?: granite, laminate, heat - House
  141. Another insurance ..: humidifier, Lowes, phone, ceiling - House
  142. Is owning an apartment different from owning a house?: townhome, pool
  143. Planting tree near water shut off, neighbor says no due to roots and clay pipes?: vs, code - House
  144. Ideas on covering this ugly 1960's metal awning?: floor, roof, pool - House
  145. Need gift idea!: grill, paint, install, showers - House
  146. Electronic Bathroom Faucets: sink, installed, bathrooms, toilets - House
  147. How do you live in?: washer, insulated, sink, bedrooms - House
  148. What do you live in?: apartment, worth, screen, moving - House
  149. table saw or miter saw?: Home Depot, Lowes, colors, plank - House
  150. We Are Building An Off Grid House And Posting Pictures: prices, construction
  151. I want to kill ALL bugs/non-humans around my backyard: foundation, Lowes - House
  152. need new thermostat?: Lowes, windows, AC, heat - House
  153. Trex Decking...Stain Removal?: Home Depot, Lowes, cleaner, cleaning - House
  154. The First House--did you love yours?: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl, townhome
  155. Can I sue a contractor for not completing the construction of my house in the time promised?: how much, phone
  156. Property Line MESS!!: room, build, stairs, concrete - House
  157. Slab Foundation: flooring, vinyl, electric heat, insulate - House
  158. Hardwood Flooring: hardwood floors, refinish, color, family room - House
  159. Moving a water heater: floor, water tank, vac, drain - House
  160. Restoration of wood on old houses: hardwood floors, how much, roof, engineered
  161. Need advice on home choice: roof, pool, windows, heating - House
  162. How Much to Cut Grass: price, versus, driveway, yard - House
  163. Outside or Inside.... which to finish first?: pool, heat, basements - House
  164. Washer, Dryer, Fridge!: dishwashers, front loader, Home Depot, pool - House
  165. where to buy bean bag chairs?: furniture, price, standard, best - House
  166. A/C condensation pipe: floor, Home Depot, vac, phone - House
  167. Stains in Toilet Bowl? Help!: cleaner, stone, cleaning, stain - House
  168. Wow! What a difference!: furnaces, water heater, ceiling, installed - House
  169. Questions (concerns) about front door with glass panels: windows, install, steel - House
  170. Walk-in Pantry Shelving options: flooring, how much, vinyl, alternatives - House
  171. with more than 2 kids NOT have a seperate deep freezer?: pool, vacuum - House
  172. 103yr. Old House-Should I Buy?: hardwood, vinyl, Home Depot, drains
  173. Am I the only one who hates Stainless Steel ?: hardwood, granite countertops, color - House
  174. New Composite Roof Installation Problems: roofing, heating, paint, plank - House
  175. set house to 72 but only cools to 80 when hot out: floor, townhouse
  176. Cordless phone: opener, phones, microwave, living room - House
  177. Wanted: Ideas For House Colors: how much, shingles, fireplace, windows
  178. Don't open your door to just: windows, phones, apartment - House
  179. Insurance on Storm Damage: shingles, heating, phones, bedroom - House
  180. Moving bed up spiral staircase--won't fit!: floor, roof, springs, windows - House
  181. Cost of Slab/Crawlspace Foundation: floor, how much, window, painting - House
  182. Is there an easy way to know if wall is bearing ?: floor, roof - House
  183. How hard is doing tile bathroon floor??: tiling, subfloor, how much - House
  184. whats the best brand of appliances (fridge, WD)?: floor, dishwasher, front loader - House
  185. Granite seams: how much, granite countertops, color, furniture - House
  186. insulating my attic myself: how much, AC, plank, installation - House
  187. AC won't cool in the hot evenings: grill, double pane windows, heat - House
  188. New Construction - Usage of wood shims: flooring, insulating, room - House
  189. What is a primer? (tutorial): heating, paint, conversion, converting - House
  190. Foundation regulations: vents, between - House
  191. Free on-line home renovation website?: brick, old, good, older - House
  192. Cem Dry: cleaner, cleaning, stains, carpets - House
  193. House needs help, people.: windows, paint, living room, kitchen
  194. have a Koblenz floor polisher?: floors, vacuum, cost, buying - House
  195. hrv help: roof, foundation, install, build - House
  196. We Just Installed Solar and Wind Power On Our Off Grid Home: prices, pictures - House
  197. Electric Fireplace: fireplaces, wood, burning, area - House
  198. abandoned home - House
  199. GE Monogram gas cooktop?: appliance, appliances, new - House
  200. chair cushions: sofas, furniture, family room, best - House