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  1. Tree removal in NY: hardwood, vent, load, worth - House
  2. replacing outside spigot: plumber, cement, pressure, mount - House
  3. Ceiling fan/light making noise when turned on....: smell, install, insulation - House
  4. Can water damage toilet hardware until it leaks?: floor, washers, tank - House
  5. Clean Up Scorpion Poop Off of Wall: paint, cleaner, stain - House
  6. Merv 13 air filter: HEPA filter, cleaning, mold, glass - House
  7. My Steam Humidifier experience: furnace, installed, interior, iron - House
  8. Breaker for Hot water heater gone bad?: smell, electric, burning - House
  9. Siding/ Gutter company did a terrible job, what to do now?: price, outside - House
  10. Xmas lights troubleshooting: Lowes, installed, outside, better - House
  11. solutions for high nitrate levels in well water: tank, color, sinks - House
  12. Wkere is my post House without livimg room and kitchen ?
  13. Represssurize boiler: gas, leak, repair, vent - House
  14. Best Backyard Batting Cage: installed, cost, square, ducts - House
  15. Need Fascia/Soffit and wood repairs: roofing, vinyl, painting - House
  16. Is it to crimp a pre-made CCTV cable?: insulation, worth, best - House
  17. Welding indoor metal stair railing back to base, is this safe?: fireplace, smell - House
  18. Microwave door seal: paint, interior, repair, replacement - House
  19. Filter-less hvac return: grill, AC, ceiling, installed - House
  20. Attached Garage - Direction of faced batts in shared wall: how much, Home Depot - House
  21. To users of Spectrum Security Systems: phone, cost, worth, company - House
  22. Do Fascia boards and gutters have to be same color?: roof, light - House
  23. Patio Screening: pool, better, between, sunroom - House
  24. Portable dehumidifier experiences: floor, how much, windows, AC - House
  25. Retro-fitting existing hard wired security system panel: townhouse, phone, installation
  26. Looking to replace my whole house fan...: windows, AC, heat
  27. Hardwood Floor - Gap after replacement: dishwasher, installation, kitchen, between - House
  28. about landscape drainage outside of house: water tank, drain, stone
  29. Boiler Replacement?: smells, installation, detector, plumber - House
  30. Boiler Replacement?: tank, smells, installation, bedroom - House
  31. Looks like water leak from vent?: heating, insulated, stains, upstairs - House
  32. Leaking upstairs bathroom pipe connected to faucet: floor, drain, sink - House
  33. What's Under My Floor?: subfloor, foundation, drain, bathroom - House
  34. Track Lighting Suggestions?: flooring, countertop, ceilings, room - House
  35. XL double/full sized mattress?: room, price, vs, standard - House
  36. Damaged Front Door Trim: paint, installed, molding, glue - House
  37. install Santec shower fixture? Or recommendations...: washer, installation, bathroom - House
  38. Disinfecting oil rubbed bronze door handles and fixtures: construction, remove, material - House
  39. So, what made that dent in your siding: roof, vinyl, paint - House
  40. Plantation Shutter Costs: windows, cost, estimate, material - House
  41. what is the proper way to fix the large gap between bath cabinet and wall: countertop, installed - House
  42. Granite window sill letting in cold air and moisture...: windows, heat, installed - House
  43. Small hole in wall above shower surround - what to fill with?: refinish, paint - House
  44. Garage conversion permit problem: phone, convert, code, vent - House
  45. Weatherproof/seal an unused door: AC, railing, stove, laundry room - House
  46. 50 Gallon Water Heater Questions: hot water supply, shower, plumbing, gas - House
  47. Largest (residential) house in the world: floors, costs, square feet, best
  48. cost of installing washing machine in apt.?: how much, washer dryer, drain - House
  49. Anderson Casement Window Adjustment?: vinyl, windows, heat, paint - House
  50. How to tie up curtains?: molding, better, ducts, safe - House
  51. what fire extinguishers to buy for home?: Home Depot, furnace, water heater - House
  52. What kind of Fire bill are my neighbors looking at?: how much, chimney - House
  53. More plumbing questions - Water Heater woes: floor, tank, drain - House
  54. whats best Garage shelf design?: floor, building, replacement, between - House
  55. Scratches in LVP: hardwood floors, vinyl, paint, plank - House
  56. Sleeping area for 1 person: sofas, couch, ceiling, furniture - House
  57. Rumor - Next air conditioner standards to be by climate zone: heat, cleaner - House
  58. Home improvement - contractor disagreement: room, cost, vents, worth - House
  59. Ladybugs in the house: vinyl, windows, vacuum, color
  60. Motion sensor light: ceiling, convert, installed, lights - House
  61. Spice organization: stove, color, cabinet, outside - House
  62. OTA antenna in attic - how to connect to TV's?: floor, roof - House
  63. Recovering from 2 year is a MESS!: floors, windows, heater
  64. Typical electricity usage for homes with electric baseboard heating: how much, fireplace, heaters - House
  65. Moving to Oregon for work in a couple days and don't have an apartment set: stone, rooms - House
  66. Sugar ants in the house: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, room, kitchen
  67. Is it just me or the boiler pilot lighting design is too antiquated?: floor, furnaces - House
  68. Help troubleshooting high electric bills: hot water heater, stove, appliance, installed - House
  69. Gas vs Electric Heat: Pros/Cons?: floor, furnaces, Lowes, grill - House
  70. Home addition worth doing based on return of investment: floor, shingles, window - House
  71. Have you purchased Black Stainless Appliances: washers, front loader, kitchen, glass - House
  72. Fun with water pressure: how much, Lowes, paint, bathrooms - House
  73. would you consider 2-story family room a dealbreaker?: floor, how much, heating - House
  74. Getting permit using unlicensed contractor: engineered, foundation, installed, plumber - House
  75. Who has actually built an ADU and want to share details?: pool, cost - House
  76. New roof choices: shingles, installed, kitchen, vs - House
  77. Home inspector missed code violation: floor, installation, room, stair - House
  78. Installing Carpet over Hardwood: hardwood floors, refinishing, living room, cost - House
  79. cleaning shower curtain: vinyl, window, curtains, sink - House
  80. Refrigerator, Whirpool or Samsung?: dishwasher, Lowes, phones, appliance - House
  81. Is 10ft depth balcony/deck enough room?: furniture, standard, cold - House
  82. Removing Detergent Powder Stain From Shorts?: color, smell, stone, room - House
  83. How to remove smell from beach hat?: cleaner, washing, damage - House
  84. Adding electrical outlet in tiled bathroom: install, detector, dryer, light - House
  85. AC gauges: crack, pressure, homeowner, systems - House
  86. Replace Water Heaters or inline heater?: flooring, Lowes, water heater, ceiling - House
  87. DIY Shed Roof Replacement: roofing, Home Depot, installation, leaks - House
  88. Asian ladybugs: roof, vinyl, windows, vacuum - House
  89. Building permits being taken out in our name, on a house we no longer own…: lien, bedrooms
  90. What projects will you start now got time on your hands?: home project, Lowes - House
  91. Preparing for or in the middle of a house project and then . . .Coronavirus: flooring, home project
  92. Exterior home repair for 1930's bungalow: foundation, pool, sink - House
  93. Sealer for brick and mortar mailbox: leaking, basements, concrete, vent - House
  94. replacing bathroom fan: heat, appliance, shower, plumbing - House
  95. Should I replace old circuit breakers?: installation, lights, cost, electrical - House
  96. Which Surveillance Camera is Best?: Home Depot, install, cleaning, lights - House
  97. Deck Staining - My dilemma: roof, washer, refinishing, cleaner - House
  98. How much does it cost to wire a new house with a new landline?: pools, phones
  99. Mystery leak under window: shingles, vinyl, townhouse, windows
  100. Does this sound worth buying: Air Conditioner, water heater, stove, carpet - House
  101. type of paint to use on brass doors on fireplace: my fireplace, heat - House
  102. Return address (USPS): condo, cost, code, standard - House
  103. Wet crawl space with cement floor: floors, how much, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  104. Sound proofing hollow core french doors: refinish, curtains, installed, carpet - House
  105. Busy road-traffic noise coming into house. How to help this issue?: traffic noise, floor
  106. Turning an entire bedroom into a closet (permanent or just use of space): windows, conversion - House
  107. Does air come through HVAC air conditioner when it's off?: floors, windows - House
  108. house hunting- 13 yr old house?: subfloor, roof, dishwasher, furnace
  109. Advice for Staining a Cedar House?: roof, washer, painting, plank
  110. Why patios?: fireplaces, appliance, stone, install - House
  111. Does cedar siding need to be primed?: shingles, color, installing - House
  112. New Siding color choice: shingles, vinyl, foundation, windows - House
  113. Help with wiring!: installation, light, pictures, duct - House
  114. Outdoor Security Lights ?: how much, window, curtains, install - House
  115. Tank vs tankless Water Heater?: jacuzzi, insulated, install, room - House
  116. Carbon monoxide detector keeps going off: fireplace, furnace, heater, insulated - House
  117. Guest House?: how much, heat, room, kitchen
  118. Switch to nowhere - ideas?: floor, ceiling, rooms, kitchen - House
  119. Electrical issue: Approximately how much to rewire circuit, or split existing large circuit into two?: heater, loading - House
  120. overwhelmed with the different security camera systems out there: phone, install, lighting - House
  121. Looking For King Size Sheets On Amazon Or Penneys: colors, price, pillow - House
  122. Gas fireplace slow to start: fireplaces, cleaner, cleaning, chimney - House
  123. Looking For Comforters: price, comparison, warm, mattress - House
  124. Hot Water: tank, tanks, installed, showers - House
  125. How to repair drywall on corners?: color, install, molding, outside - House
  126. Neighbors wood burning coming into my house: fireplace, windows, heat
  127. Electric water heater (50 gal) not enough: water tank, sink, conversion, converting - House
  128. Pesky Mice!: floor, dishwasher, Lowes, stove - House
  129. Poll - Favorite brand of showerhead: leaking, brands, worth, better - House
  130. Help us decide - remodel or tear down & rebuild?: hardwood floors, foundation - House
  131. Generator for power outage: floors, my fireplace, Home Depot, AC - House
  132. MDF Safety: hardwood floors, laminate, painting, furniture - House
  133. Heat and AC in a small addition?: floor, how much, heating - House
  134. Wooden Exterior Front-Door Consult for Maintenance?: heat, paint, insulation, repair - House
  135. what do you wish you would have done different?: how much, engineered, vinyl - House
  136. I think I want at least .75 acre!: windows, insulated, laundry room - House
  137. Want to build this kind of sun room-like structure: how much, pool, rooms - House
  138. How soon is too soon: window, curtains, colors, appliance - House
  139. help! Can I leave fluorescent lights on consecutively for days at a time?: ceiling, kitchen - House
  140. Who do you call to disconnect/remove dishwasher: floor, countertop, drain - House
  141. Hot tub recommendation: floor, jacuzzi, springs, pools - House
  142. Home services that are worth the cost: hardwood floor, roofing, washer - House
  143. Apple smart home kit: roof, opener, phone, ceiling - House
  144. Is it too ambitious for regular homeowner to build a multi level condo?: bathroom, apartment - House
  145. Should contractors call before they come out?: roof, installed, vent - House
  146. Paint - Help!: how much, color, room, staining - House
  147. paint peeled off in sections: painting, cleaner, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  148. House water pressure: washer, Home Depot, water tank, kitchen
  149. How to clean engineered hardwood floors: laminate, window, heat, cleaner - House
  150. Does in a neighborhood of close houses NOT have that neighbor ?: price, code
  151. House Work/Contractor Bids, What Do You Base Your Decision On?: flooring, how much
  152. Plumbing issue: hot water heater, bathtub, sinks, install - House
  153. Weird stuff coming out of rafter: roof, heat, insulation - House
  154. HVAC Annual Check Up: furnace, heat, drain, install - House
  155. Ventless dryer: washer, heat, living room, condo - House
  156. Help for wood porches/decks that get slick: how much, heat, phone - House
  157. Do you absolutely hate Carpet?: hardwood floors, laminate, vacuum, ceramic - House
  158. giani countertop kits and prepping to sell, pic attached. What would you do?: hardwood, granite countertops - House
  159. Best ways to get blood stains out of carpet: color, smells, cleaner - House
  160. House without living room, and kitchen, and dining room: floor, roof, appliance
  161. PSA clean your refrigerator condenser coils: floor, vacuum, cleaning, dryer - House
  162. How to increase humidity in one room WITHOUT a humidifier?: heating, installed - House
  163. how to fix interior metal railing: alternatives, sofa, painting, installation - House
  164. Adding Window to Bathroom, Within Tub/Shower Area: vinyl, countertops, fireplace - House
  165. Life hacks for the home: floor, dishwasher, drain, sink - House
  166. Global warming/insects swarming: floors, heating, living room, kitchen - House
  167. Extension cord length: cost, electric, damage, buy - House
  168. Did I make a huge mistake?: pool, living room, condo, light - House
  169. How many basement outlets on ONE 15 amp breaker?: floor, phone, appliance - House
  170. vertical knife?: paint, buy, wood, large - House
  171. My Secrets For Keeping My Home Cleaner: hardwood, dishwasher, window - House
  172. fan recommendations: Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling, install - House
  173. Shared gutter and neighbors wanting repair: pool, window, leak, cost - House
  174. Concrete Hammer drill tips: steel, best, energy, company - House
  175. Engineered wood in kitchen: hardwood, dishwasher, springs, laminate - House
  176. foundation cracks: floor, install, leak, build - House
  177. It pays to shop around for an HVAC system: furnace, tank, drain - House
  178. The employed homeowner's trilemma?: hardwood, how much, dishwasher, heat - House
  179. Gas Furnace died last night: humidifier, furnaces, AC, water heater - House
  180. Laundry Room redo (I’m at it again): subfloor, washer, water heater - House
  181. help me with a sewage problem in my house: drains, smell
  182. Water Heater in Bedroom Closet-is it a problem though code?: flooring, townhome - House
  183. Can you convert a gos oven to be powered by electric instead?: tank, microwave - House
  184. Need advice for serious moisture issue in extreme winter climate: floor, roof - House
  185. Staying in/on Your Property During a Kitchen Remodel?: floor, how much, washer - House
  186. Home insurance rip-off ?: floor, how much, roof, couch - House
  187. Nonstick vrs stainless steel cooking pan: heating, ceramic, kitchen, build - House
  188. Shingle look metal roof: floor, how much, roofing, ceilings - House
  189. Tile or Baseboards first?: flooring, laminate, cleaner, installing - House
  190. Odor from bath sink: roof, tank, vacuum, drain - House
  191. How to deal with belligerent and non-responsive homeowner's association?: cost, pipes, build - House
  192. HVAC not heating/cooling evenly - specific in post: windows, AC - House
  193. Bulge in basement floor on house I'm interested in: how much, granite, foundation
  194. Water Heater flushing: tank, vacuum, drain, faucet - House
  195. Remove Old Cable, Phone Lines Att'd Exteriorly: vinyl, color, installation - House
  196. Relocating Stairs in Old House: floor, engineered, Lowes, bathroom
  197. Counterfeit faucets - why the strong Euro-bias?: shower, toilet, faucet - House
  198. Can my ceiling fan be turned on at the same time of the heating?: how much, cost - House
  199. Sliding patio door replacement: floor, vinyl, springs, Home Depot - House
  200. Bath sink drain - House