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  1. Are There Specifications To Look For In A Standby Generator?: smells, cleaner - House
  2. Selling house- how to transfer smart home accts to buyer?: opener, phone
  3. Very slow water leak from Shower area: floor, drains, installation - House
  4. IXL Cabinet Hardware: overlay, painting - House
  5. Outlets on Bilco enclosure?: paint, glue, light, code - House
  6. Witch Hazel or rubbing alcohol?: washer, phone, smells, vinegar - House
  7. Best Concrete Patching Product for Staining Afterward: color, stain, interior - House
  8. Big-A washers: railing, color, code, repair - House
  9. Stay-At-Home-Improvement: floor, how much, Home Depot, water tank - House
  10. Wasps in my gas fireplace exhaust: fireplaces, grill, vac, chimney - House
  11. Carey shingles replacement concerns: roofing, asbestos, installing, costs - House
  12. Cali Bamboo Flooring?: vinyl, Lowes, plank, installation - House
  13. Iron Gate Lock Edge Bore too Narrow: install, cost, standard - House
  14. Is it good idea to paint behind gutters: vinyl, painting, install - House
  15. First time doing radiant floors with a couple questions (special situation!): subfloor, water heater - House
  16. New asphalt - how long to seal?: heat, installing, cost - House
  17. Should My Garage Door Have Vents In South Florida?: air conditioning, heat, paint - House
  18. Pella doors with shade-between-glass: windows, installation, remove, fix - House
  19. A/C Condenser Fan Always On: install, replace, wiring, system - House
  20. Double curtain bracket extension query: Lowes, install, standard, wall - House
  21. Bathroom tile floor feel warm: heating, paint, ceiling, bathrooms - House
  22. Home services and tipping: price, basement, electrical, legal - House
  23. General Contractor or coordinate myself?: tiling, floor, how much, painting - House
  24. Milgard Thermal split aluminum windows: vinyl, AC, heat, install - House
  25. Cedar Wood to Brick: remove, buying, ranch, built - House
  26. Mice in attic and stain in the ceiling.: roof, painting, living room - House
  27. Can picture windows be modified to be opened?: cost, better, replacement - House
  28. Exterior Door Seals?: vinyl, better, replacement, seal - House
  29. Miratec versus Wood Trim: window, paint, upstairs, repair - House
  30. GE dishwasher door problem: worth, to fix, counter, flat - House
  31. PHORID(Drain) FLIES: floors, windows, drains, railing - House
  32. Rust on plastic: best, remove, salt, rated - House
  33. Mounting a Ring Floodlight to a rectangular junction box: lights, siding, best - House
  34. Raised Deck costs estimate: Lowes, railing, installed, cost - House
  35. Broken shutter pins: vinyl, washer, painting, cleaner - House
  36. Old brush cleaning: painting, cleaner, compare, damaged - House
  37. Mobile home floor repair: subfloor, bathroom, insulation, shower - House
  38. Help Needed -- Sealed Attic: roof, furnace, insulated, ceilings - House
  39. Exterior Wall - Capstone is falling out, don't know what to do: stone, build - House
  40. Two Panel Door: versus, square, upstairs, replace - House
  41. Kitchenaid range vent hood model: filters, inside - House
  42. If the lumber is supplied how much should it save o building a home?: hardwood, cost - House
  43. Buried/Recessed Electrical Box w/ Access Panel: jacuzzi, sink, cabinet - House
  44. Little tech help: brands, outside, brick, door - House
  45. Broken Truss - Could old roof be the reason?: shingles, foundation, windows - House
  46. dryer buzzing: load, clothes, duct, Kenmore - House
  47. Spots on wood dining table: refinish, furniture, vent, remove - House
  48. Need new exterior door?: flooring, laminate, paint, laundry room - House
  49. Building Boat Like SandBox: floor, color, stain, cost - House
  50. Double pane windows issues?: insulated, glass, leak, code - House
  51. Best Thing To Do To Prevent Roaches From Entering Your House: subfloor, roof
  52. Front steps diy suggestions?: concrete, better, existing, patio - House
  53. Vapor Barrier Crawlspace Water Droplets?: floor, roof, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  54. Blind issues - windows and skylight.: Home Depot, Lowes, curtain, living room - House
  55. mortar cracks in brick home exterior: floor, roof, window, color - House
  56. Foundation issues that are emergency or can be monitored: roof, window, bedroom - House
  57. Mold Remediation/???: floor, sink, kitchen, shower - House
  58. Ceiling fan in mobile home: Lowes, master bedroom, light, electrical - House
  59. Squeaky hardwood: hardwood floors, Lowes, refinish, sink - House
  60. Toliet Flapper, No Flush to Water on the Floor: washers, Home Depot, tank - House
  61. Wall Moulding Installation Tools Needed: inexpensive, expensive - House
  62. Help with Basement Paint: floor, insulate, painting, ceilings - House
  63. Carrier Heat Pump makes strange noise when heating: roof, AC, warm - House
  64. Maytag Performa Dryer issue: heating, loading, appliance, laundry room - House
  65. bath shower: color, cleaner, staining, apartment - House
  66. Railing ideas for small deck / landing?: compare, code, stairs, fence - House
  67. Should I replace my hot water heater?: Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  68. Track Lighting Suggestions?: flooring, countertop, ceilings, room - House
  69. REplace battery? Battery charger? or Mower?: Home Depot, Lowes, installation, light - House
  70. Building a pool in TX: how much, cost - House
  71. Small bugs and leaf things in bathtub?: window, pictures, termites - House
  72. Power company demand for turn on: AC, stoves, appliance, hurricane - House
  73. Replacing DSC Alexor alarm: phones, electric, company, mobile - House
  74. Water Filtration For Condo?: how much, Lowes, tank, sink - House
  75. Air Conditioner Coil Foam Cleaner: furnace, heat, smells, install - House
  76. Insulating basement that's framed with electrical: foundation, insulation, gas - House
  77. Garage door jumps: inside, older - House
  78. Zypher AK2100 Under cabinet Range Hood: installing, hurricane, new, good - House
  79. Whats best for playground ground cover?: granite, alternatives, pool, color - House
  80. Electric out in one room; Not the breaker: floors, convert, bathrooms - House
  81. Plumbing advice for a leak...: floor, roof, dishwasher, water heaters - House
  82. Questions about AC Unit Replacement: how much, furnaces, heat, installation - House
  83. Plumbing - cost of Recirc Pump: how much, tank, insulated, sinks - House
  84. Plumbers: Can I replace a bathroom sink with a washing machine?: washer, drain - House
  85. Sound proofing a wall and window from the outside construction noise?: windows, insulate - House
  86. New AC unit still leaking?: roof, dishwasher, heating, drain - House
  87. Correct flashing on top of windows?: mullion, floor, vinyl, Lowes - House
  88. Ground prep for small above ground pool?: how much, granite, installing - House
  89. Where to begin with renovations?: hardwood, how much, dishwasher, phone - House
  90. window AC's made in USA?: dehumidifier, alternatives, washer, Home Depot - House
  91. Is Kitchen replacement a job too big for DIY?: tiling, flooring, granite - House
  92. DIY garage door replacement - where to buy from?: Home Depot, paint, ceiling - House
  93. Does homeowner have to pay for Porto potties?: bathroom, toilet, price - House
  94. TREX Decking and Rugs. Had Success?: washer, heating, color, stains - House
  95. Home surveillance system: how much, phone, installing, cost - House
  96. Hammering nails above a kitchen sink: floor, phone, paint, installing - House
  97. Keeping flies away during outdoor party: Home Depot, grill, smell, vent - House
  98. Cleaning a Toilet Bowl: color, cleaner, stone, stain - House
  99. Living without a microwave: countertop, heating, stove, appliance - House
  100. What is the best sealant for this kind of gap?: how much, roof - House
  101. Why are 12 ft A-Frame Step Ladders So Expensive???: roof, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  102. getting good use of solar panels: how much, roofing, AC - House
  103. Locking liquor and wine cabinet or refrigerator: cabinets, basement, brands - House
  104. Dispute with deck builder -- what to do now?: lien, railing, color - House
  105. Questions about updating electric in 110 year old house: floor, heater, stove
  106. Microwaves in lower cabinets- like or dislike?: floor, heater, stove - House
  107. Need a key to get OUT!: floor, window, apartment, glass - House
  108. Waterfall pond design: vinyl, Home Depot, pool, drain - House
  109. Is it safe to have the dehumidifier running while youre in the basement?: Home Depot, Air Conditioners - House
  110. Paying someone to prep your house for sale?: refinish, color, sinks
  111. When do you turn on your in-home air conditioning?: windows, heater, bedrooms - House
  112. swamp cooler vs portable ac unit: townhouse, windows, curtains, bedrooms
  113. Ants Covering Lawn Furniture: smell, kitchen, sq ft, washing - House
  114. wasps in house: floor, fireplaces, windows, air conditioning
  115. I'm a new home owner, need help with household wiring!: ceiling, light
  116. Is there disadvantage to eliminate propane from house utility?: furnace, tank
  117. Quick Pressure treated wood: light, outside, cedar fence, sealer - House
  118. Mowing my lawn in the evening: window, heat, bedroom, light - House
  119. Help with fence stain: how much, Home Depot, color, cleaner - House
  120. Plaster wave / bubble type deformity: color, ceilings, rooms, kitchen - House
  121. why the aluminum wrapping: painting, plank, building, siding - House
  122. Fix or replace dryer?: washers, heating, standard, repair - House
  123. AC Blower Motor Sometimes Won't Start: heat, circuit, outside, between - House
  124. about house grounding wire: foundation, Home Depot, codes, electrical
  125. What to do with 24 sweetgum/gumball trees: colors, cleaner, cleaning - House
  126. Entry door: roof, install, hurricane, building - House
  127. Adjustable beds--do you have one?: cost, build, pillow, mattresses - House
  128. Hot tub suggestions: jacuzzi, Home Depot, pools, heater - House
  129. Concrete driveway resurfacing?: foundation, stone, installing, slate - House
  130. Replacing Tire on Hand Truck: cost, compare, best, remove - House
  131. Kitchen Sink (stainless or quartz sink): granite countertops, color, sinks, appliance - House
  132. Faulty design causing white residue stains?: pool, cleaner, install, mold - House
  133. New Roof Installation Should I take down my TV: roofing, windows, installing - House
  134. Fluorescent light in large closet not lighting: Home Depot, heat, conversion - House
  135. Cleaning White Backsplash and Cabinets near range?: stove, paint, cleaner - House
  136. Sealing a deck (first time being sealed)?: floor, painting, install - House
  137. Signs of cockroaches or is this something: washer, smell, bedroom - House
  138. Radon pipe placement?: floor, roof, granite, furnace - House
  139. BRAND NEW Home Build... Major Settling Issues & Concrete Worries!!: floor, foundation - House
  140. Marble floors: flooring, granite, AC, heating - House
  141. How often do you paint the interior of your house?: color, ceilings
  142. How hard would it be to get a house built to old standards today?: hardwood floors, roofing
  143. Bath exhaust fan light not working?: Home Depot, ceiling, installation, bathroom - House
  144. Time for new washer dryer: front loader, phone, loading, appliance - House
  145. Motion or Glass Break Sensor: floor, window, sofa, install - House
  146. How hard to relocate a toilet??: subfloor, how much, drain, sink - House
  147. Does know what this pipe is?: tank, vacuum, drain - House
  148. 18' total building height limitation = how many floors?: roof, windows, ceiling - House
  149. When is an 8 volt power drill sufficient?: alternatives, Lowes, window - House
  150. Rolling pin has oil that does not wash out: sink, cleaner, furniture - House
  151. Laminate Flooring that's not as loud: subfloor, vinyl, dishwasher, Lowes - House
  152. Sink/Disposal in Kitchen Island: installed, cleaning, cabinet, interior - House
  153. Does know the manufacturer of this faucet?: ceramic, sink, installation - House
  154. Sump pump won't stop running with all water drained out: plumbing, repair - House
  155. Is it to still find a toilet design from 2007?: flea, Home Depot - House
  156. Hot water suddenly not as hot, only luke warm: floor, hot water heater, installed - House
  157. Have you used pilotless ignition gas stove during power outage?: fireplace, water heater - House
  158. Backyard Privacy Suggestions: Lowes, blinds, outside, fence - House
  159. Our tap water tastes horrible all of a sudden: tank, sink, smell - House
  160. One piece toilet does not seem to have a lid?: tank, installed - House
  161. Ok to leave pool closed for a year?: how much, vinyl, heating - House
  162. Circuit breaker(s) popping: AC, water heater, microwave, kitchen - House
  163. What home improvements are you or your family making during this pandemic?: homestead, flooring - House
  164. Leaky AC: flooring, heat, drain, sink - House
  165. Installing a doorbell is easy.: fireplace, vacuum, phone, plank - House
  166. Thin vinyl / tough paper in large sheet?: painting, furniture, bathroom - House
  167. You Feel Safer With Sensor Lights On Your Property?: phone, bedroom, blinds - House
  168. If a house is framed with I-beam, can it be earthquake-proof?: roofing, foundation
  169. DIY Shed Roof Replacement: roofing, Home Depot, installation, leaks - House
  170. Well, Hot Tub Contraption, Both?: jacuzzi, pool, tank, drains - House
  171. How much money to offer neighbor for temporary use of their driveway: installation, room - House
  172. Give me advices to how to do kitchen: floor, how much, countertops - House
  173. heat register covers: Home Depot, Lowes, heating, painting - House
  174. replacing OLD bathroom sink faucet: Home Depot, conversion, kitchen, build - House
  175. Torn stay or move: washer, townhouse, pools, heat
  176. Opinions on shower pan waterproofing?: tiling, floor, granite, stone - House
  177. Allen head screws: how much, furniture, installation, cost - House
  178. Liability and home owners insurance when lay people do work at your home: flooring, painting - House
  179. Washer for a short woman!: washers, front loader, pool, loading - House
  180. What is this part of a roof called?: shingles, vinyl, townhouses
  181. Did installer do a good installing my storm door?: paint, glass, cost - House
  182. Your opinion, bad paint job or just dirty?: microwave, stove, sink - House
  183. Lawn Mower Suggestions: how much, Lowes, gas, square feet - House
  184. Need suggestions on fixing the space around switchboard: vinyl, Home Depot, paint color - House
  185. Gate lock opinon: Home Depot, install, detector, apartment - House
  186. Online House Plans: cost, building, worth, construction
  187. Septic System and Washing Machine Filter: foundation, washers, tank, drain - House
  188. Serious about laundry: washer, front loader, loading, cleaning - House
  189. Broom and Mops Questions: hardwood, granite countertops, washer, laminate - House
  190. I have a mold problem inside the walls and I can't buy a p100 respirator.: roof, smells - House
  191. Power Wash Cost: vinyl, washer, windows, square feet - House
  192. How to cut a 45 deg angle at the end of a 1 x 10 x 60 board?: square, fence - House
  193. How to reduce noise coming in a bedroom?: how much, windows, insulated - House
  194. what to do about stinky propane stove...: roof, pool, tank - House
  195. How to remove tile flooring?: vinyl, heat, ceramic, installation - House
  196. Can I safely use liquid drain cleaner in garbage disposal?: how much, sink - House
  197. How to promote stump rotting: build, concrete, vent, remove - House
  198. Boxelder bugs near window and back door: windows, apartment, warm - House
  199. Interior Projects for 1980s home: where to start?: fireplace, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  200. New Jersey “ground level deck” on top existing patio: install, build - House