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  1. Building concrete slab in backyard: stone, between, patio, difference - House
  2. Electrical on solar battery inverter units: AC, phones, room - House
  3. Power outage, but lights remained on?: microwave, appliance, ceiling - House
  4. Neighbor attaching fence to my loved one's house, trespassing.: installed, chimney, costs
  5. Weird-looking siding gap. What is it?: shingles, vinyl, installation, mold - House
  6. UV option on HVAC replacement: how much, smell, installing, bedroom - House
  7. Walk-in Closet Recommendations: floor, curtain, ceiling, cabinet - House
  8. installing ceiling fan in older home: Home Depot, bedrooms, lighting, steel - House
  9. Need help with understanding low voltage options for a new construction: floors, phones - House
  10. Gas stove venting: fireplaces, smell, install, kitchen - House
  11. Engineerd wood flooring: engineered, cleaner, cleaning, ducts - House
  12. Sealing HVAC filter door with duct tape: floor, AC, smells - House
  13. Slip on spout damaged copper pipe: pipes, replace, wall, new - House
  14. updating tile / finish: refinish, color, install, bathroom - House
  15. Certain Outlets Not Working In Kitchen: appliance, ceiling, installed, dining room - House
  16. Central A/C Compressor Problem: roof, AC, heat, install - House
  17. How to assess/clean out gutter drains: how much, installing, plumber - House
  18. Coil replacement for AC - ADP or Carrier?: heat, installing, leaks - House
  19. Ventless clothes dryer experience.: washer, window, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  20. Water well pressure tank: conditioner, tanks, plumbing, cost - House
  21. How often clean out rain runoff drains?: Home Depot, ceramic, installed - House
  22. Wooden kitchen cuprboards - weird smell, how to feshen?: how much, windows, stove - House
  23. Broken Truss repair charge and seriousness: how much, roof, engineered, loading - House
  24. Is there a tile-looking metal roofing panel that has high wind rating?: hurricane, building codes - House
  25. Good quality and budget surveillance dvr?: buy, cheap, old, older - House
  26. Honeywell Home T4 Pro thermostat is junk: roof, AC, heat - House
  27. Grill with porcelain grates: cleaner, cleaning, light, steel - House
  28. New old home needs scrape and paint: foundation, heat, painting - House
  29. Covid-19 home improvements- what have you done in 2020?: countertops, window, water tank - House
  30. Unsealed slate floor tile: flooring, alternatives, paint, stone - House
  31. Ring Floodlight cameras and others around the house: install, detector, lights
  32. Tricky ac issue: heating, installed, electrical, worth - House
  33. Updating landscape lighting: installed, versus, basements, brands - House
  34. Leakage from underneath floor: subfloor, tank, color, ceiling - House
  35. Marble tile for pool areas...longevity?: pools, stone, install, bathrooms - House
  36. What is this part called?: paint, steel, replace, rated - House
  37. Why would the builder do this?: floor, furnace, drain, bathtub - House
  38. New Stamped Concrete Installed - Issues?: pools, color, room, slate - House
  39. Basement ceiling water stain: floor, heat, drain, bathtub - House
  40. Acoustic room dividers: vinyl, alternatives, ceilings, kitchen - House
  41. Buying a Mop and Storing It: floors, washer, laminate, cleaner - House
  42. Water Leak or Rain Water?: floor, window, vac, drainage pipe - House
  43. Covering Rough Garage Floor Surface: flooring, slab, repair, concrete - House
  44. Solar Powered Skylights: roof, heat, insulated, sink - House
  45. Convince me to set up (or not set up) an Intex pool I purchased: pools, drain - House
  46. Using large carpet remnants for another bedroom: furniture, install, master bedroom - House
  47. Central Air vs minisplits for a 2000 sq ft dormered cape, humid area: floor, heat - House
  48. What type of packing material for this water valve: washer, leak, cost - House
  49. High humidity in house, damp lower walls: how much, roof, dehumidifier
  50. Squirrels on your lines? - TripSaver, the automatic power line restorer: install, electric - House
  51. Is there such a thing as a good, small portable AC?: humidifier, window - House
  52. window ac unit need help: floor, Home Depot, installed, vent - House
  53. Need rodent control person: plumbing, steel, interior, siding - House
  54. What kind of sealant for door frame and wall?: Home Depot, insulate, paint - House
  55. DIY job to fix Brick mortar damaged by water running down wall: roof, foundations - House
  56. SF Home Vs mid rise or high rise Condo: townhouse, pools, AC
  57. Removing sliding glass door: floor, how much, installing, cleaning - House
  58. Hot water heater went out ~ wait or replace ASAP?: Lowes, plumber, price - House
  59. Leaky Delta faucet after changing cartridge: sink, installing, bathroom, kitchen - House
  60. Attic Fan Help: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  61. USPS Delivered To Front Desk/Reception/Mailroom: apartment, door, location - House
  62. If you fix a gutter drainage issue will it stop foundation settling?: roof, vent - House
  63. Washer standpipe overflowed with sink water: drain, bathroom, kitchen, toilet - House
  64. Ants in mulch beds?: building, yard, area, direct - House
  65. Tiny and Not So Tiny Houses Sold By Amazon: floors, vacuum, insulated
  66. Portable plug-in GFCI units: pool, installation, bedrooms, electrical - House
  67. Patio fountain quesiton: Home Depot, paint, ceramic, leaking - House
  68. Kitchen sink on island instead of under window.: granite, washer, windows - House
  69. Planning a Corporate Rental: flooring, vinyl, washer dryer, windows - House
  70. Go through with major repair or wait?: washer, room, plumber - House
  71. Trex Composite Wood Decking: pool, heat, refinishing, furniture - House
  72. Need genius ideas for changing flood light style light bulbs in a pole barn: family room, lights - House
  73. Plumbing - kitchen faucet: how much, heater, sink, shower - House
  74. about security for a condo: floors, townhome, phone, convert - House
  75. Vinyl lap siding or board and batten vinyl siding?: shingles, paint, plank - House
  76. What do you do in your basement?: floors, fireplace, washer - House
  77. Smart locks: code, electrical, between, rated - House
  78. Home Survey - single story or 2-story or more?: floor, townhome, heating - House
  79. Leaf Blower recommendations: Home Depot, gas, electric, better - House
  80. Do you run the fan when washing clothes: dehumidifier, washers, heating - House
  81. How do I measure for a replacement grease filter (range hood): heat, microwave - House
  82. can i use a 220v 30 amp for a 208 electric water heater: installing, bathrooms - House
  83. Home appliance Capacitor ?: how much, plumber, compare, electricity - House
  84. Furnished outdoor spaces -- no one out there!: Home Depot, AC, furniture - House
  85. Removing adhesive from mirror: heat, bathroom, cabinet, dryer - House
  86. Awful sewer smell in bedroom/bathroom: floor, drains, sink, smells - House
  87. Flushing not used toilet: drain, bathtub, sinks, bathrooms - House
  88. Screened porch Carpeting/Flooring ideas: vinyl, foundation, laminate, windows - House
  89. Rooftop AC unit needs parts. How much $$$ ?: roof, heating, installed - House
  90. SimpliSafe: install, company, complaints, alarm - House
  91. Smoke detector, low battery: ceilings, installed, worth, replacement - House
  92. Home Renovations that causes major problems years later: hardwood floors, engineered - House
  93. replacing thermostat, now new one aint turning on. HELP!: air conditioning, heating - House
  94. partial solar roof: roofing, installation, glass, leaks - House
  95. Cable Company Problems: floor, how much, home phone, installation - House
  96. Help! Ants in every room of the house!: floors, kitchen, cabinets
  97. Can you have 9 foot ceilings with 5/12 roof pitch?: room, build, between - House
  98. I replaced my water heater today: Lowes, AC, hot water heater, phone - House
  99. new fridge?: pool, Lowes, heat, vacuum - House
  100. Mini Split placement with pictures: floor, pool, window, AC - House
  101. Shower Head Replacement?: washer, Lowes, tanks, showerhead - House
  102. You may not be as safe as you: opener, windows, phone - House
  103. Which roof pitch on the house (not porch) looks better?: floor, cost
  104. Must haves for building a house: flooring, how much, countertops, fireplace
  105. lockbox for key recommendations?: phone, cleaner, cost, codes - House
  106. Shower arm won't budge: window, heating, installing, plumber - House
  107. Granny Pods ....: countertops, code, electric, buy - House
  108. Hose nozzle with durability?: engineered, Lowes, paint, cleaner - House
  109. 1959 Cooking: granite, stove, painting, sink - House
  110. Your experiences with smart faucets (voice-controlled, brand): washer, sink, installation - House
  111. Changing a doorknob/bolt consultation!: Home Depot, Lowes, window, installation - House
  112. Shingles Class Action Suits: roofing, installing, stains, build - House
  113. Fixing screw holes: alternatives, glue, repair, worth - House
  114. A clothes dryer - no air out of the exhaust- dig out the wall?: roof, vac - House
  115. Kitchen Sink Water Won't Drain: sinks, bathroom, cleaning, toilet - House
  116. Adjusting Interior Door: install, bedroom, glue, cost - House
  117. Whole House Humidifier ?: floor, furnace, windows, air conditioning
  118. Your ideal dream home: hardwood, fireplace, furnace, pool - House
  119. Household General Purpose Traditional Flashlight: floor, drains, conversion, convert
  120. Should we invest in water softening system?: countertop, washer, Home Depot - House
  121. Replacing a bathroom sink drain - does brand matter?: granite, drains, shower - House
  122. Does it hurt a window air conditioner to have it running for hours?: floor, heat - House
  123. Plumbing Calculation: floor, tank, sinks, convert - House
  124. Opening up kitchen wall to dining room: floor, countertops, heat - House
  125. Investing in your home instead of vacations?: flooring, pool, railing - House
  126. Shower head, but living in a water saver state: conversion, showerhead, pipe - House
  127. Robot for floor mopping: floors, water tank, vacuum, cleaning - House
  128. Vaulted ceiling with 4 skylights, how to improve cooling?: floor, furnace, pool - House
  129. Gas chain saw vs battery operated: Lowes, furniture, electric, brands - House
  130. How do I seal my house off from a nextdoor neighbor's cigarette smoke?: roof, fireplace
  131. Central AC replacement using existing furnace?: heat, installation, bedroom, leaking - House
  132. Home Safes: floor, Lowes, apartments, price - House
  133. Plumbing exposed on edge of the slab: drain, room, kitchen - House
  134. Looking for a subtle and natural room deodorizer: windows, smells, cleaning - House
  135. Front load washer and dryer recommendation: floor, washers, front loader, pool - House
  136. Got tired of roofers to give quote on roof leak repair: roofing, Home Depot - House
  137. Cat House: windows, ceiling, glass, build
  138. simple construction contract template?: window, insulated, plumbing, cost - House
  139. So many flies...: windows, kitchen, warm, basement - House
  140. AC thermostat reads 79. Temp set for 77. Wouldn't go down.: Home Depot, grill, installation - House
  141. Covid and Open Floor Plan: floor plans, sofa, stove, couch - House
  142. National Appliance Shortage?: washer, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  143. Advice/help on toilet leak/drainage: floor, how much, drains, color - House
  144. Incorrect counters were brought: countertop, stove, color, installing - House
  145. Sour like smell in house - Need Help: subfloor, windows, paint
  146. find Switch to Outdoor lights by Garage. Help!: ceiling, master bedroom, chimney - House
  147. Opening up a tiny toilet room—have you done it?: curtain, sink - House
  148. hydronic heating system - underground pipe broke: flooring, how much, AC - House
  149. outdoor outlet - can't fix: installed, lights, electrical, circuit - House
  150. Attic Fans or Roof Vent and Prices: roofing, insulated, smell - House
  151. New HVAC / Carrier or Trane?: furnace, Lowes, AC, installation - House
  152. Need to smooth paver corners: pool, color, stone, installed - House
  153. HVAC questions: roof, windows, AC, tank - House
  154. What is this white substance?: drain, paint, mold, light - House
  155. Giant roaches: fleas, apartment, toilet, pipes - House
  156. Hardwood Floors Replaced - Cupping has returned!?!?: dehumidifier, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  157. New AC is a lot larger: furnace, heat, installed, insulation - House
  158. Stressed over exterior house repairs: floor, roofing, stone, chimney
  159. Carpentry interior doors: hardwood, grill, AC, heating - House
  160. Family bed: floor, furniture, master bedroom, cost - House
  161. Non-slip shower floor: drain, installing, glue, standard - House
  162. Outdoor Flood Lights: Regular bulbs or LED fixture?: color, install, detector - House
  163. Would you buy this house?: kitchen, price, building, crack
  164. Blessing a house?: furniture, build, interior, seal
  165. Would you rent a house near a cemetery?: bedrooms, better, yard
  166. Goose Down Feathers: vacuum, paint, carpets, pillow - House
  167. Master Bedroom floor making cracking sound: subfloor, phone, ceiling, living room - House
  168. Kitchen island sinking. HELP!!!!!: floor, sinks, stain, cabinet - House
  169. Black Stain on Khaki Shorts and Now Mildew Stains?: color, smell, carpet - House
  170. smell from light switch: washer, heating, loading, smells - House
  171. AC Outside unit on/off every 10 minutes: drains, leak, attic - House
  172. What power tools for home DIY?: cost, electric, worth, replacing - House
  173. Has moved during this pandemic?: furniture, cabinet, company, estimate - House
  174. Air conditioning replacement needed - so many questions: furnace, window, installation - House
  175. inground Pool repair: how much, vinyl, pools, installing - House
  176. Triple garage conversion + new oversized triple: flooring, how much, fireplace, electric heat - House
  177. Best hose to hook up to indoor faucet: sink, bathroom, plumbing - House
  178. Roofer wants 40% down?: roofing, heating, installation, plumbing - House
  179. A downer's view of Tiny Houses: roof, foundations, washer-dryer, appliance
  180. Calling all Minimalists: how much, pool, phone, colors - House
  181. Outdoor furniture cushions: alternatives, sofa, room, kitchen - House
  182. Remove mirror from wall. Help: heating, painting, bathroom, glue - House
  183. questions about creating under deck storage: flooring, Lowes, drain, ceiling - House
  184. Condensate drain pan issue: ejector, dehumidifier, installed, room - House
  185. Variable speed HVAC systems: furnace, Lowes, window, AC - House
  186. Fix slow leak on copper pipe coupling?: dehumidifier, installed, cleaning - House
  187. Cost of plumbing hose bibs/spigots: foundation, cleaner, appliance, install - House
  188. Garage Concrete floor - Want to Paint it - Opinions ?: floors, laminate - House
  189. Does a 20 box fan fit in YOUR replacement windows?: washers, grill - House
  190. Removing caulk from brick: washer, Home Depot, heat, color - House
  191. Wiring generator supply box: fireplace, furnace, air conditioning, water heater - House
  192. Solar Powered A/C Units - why not?: roof, air conditioning, heating - House
  193. Planer vs belt sander?: floor, paint, electric, interior - House
  194. Moen Aromatherapy Showerhead - your opinions?: washer, bedroom, prices, ducts - House
  195. Keeping a bedroom cooler at night ?: floor, windows, AC, heating - House
  196. Basement flooring - vinyl, eng wood, tile, carpet, carpet tiles?: hardwood, engineered - House
  197. Deck safety: color, install, stain, lights - House
  198. Concrete or Asphalt driveway in midwest? Which do you prefer?: stone, installation - House
  199. Catching Fruit Flies: kitchen, glass, vinegar, best - House
  200. LVP Flooring and Electrical line help: hardwood floors, iron, remove, flush - House