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  1. Locating piece of vinyl in possibly an obsolete color: install, repair, damaged - House
  2. Emergency lights: phones, paint, bathrooms, hurricane - House
  3. Is there reason to get water backup coverage/insurance if you're renting a home build on a slab?: foundation, drains - House
  4. Modular homes vs stick home cost vs exiting homes for sale cost: floor, foundation - House
  5. most effective metal cut off wheels (for 4 angle grinder)?: steel, cost - House
  6. Fridge water pulled in salt water from water softener: repair, replace, remove - House
  7. installed Ultimo / Tuscan Hills Cabinetry from Costco?: color, sink, furniture - House
  8. Minor flooded house help: hardwood floors, dehumidifier, install, molding
  9. Leak- need part for RO system: Home Depot, plumbing, standard, replacement - House
  10. Repair hairline concrete cracks: floor, foundation, basement, construction - House
  11. Old Well: Home Depot, pool, install, pipes - House
  12. looking for specific type of rivet gun and having no luck...: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  13. Electric heater for plants on outdoor patio (2 open walls): condo, light, warm - House
  14. Sinking Porch: foundation, stone, slab, concrete - House
  15. How do I get this color effect on wood, (for a tabletop): stain, lighting - House
  16. APP Bitumen Roof Membrane: reroof, damaged, best, replace - House
  17. Driveway repair: concrete, replace, remove, sealing - House
  18. Notifications from home video cameras: phone, installed, worth, duct - House
  19. Easiest hard surface: floor, drains, sink, stone - House
  20. Winter care of houseplants: windows, heating, curtains, room
  21. Tin ceiling?: dehumidifier, fireplace, heat, installed - House
  22. A for residential builders/contractors (Florida): installation, showers, code - House
  23. Conversion to Gas (Propane) stove: furnace, window, heat, tanks - House
  24. Non-slip solutions for carpeted stairs: hardwood, laminate, carpeting, cost - House
  25. experience with portable power stations?: AC, phones, appliance, gas - House
  26. Whirlpool Mdl. EVL181NXTQ00 Door Gasket / Seal: appliance, vent, outside - House
  27. Remote control for Garage Door Opener: Home Depot, Lowes, purchase, fix - House
  28. Washing Wool Sweater: cold, worth, best, rated - House
  29. Help Needed with Kitchen Color Choices: flooring, sofa, paint color, furniture - House
  30. Insurance claim: Who is being unreasonable (me or adjuster): floors, window, ceiling - House
  31. Proper nail size: roofing, vent, existing, wood - House
  32. Garage ventilation in Florida: AC, heat, insulated, ceiling - House
  33. 2.4v on circuit with breaker tripped: AC, installed, kitchen, leaking - House
  34. Kitchen cabinet lighting (direct wire LED): dishwasher, colors, sink, conversion - House
  35. What's this color for siding?: best, salt, door, area - House
  36. Streetlight Costs: installation, light, cost, removing - House
  37. Homeowners Insurance & Tree falls?: hurricane, damages, removal, company - House
  38. Where can I purchase good quality RG59 siamese cable for CCTV?: how much, phone - House
  39. Textured swirl ceilings: asbestos, interior, best, purchase - House
  40. Overhanging hickory tree: how much, gas, cost, fence - House
  41. Electrical - is it affecting my fridge?: AC, installing, lighting - House
  42. Moosoo filter: pool, vacuum, damage, remove - House
  43. Jack-hammering Damage: stone, room, gas, leak - House
  44. How much to pay for power wash exterior?: floor, vinyl, washer - House
  45. Dishwasher smell: countertop, drain, sink, smells - House
  46. Installing Handheld Shower - Issues: washer, bathrooms, showerhead, leak - House
  47. LED lights from work wont work at home?: standard, wiring, outlet - House
  48. Carpenter Ant bait traps for indoor purposes: bathroom, light, warm - House
  49. Stone countertop weight on top of particle board cabinets: hardwood, granite, sink - House
  50. about neighbor's patio--is this a problem?: townhouses, drains, sink
  51. recommendations for new home builder in Northern Virginia area: foundation, building, basement - House
  52. Would you turn an modular building into a house?: floor, roof, engineered
  53. Home appliance Repair ?: washers, heating, glue, cost - House
  54. Condensation - Crawlspace: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, fireplace - House
  55. 3 way smart wifi dimmer light switch: kitchen, lighting, electric, existing - House
  56. BBQ grill and yellow mold and roaches: heat, cleaning, washing - House
  57. Water leaking into toilet bowl, new flapper not improving.: Home Depot, tank, installed - House
  58. Color matching (or contrasting) exterior trim items: vinyl, window, siding - House
  59. Pole lamp spring mounts?: floor, foundation, curtain, colors - House
  60. 1 month old HVAC systems do they need maintenance/checkup: furnaces, AC, vac - House
  61. Dropped a folding tank measuring stick into the tank...: plastic, type - House
  62. Should I reframe my screen porch?: hurricane, building, interior, repair - House
  63. Wood rot inspection: floors, vinyl, windows, paint - House
  64. Can't figure out how to open basement window in apartment: Home Depot, windows - House
  65. Caulking windows: insulated, painting, installed, insulation - House
  66. Dishwashers: Pros/Cons of hidden panel: dishwasher, heat, stove, appliance - House
  67. Dark brown fluid surrounding evaporator coils: floor, drain, kitchen, stainless steel - House
  68. basement height, midwest...: floor, foundation, ceilings, living room - House
  69. Toaster oven: heating, appliance, kitchen, gas - House
  70. Kitchen/Dining room reconfiguration expenses: flooring, how much, countertops, appliance - House
  71. Kitchen sink going glug, glug: roof, drains, sinks, cleaner - House
  72. s my before and after photos of installing a row of 21 evergreen privacy trees: smell, compare - House
  73. Compact Washers/Dryers: Home Depot, Lowes, loading, microwave - House
  74. Builder next door extended fence into my backyard...5 feet: best, construction, pictures - House
  75. Stucco! It's Baaaack....: vinyl, paint, plank, asbestos - House
  76. Need ideas for covering muddy areas around swing set: build, best, filter - House
  77. Yard drainage (sloping) issue or septic system issue - how can I tell?: pool, Lowes - House
  78. Have kitchen remodel style trends stayed frozen for last 20 years ?: floors, granite countertops - House
  79. Bedbug spray Amazon delivery held by Customs?: outside, ducts, permit - House
  80. Gutter clogging: drain, installed, stair, outside - House
  81. Product for unclogging bathroom sink?: drains, bathtub, smell, cleaner - House
  82. HVAC Trane vs Ruud: furnaces, AC, heat, drain - House
  83. Heating the house ....: furnace, dining room, warm, electric
  84. Microwave Oven Light Bulb Change--Safe?: insulated, electrical, circuit, vent - House
  85. Latex Paint Cans: Home Depot, Lowes, disposal, worth - House
  86. Concrete Problem?: foundation, steel, price, slab - House
  87. Frog living in toilet: roof, sink, outside, flush - House
  88. What is this fluid on my garage floor: roof, tank, color - House
  89. Vintage shower? Why the bell?: installed, plumbing, iron, outside - House
  90. Were basement bars a big thing in the 50-60's?: pool, convert - House
  91. Solar power: how much, roof, AC, install - House
  92. Laundry Room in a Detached Garage?: floor, washer, hot water heater, insulating - House
  93. Fascia Wood Repair/Replacement: springs, painting, installed, glue - House
  94. Fibrex windows - Renewal by Anderson?: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  95. Most reliable faucet brand (least likely to leak): washers, sink, installation - House
  96. who prefer to cook w/electric - why?: alternatives, Lowes, hot water heater - House
  97. Chimney bricks coming apart?: roof, fireplaces, furnace, tank - House
  98. Improving 1960s House Curb Appeal: roof, color, glue, cost
  99. Replace or repair windows: double pane windows, paint, ceilings, installed - House
  100. need to fix this backyard wood deck: how much, plank, cleaning - House
  101. Would you buy a house with an unusual roof?: roofing, ceilings, installed
  102. Swimming pool autofill valve will not stop filling pool, when the valve ends up completely under water.: install, toilet - House
  103. EGO now at Loews: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, grill - House
  104. Breaker panel replacement questions: installing, price, vs, square - House
  105. Best Mini Steamer: heater, cleaner, appliance, cleaning - House
  106. Your thoughts - wood floor planks of different size: hardwood, engineered - House
  107. cast iron drainage pipe vs PVC drainage pipe: dining room, insulation, plumber - House
  108. Using used shipping containers as housing is NOT efficient: windows, heater, insulating - House
  109. Cleaning Windows: how much, lighting, washing, outside - House
  110. Got a real water hose i hope: flooring, Home Depot, price - House
  111. When digging up dirt...: plumber, pipes, electric, vent - House
  112. Switching to Underground Power Lines: pool, install, cabinet, cost - House
  113. Minimum for Water Heater: washers, townhome, water tank, appliance - House
  114. Frugal Homeowner - Can I save money repairing my driveway?: Home Depot, molding - House
  115. have rmation about an electric forced air furnace ? Looking for feedback.: AC, tank - House
  116. best tool for cutting steel, angle, flats, tubes,: cost, brands, efficient - House
  117. Gas hot-air Furnace: furnaces, heat, install, natural gas - House
  118. Poured concrete stepping stones: stone, install, mold, cost - House
  119. High End Stoves - Your Recommendations!!!: heat, microwave, cleaning, chimney - House
  120. Double sleeping bag in to a could bedroom ?: Lowes, heaters, stove - House
  121. Were you proud or embarrassed of your home growing up?: hardwood floors, fireplaces - House
  122. Central AC Capacitor: worth, replacement, construction, between - House
  123. What is the best way to put Christmas lights on a row of 20 eight foot trees?: pool, color - House
  124. Need guidance for where to start: hardwood floors, countertops, dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  125. Time, trouble & cost to convert all electric house to gas: fireplace, furnace
  126. Garage door opener works intermittently: cold, better, replace, moisture - House
  127. Faulty breaker: how much, washer, microwave, appliance - House
  128. Seeking advice from pro window installer: vinyl, windows, installation, mold - House
  129. Electric skillet and skillets in general: how much, washer, heating, stoves - House
  130. Cheaper options/ alternatives than Eze Breeze windows: vinyl, heater, installation - House
  131. Touch-up paint for asphalt ?: price, vent, best, sealer - House
  132. Replacing A Microwave: countertop, Home Depot, stove, color - House
  133. Best way to set a 4X4 post?: installing, room, lights - House
  134. How to replace wobbly/loose 4x4 wood fence post with a steel post...: paint, install - House
  135. Video Door Bell: how much, heating, install, cost - House
  136. Residential construction costs: how much, foundation, Home Depot, cost - House
  137. street level water shut off valve: townhome, Home Depot, ceiling, installed - House
  138. I got a quote of $34,000 to replace 18 windows in my home. Is this a fair price?: vinyl, Home Depot - House
  139. Ever find strange things in the yard?: hurricane, fences, remove - House
  140. What type of housing would you hate to live in?: insulation, apartments - House
  141. Stranger randomly knocking late at night.: phone, cleaning, lights, upstairs - House
  142. How to lower energy bill?: windows, AC, heat, ceilings - House
  143. Hot water heater circulation pump: floor, engineered, pool, drain - House
  144. living with mold but not able to demolish/repair the leak right now?: floor, how much - House
  145. How much of a house could one build themselves?: flooring, roof, foundations
  146. Salt lamp?: heat, living room, dryer, light - House
  147. Brazilian Cherry floors: flooring, townhome, laminate, color - House
  148. Home Inspection, Stucco issues, moisture inside..: how much, furnace, windows, installing - House
  149. The Dreaded Pink Toilet Ring: tank, cleaning, plumbing, toilets - House
  150. 3 way switch problem: color, installation, light, electrical - House
  151. Appliances and industrial design: opener, dishwasher, pool, window - House
  152. Induction cooktop, cookware, and ventilation: roof, window, heaters, microwave - House
  153. Central ac maintenance: vac, drain, cleaning, mold - House
  154. Type of wax on hardwood floors from 40s and 50s: conditioner, refinishing - House
  155. House heating without external source of heat: fireplace, furnace, window
  156. Flat roof membranes: roofing, installed, building, vent - House
  157. Water heater anode rod: hard vs soft water: Lowes, tank, tanks - House
  158. Cedar Wood Siding vs Vinyl Siding: floor, how much, roof, window - House
  159. What kind of house am I looking for?: fireplaces, windows, color
  160. Exterior Paint color suggestions?: roof, siding, worth, existing - House
  161. Desired humidity level with HVAC: dehumidifier, AC, drain, smell - House
  162. Replacing a Frontier Internet cable - how deep?: installed, pipes, electrical - House
  163. Inground pool; concrete vs. fiberglass?: vinyl, pools, drain, installation - House
  164. install in-home security cams with no children at home?: phones, cleaner - House
  165. Clothes dryer - propane powered vs electric: washers, pool, tank - House
  166. 18v vs 14.4v drill: Lowes, standard, concrete, better - House
  167. What the heck are bugs? And how do I get rid of them?: room, slab - House
  168. critter?: springs, window, railing, bathroom - House
  169. Awful sewer smell in bedroom/bathroom: floor, drains, sink, smells - House
  170. Bagsters: a scam?: Lowes, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, cost - House
  171. Taking Down My Fence - Notify the Neighbors?: costs, code, dogs - House
  172. Cleaning laminate floors: hardwood, cleaner, installed, bedrooms - House
  173. I have a warranty for my Washer but the repair company isn't doing anything: dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  174. Propane fire pit in Screened Porch: fireplaces, townhome, heat, ceiling - House
  175. t electric wire with screw?: Home Depot, color, detector, insulation - House
  176. Low-Flush Toilet Bowl Redux: Was '1.6' Too Aggressive?: drain, bathtub, installation - House
  177. Fruit flies: dishwasher, windows, sink, cleaning - House
  178. I want a picture window.: flooring, how much, windows, heat - House
  179. Prefab Countertop: granite, laminate, sink, appliance - House
  180. sub-contractor acts as general contractor: flooring, how much, cost, compare - House
  181. Floor registers near wet areas - WTH?: flooring, windows, heating - House
  182. Bleaching Blinds?: vinyl, window, painting, cleaner - House
  183. New city water on road; should I pay for connection?: how much, pool - House
  184. Is it better to lease, buy, or finance solar system? (CA): install, cost - House
  185. Do I need a contract for floor replacement?: flooring, how much, engineered - House
  186. Help me understand A/C and energy efficiency: air conditioning, heat, installation - House
  187. Advice on moisture on inside of window during home inspection: roofing, double pane windows - House
  188. Help! Need suggestions on countertop for basement kitchen: granite, Lowes, laminate - House
  189. Cordless vacuum for carpet stairs: price, worth, reviews, new - House
  190. Too much clutter/stuff in your house makes you crazy?: painting, installed
  191. Pilot light goes out on gas fireplace - gas leak?: heat, smell - House
  192. A Different type of Curb Appeal: furnace, tank, paint - House
  193. about dryer and moisture created from it: floor, how much, roof - House
  194. Talk to Me About Quartzite Counters: floor, granite, sink, bathroom - House
  195. Outdoor electric run off gfci: how much, appliance, installed, bathroom - House
  196. Removing trim paint from hardwood?: room, leak, between, baseboard - House
  197. How frequently should you repaint your house’s exterior?: paint color, cleaning, mold
  198. Lumber up 80%!: hardwood floors, roof, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  199. Contemporary Window Brands: cleaner, build, weather, aluminum - House
  200. Black and Decker Matrix - Quick Connect - House