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  1. Planning new home w/ septic system: tank, installing, plumbing, apartment - House
  2. First time homeowner. Thanks dad.: floor, roof, windows, AC - House
  3. Low profile toilet leaking water (somwhere)?: tank, standard, replacing, flush - House
  4. Swimming pool experts?: vinyl, pools, drain, glass - House
  5. Post-tension concrete slab basement floor/foundation: floors, versus, build, crawl space - House
  6. Wiring diagram, switch leg: appliance, install, light, code - House
  7. Dropping A House Improvement Company: installing, price, interior, duct
  8. Remodeling Trends- thanks to COVID???: windows, kitchen, company, walls - House
  9. How to remove a compression copper ferrule from a CPVC pipe?: install, glue - House
  10. Changing a tub spout for my grandfather: bathroom, showerhead, plumber - House
  11. Florida homes: continuous footing vs slab?: floor, foundation, building, sq ft - House
  12. Heat/Cool Programmable Thermostat: AC, heater, cost, cold - House
  13. How to find hidden mold: roof, vinyl, pool, AC - House
  14. How to find hidden mold: how much, vinyl, AC, curtains - House
  15. Where To Find Toilet Seats With More Height?: duct, plastic, buy - House
  16. Under Cabinet Lighting Suggestions: countertops, installing, kitchen, cabinets - House
  17. Neighbors' Cooking Odors: Apartments vs. Townhomes: townhouse, smells, convert, insulation
  18. Clogged valve at kitchen sink - low water pressure - plumber fixed: installing, cleaning - House
  19. Heat gun or chaulk softener: granite, bathroom, kitchen, cabinet - House
  20. Hollow sounds after wood floor installation: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate, refinish - House
  21. Missing parts for moon chair/papasan chair??: furniture, pillow, frame - House
  22. Caulk easily removed: paint, sink, bathroom, kitchen - House
  23. Spending a significant amount of time in a garage with gas water heater -: floor, foundation - House
  24. Is my stovetop dangerous?: glass, lights, electrical, repair - House
  25. Did maintenance mess up? What should I do?: paint, ceiling, installed - House
  26. Inducer motor: how much, furnace, heating, price - House
  27. Raised First floor Deck Renovation: how much, fireplace, ceiling, furniture - House
  28. Vapor barrier in cold attic?: roof, ceilings, living room, insulation - House
  29. Residential Tesla Roof v3: shingles, installed, glass, replacing - House
  30. fixing leaking main water valve: plumbing, toilet, pipe, best - House
  31. Replace Low Voltage Landscape light timer with Smart timer?: lighting, electric, control - House
  32. Blower motor: how much, cost, new - House
  33. What material would you suggest for mounting a sign?: window, phone, glass - House
  34. Hyla EST vacuum: HEPA filter, floor, sofa, tank - House
  35. Dishwasher drain hose dose not fit new disposer...: floor, sink, installation - House
  36. Penntek garage flooring (polyurea): hardwood floor, color, cleaning, staining - House
  37. How do you detect motor failure electronically?: how much, AC, light - House
  38. Exchange or take the allowance?: condo, price, repair, cold - House
  39. HELP! bathtub issue- tub spout dripping: washers, vacuum, bathroom, shower - House
  40. Furnace safety (older Ducane) need: furnaces, appliance, natural gas, light - House
  41. Radon fan: roofing, installed, pipe, repair - House
  42. Where do you buy thermostats and air cleaner accessories?: Home Depot, furnace, heat - House
  43. Old (top Loader) washer smells bad...: water heater, drain, cleaner, laundry room - House
  44. Expanding 2nd floor patio: townhome, steel, cost, building - House
  45. glass studio - storing heavy glass upstairs: flooring, granite tile, pool - House
  46. HELP! trying to level a floor: hardwood floors, vinyl, foundation, plank - House
  47. Why do box fans have power settings arranged in 0-3-2-1?: AC, heater - House
  48. Purple 2 or Purple 3 Mattress: color, stain, table - House
  49. ceiling fan help: repair, replace, mount, buy - House
  50. Roof repair: roofing, color, cleaner, install - House
  51. Do you think online noise measurements accurate?: traffic noise, best, construction - House
  52. Trying to identify outdoor lightbulb: Lowes, gas, lights, outside - House
  53. Adding a second floor bathroom: drain, sink, plumbing, toilet - House
  54. Natural Gas HWH with no flue?: furnaces, hot water heater, install, room - House
  55. When it is OK to stain repaired deck steps: installed, warm, cold - House
  56. Looking for feedback on oil filled electric baseboard heating.: window, AC, heaters - House
  57. Flat roof fix: roofing, paint, ceiling, glass - House
  58. Wow 6 years ago I was a Mess, Just came back to say it all worked out: fixing, buying - House
  59. Water expansion tank or not?: install, shower, plumber, gas - House
  60. Radon test brand recommendation?: Lowes, window, cost, basement - House
  61. Backyard shed/workshop design: floors, roof, vinyl, ceiling - House
  62. Replacing light switches: Home Depot, installed, dining room, kitchen - House
  63. Is natural gas worth the extra cost?: fireplace, furnace, Lowes - House
  64. Can people dig holes to gain access to internet connections without asking permission of the homeowner?: springs, cabinet - House
  65. How to loosen frozen deadbolt lock in frozen winter??: how much, foundation, window - House
  66. Help with leaking butcher block counter: flooring, vinyl, countertops, drain - House
  67. Kitchen Countertop Advice: countertops, laminate, kitchens, stainless steel - House
  68. good vacuum?: HEPA filter, floors, Home Depot, vacuum cleaner - House
  69. help with Command picture hanging: color, bathroom, kitchen, glue - House
  70. Running wires/cables: Fish Tape vs Fish Rods??: insulated, insulation, glass - House
  71. Without buying a new garage door, can I move the motor up?: opener, ceilings - House
  72. Inside humidity in condo - never before in South Florida: roof, dehumidifier - House
  73. Can hear children stomping next door. FULLY detached house.: hardwood floor, how much, foundation
  74. How do I equip my new kitchen? Best practices.: countertop, opener, dishwasher - House
  75. Non-stick, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron what do you prefer: how much, dishwasher - House
  76. Inflatable hot tub in unfinished walkout basement: floor, dehumidifier, pool - House
  77. about flooring transitions.: hardwood floor, vinyl, ceramic, stone - House
  78. Can you move a studwall?: roof, ceiling, installing, bathroom - House
  79. Is Steel House Better?: floors, roof, install, cost
  80. Add bathroom to second floor or expand existing bathroom on first floor?: washer, curtain - House
  81. mysterious exterior house lights: pool, Air Conditioner, heater, drain
  82. Switch to natural gas pros and cons: how much, furnaces, pool - House
  83. Single pane window insert for energy efficiency: laminate, windows, heating - House
  84. Longevity of LED Light Bulbs: Home Depot, heat, sinks, appliance - House
  85. Glasses up or facing down in cabinets?: color, room, kitchen - House
  86. Refrigerator power out 4 hours, is food: heat, smell, cold - House
  87. Shutter pusher open thingy?: opener, windows, paint, install - House
  88. Replacing oil furnace with natural gas + adding central air: how much, furnaces, windows - House
  89. have a metal roof? How do you like it?: floor, roofing - House
  90. installing a gas fireplace in old house that may have had a wood fireplace in the past: hardwood, fireplaces
  91. Commercial refrigerator at home: how much, appliance, room, kitchen - House
  92. Porcelain Slab Countertops - Pros and Cons ???: granite, fireplaces, colors - House
  93. What alternatives to a dining room table in a small apartment?: sofa, convert - House
  94. Shut off Water During Long Absence? Anything: furnace, water heater, drain - House
  95. Electric baseboard heat in house we just bought. Need to replace with new electric heaters.Looking for suggestions.: Home Depot, furnace
  96. Which Benjamin Moore paint for cream colored cabinets: color, kitchen, cost - House
  97. Built on a slab: floors, how much, foundation, fireplace - House
  98. Hostile Neighbor and Collapsing Fence: install, cost, build, repair - House
  99. Adding a man door to back of brick garage: floor, vinyl, color - House
  100. Gas or electric dryer: heater, stove, cleaner, laundry room - House
  101. Sheet vinyl vs tile for bathroom floor?: subfloor, appliance, furniture - House
  102. Energy-efficient lighting options for bathrooms: window, color, mold, shower - House
  103. Heat pump went out.: furnace, AC, electric heat, stove - House
  104. Turn off electric water heater?: tank, drain, smell, gas - House
  105. Your Grandmother's House!: washer, front loader, furnace, pool
  106. Flooring under Ikea Billy bookcases: vinyl, plank, installing, cabinets - House
  107. Ideas to customize home thru builder (New construction home): floor, humidifier, windows - House
  108. Help Identify this Pipe: gas, steel, electric, iron - House
  109. Crown molding gaps in the winter, how do i fix?: humidifier, paint - House
  110. Neighbor who I have never met came over and asked if he could hunt deer in my backyard. Thoughts?: light, outside - House
  111. More fire!!!!!!!!!: fireplaces, heat, stoves, smell - House
  112. Toilet Seat Cover Replacement: installing, carpet, light, building - House
  113. HOA- What are you doing for an Annual Meeting?: townhouses, room, building
  114. What size windows in your backyard shed?: heat, gas, lighting - House
  115. Need suggestions, buying custom windows: Home Depot, installing, condo, cost - House
  116. Best tabletop or portable dishwasher?: countertop, Home Depot, drain, sink - House
  117. Gas Fireplace - Upgrading to remote start: floor, grill, sofa - House
  118. Opinions on painting kitchen cabinets from brown to cream: floor, countertop, fireplace - House
  119. True or False: Modern Kitchen Ovens Are Under-calibrated: natural gas, apartment, comparison - House
  120. Looking for 1/4 X 6 X 8ft piece of oak lumber?: laminate, plank - House
  121. My Two Latest Nightmares: foundation, Home Depot, window, sink - House
  122. Brick with NO PORCH or vinyl siding with PORCH: heat, best, hardiboard - House
  123. Crawl space vapor barrier options: What's really needed?: floors, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  124. Redneck engineering: floor, Home Depot, tank, installed - House
  125. Smoke detector randomly going off: furnace, bedroom, electric, iron - House
  126. Use MDF or real wood?: hardwood, laminate, painting, furniture - House
  127. Help IDing old shower faucet: color, plumbing, leaking, cold - House
  128. Are Whole House Water Filtration systems worth the cost?: dishwasher, townhouse, Home Depot
  129. New House issues after warranty expires? (Leaking windows): floor, how much, drain
  130. Political Signs in Yard: color, vent, outside, fences - House
  131. 409 discontinued?: cleaner, cleaning, glass, cost - House
  132. Leaky toilet which replacing flapper wont fix: floor, tank, plumber - House
  133. Hanging Christmas Lights outside without outdoor outlets: weather, best, rated - House
  134. My main vent stack is clogged!: floor, roof, opener, washer - House
  135. Poor Quality of American Home: hardwood, roofing, foundation, laminate - House
  136. Ballpark kitchen renovation estimate: flooring, how much, granite, dishwasher - House
  137. Shed Foundation: flooring, roof, install, light - House
  138. Support Beam- should I be concerned?: floor, how much, foundation, AC - House
  139. Working in my house? Keep your opinions to yourself.: window, installing, cabinets
  140. Rainshower recommendations for guest shower: how much, ceiling, installing, bathrooms - House
  141. degreasing cooking vent filters: washer, sink, warm, remove - House
  142. Problem after moved in with HVAC: AC, price, warm, repair - House
  143. My Driveway Is Invisible!!: townhouse, color, stone, install
  144. Seeking advice about mold encapsulation: subfloor, how much, dehumidifier, Home Depot - House
  145. heat in red light: lights, electric, cold weather, pump - House
  146. New driveway standing water issue (ponding): how much, foundations, pools, drain - House
  147. Heating unfinished basement: floor, furnace, heaters, ceiling - House
  148. Tiny house vs mobile home: floor, rooms, apartment, cost
  149. Basement excavation questions: tiling, floor, foundation, painting - House
  150. Repair or replace? 21 year old wood fence: how much, Home Depot, plank - House
  151. Ballpark house renovation expenditures: wood floors, how much, roof, washer
  152. Best Water Softener: Home Depot, pool, tank, installation - House
  153. Everyone leaving outside lights on at night.: windows, phone, carpet - House
  154. Gas Fireplace - Mystery Switch: my fireplace, vacuum, phone, installed - House
  155. No dig fencing?: vinyl, install, cost, vs - House
  156. Help with glass top stove: cleaner, damage, remove, duct - House
  157. Is Geothermal cooling a viable thing: homestead, furnace, air conditioning - House
  158. 3x12 vs 3x6 Subway tile backsplash: granite countertops, stove, color, install - House
  159. Is this just settling or worth further investigating?: floor, roof, dehumidifier - House
  160. Grey or Charcoal grout with subway tile?: granite countertops, color, installing - House
  161. What do you do first in renovations?: floors, vinyl, windows - House
  162. Can someone diagnose my toilet?: how much, tank, drain, ceramic - House
  163. What do you find annoying about other peoples homes?: sofa, central heating, vacuum - House
  164. Range hood night light: countertop, microwave, stove, sink - House
  165. Last week of custom building....Builder angry: how much, cost, worth - House
  166. Help with Carpet Decision: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate, vacuum cleaner - House
  167. How much value do kitchen upgrades add?: painting, ceilings, room - House
  168. Drywalling garage - strapping wood size and more: roofing, paint, ceiling - House
  169. Frozen plumbing vent pipe: roof, furnaces, grill, water heaters - House
  170. Estimate for Natural Landscaping -- Major sticker shock!: stone, lights, cost - House
  171. Fastener name: better, pictures, buy, wood - House
  172. Wood siding replacement: engineered, townhouses, Lowes, heat
  173. Front facing kitchen: floor, fireplace, dining room, worth - House
  174. Tanning Bed Wiring: smell, lights, electric, circuit - House
  175. Remodel Pet Peeve - Contractors that Mansplain: floors, how much, townhouse
  176. Wood Species Identification?: flooring, refinishing, color, furniture - House
  177. Being asked to dispose of old satellite dish: roof, Home Depot, installation - House
  178. One of two fluorescent lights is off: kitchen, cost, replacing - House
  179. Hanging cabinets for garage - structural: overlay, foundation, Home Depot, paint color - House
  180. options for curved corner cut out for new kitchen sink?: how much, granite - House
  181. Should I replace the cast iron sewer pipes in my slab on grade house (built in 1954): floor, vinyl
  182. Building codes and fully below-grade basement: foundation, window, heat, light - House
  183. How long can a dishwasher last?: flooring, Home Depot, pool, phone - House
  184. Replace asbestos air registers?: grill, installation, dining room, insulation - House
  185. What do you LOVE about your own home?: floor, fireplace, townhouse
  186. Do high end finishes REALLY make a difference when selling?: Lowes, colors - House
  187. critters in my attic: shingles, townhouse, smell, ceiling
  188. about what you don't like about your OWN house: ceilings, bathroom
  189. I I'd ask....: floor, how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  190. How do you find a good general handyman?: repair, company, caulk - House
  191. Can you identify this widget?: floor, townhouse, ceiling, pipes
  192. Builder upgrades: floor, windows, ceiling, family room - House
  193. No Alleys In New Housing Developments Today?: room, costs, damage - House
  194. Why dryer vent exhaust locations?: floor, roof, appliance, pipe - House
  195. Cleaning under an old stove after it's removed: floor, washer dryer, vacuum - House
  196. Completely open shower PROS & CONS?: how much, heat, curtain, painting - House
  197. Is this just settling or worth further investigating? - House
  198. Paint Color App: compare, brands, existing, wall - House
  199. have Ice Air brand PTACs?: install, replace, good - House
  200. H-D ceiling fan recall - House