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  1. House planning: floor, furniture, rooms, comparison
  2. Trim size on exterior of house: alternatives, windows, color, siding
  3. Contractor estimating: how much, ceiling, room, insulation - House
  4. Glass cooktop old Revereware: heat, drains, cleaner, stains - House
  5. Suggestions Needed for Temporary Patio Setup?: furniture, price, purchase, inexpensive - House
  6. Windows: Marvin Infinity vs. Pella Impervia vs. Milgard Ultra: vinyl, wooden windows, paint - House
  7. Connecting Driveway to Concrete Pad: sink, installing, between, backyard - House
  8. What Material for Pool Deck/Patio?: pools, installation, light, repair - House
  9. Uncapped furnace exhaust vent: water tank, appliance, installed, plumber - House
  10. Could this be a foundation crack?: floor, ceiling, stone, bathroom - House
  11. No water comes out of the hot faucet. Cold works fine.: floor, foundation - House
  12. Propane delivery, Tucson: tank, gas, best, between - House
  13. Pre-made exterior metal stair and landing units, need advice re: installing, glass - House
  14. on gas furnace igniter: heater, install, natural gas, cost - House
  15. Basement flooding management: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, pool - House
  16. Black glue on concrete?Is it dangerous?Can I leave it?: flooring, asbestos - House
  17. Plumbing No Hot Water Pressure after 48/HR Deep Freeze: water heater, insulated - House
  18. Water won't run off of this bathroom vanity sink: dishwashers, drains, sinks - House
  19. Basement dampness: floors, dehumidifier, foundation, pool - House
  20. Wood stove burning smell: roof, fireplace, heating, room - House
  21. Outdoor faucet replacement: plumber, leaking, pipe, sealing - House
  22. Structural Issues in Foundation (NJ): floor, how much, basement, repair - House
  23. Ideas for hiding cables in a desk: floor, color, furniture - House
  24. Exterior window / trim painting: vinyl, springs, wooden windows, heating - House
  25. Front door has gap: how much, metal, area, large - House
  26. Contractor or railing co: vinyl, installing, build, basement - House
  27. Washing machine started draining and won't stop: dehumidifier, washers, Home Depot - House
  28. Legal basement? - Long Island NY: furnace, ceilings, installed, bathroom - House
  29. My horrific restoration experience: washer, pictures, company, to fix - House
  30. Foundation Repair: floors, sink, room, glue - House
  31. Pandemic impact on home layout: dining room, kitchens, build, best - House
  32. Another Shed: homestead, roof, foundation, drain - House
  33. Remove Adhesive From Plaster Wall?: flooring, vinyl, paint, installed - House
  34. Engineered Hardwood Installation on 2nd floor: subfloor, vinyl, bathroom, glue - House
  35. Old house with finished attic: Office Space: windows, heat, bedroom
  36. Deck Cleaner: stains, best, remove, salt - House
  37. Shed is done! Need a couple of suggestions....: roof, window, light - House
  38. Vinyl flooring, is this normal?: subfloor, laminate, plank, install - House
  39. Slate roof and fumigation: shingles, cost, tile, standard - House
  40. heated floor brand: floors, heating, installed, bathroom - House
  41. Concrete patio finishes: worth, sealing, duct, backyard - House
  42. HVAC Electronic Dampener Zone?: floors, window, AC, heating - House
  43. Washer machine issue: Lint on clothing after wash cycle: pool, drains, apartment - House
  44. Vinyl Plank vs Laminate Plank?: flooring, washer, install, bathroom - House
  45. Pipes hammer after toilette flush: furnace, Lowes, tank, install - House
  46. bissell revolution proheat 2x not spraying upwards: sofa, cleaner, better - House
  47. winterizing hydronic home heating: floor, townhouse, hot water heater, drain
  48. Paint expiration date: Home Depot, smell, build, basement - House
  49. Paver grout: between, duct, patio, pavers - House
  50. Covering up wire holes in the garage: Home Depot, window, building - House
  51. New finish on an exterior wood door: refinishing, paint, stain - House
  52. Grout Pen - does it work?: paint, cleaner, stained, toilet - House
  53. Where do the water main and electric enter in a basement?: floor, foundation - House
  54. Loud bang from utility box (transformer??) in yard: electric, cold, company - House
  55. News, Illinois man finds 19th-century tunnel under home.: pictures, property, covers - House
  56. Website offers $1,000 to binge watch home improvement shows: comparison, company, mount - House
  57. What standard or brand of PEX plumbing should I get to know?: best, copper - House
  58. central vacuum fell off wall how to reconnect low voltage wires: installation, electric - House
  59. Carpet:Fabrica or Karastan: color, installed, living room, stain - House
  60. Stucco Exterior: paint, cleaner, cleaning, washing - House
  61. Replacing kitchen sink and kitchen faucet: drains, bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing - House
  62. about hot water issue with faucet disappeared: washers, bathtub, laundry room - House
  63. Electric fireplace fault: how much, fireplaces, heating, electricity - House
  64. Do you recognize this water valve brand?: washers, Lowes, paint - House
  65. Patio Cover Cost ..?: how much, concrete, backyard, area - House
  66. How to clean leaky cold pack gel from couch?: colors, cleaner, stain - House
  67. Washing exterior log home: cleaner, installed, cleaning, stained - House
  68. Can't remove the black lines/spots from the leather chair: bathtubs, color - House
  69. Where to put hardwood flooring: dining room, kitchens, carpeting, warm - House
  70. Flooring Costs: how much, vinyl, Home Depot, plank - House
  71. Light Bulb Color Help: how much, kitchen, cabinet, lighting - House
  72. Prefabricated Homes?: how much, roof, foundation, heating - House
  73. Total cost of hurricane shutters: window, installed, disposal, worth - House
  74. Sheathing for Builders and Contractors.: installing, costs, versus, building - House
  75. RO system with tank won't stop running: plumbing, glass, electric - House
  76. Plumbing (sewer line) problem: floor, drain, shower, plumber - House
  77. What type of professional do I need to hire? Need moisture measurement before wood flooring install: subfloor, engineered - House
  78. My gas stove is burning off my pot’s handles: heat, stoves - House
  79. Does have an artificial grass backyard?: cost, sq ft, electricity - House
  80. Wood fence cost more due to Covid?: how much, roof, paint - House
  81. What's underused in your home?: fireplace, drain, sink, ceiling - House
  82. Manual/Push Lawn Mower: gas, square feet, electricity, buy - House
  83. Drainage System for Concrete: drainage pipe, ceramic, installing, cleaning - House
  84. bought a new shed that will go on a concrete slab -- questions: flooring, windows - House
  85. Impact Colonial Shutters: townhouse, windows, installed, hurricane
  86. Costco All Wood Cabinets: fireplace, sofa, furniture, bathroom - House
  87. Foundation issues (what type of specialist to consult)?: floor, roof, heating - House
  88. What would be the best tool to use to strip this wood down to bare wood?: how much, refinishing - House
  89. Humidity/Flooding in basement: floor, how much, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  90. Beautiful 205 year old Abandoned Southern Mansion in Georgia: paint, smells, stone - House
  91. Security system questions for a new home: install, cost, build - House
  92. Bad smell: hardwood floor, ejector, drains, sink - House
  93. about a Dusk til Dawn Porch Sconce: Home Depot, ceiling, installation - House
  94. Bad Leach field or not..: engineered, tank, drain, smell - House
  95. Extending Fence and issue with Neighbor sprinkler: installing, cost, building - House
  96. Trex vs Treated Pine for Deck?: paint, furniture, stain, mold - House
  97. What kind of SFH construction is this?: roof, versus, standard - House
  98. Driveway -- and Getting Rid of Backyard Grass for Pavers or Concrete: floor, how much - House
  99. Shared or I own the fence: costs, build, repair, fences - House
  100. Strange vent hood light issue: how much, glass, lighting, electrical - House
  101. Prefab and tiny homes: showers, price, build, sq ft - House
  102. Having Granite countertop installed. feedback on caring for it.: granite countertops, cleaner - House
  103. Very low hot pressure for tub faucet: Lowes, heater, bathtub - House
  104. No Hot Water with All Faucets Running: water tank, tanks, drains - House
  105. Good side of new fence facing my house or neighbors: window, installing
  106. Help needed on deciding pre-wire for security system: vinyl, Home Depot, windows - House
  107. What dissolves OIL SPILLS on concrete?: how much, alternatives, Home Depot, pool - House
  108. Species of wood?: stain, remove, pictures, antique - House
  109. in wet hole.: floor, roof, pool, Lowes - House
  110. Coffee Tables Use: pools, stone, glass, building - House
  111. Are collar ties needed days?: roof, engineered, window, ceiling - House
  112. Is it recommended for a complete noob to build a retaining wall? What materials to use?: drains, stone - House
  113. Is s smoke detector going off at night? Humidity?: windows, vacuum, painting - House
  114. Common causes of refrigerator failure: engineered, AC, heaters, drain - House
  115. How to prevent dog from scratching the hardwood floor: how much, laminate, refinishing - House
  116. Siding replacement options: how much, vinyl, painting, plank - House
  117. Fridge: Would you ask for your money back?: washers, pool, Lowes - House
  118. Removing Adhesive With a Heat Gun (struggling and failing): floor, painting, room - House
  119. Faded hardwood floors (how to fix): refinishing, paint, couch, furniture - House
  120. about cordless impact driver tool: sink, install, square, standard - House
  121. Concrete Patio Upgrade: flooring, pool, cleaning, stain - House
  122. Close gap between retention wall and wood fence: apartments, concrete, weather - House
  123. What's up with this greige?: vinyl, phone, color, resale value - House
  124. Top-Floor Bedroom is SO HOT: townhome, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  125. Mid Sized Lot-thinking about waiving perc test contingency.: tank, install, price - House
  126. about house feature - temp probe?: humidifier, furnace, window
  127. Frozen Pipe: floor, heater, room, kitchen - House
  128. Microwaves at eye level: how much, countertop, heating, stove - House
  129. Over the range microwave recommendations: heat, stove, bathroom, brands - House
  130. Bathroom Exhaust fan venting: roof, smells, ceiling, installation - House
  131. make a home gym?: paint, room, cost, pipe - House
  132. Major kitchen dilemma: do I put the cutting board next to the stove, or next to the sink?: countertop, townhouse
  133. Need creative mousetrapping ideas: floor, plank, smells, glue - House
  134. House projects.: flooring, how much, fireplace, Home Depot
  135. Winter home idea, your opinion: fireplaces, townhome, water heater, stove - House
  136. Insulating a crawl space: subfloor, roof, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  137. Strange behavior of a plugged (slow) sewer line: drains, cleaning, shower - House
  138. drain pipe clicking/dripping sound: floor, roof, dishwasher, heat - House
  139. WiFi enabled Thermostat...?: alternatives, Lowes, heat, phone - House
  140. Dumb about Fireplace: fireplaces, appliance, room, chimney - House
  141. Walk-in shower redo: hardwood floor, how much, ceiling, installation - House
  142. High ceilings choice: AC, heat, painting, room - House
  143. cabinet doors: countertops, microwave, color, furniture - House
  144. Need upscale built-in microwave: pool, grill, heater, appliance - House
  145. Where to end backsplash tile: countertop, kitchen, cabinets, electrical - House
  146. Granite vs quartz: heat, installed, kitchen, stain - House
  147. Water drop noise: floor, Air Conditioner, heating, drain - House
  148. What should I do with the deck rail wood: floors, painting, installed - House
  149. Old Carrier furnace 58gs050 with electric ignition, no gas flow.: floor, how much - House
  150. Planning to build a TV stand: flooring, room, cabinet, glass - House
  151. How do I fix this laundry chute (basically a hole in ceiling)?: floor, countertops - House
  152. Gas water heater problem?: floor, water tank, stove, plumber - House
  153. How Often Do You Run Your Dishwasher?: smell, electric, worth - House
  154. Can household porcelain lamp holders take a 300W bulb?: heat, painting, install
  155. Subfloor made of plywood scraps: vinyl, laminate, paint, plank - House
  156. Electrical Problems (mixed circuits?): sink, installed, bathroom, insulation - House
  157. Oil Heat - Usage: roof, humidifier, furnace, windows - House
  158. Curious on ceiling drywall instalation: ceilings, installing, cracks, labor - House
  159. Installing a deadbolt and door knob - think I can do it?: glass, steel - House
  160. What is your heating system make or brand?: furnace, paint color, gas - House
  161. Carpeting on steps: hardwood floors, living room, stain, build - House
  162. Gas grill - Weber or Char Griller?: hardwood, price, build - House
  163. Floating Shelf Bracket: granite, Home Depot, painting, sink - House
  164. Turn off electric water heater?: tank, drain, smell, gas - House
  165. Insurance paid more than cost of repair: roof, fence, damaged - House
  166. new homes have hot water baseboard Heating?: air conditioning, installing, building - House
  167. How standard are sump pumps?: floors, foundation, drain, installing - House
  168. Is the thumbtack app legit?: AC, paint, cost - House
  169. Why are 6500K LED bulbs so hard to find in the United States?: color, installed - House
  170. Cement siding from 1975: floor, paint, asbestos, install - House
  171. Strange smell in the house: floor, foundation, drain, living room
  172. Can you use a patio screen as hurricane protection: roof, windows, glass - House
  173. ISE vs. Moen garbage disposals: Lowes, drain, bathtub, sink - House
  174. Bottled Water vs Water Filtration: floor, sink, installation, kitchen - House
  175. How can I stop or reduce moisture in my apartment?: how much, dehumidifier - House
  176. Exterior door latch lever won't retract the latch far enough to open, do I need a locksmith or can I fix it myself?: convert, installing - House
  177. To Induction or not to Induction: how much, tanks, stoves, appliance - House
  178. Buying new home.. old foundation: flooring, laminate, kitchen, cost - House
  179. Window Cleaning Help: muntins, fireplace, windows, cleaner - House
  180. Waterproof laminate in bathroom?: flooring, vinyl, plank, installed - House
  181. Electrical light switch to electrical outlet: heaters, ceramic, sink, install - House
  182. 100 year wood treatment: window, drain, smell, light - House
  183. When is your first yard cut?: average, rated, freeze, green - House
  184. Front Door Sign - Wind Issue: refinish, paint, installing, apartment - House
  185. Which branches need trimmed: interior, vent, worth, best - House
  186. No hot water in washing machine - not the valve: washer, installed - House
  187. How to Clean Green Mildew from Copper Pipes: washer, laundry room, cleaning - House
  188. How to Clean Nasty Grime and Grout: cleaner, bathroom, cleaning - House
  189. Biannual Heating and AC checkup: fireplace, furnace, insulation, gas - House
  190. CAT cables: phone, stone, rooms, cabinet - House
  191. Estimate on new electrical panel: how much, Home Depot, hot water heater, stove - House
  192. can someone recommend an electric immersion electric boiler?: jacuzzi, tank, bathroom - House
  193. Converting garage to home office: how much, window, conversion, installing - House
  194. Made in WHERE?: Home Depot, pool, appliance, kitchen - House
  195. Need ideas for covering walls in small yard: heat, furniture, damage - House
  196. Staircase - making steps deeper - DIY?: floor, bedroom, carpeting - House
  197. Lumber cost and new homes prices.: Home Depot, build, construction, average - House
  198. Free standing bathtubs: floor, jacuzzi, bathrooms, showers - House
  199. Converting Trash Can Drawer to ??: paint, smells, appliance, kitchen - House
  200. Questions A Toxic Mold Issue - House