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  1. floor underneath washer unlevel: subfloor, roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  2. with an old clock requiring crank key? - House
  3. What are interior shutters?: vinyl, Home Depot, window, curtains - House
  4. Need help identifying an exterior plumbing structure.: vacuum, installed, plumber - House
  5. Powdery coffee grounds in the garbage disposal?: drains, sink, cleaning - House
  6. Storm windows: heater, insulated, stove, color - House
  7. mosquito misting system - is it worth it?: installing, cost, outside - House
  8. Slug/bugs in the basement: dehumidifier, sq ft, outside, mount - House
  9. How to paint a birdbath?: pool, concrete, iron - House
  10. Is Foam Sealant safe to use...: dehumidifier, bathtubs, bathroom, cleaning - House
  11. Electric Fireplace Insert into Wood Burning Fireplace: conversion, convert, chimney - House
  12. Sloped Concrete Slabs and Installing: Lowes, windows, steel, code - House
  13. RO system.: sink, price, replacing, filter - House
  14. Stair Newel issue: duct, mount, fixing, table - House
  15. questions kitchen cabinet and trim paint: painting, cabinets, setting - House
  16. New Pool requires septic field move: engineered, pools, tank, tanks - House
  17. Sediment traps on nat gas water heaters...: water heater, weather, worth - House
  18. Mounting solar lights: vinyl, stainless steel, siding, best - House
  19. Hunter ceiling fan: installed, bedroom, code, electric - House
  20. Name of this contoured concrete piece: construction, buy, wooden, material - House
  21. “Total termite protection” = rip-off?: cost, build, worth, damaged - House
  22. have a hidden retaining wall?: dehumidifier, window, better, flush - House
  23. Measure Oxygen in the Air: room, glass, cost, building - House
  24. Ever use a remodeler to do a full gut job on an old house?: floor, bedroom
  25. Concrete pool deck: best, replace, construction, remove - House
  26. Strange Heat Pump behavior: AC, electricity, circuit, interior - House
  27. Grout sealer recommendations: floors, granite, drain, ceramic - House
  28. Curb appeal design assistance: windows, color, stone, installed - House
  29. Turpentine spray-paint + water-based lacquer over it; Bad idea?: cabinet, interior, to fix - House
  30. bathtub drain stopper - what?: foundation, drains, sink, installation - House
  31. Fireplace clearance requirements: installation, bathroom, code, interior - House
  32. $300 a decent price to clean BAD gutters on house?: how much, installed, cleaning
  33. Trex Composite: Removing Stains?: flooring, light, driveway, porch - House
  34. Replacing a bathtub - setting tub in mortar bed: foundation, glue, light - House
  35. condensate pump replacement: floor, dehumidifier, furnace, install - House
  36. Thinking about getting an air compressor to start spraying paint/stain,: painting, room - House
  37. Sticky slider: cleaning, glass, cost, replacement - House
  38. Basement mold removal: floor, dehumidifier, heat, vacuum - House
  39. What color trim for a very dark brown exterior home?: roof, windows - House
  40. Concerning Crack in Basement Wall: floor, engineered, foundation, windows - House
  41. What's the proper way to inflate air in a water expansion tank?: tanks, drain - House
  42. Whole house air purifier - ever install one of: hardwood, dishwasher
  43. br4 water pressure regulator: pool, tank, sink, appliance - House
  44. do a home kit?: plumbing, cost, comparison, build - House
  45. Efflorescence questions: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, stone - House
  46. Vinyl porch windows: EZE Breeze vs Sunspace: alternatives, smell, plastic - House
  47. Padlock for hard salt water conditions: color, stainless steel, vent, weather - House
  48. AC Voltage Insufficient on HZ322: heating, better, between, wiring - House
  49. Water filtration: buying a faucet filter options?: how much, countertop, sink - House
  50. AC only works in one zone: heat, drain, installing, living room - House
  51. Thermostat settings for two HAVC systems: floors, how much, roofing, AC - House
  52. Roofing cement as caulk: floor, smells, kitchen, cabinets - House
  53. Quartz Countertop Work: countertops, stove, color, sink - House
  54. Is there an optimal setup for BBQ over wood deck?: grill, ceramic - House
  55. Nat gas, direct vent, through the wall heaters???: fireplace, furnace, AC - House
  56. Remove broken tub drain: ceiling, bathroom, insulation, plumber - House
  57. Water anode rod head rusted ?: water tank, smell, install, plumber - House
  58. Window weep holes: floor, windows, AC, ceiling - House
  59. Water fountain in easement: installation, natural gas, electric, fence - House
  60. tell me this will work - double wall oven: countertop, microwave - House
  61. Problem replacing bathroom vanity top: laminate, sink, plumbing, build - House
  62. Best ways to make table legs removable: washer, sofa, refinishing - House
  63. about applying self leveler to bathroom floor: installed, shower, tile - House
  64. PVC (vinyl?) wall panels: Home Depot, color, installation, bathrooms - House
  65. Aerobic Septic & Rural Water: tank, tanks, plumber, cost - House
  66. Home Security: phone, lighting, outside, alarm - House
  67. Exterior vent attached to nothing: townhouse, furnace, appliance, ceiling
  68. Tung Oil to finish wood table?: sofa, couch, light, best - House
  69. Major chlorine shortage and pool maintenance: convert, cost, brands, repair - House
  70. Sink hole in backyard, cesspool?: roof, foundation, pools, tank - House
  71. Weatherproofing bulkhead doors....: window, basement, vent, outside - House
  72. Advice o tax assessment: bathroom, cost, code, square foot - House
  73. Painting Swimming Pools: laminate, drains, color, leaks - House
  74. non-support wall touching Vaulted Ceiling--Trim for spread of wall to ceiling covering: roof, installing - House
  75. Gnats in the house: drain, mold, lights, warm
  76. what to do about torn Bituthene sheet coating on foundation walls: roofing, drains - House
  77. I want to replace the control panel and touchpad on a Maytag model MDB7749AWM1 dishwasher.: pool, appliance - House
  78. Can I ---should I---add radiant floor heat over existing hardwood?: install, build - House
  79. DIY ideas needed to hide concrete patio edge/grass transition: stone, build - House
  80. Staining Rough Sawn Cedar Columns?: color, installed, stain, siding - House
  81. Bottleless water cooler vs in-fridge dispenser?: appliance, cleaning, leaks, electricity - House
  82. Checking a tree service company license: worth, better, removing, table - House
  83. Wooden privacy fence: pools, installing, steel, cost - House
  84. How do you clean your upper-story windows?: floor, ceiling, cleaning - House
  85. Neighbors Walking Through Property: vent, fence, energy, between - House
  86. General contractors and home inspectors walk in closet lighting codes: windows, heat - House
  87. Can you stain Trex decking?: paint, cost, dogs, vent - House
  88. Cleaning a pizza pan (?): Home Depot, Lowes, heat, paint - House
  89. What currently in your home do you need to get rid off?: floor, room - House
  90. Towel damaged by washing machine?: washer, heat, cleaner, cleaning - House
  91. house with septic tank: tanks, drains, smell, resale value
  92. Advice on dimmer switches and blinds?: room, kitchen, toilets, light - House
  93. Did I pay for my neighbor's repair?: installed, plumber, pipes - House
  94. To Mini Split or Not to Mini Split: floors, roof, window - House
  95. Extremely slow builders?: roof, costs, building, basements - House
  96. Garage remote stopped working after keypad programmed: opener, loading, installed - House
  97. Worth it to have my clothes dryer repaired?: washer, heating, smell - House
  98. how many of each 'thing' do you feel the need to have?: heating, dining room - House
  99. Do you think this is a nice wrought iron driveway gate?: installed, room - House
  100. Why do American houses mostly have cheap asphalt composition roofs instead of clay tile?: floor, roofing
  101. New kitchen flooring when walls are at odd angles: vinyl, refinish, plank - House
  102. Cost For Tile Installation: tiling, flooring, Home Depot, compare - House
  103. Hot Garage?: roof, AC, heat, insulating - House
  104. Just got a quote for termite treatment. Are prices reasonable?: foundation, installation - House
  105. Looking for a dish drainer that's easy to clean: dishwasher, sink, convert - House
  106. Junky New Refrigerators: appliance, room, kitchen, glue - House
  107. Package thieves (theft, larceny, robbery): phone, cost, standard, better - House
  108. Should I have Water turned off at vacant house: AC, water heater, faucets
  109. is cleaning a lost art?: floors, vacuum cleaner, microwave, sink - House
  110. Master Not Big Enough: floors, how much, heat, furniture - House
  111. How long should copper plumbing last?: springs, Lowes, water tank, ceiling - House
  112. AC temperature: window, heat, ceiling, dining room - House
  113. Odd alarm in the house: ceiling, installation, detector
  114. Help! Mouse problem!: floors, roofing, sofas, stove - House
  115. Entry door: floors, windows, sofas, phone - House
  116. Would You Renovate This Tub/Shower?: vinyl, townhome, bathtub, curtains - House
  117. Microwave issue: kitchen, repair, better, replace - House
  118. Oven light bulb broke, cap stays inside socket - dangerous or not?: stove, appliance - House
  119. Getting a new front door — just shoot me now: Home Depot, installation - House
  120. Should I cancel home insurance claim or just go ahead and go through with it?: room, hurricane - House
  121. Would you mind having someone live on top of or below you?: floors, how much - House
  122. Is the remote control broken or is it the receiver?: phone, ceiling - House
  123. tips to prevent garbage disposal clogging?: dishwasher, sink, cleaning - House
  124. trash compactor in condo: Lowes, appliance, kitchen, cost - House
  125. No sure what to do. Can't turn water valve... water filter...: Lowes, vacuum - House
  126. New LG Wash Tower: engineered, washer, appliance, laundry room - House
  127. Do you think this is a nice outdoor bench?: paint, better, wood - House
  128. Need clear information about asbestos exposure: windows, vacuum, color, cleaner - House
  129. brush marks in gloss lacquer?: sofa, paint, room, steel - House
  130. Hurricane shutters/panels - How many escape routes?: roof, windows, ceiling - House
  131. Help with stained grout: flooring, color, ceramic, cleaner - House
  132. Installing a wall safe at home: floor, how much, insulation, carpet - House
  133. Replacing in-wall A/C units: windows, AC, heating, insulating - House
  134. Repurposing DirecTV dish: installing, hurricane, electric, interior - House
  135. Screening hardwood floor: engineered, vacuum cleaner, refinishing, paint - House
  136. Unplug hot water recirculating pump?: hot water heater, installation, bathrooms, shower - House
  137. Strange fishy smell in bathroom....: drains, bathtub, smells, cleaning - House
  138. Is edging a forgotten skill?: window, curtains, blinds, gas - House
  139. Bathroom TV yes? no?: bathtub, showers, toilets, remove - House
  140. Dehumidifier questions: floor, how much, foundation, furnace - House
  141. Are small portable air conditioners for one room worth the money?: floor, window - House
  142. HVAC ducting options if: roof, AC, heat, insulated - House
  143. Resurfacing a concrete driveway....yes? no?: stone, installing, slab, weather - House
  144. Who lives in a tiny home?: pools, bedroom, kitchen, cabinets - House
  145. Youtube couple living 'off' grid in Canada: homestead, how much, heat - House
  146. Advice Needed: Retainer wall decoration: window, color, stone, lighting - House
  147. Bathroom grout line white?: subfloor, paint, ceiling, cleaning - House
  148. What is a hurricane proof garage door: phone, install, pipes - House
  149. Painting/Aluminum Siding repair questions - looking for a contractor: paint color, washing - House
  150. Do you like your dishwasher?: loading, appliance, installed, room - House
  151. Basement sump pump pit has pipes/drains?: dehumidifier, foundation, washer - House
  152. Broken glass in the washing machine: washer, vacuum, drain, dryer - House
  153. Help with Range Hood: furnace, Lowes, heat, microwave - House
  154. Applying foundation waterproofing: how much, drains, stone, install - House
  155. faded cabinets paint: painting, kitchen, stained, best - House
  156. End table smells!: feng shui, stain, outside, worth - House
  157. looking for living room design ideas: hardwood floors, fireplace, windows, color - House
  158. DIY Mosquito spray - Paul Harvey: lights, vent, worth, salt - House
  159. About to move in to my first house, what color scheme would make it look great?: roof, light
  160. Really? $14K for a new AC/Heat Pump?: furnace, Air Conditioners, installation - House
  161. Neighbor Parking in Front of My Home: appliance, furniture, vent - House
  162. Overturning HOA Rules inPA: phone, prices, codes, outside - House
  163. HOA Reports in PA: floor, townhouses, room, gas
  164. Bed bugs!: hardwood floors, couch, living room, dryer - House
  165. Kill rats the natural way: crawlspace, dogs, worth, best - House
  166. Intruders!: fireplace, window, microwave, bathtub - House
  167. Costly Home Projects in the Want not Need Category: flooring, how much, granite countertops - House
  168. Improper Fence Installation: how much, bathroom, electrical, repair - House
  169. Tile Damage From Cleaner: tiling, bathtub, color, ceramic - House
  170. Hiring a Roofer?: roofing, cleaner, install, chimney - House
  171. Gutters on detached garage?: roof, stone, building, basement - House
  172. Tree dead or alive?: how much, Home Depot, cost, repairing - House
  173. Just bought fixer-upper: cost, building, material, living - House
  174. Company fails to come back to finish job, address credit card payment?: lien, vinyl - House
  175. for electrician: heater, insulated, phones, appliance - House
  176. Painting Shutters: how much, cost, versus, outside - House
  177. Painted Rusty Railings with Rustoleum - Rust came back!?: color, convert, glue - House
  178. Rich/Posh neighbours at war. Documentary UK.: colors, building, basement - House
  179. New Construction - Pool Prep Work?: heater, ceilings, installation, gas - House
  180. Water runoff in part of patio. What kind of drain tube?: floor, windows - House
  181. Dad rips into neighbor who reported family’s tree fort to HOA: 'You’re safe now': roof, vinyl - House
  182. Help Need backyard design ideas: roof, pool, furniture, stone - House
  183. Replacing interior door knobs: installation, brands, standard, best - House
  184. Water gets in and I need help figureing out how: how much, roof - House
  185. Carpet sweeper for pet hair - recommendation?: hardwood floors, vinyl, vacuum cleaner - House
  186. Shark steamer - do you put anything in the water?: floors, washer - House
  187. Bidet Option in 1960s Co-Op Building: sink, installing, bathroom, plumber - House
  188. Engineered hardwood floors need help: vinyl, AC, vacuum, refinishing - House
  189. Which method would you choose to repair a vertical crack in brick veneer?: foundation, townhome - House
  190. Lawn service said trees have to go trees vs new lawn: windows, light - House
  191. Do you think this is a nice outdoor bed swing?: fleas, light - House
  192. Gas boiler replacement sticker shock: water tank, installation, plumber, leak - House
  193. Adding another bedroom: converting, laundry room, plumbing, average cost - House
  194. Solar panels: roof, windows, AC, heater - House
  195. Windows are difficult to open: hardwood floors, roof, vinyl, paint - House
  196. Exterminating vermin: pool, heater, bathroom, chimney - House
  197. Newish roof leak: shingles, Home Depot, colors, leaking - House
  198. What to do with an old doorbell?: paint, apartment, basement - House
  199. AC BTU's: floor, Lowes, window, heat - House
  200. Sink Disposal - when is it supposed to retire?: dishwasher, drain, installation - House