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  1. HVAC: heat, drains, ceiling, mold - House
  2. Carpet: flooring, how much, laminate, vacuum - House
  3. What grit sandpaper or steel wool to clean copper pipe?: cleaner, cleaning - House
  4. Window seal: windows, replacing - House
  5. One water heater - big rangy house: how much, tank, drain
  6. Jack hammer like sounds near a corner in a room: ceiling, bedroom - House
  7. Glass in window came off of the frame: vinyl, townhome, windows - House
  8. Can drop-in ceiling tiles be used as surface mount tiles?: laminate, bathroom - House
  9. Sloped driveway: floor, drain, basement, outside - House
  10. Fireplace Mantle on Mortar Mounting: heat, sink, gas, electric - House
  11. 90s Gas Furnace life expectancy: how much, furnaces, Lowes, AC - House
  12. ADU in California: convert, install, bathroom, shower - House
  13. Paint and Primer in One: painting, weather, worth, better - House
  14. Sink Water Filter: how much, countertop, pool, conditioner - House
  15. Seeking Recommendations for Hand Held Vacuum: kitchen, price, best, replace - House
  16. Replace kitchen cabinet drawers only?: countertops, install, room, kitchens - House
  17. Rewiring a house with permit for foundation damage: railing, installation, bathrooms
  18. Can someone explain this about air conditioning problems?: vacuum, drain, condo - House
  19. Not sure what colored grout to use for this tile: flooring, color - House
  20. Hard to explain kitchen sink plumbing: dishwasher, appliance, installation - House
  21. Tested water pressure not making sense: dishwasher, tank, installed, plumber - House
  22. Looking for a drill bit: square, construction, good, stores - House
  23. Problem with Airless Graco paint sprayer: drain, cleaning, interior, removing - House
  24. Unused dishwasher: front loader, drain, smell, appliance - House
  25. Clogged bathroom vent fan: roof, window, ceilings, cleaning - House
  26. Brick mortar missing: Lowes, vac, warm, square - House
  27. which service person?: roof, install, attic, control - House
  28. Cabinet paint: Home Depot, painting, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  29. Insulation in houses built 1990-93: floor, kitchen, light, warm
  30. I can't believe how difficult to look up house #: apartments, building, property
  31. Plumber well/pump water temp issue: installed, shower, cost - House
  32. Shed Ventilation: floor, roof, vinyl, paint - House
  33. Zinc or copper strip moss control: shingles, paint, installed, versus - House
  34. Delete Post - House
  35. Staining deck with slight wood color variation: washer, Home Depot, cleaner - House
  36. AC not cooling what do numbers indicate?: worth, pressure, HVAC - House
  37. Battery powered window blinds to electric? (Hunter Douglas): convert, living room, leaking - House
  38. Kohler Acrylic Bathtubs v. American Standard Cambridge (Enameled Steel): subfloor, insulated, installation - House
  39. How to upgrade parquet floors-suggestions: subfloor, vinyl, plank, rooms - House
  40. A/C soft start for backup power?: washer, window, AC - House
  41. HVAC Register Vents in Tile: colors, best, replace, plastic - House
  42. How remove/eliminate burnt smell odor from wood?: countertop, microwave, paint - House
  43. Amana refrigerator with noisy ice maker: pool, phone, appliance, leaking - House
  44. Ascend Composite Cladding Siding Option: engineered, vinyl, plank, glass - House
  45. Leafblaster Pro Gutter Guards experience: install, cleaning, vs, company - House
  46. Milwaukee M18 Hammer drill: appliance, brands, repairing, concrete - House
  47. Irritant In Bedroom Air After Space Heater Fire: flooring, window, vacuum - House
  48. Black stuff coming out of the air vents: ceiling, mold, carpet - House
  49. So today I went to empty Oscar ....: fleas, vacuum, carpets - House
  50. Brick Power Washing and Front Door: washer, color, plank, installing - House
  51. Pier and Beam House and Treadmill/At-home Exercise: floor, foundation, ceramic
  52. Drawer slide failures: ceramic, installation, cabinets, faucet - House
  53. Where is the septic tank cover?: tanks, plumber, pipe, build - House
  54. Can I get sunroom materials to build my own?: roof, pool - House
  55. What should I do if my omnifilter is slightly dripping every hour?: installed, plumber - House
  56. Fiberglass front entrance door: refinishing, paint, installed, stain - House
  57. Do Oil Furnace Chimney Need to Be Cleaned: furnaces, water heater, installing - House
  58. What is this thermometer used for?: floor, smell, glass, oven - House
  59. Hot tub, 1 jet not working?: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, plumbing, plastic - House
  60. Fireplace: with a firebox insert - how hot does the hearth get?: hardwood floor, steel - House
  61. Exterior waterproofing for efflorescence.. or nay?: foundation, drain, paint - House
  62. Name of this hardware for hanging wooden screen frame: floors, windows, installed - House
  63. Unknown element: vent, pictures, table, porch - House
  64. Stuck Detector in Garage: heat, installation, rooms, code - House
  65. sanding grits before staining?: hardwood, color, stain, cost - House
  66. Door hardware aggravation: floor, standard, outside, replace - House
  67. Ceiling Fan - Downrod Mount vs Flush Mount: floor, tank, stove - House
  68. Water heater noises: plumbing, gas, type - House
  69. A sudden window for co-housing: windows, heater, apartment, condo - House
  70. abrasive metal cutting discs: Home Depot, steel, compare, brands - House
  71. Full view aluminum storm door: Lowes, windows, heat, ceramic - House
  72. Are basement wall and floor cracks OK?: foundation, window, plumber - House
  73. New way to prevent issues? Longevity?: humidifier, furnace, AC - House
  74. Shade sails? Patio umbrella?: curtains, blinds, glass, price - House
  75. In the new house — lighting: how much, Home Depot, color
  76. Water bugs coming in from my bathtub overflow drain. How do I plug it up?: Home Depot, drains - House
  77. What stamped concrete pattern to pick?: flooring, color, plank, stone - House
  78. Did the US have prefabs after WW2.: modular homes, building, construction - House
  79. Slick flooring: townhome, laminate, ceramic, bathrooms - House
  80. Home Insurance, Virtual Inspection and Privacy: hardwood, roof, vinyl, phone - House
  81. how much would it cost to get this livable?: foundation, paint, kitchen - House
  82. Non-Stick vs Stainless Steel vs Cast iron Pans?: alternatives, dishwasher, heat - House
  83. What to do with a wine cellar room?: storm shelter, window, insulated - House
  84. Repetitive pounding from above neighbors: flooring, washer, ceiling, install - House
  85. Siding and Roof Intersection - Precautions to be taken when installing new siding: roofing, paint - House
  86. New roof has staples rather than nails: roofing, installation, cost - House
  87. Neighbors Palm trees about to fall on my driveway: cost, worth, damage - House
  88. Clear putty recommendation?: vinyl, color, appliance, kitchen - House
  89. Need quick advice about an old weak shared fence: jacuzzi, pool, installed - House
  90. Installing a Ring Doorbell: insulation, cost, basements, electrical - House
  91. Crack In Tub Shower...Repair or Replace?: floor, how much, Home Depot - House
  92. 24 stove instead of 30: pool, heat, stoves, ceramic - House
  93. Gas water heater misconception/battery back up: how much, fireplace, hot water heater - House
  94. What do your neighbors do that drives you crazy?: fireplace, windows, installed - House
  95. Need to have install A-C intake filter installed, how urgent?: AC, ceiling - House
  96. How to buy a pillow: smell, dryer, electricity, interior - House
  97. Questions about paint: flooring, Home Depot, paint color, furniture - House
  98. Noisy/quiet refrigerator: countertop, laminate, ceiling, installed - House
  99. Whole house appliances insurance: how much, AC, water heater, cost
  100. -- Just discovered the pool contractor made a huge error: floor, pools - House
  101. removing rust with baking soda?: refinish, paint, cleaner, stains - House
  102. 3 choices for hvac replacement which is a better choice: furnace, AC, heat - House
  103. on installing an outlet …: floor, how much, paint, room - House
  104. How to remove this shower faucet handle?: Home Depot, showers, plumber - House
  105. Found terracotta flower pot buried in yard next to house: Home Depot, Lowes
  106. Cooking hot plate: countertop, heating, insulated, stove - House
  107. Best low-cost way to remove teenaged boy odor from a bedroom: hardwood floors, roof - House
  108. Cremated woman in the closet.: bedroom, cabinet, upstairs, better - House
  109. Gas line coming out of floor: stoves, appliance, installation, plumber - House
  110. Destructive Woodpeckers: washer, living room, siding, repair - House
  111. Mini Blinds vs Roll Up Shades in Sunroom???: windows, heat, insulated - House
  112. Lubricant for sticking fridge gaskets.: vinyl, installed, cleaning, kitchen - House
  113. toothpaste and plumbing: drains, sink, smell, cleaner - House
  114. skunk experts?: smell, gas, lights, concrete - House
  115. HVAC Sticker Shock: floor, window, AC, heat - House
  116. Stucco - the good bad ugly side of it on a house: painting, mold
  117. How best to use home warranty (American Home Shield)...?: AC, drain, bathroom - House
  118. Sketch of Survey: pool, installed, detector, cost - House
  119. French drain in clay soil - clogging filter fabric?: how much, foundation, drains - House
  120. Mini split A/C: window, AC, insulated, installation - House
  121. I hate 1-use items: grills, appliance, kitchen, glass - House
  122. How to clean quartz counters without leaving streaks: granite, colors, smells - House
  123. Siding Issues and Suggest What Option to Take...: shingles, vinyl, windows - House
  124. edge routing on a dining room table?: laminate, refinish, stain - House
  125. Water meter box key: floor, bathtub, faucet, crawlspace - House
  126. House Purchase Humor: window, gas, electric, vent
  127. How to protect wood floors until we can buy rugs: flooring, sofa - House
  128. What is cast iron skillet good for, besides searing meat?: heating, stoves - House
  129. Gap between molding and ceiling: paint, kitchen, cabinets, warm - House
  130. Too picky or not acceptable?: countertop, heating, sink, appliance - House
  131. Do condo/co-op owners genuinely enjoy living with their neighbors?: townhouse, pool
  132. Smart Thermostat vs Digital Thermostat: furnaces, air conditioning, phone, installing - House
  133. Laminate Floor Over Concrete Slab in FL?: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  134. Most Efficient Carpet Wet Cleaner Under $500?: heat, vacuum, cleaning, building - House
  135. garage ceiling lights - advice: how much, conversion, convert, install - House
  136. Reputable reasonably priced brands of bathtubs, toilets, and bathroom sinks: countertops, Home Depot - House
  137. House circuit repair: install, insulation, electrical, repairing
  138. Can you transport smoke detectors: costs, disposal, worth, best - House
  139. Another wood sanding: Home Depot, color, plank, furniture - House
  140. How often do you used your screened porch?: how much, roof, pool - House
  141. What kind of saw I need to cut up plywood on an old couch?: Lowes, glass - House
  142. For hardwood floors — best things to put on furniture legs to prevent scratches?: sofas, colors - House
  143. What temperature can you cool a house down to: windows, AC, insulation
  144. neighbors kid trespassing into my to deal with it?: dogs, fences - House
  145. Need advice on purchase: homestead, vinyl, furnace, windows - House
  146. Contractor Sent me an EXTRA Bill: appliance, installing, living room, kitchen - House
  147. Heat Pump/Gas Package Unit: vinyl, furnace, windows, AC - House
  148. Do you know there is an HOA Management industry?: heat, apartments - House
  149. Water shut off at meter, still water in pipes: how much, Lowes, water heater - House
  150. Finishing a basement costs: floor, how much, windows, insulated - House
  151. Stubborn toilet clog -- what's next when plunger does not work?: Home Depot, pool - House
  152. Puzzling Hardwired Smoke Alarm Situation: Complicated: humidifier, ceiling, installed, master bedroom - House
  153. Is there such thing as self-cleaning bathroom sinks?: appliance, toilet, remove - House
  154. Forgive me for what others might know.: roofing, paint, concrete - House
  155. Buy a new refrigerator how long before you can use it?: washer, Home Depot - House
  156. Replacing Hardwired Smoke Detectors: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, build - House
  157. Tips when leaving a house vacant for a while: window, AC, hot water heater
  158. Housing trends you stand: flooring, countertops, washer, townhouses
  159. Solar/Sun Tube - regrets?: roof, townhouse, heat, insulate
  160. Logistics to delivery a 13 foot granite counter top: window, sink, stone - House
  161. Building a dust extraction unit (portable): Home Depot, pool, vacuum, paint - House
  162. how much does new carpet and interior paint jobs cost?: Home Depot, painting - House
  163. prefab decking or deck kits: roof, Home Depot, sink, cleaner - House
  164. creaking bathtub.: subfloor, ceramic, shower, plumber - House
  165. New swimming pool build-- Salt or UV/Ozone system: alternatives, pools, electricity - House
  166. Drop & Run Appliance delivery: washer, Home Depot, stove, installing - House
  167. My old linoleum counter tops: heat, bedroom, cleaning, staining - House
  168. Oven cycle: heating, microwave, stove, appliance - House
  169. Garage door opener: floor, vacuum, installed, light - House
  170. New hinges in different locations?: Home Depot, Lowes, laminate, install - House
  171. Garage Door: opener, Lowes, installed, detector - House
  172. Septic Systems Face New Type of Problem: tanks, sinks, smell - House
  173. Suggestions for vanity lights?: heat, painting, sink, lighting - House
  174. Your thoughts/experience around mobile homes.: townhouses, heating, ceilings, bedroom
  175. Home owners warranty: foundation, furnace, AC, heat - House
  176. Securing the middle of my comforter to the cover: washer, Home Depot, refrigerator - House
  177. Silent (or almost) Humidifier?: stoves, sink, faucet, light - House
  178. How low can the a/c go?: grill, window, Air Conditioners - House
  179. TV antenna to speaker cable and back to coaxial cable for TV?: vacuum, phone - House
  180. Cost est. for new Electrical Panel: conversion, converting, install, resale value - House
  181. What if a USPS package mistakenly delivered to my address?: how much, outside - House
  182. exterior color: how much, roof, paint color, light - House
  183. Whole house reverse osmosis and refrigerator with filter: dishwasher, conditioner, water heater
  184. In sink soap dispenser that doesn't suck?: countertop, alternatives, dishwasher - House
  185. How Is This: countertop, washer, water heater, convert - House
  186. When I get ready to remodel…: tiling, hardwood, furniture, dining room - House
  187. about septic system that uses sprinkler heads....: tanks, installation, pipes - House
  188. Contractor Putting Lien on My Home: phone, kitchen, cost, build - House
  189. Wood fence and male dog urine: how much, vinyl, color, cleaner - House
  190. Door knob vs lever: installed, code, interior, standard - House
  191. Storm Door?: insulating, colors, installed, insulation - House
  192. I never understood the point of wanting to be snowbirds': washer, pool - House
  193. cleaning tea bottle: dishwasher, heating, stains, glass - House
  194. Gable/hip roof combination: build, vents, cold, pictures - House
  195. Is this kind Vent or hvac system?: heat, ceiling, bathroom - House
  196. thick, packed, heavy mud in gutters - how to clean?: floor, how much - House
  197. Wooden Fences and Sprinklers: stain, iron, cedar fence, remove - House
  198. Building material in different parts of the country: shingles, vinyl, colors - House
  199. My skylights still leak: how much, roofing, ceiling, install - House
  200. Dishwasher: drain, smell, appliance, lights - House