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  1. Need Fence in NJ: vinyl, installed, cleaning, stain - House
  2. How many of you house hunters depend on your feelings?: how much, window
  3. Venting in Kitchen: fireplace, microwave, installing, gas - House
  4. Home inprovement questions: phone, build, ducts, homeowners - House
  5. Screened in Porches vs sunrooms: floor, how much, roof, AC - House
  6. Hard Coat Stucco: townhouse, windows, heating, paint
  7. Moving House>>: floor, foundation, windows, bedroom
  8. reconverting houses: hardwood floors, how much, refinishing, bathrooms
  9. Heating oil water heaters: furnace, water tank, tanks, insulated - House
  10. Cypress Log Homes: vinyl, insulation, hurricane, steel - House
  11. property tax on room addition: floor, how much, building, construction - House
  12. Cost to put in hardwood flooring?: hardwood floors, refinish, rooms, carpet - House
  13. Grease off of painted walls??: stove, painting, cleaner, repair - House
  14. Round Homes: floor, smell, converting, bedroom - House
  15. Formica kitchen Island repair: granite, laminate, bathtubs, color - House
  16. Our master bathroom is remodel is almost done . . .: floor, granite, window - House
  17. Basement flooring: colors, installation, family room, stains - House
  18. My son got pen on my leather couch!!!: Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  19. Tankless water heaters: water tank, tanks, convert, install - House
  20. Bathtub refinishing?: phone, cost, disposal, crack - House
  21. My friend has 8 kids and just bough a new house: bedrooms, upstairs
  22. taking out a wall: living room, between, mobile homes, Mobile - House
  23. Advice on Housing: fireplace, prices, compare, warm - House
  24. Need ideas on how to coordinate exterior brick with siding: vinyl, windows - House
  25. Over-the stove microwave: countertop, install, kitchen, cabinets - House
  26. Buying New house v previously lived in house: washer, paint, blinds
  27. Cabin Stuff: stoves, appliance, convert, natural gas - House
  28. Need for sale by owner sites...: vent, best, buy, property - House
  29. Failed Sump Pumps...: window, heaters, install, mold - House
  30. Building a Garage: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, apartment - House
  31. the Lowes $288 gas stove... Opinions?: dishwasher, Air Conditioner, heater, microwave - House
  32. House Wrap: mold, leaks, code, weather
  33. House for $2500!: roof, costs, standard, outside
  34. Adding AC and updating electric: washer, furnace, window, Air Conditioner - House
  35. Solid wood floors a problem in the humidity?: hardwood floors, engineered, humidifier - House
  36. Soil Compaction: foundation, building, interior, slab - House
  37. Insulation problems/Cold Bedrooms and or Rooms??: floor, windows, heat - House
  38. Leaks in concrete slabs: floor, foundation, installation, living room - House
  39. Refrigerators: wood floors, granite countertops, dishwashers, Home Depot - House
  40. hardwood flooring: hardwood floors, laminate, refinish, color - House
  41. For who've built...pros/cons...: foundation, kitchens, cabinets, cost - House
  42. ever had a house built?: lien, townhouse, loading
  43. Concrete porch floor: flooring, home project, how much, roof - House
  44. Houseboat Living: floor, water tank, sink, condo
  45. Home Improvement Poll: countertop, townhome, laminate, painting - House
  46. missing drawer fronts: kitchen, standard, repair, damaged - House
  47. how do you feel about cleaning?: windows, heat, color, ceiling - House
  48. Non-conventional septic systems: flush, pumps, pressure, mount - House
  49. Talk about a tree house! Imagine growing your own house!: building
  50. What the heck is a McMansion: duct, Rochester, large - House
  51. Another bathroom preference poll: bathtub, sinks, bathrooms, cabinets - House
  52. What uses more electricity: countertop, window, Air Conditioner, curtains - House
  53. Contractor piers under house: install, steel, code, basement
  54. Carpet Cleaners: Home Depot, vacuum cleaner, smells, cleaning - House
  55. City Permit for adding onto our home: phone, converting, bedroom - House
  56. Modular homes? idea when kitchens change in houses?: hardwood, vinyl, laminate
  57. Wet Basments: floor, foundation, indoor pool, Lowes - House
  58. A striking home?? have one?: building, basement, sq ft - House
  59. I need to know: subfloor, vinyl, vac, color - House
  60. Rust spots: stain, carpets, remove, duct - House
  61. Front Load Washer and Dryer: flooring, dishwasher, front loader, pool - House
  62. Bath Fitters - change bathtub to shower: bathfitters, how much, convert - House
  63. House to Condo Move?: floor, roof, jacuzzi, townhouse
  64. Wood paneling: refinishing, color, furniture, installed - House
  65. Pet odor in wood floors?: hardwood floors, laminate, sofa, refinishing - House
  66. Electric oven element outage questions.: flooring, pool, heat, stoves - House
  67. Vinyl Siding Versus Hardy Plank: paint, comparison, build, best - House
  68. Laundry room on 2nd floor a bad thing?: floor plans, washers, front loader - House
  69. Keeping stainless steel refrig clean-: Home Depot, window, sink, smells - House
  70. Asbestos!!! Help!!!: flooring, how much, roofing, vinyl - House
  71. Shower in lieu of tub in hall bath?: bathtub, install, bathroom - House
  72. wood floors(HELP: hardwood floors, how much, engineered, Home Depot - House
  73. What's a garage worth?: loading, insulation, building, slab - House
  74. Rehabilitating Older Houses - Idea and Photos: flooring, how much, roof
  75. What is the cheapest real house(800+ feet) in decent to good condition youve seen or heard?: foundation, windows
  76. What are your tips for streak free glass and windows: cleaner, vinegar - House
  77. Original hardwood vs laminate?: hardwood floors, engineered, refinishing, painting - House
  78. Home Staging- How much does it cost, and does it work?: hardwood floors, windows - House
  79. Sectional slipcover?: slipcovers, sofa, living room, stained - House
  80. And you want vinyl siding ???: alternatives, heat, paint, plank - House
  81. Can a house be possessed?: townhome, window, bedrooms, basement
  82. Popcorn ceiling removal: countertop, Lowes, painting, ceilings - House
  83. tricks to make a small room look bigger?: floor, window, sofas - House
  84. Is your garage for parking or storage?: floor, paint, furniture - House
  85. Houses with In-ground Swimming Pools: how much, heat, painting, resale value
  86. What about a stone or patterned concrete patio?: pool, painting, installed - House
  87. The cost of housing?: how much, drain, condo, better - House
  88. surprises after moving in?: how much, washer, furnace, sink - House
  89. locksmith: install, cost, repair, replace - House
  90. propane gas stove: furnace, Lowes, tank, microwave - House
  91. Would you live in a home/city like this?: windows, price, living - House
  92. Vapor Steam Cleaners...Suggestions!?!: grills, vacuum, phone, stoves - House
  93. Carpenter Bees - Need Recommendations: painting, ceiling, installed, light - House
  94. garage door remote won't close door: floor, opener, light, electric - House
  95. What should i look for in a walk through: foundation, dishwasher, windows - House
  96. Heartbroken, new house turns out to be in a high traffic area most of the day...: windows, curtains
  97. Do your parents live with your family?: furniture, dining room, cleaning - House
  98. I found the house of my dreams and my husband hates it: how much, townhouse
  99. big metal storage buildings: how much, roof, engineered, foundation - House
  100. Garden Window: countertops, windows, sink, installation - House
  101. have experience building an ICF home?: how much, insulated, mold - House
  102. get rid of mice: countertops, stove, sink, smell - House
  103. Curious about BAMBOO sheets & towels: washer, color, convert, steel - House
  104. who Loves Shopping? Help a Guy out: Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  105. one story VS two story?: floor, bonus room, cleaning, costs - House
  106. Shoes or No Shoes??: hardwood, refinish, furniture, carpets - House
  107. 1 mo vacation and foundation in summer: faucet, vent, mount, moisture - House
  108. Wood Floors and New Construction: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate - House
  109. which house would you choose?: rooms, kitchen, cost, basement
  110. Third Floor walk up and heating & cooling: floors, ceiling, install - House
  111. Gas Stove Vs Electric: hot water heater, stoves, appliance, convert - House
  112. House hunting horror stories: subfloor, countertops, furnace, windows
  113. throw this out there: townhouse, bedroom, apartment, cost
  114. What's Your Dream Place To Live?? And where??: hardwood floors, fireplace, indoor pool - House
  115. Cleaning materials/mopping: wood floors, vacuum, smells, cleaner - House
  116. New builds: Slab < Crawl < Basement: subfloor, roof, foundation - House
  117. The Thermostat wars!: how much, tank, stove, ceiling - House
  118. mobile home questions: how much, foundation, furnaces, hot water heater - House
  119. Why do people clean?: countertops, windows, vacuum, living room - House
  120. Did the house settle?: floors, roof, foundation, master bedroom
  121. How low can I turn the heat on(when I relocate to Oil city): roof, foundation - House
  122. Too many redundant bathrooms? Old houses had one!: stove, cleaning, kitchen
  123. How to get wax out of candles: glass, pipes, warm - House
  124. Owning A House In Two Different States?: heat, condo, cost
  125. Offer on our house: flooring, granite, phone, stove
  126. new house vs. old house: subfloor, how much, roofing, windows
  127. What is the smallest lot you could tolerate having?: roof, windows, bedroom - House
  128. Who bought vacent lot and built a new house. What costs?: how much, drain
  129. Breaking a Lease: townhouses, apartment, cost, warm
  130. Insulating a house costs $10k? No thanks!: how much, roof, fireplace
  131. Need Help With Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smell!!!!: my fireplace, window, painting - House
  132. Are small houses a good or bad deal? Your opinions why!: how much, townhouse
  133. Is there a such thing as *too* big a house?: how much, windows
  134. fans of IKEA?: sofa, furniture, installing, bedroom - House
  135. How much house can you afford?: floor, townhome, pool, phone
  136. Tips: floor, windows, Air Conditioner, tank - House
  137. Chimney Care/ Fireplace: hardwood, how much, my fireplace, grill - House
  138. Ever live in a haunted house?: laundry room, kitchen, light, price
  139. Tudor-style homes: tudor style, worth, New York, green - House
  140. so who's got the secret to getting red clay off of carpets?: hardwood, convert - House
  141. round homes and hurricanes?: roof, alternatives, windows, furniture - House
  142. What can you tell me about Fox and Jacobs?: floor, foundation, windows - House
  143. Bird in the House???????: hot water heater, bathroom, chimney, kitchen
  144. Is it cheaper to build or to buy?: roofing, vinyl, foundation - House
  145. How do I get candel wax off a table??: fireplace, Lowes, heat - House
  146. Katrina Cottages: Lowes, heating, insulated, bedroom - House
  147. septic tank and well: how much, tanks, smell, toilets - House
  148. Vacuum cleaners: floor, appliance, furniture, installed - House
  149. How much increase in property taxes if remodel, repair, renovate house?: pool, AC
  150. Chores: floors, washer, window, colors - House
  151. favorite room: my fireplace, windows, curtains, couch - House
  152. I lost my gnome home! Help!: building, pictures, Oregon, Pittsburgh - House
  153. Do you live in a cool house?: smell, ceiling, convert
  154. Mold/Fungai Cleanup?: how much, roof, window, carpet - House
  155. Clean Clean Clean!!: floors, convert, bathroom, cleaning - House
  156. resources and tips for small space living: wood floors, windows, sofa - House
  157. Black Mold in a House: how much, roof, cost, repair
  158. How Much Is A New Roof Going To Cost?: roofing, Lowes, drains - House
  159. Vinyl Siding: Good or Bad?: shingles, washers, insulating, paint - House
  160. Buying a Home--What's Smarter?: how much, cost, best, average - House
  161. Gas or Electric Dryer: fireplace, water heater, stoves, appliance - House
  162. Are ceiling fans in the humidity?: window, AC, heat - House
  163. What to do with hole above fireplace?!?!: how much, townhouse, paint
  164. What is your rule or formula to determine X income, Y house price.: how much, heating
  165. Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes): flooring, roof, foundation, townhouse
  166. Kitchen smells: warm, worth, plastic, buy - House
  167. What Kind of Art Do You Have in Your Home: window, phone - House
  168. Does Febreze really work or is it just perfume?: floor, windows, curtains - House
  169. Frieze carpet: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, vacuum - House
  170. Questions about septic tanks and well water: washer, tank, drains - House
  171. Why do people just have to buy a house rather then rent?: how much, springs
  172. I am tired of telling people where to find $50k houses.: bedroom, cost
  173. Bathroom Cleaning Tips: bathtub, curtain, ceramic, cleaner - House
  174. Mid-Century Modern Home: floor plans, heating, ceilings, rooms - House
  175. Dome Homes: shingles, insulated, kitchen, insulation - House
  176. House mice: heaters, living room, kitchen, cabinets
  177. Do you lock your doors?: windows, room, apartment, building - House
  178. Cleaning tips?: hardwood floors, sofas, paint, furniture - House
  179. Gas or Electric: fireplace, heater, tanks, stove - House
  180. what's the consensus on first floor master bedrooms: bathrooms, upstairs, mount - House
  181. Has Had Experience With A Modular Home?: foundation, appliance, bathroom - House
  182. fireplace resurfacing: countertops, fireplaces, laminate, heat - House
  183. What do you love in your household?: washer, phone, couch
  184. Be careful....latest on Zillow: bedrooms, prices, compare, versus - House
  185. New Construction vs. Older Homes: subfloor, engineered, vinyl, foundation - House
  186. Insulating House: wood floors, how much, fireplace, furnaces
  187. what would/will you compromise on when buying a home?: floor, ceiling - House
  188. Sinks: granite, bathroom, kitchen, cabinets - House
  189. Be careful what house you recommend others. Dont bankrup them!: how much, appliance
  190. Hardwood floors vs. ceramic tile: vinyl, appliance, ceilings, install - House
  191. BBQs on screened porches: pool, grill, smells, furniture - House
  192. formal dining rooms: floor, furniture, kitchen, build - House
  193. Carbon Monoxide Alarm keeps going off...HELP!: fireplace, Home Depot, windows - House
  194. What is the difference between your indoor and outdoor temp without cooling/heating?: floor, furnace - House
  195. Gas conversion in kitchen: vinyl, fireplace, water heater, stove - House
  196. Tking over a morgage - House
  197. Polyester or Nylon??: carpet, better - House
  198. Carpenter in and around Piermont, NY: flooring, area, new, small - House
  199. Cape House Safety: upstairs, burning, issues
  200. inflation adjusted home values as displayed from a roller coaster.: large - House