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  1. When to till soil before planting fall greens: summer, growth, watering - Garden
  2. when to transplant a lilac: spring, leaves, frost, winter - Garden
  3. aphids on petunias: flower, growing, containers, insect - Garden
  4. Gardening in Puerto Rico: grow, avocados, trees, insects
  5. Zoysia grass owners - how tall do you cut?: lawn, growing, leaf - Garden
  6. Look what popped up in my yard: front yard, plant, water - Garden
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  8. Laundry water for gardening - detergent problems?: grass, nursery, leaves
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  10. ants in my composter: grass, worms, leaves, summer - Garden
  11. Planting perennials in a stone wall: flowers, landscape, grow, Ferns - Garden
  12. First time home owner - need new lawn advice.: lawns, landscaping, growing - Garden
  13. Thoughts Needed....On Garden: irrigation, grow, plant, gardening
  14. Windmill Palm troubles: grow, palms, south, leaves - Garden
  15. Tree Ideas for front Yard (New England): growing, magnolia, trees - Garden
  16. Apple tree that bears every other year: flowers, landscape, growing - Garden
  17. pomegranate trees: fruit, water, green, gardener
  18. What is this flowering vine?: flowers, grow, jasmine, cold - Garden
  19. well drained soil ?????: growing plants, trees, yard, nursery - Garden
  20. Camouflaging Drainage..HELP!: landscaping, concrete, pond, water - Garden
  21. Egg Plant Flowers Keep Falling Off!: vegetable, watering, gardening
  22. Harry Lauder Walking Stick with purple foliage: grow, spring, nursery - Garden
  23. Container Plants in Zone 7b: grow, Ivy, containers, hostas - Garden
  24. Tomato Plant Not Producing Tomatoes Anymore! Fungus: flowers, growing, fertilizing - Garden
  25. Soil treatment for mildew: plants, fast, water, prevent - Garden
  26. Rat poison: cats, trees, containers, squirrel - Garden
  27. Chickens - what kinds do you have?: grow, birds, blueberry - Garden
  28. Purple Sedge experts? On how to kill it??: nursery, weed, growth - Garden
  29. landscaping for the masses: lawn, growing, Ferns, grass - Garden
  30. Another quick ID if you have a minute: grass, yard, weeds - Garden
  31. Japanese maples in full (hot!) sun?: trees, front yard, city, leaves - Garden
  32. ailing blue spruce: growing, tree, nursery, growth - Garden
  33. How did you lerarn to identify birds?: trees, insect, year - Garden
  34. Buying caladium bulbs: spring, frost, plants, winter - Garden
  35. I think my apple tree is sick: bugs, Fruit Trees, fruit - Garden
  36. Yoshino cherry trees: leaves, big, year, treatment - Garden
  37. Whats gaining popularity in your area?: trees, myrtles, backyard, peppers - Garden
  38. Lawn Irrigation: grown, grass, sprinkler, control - Garden
  39. Best Design for a really nice potting station.: spiders, grow, greenhouse - Garden
  40. Is there a product...: lawn, growing, growth, bush - Garden
  41. Didn't soak roots--what to do?: north, bloom, water, best - Garden
  42. Pulmeria: flower, growing, spring, how to - Garden
  43. I need your help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: purchase, spray, big, using - Garden
  44. Green horned tomato worms ???: grow, tomatoes, plants, eating - Garden
  45. Sharpener: trees, prune, England, home - Garden
  46. Should i take the bulbs out?: flowers, yard, spring, north - Garden
  47. Do large lilies, well....STINK?: flowers, growing, cats, spring - Garden
  48. Frustrated with my Crown of Thorns: flower, south, plants, prune - Garden
  49. Overpruned my Hydrangeas?: flowers, grow, bug, violet - Garden
  50. Fescue blades turning yellow??: lawn, fertilizer, yard, how to - Garden
  51. Coleus: growing, containers, yard, spring - Garden
  52. Cutting back plants?: iris, grow, Butterfly Bush, peonies - Garden
  53. When to cut back roses?: flowers, grown, yard, spring - Garden
  54. How to trim Italian cypress?: trees, trimming, natural, neighbor - Garden
  55. garden clogs: sale, summer, price, winter
  56. Good cordless trimmer and edger for decent price: grass, yard, how to - Garden
  57. Is it a good time to plant a tree NOW on the east coast?: growing, cherry trees - Garden
  58. UP Michigan Growing Season: landscaping, Fruit Trees, tomatoes, vegetable - Garden
  59. Pindo Palm: growing, tomato, backyard, spring - Garden
  60. Recommendations for Ride-on Lawnmower: lawn, landscaping, growing, lawn mower - Garden
  61. Mexican Bean Beetles: vines, tomatoes, spray, Long Island - Garden
  62. Repair damaged bark, Texas Persimmon tree.: trees, red insect, insects, backyard - Garden
  63. Beans: how to, plants, seeds, large - Garden
  64. News, The Great Pumpkin is from Kentucky.: growing, violet, pond - Garden
  65. Yellow jackets: exterminator, insect, azalea, fast - Garden
  66. Carolina Gardener Magazine- Best Rate: south, price, cut, home
  67. Artificial plants - Christmas Trees: growing, fast, pictures, large - Garden
  68. Moving hydrangea: landscaping, growing, spring, plant - Garden
  69. What is this plant?: growing, fruit, birds, winter - Garden
  70. Leaf curling into a tube on photinia shrubs: lawn, landscape, bugs - Garden
  71. Ants Ants Ants Everywhere!!!!: animals, indoors, eat, water - Garden
  72. What is this Shrub/Flower?: flowers, growing, Hibiscus, trees - Garden
  73. Composting pet poop: cat, tomatoes, vegetable, plants - Garden
  74. Lanscaping: Privacy/Dogs: landscaping, trees, concrete, backyard - Garden
  75. Yellowing leaves from summer drought: lawn, irrigation, landscape, bugs - Garden
  76. Flowers that will survive full sun in Texas.: Hibiscus, seeding, myrtles - Garden
  77. Help with one of my plants :): grown, prune, growth - Garden
  78. What to plant that complements chrysanthemums: grass, peonies, front yard, spring - Garden
  79. Do/will deer eat Basil? What do they pick off from your garden?: grow, Hydrangea
  80. Has had good luck with clip on bug repellants? share.: bugs, insects - Garden
  81. My Four O'Clocks are opening at 7:00: leaves, California, seeds, home - Garden
  82. I am NOT that lady: flower, growing, Butterfly Bush, butterfly - Garden
  83. Did watch Victory Garden yesterday about the San Francisco Community Garden: growing, veggies
  84. What kind of tree is this? (from L.A.): grow, trees, tomato - Garden
  85. Apple tree pests: growing, bug, apple trees, insects - Garden
  86. Has in the Sout had good luck with supposed Southern Zones Tulips which are supposed to come back?: plant, bulb - Garden
  87. Transplanting root shoots: growing, Dogwood, grass, trees - Garden
  88. Leaf Miner nuisance: trees, nursery, citrus, best - Garden
  89. Skinny Radishes in Containers: growing, vegetables, plant, summer - Garden
  90. Wisteria has taken over my yard!!!: flowers, growing, Ivy, trees - Garden
  91. Green House Cucumbers: grown, cucumber, plants, greenhouse - Garden
  92. Nematodes: lawn, irrigation, tree, cucumber - Garden
  93. A visit from the Duck family: city, sweet, house, good - Garden
  94. Happy with my garden.: Fruit Trees, tomatoes, planting, fruit
  95. How's your garlic doing this year: weeds, weed, bulb, big - Garden
  96. Propagating Rosemary: trees, spring, fencing, leaves - Garden
  97. Near Raleigh NC? Go to Plant Delights ZNursery Open House: grown, plants - Garden
  98. Roots in my garden bed...: grow, grass, trees, vegetable
  99. Help what is this horrible bug?: trees, insects, worms - Garden
  100. Odd Pair of Birds: city, porch, hummingbird, lime - Garden
  101. Leveling a natural area: grow, Dogwood, trees, front yard - Garden
  102. What kind of tree is this?: flower, trees, leaves, fruit - Garden
  103. Russian Sage and Bees: flower, growing, grass, Salvia - Garden
  104. Something is eating my broccoli...: bugs, tomatoes, worms, leaves - Garden
  105. Book and/or website recommendations for veg and perennial garden planning?: grow, Fruit Trees
  106. Grapes: birds, eating, seeds, big - Garden
  107. What butterfly is this?: Canada, blueberry, pictures, large - Garden
  108. What is this horrible weed!?: yard, leaves, roots, cover - Garden
  109. Tree distance from other architecture?: landscape, grown, crape, myrtles - Garden
  110. Hello from New Mexico: live - Garden
  111. Looks like giraffe ate my cherries: grass, trees, Canada, spring - Garden
  112. Deer ate my caladium leaves, will new ones sprout?: south, plants, bulb - Garden
  113. Wilted plant?: growing, bugs, worms, how to - Garden
  114. Is this normal for peas?: growing, Arizona, vegetables, leaves - Garden
  115. House Plant: grown, how to, leaves, cut - Garden
  116. Agapanthus in Zone 7: growing, spring, nursery, leaf - Garden
  117. Are mums perennials in the south (North Carolina)?: flowers, spider, growing - Garden
  118. Peaches 'n cream corn, is it GMO corn?: growing, vegetables, spring - Garden
  119. How to remove Crabgrass from Lawn?: lawns, fertilizer, mowing, backyard - Garden
  120. My White picket fence: bird, seeds, good, wild - Garden
  121. New Magazine for Me to Share With You!: south, price, birds - Garden
  122. New Pool...what grass to plant??? Upstate SC: irrigation, backyard, weeds - Garden
  123. Cardboard then Mulch, ever done it?: landscaping, growing, fertilizer, grass - Garden
  124. Fast and easy lawn repair: grow, yard, planting, compost - Garden
  125. Bush I once saw, can you help me?: flowers, butterflies, yard - Garden
  126. Husband attacked by bald faced hornets: lawn, Dogwood, snakes, mower - Garden
  127. fall veggie garden in Florida: trees, tomatoes, vegetable, north
  128. Why is my cilantro all going to seed?: flowers, growing, tomatoes - Garden
  129. Little green worms eating my Loblolly pine! Help!: spiders, grass, trees - Garden
  130. Raspberries figured it out: growing, Fruit Trees, blackberries, spring - Garden
  131. Birch trees in the south: landscape, growing, northern, plant - Garden
  132. What is your favorite gardening TV or radio show?: landscape, yard, how to
  133. Planting Rose of Sharon: flowers, grown, Arborvitae, Hedges - Garden
  134. I want a magnolia tree: landscaping, growing, Dogwood, magnolias - Garden
  135. Tomato Troubles....: growing, vines, tomatoes, frost - Garden
  136. My injured tree needs your advice: lawn, Dogwood, front yard, spring - Garden
  137. Dividing and transplanting bearded iris: tree, backyard, spring, leaves - Garden
  138. How do I get rid of a Groundhog?: groundhogs, backyard, how to - Garden
  139. BIG Trees: Maple Trees, city, leaves, growth - Garden
  140. Crape Myrtles in heavy rain: flowers, growing, tree, north - Garden
  141. Can you name this plant?: flowers, growing, grass, Ornamental Grasses - Garden
  142. How did your upside down tomato plants do?: growing, bugs, vines - Garden
  143. A tip for the perfect Hibiscus: flowers, growing, fertilizing, bug - Garden
  144. know what happend to Ralph Snodsmith?: tree, plant, cover - Garden
  145. Whats eating half of my tomatoes?: grow, strawberries, tree, groundhog - Garden
  146. Best online catalogue for ordering plants?: flower, trees, violet, vegetable - Garden
  147. Advice on new zoysia sod (pics): lawns, irrigation, growing, fertilizer - Garden
  148. Backyard fishpond: landscape, cats, spring, cold - Garden
  149. Recommendations for purchase of more than 100 daffodil bulbs: flower, peony, yard - Garden
  150. Stink horn mushrooms: grown, front yard, spring, leaf - Garden
  151. About Flowers: irrigation, growing, fertilizer, leaves - Garden
  152. too late to sow seeds?: flowers, grow, veggies, spring - Garden
  153. Plant bulbs or potted flowers?: landscape, growing, peonies, trees - Garden
  154. Plants behaving badly: flowers, landscaping, growing, palms - Garden
  155. japanese beetles still: flower, lawns, grass, insect - Garden
  156. Garden Pest on Pine Shrub: growing, bugs, trees, violet
  157. does know what are?: flowers, landscaping, trees, weeds - Garden
  158. How do I keep ants out of my hummingbird feeders?: bugs, summer - Garden
  159. Peeing in the garden-instructions: flowers, price, spray, neighbor
  160. will a fox take down and eat a deer?: squirrel, front yard, north - Garden
  161. Allelopathic nasty tree: lawns, growing, bugs, Butterfly Bush - Garden
  162. Unearthed two spindly rose bushes in ugly brush: flowers, growing, fertilizer - Garden
  163. Where to buy push lawn edger?: grass, lawn mower, north, city - Garden
  164. Backyard pond: lawn, grow, solar, spring - Garden
  165. Saw a pretty and unusual flower today: flowers, grown, Hibiscus - Garden
  166. Bees taken up residence in car/car!: exterminator, insect, yard - Garden
  167. Roses never flowers: landscaping, growing, bugs, manure - Garden
  168. What is eating our sunflowers?: flowers, growing, tomato, groundhog - Garden
  169. Which privacy fence do you like better? (Pics): backyard, fencing, north - Garden
  170. Sick and tired of sprinkler heads breaking due to careless landscaper: lawn, grass - Garden
  171. How to keep spider webs away from outside windows (moved from Raleigh forum): spiders, bugs - Garden
  172. Help! Powdery mildew taking over squash!: spring, plants, summer, eating - Garden
  173. Black dots on leaves?: flower, spider, landscape, growing - Garden
  174. Epsom Salt: fertilizer, Rose Bushes, tomatoes, cucumbers - Garden
  175. Birds not feeding in the new feeder: flowers, cats, tree - Garden
  176. Pumpkin growers?: growing, fertilization, spring, north - Garden
  177. Garden Surprises: landscaping, growing, grass, snake
  178. my crepe myrtle won't bloom, help!: growing, tree, myrtles, yard - Garden
  179. Morning Glories, clay soil...?: lawn, grown, Clematis, Honeysuckle - Garden
  180. Crape Myrtle not blooming!: landscaping, growing, spring, south - Garden
  181. Must I use separate repellents for deer and rabbits?: flower, containers, hostas - Garden
  182. Hummingbird Moth: butterflies, insect, birds, blooms - Garden
  183. That strip between the sidewalk and the street- It's mine!!: flowers, lawns - Garden
  184. Need help identufying a plant: growing, front yard, spring, weed - Garden
  185. I held a Hummingbird in my hands for FIVE minutes today!!!: flower, how to - Garden
  186. Quckie flower ID: city, plants, blooms, seeds - Garden
  187. Meal worms,: house, year, produce - Garden
  188. My bamboo is dying :(: plants, roots, purchase, water - Garden
  189. Wanted: Concord grapes: Michigan, live - Garden
  190. of you can share online websites for Gardening tools: violet, best
  191. Favourite Sunset Zone Ten Trees/Palms/Exotics: south, New Mexico, Texas - Garden
  192. Pine Tree Suggestions - Like Evergreen Arborvitate, but w/ Acidic Soil: growing, Arborvitae - Garden
  193. What's wrong with my sunflowers?: growing, backyard, leaves, bloom - Garden
  194. Dehydrating How-to website: how to, sale, using, produce - Garden
  195. Cordyline Australis.: growing, plant - Garden
  196. Need on Landscaping Software for Mac: home, using, good - Garden
  197. Growing a Camelia from seed: trees, seeds, shrub, large - Garden
  198. Can recommend: growing, Forsythia, plant, fast - Garden
  199. Trying to Grow Watermelons: flowers, plants, Charleston - Garden
  200. Curly leaf edges: leaves - Garden