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  61. What is your monthly food/grocery budget?: coupons, freezer, healthy - Food and Drink
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  83. 5 Foods That News, Could Become Illegal With FDA Move to Ban Trans Fats: fast food, healthy - Food and Drink
  84. Purple Potatoes: pancakes, grocery store, chicken, buy - Food and Drink
  85. How much is fair for a pizza?: Papa Johns, coupons, hawaiian - Food and Drink
  86. Seeking help on how to cook veggies for veggie haters: hamburgers, substitute - Food and Drink
  87. Thanksgiving turkeys, what are they selling for in your area?: organic, frozen - Food and Drink
  88. is chicken and bacon considered red meat?: healthy, calories, salt - Food and Drink
  89. Has Seen A Smoked Frozen Fully Cooked Turkey in Their Local Stores?: butter, sausages - Food and Drink
  90. Sriracha sauce!: ingredients, substance, bbq, health - Food and Drink
  91. What foods are you offended by the mere odor of?: mushrooms, coffee - Food and Drink
  92. Would you buy a pot that stirs itself?: ingredients, health, cooker - Food and Drink
  93. What do you generally serve guests as appetizer mains & drinks: shrimp, bread - Food and Drink
  94. Peanut Butter. Chunky or Creamy?: buy, better, eat, making - Food and Drink
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  98. Mixer vs Bread Machine: ingredients, cookie, stove, expensive - Food and Drink
  99. Bet You Didn't Eat This for Lunch Today: ingredients, restaurants, peanut butter - Food and Drink
  100. What are you cooking/baking right now?: skillet, cake, Baumkuchen - Food and Drink
  101. My frozen peppers have too much water in them when thawed: ingredients, pancakes - Food and Drink
  102. Duck - cooking, preparing,: tuna, cookie, avocado, meal - Food and Drink
  103. What Special Deal Did You Get Today?: frozen, shrimp, crab - Food and Drink
  104. how can you tell of something is rancid?: breakfast, odor, peanuts - Food and Drink
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  106. Have you ever used stove top stuffing to stuff your turkey?: bread, dressing - Food and Drink
  107. Last year I swore I would never cook another turkey: substitute, frozen - Food and Drink
  108. Ham...not just a ham.: chinese, soups, cheapest, spiral - Food and Drink
  109. What's your turkey type?: frozen, bread, meal, butter - Food and Drink
  110. Do you think HoneyBaked Ham is worth the high price?: freeze, leftover - Food and Drink
  111. What non-alcoholic beverages have you drank?: beer, coffee, Mexican, ginger - Food and Drink
  112. what will you be fixing for Thanksgiving?: wine, appetizers, Pinot Noir - Food and Drink
  113. What's your after dinner snack?: cake, snacks, calories, cream - Food and Drink
  114. Little shrimp cocktails, remember: sardines, glass, gourmet, grocery store - Food and Drink
  115. To stuff the bird....or not: leftover, chefs, good tasting, dressing - Food and Drink
  116. Generic vs Brand Name Potatoes: meal, French, grocery store, expensive - Food and Drink
  117. News, Horrifying or heavenly? Taste testing the new Pecan Pie Pringles.: junk food, cookies - Food and Drink
  118. A vegetarian is coming to your place for Thanksgiving dinner: ingredients, substance - Food and Drink
  119. what sides for Thanksgiving?: paprika, crunchy, meal, vegetables - Food and Drink
  120. Cookbook with simple recipes: garden, better, kitchen, great - Food and Drink
  121. Electric or stovetop pressure cooker for electric stove?: stoves, buy, meat - Food and Drink
  122. Millenniums not on board for Campbell Soups: substance, substitute, frozen - Food and Drink
  123. No fridge or freezer for 10 days - have microwave and toaster oven... What do I eat?: skillet, frozen - Food and Drink
  124. Coconut Oil: organic, health, coffee, butter - Food and Drink
  125. Neck bones: wine, tenderize, ingredient, skillet - Food and Drink
  126. Ideas for an international potluck dinner?: ingredients, restaurant, bbq, Gob - Food and Drink
  127. remember Boston Market when it was still Boston Chicken?: rotisserie, bread - Food and Drink
  128. Fats Are Back????: ingredients, substitute, diet, healthier - Food and Drink
  129. Best Coffee: Everyday -- AND Gourmet/Specialty: organic, donuts, breakfast - Food and Drink
  130. Broke College Student Food: white wine, beer, coupons, diet - Food and Drink
  131. need ideas for finger food side for subs: cookies, avocado, bread - Food and Drink
  132. Major shopping mistake, what to do?: grilling, frozen, broil - Food and Drink
  133. Brooklyn restaurant hosts silent dinners: coffee, diner, meal - Food and Drink
  134. What type of cuisine are fast food joints missing??: burgers, healthier, pizzas - Food and Drink
  135. Coffee filter sometimes collapses during use: buy, Walmart, beans, making - Food and Drink
  136. Soups from Subway Restaurants: frozen, bread, creamy, soup - Food and Drink
  137. Getting garlic smell out of plastic container?: tomato, odor, glass - Food and Drink
  138. Pay it Forward: coffee, McDonald's, grocery store, expensive - Food and Drink
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  140. Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips: barbeque, healthy, pizza, pickle - Food and Drink
  141. I am a pie crust failure: ingredients, diet, freezing, vodka - Food and Drink
  142. Would you stand outside in front of a chik fil a days before it opened for a year of free food?: fast food, healthiest - Food and Drink
  143. DONUTS. Which one?: cider, healthiest, doughnuts, cream - Food and Drink
  144. Yogurt Favorites...: ingredients, coffee, Cheesecake, breakfast - Food and Drink
  145. Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate: Gob, healthy - Food and Drink
  146. 5 Guys, Pay: restaurants, hamburger, bread, butter - Food and Drink
  147. Where is the... Who ate the...: ingredient, healthy, cookies, homemade - Food and Drink
  148. Addicted to Cornbread: Buying Larger Amounts Vs The 50¢ Packets: skillet, freeze - Food and Drink
  149. Cheese Makers: ingredients, homemade, cream, butter - Food and Drink
  150. What To Do With The Drippings From The Turkey Pan?: ingredients, soup - Food and Drink
  151. What is up with eggs???: organic, diet, healthy, breakfast - Food and Drink
  152. What is you Wildest Buffet Story?: restaurant, healthy, breakfast, chinese - Food and Drink
  153. Grocery shopping and cooking: ingredients, hamburger, coupons, goulash - Food and Drink
  154. Can anything possibly smell better than...: bbq, pizza, coffee, cookies - Food and Drink
  155. Give us your Fall Coffee Recipe: brandy, cream, soup, buy - Food and Drink
  156. What goes into Forty Spices seasoning? where can it be purchased?: goulash, Indian - Food and Drink
  157. HELP,: coffee, cream, butter, grocery store - Food and Drink
  158. Do you like KFC's coleslaw?: red wine, restaurant, meal, Southern - Food and Drink
  159. What Is That Stuff?: syrup, salt, cheese, olive - Food and Drink
  160. When was the last time you had a meatless day?: health, breakfast - Food and Drink
  161. Does Eat Chicken With Eggs in the Morning?: breakfast, leftover, sausage - Food and Drink
  162. Why do people drink coffee after dinner?: wine, cognac, restaurants - Food and Drink
  163. A romantic meal: shrimp, crab, glass, bottle - Food and Drink
  164. what is the best cut of meat for beef stew?: beer, ingredients - Food and Drink
  165. Most Sell By dates meaningless: ingredients, soup, consumer - Food and Drink
  166. ThanksGiving.....???: restaurant, meal, leftover, dressing - Food and Drink
  167. Side dish for Greek theme dinner (vegetables, preferably): red wine, mushrooms, cooker - Food and Drink
  168. Butter for general use...: restaurant, substitute, recipe, buy - Food and Drink
  169. News, Lay's to roll out chocolate-covered potato chip.: health, snacks, French - Food and Drink
  170. Why is ready-made pasta sauce and bottled orange juice so sour?: ingredients, mushrooms - Food and Drink
  171. Funniest happening at holiday food gathering: undercooked, frozen, tuna, cake - Food and Drink
  172. Smoker: Electric? Charcoal? Propane?: restaurant, grills, bbq, barbecue - Food and Drink
  173. Canned Cranberry Sauce...Is It A Guy Thing?: bread, crock pot - Food and Drink
  174. Ruined stew!: red wine, substitute, cooker, crockpot - Food and Drink
  175. What part of Turkey do you like the best?: mushroom, healthiest, vegetables - Food and Drink
  176. If you HAD to, how difficult would it be to give up meat for the rest of your life?: diet, freeze - Food and Drink
  177. Can you really taste the difference in olive oils?: wine, bread, syrup - Food and Drink
  178. What are your food worries?: restaurant, grilled, organic, freezer - Food and Drink
  179. Help! New apt has electric glass-top stove, I've never used one!: hamburger, skillet - Food and Drink
  180. one a curry afficiando? What do you put in yours?: freezer, shrimp - Food and Drink
  181. News, Ketchup changeup: McDonald's dropping Heinz after CEO change.: Burger King, tomato, French - Food and Drink
  182. Winter Diet Vs. Summer Diet: grill, frozen, pancakes, avocado - Food and Drink
  183. Do you have Moxie?: cola, expensive, buy, stores - Food and Drink
  184. Peets' Coffee???: Gob, breakfast, russian, Italian - Food and Drink
  185. FDA cracks down on imported spices from INDIA.: Burger King, organic, frozen - Food and Drink
  186. Thanksgivukkah Food: mushrooms, donuts, pancakes, meal - Food and Drink
  187. What type of restaurants do you eat out in mostly frequently?: ingredients, restaurant - Food and Drink
  188. Who has a Keurig Brewers System?: coffee, donut, breakfast, French - Food and Drink
  189. Do You Have A Time Saving Product Or Technique That You Use When Cooking?: ingredients, freezing - Food and Drink
  190. What CAN'T you eat in the morning?: fast food, pizza, coffee - Food and Drink
  191. Papa Johns Overseas: restaurants, locations, where - Food and Drink
  192. Where to Buy Sheep Milk Butter?: country, South Carolina - Food and Drink
  193. Old Weight Watchers recipe cards (1974): candy - Food and Drink
  194. When i get tired and feel sleepy all the time: energy - Food and Drink
  195. Nastiest Foodstuff You Have Seen Someone Eat Lately: diet, cream, meals - Food and Drink
  196. John Copes Toasted Dried Sweet Corn: recipe, taste, Pennsylvania, where - Food and Drink
  197. News, Turkeys Fed Beer For Flavor, Size.: 2013, weird - Food and Drink
  198. U.S. restaurant chains that are symbols of their regions: Southern - Food and Drink
  199. Yummy pork roast with sauerkraut in slow cooker: white wine, apple, recipe - Food and Drink
  200. News, Third Window a Charm as McDonald’s Combats Twitter Grief.: 2013, slow - Food and Drink