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  1. remove burned glue from tin baking pan: butter, vegetable, chef - Food and Drink
  2. What are your favorite online food purveyors?: sardines, organic, homemade - Food and Drink
  3. Green Giant Spirals: substitute, frozen, healthier, butter - Food and Drink
  4. Is there a crockpot with a stainless steel pan?: cooker, cookware, gourmet - Food and Drink
  5. Instapot Recall!!!!! ETA: Oblong Slow Cooker Instant Pot: Walmart, better, kitchen - Food and Drink
  6. What new foods/drinks have you tried recently?: beer, restaurant, grilled - Food and Drink
  7. OK, I've learned that almost anything can be frozen... What what is the proper way to thaw?: hamburger, bbq - Food and Drink
  8. Did I get bad shrimp?: grocery store, purchase, meat, seasoning - Food and Drink
  9. Weirdly-shaped eggs: yolk, cooking, fresh, easy - Food and Drink
  10. A grain of truth?: ingredients, healthy, calories, expensive - Food and Drink
  11. American cheese: burgers, grilled, pizza, european - Food and Drink
  12. $10.50 for large hot #7 (roast beef) sandwich now at Togo's: noodles, tastes, mustard - Food and Drink
  13. How to bake the Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux type cookies?: ingredient, yolk, homemade - Food and Drink
  14. West Indian take out: restaurant, chinese, Mexican, dishes - Food and Drink
  15. Dynamic pricing euphemism: wine, restaurant, meal, garden - Food and Drink
  16. Tea infuser recommendations: garden, better, price, serving - Food and Drink
  17. Favorite Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake?: coupons, coffee, Red velvet cake, peanut butter - Food and Drink
  18. I want to eat at this restaurant: health, dinner, cost - Food and Drink
  19. Five Large Chicken Leg Quarters: meat, best, cooking, serving - Food and Drink
  20. Who has tried Creasy greens?: grocery store, 2014, taste, stores - Food and Drink
  21. Bring Back Trader Joe's Handmade Chocolate Ganache Torte: cake, Chocolate cake, sandwich - Food and Drink
  22. Do you have food related new year's resolutions?: junk food, meals, expensive - Food and Drink
  23. Veggie Tales (or Adventures in New Veg): healthy, tuna, bread - Food and Drink
  24. Clam chowder on a pier - perfect: hamburger, shrimp, vegetables - Food and Drink
  25. Good Food Award Winners: fish, eat, smoke, allergic - Food and Drink
  26. recommend a grill pan: restaurant, skillet, chef, stove - Food and Drink
  27. First New Hershey Bar in 22 Years...: ingredients, cookies, peanuts, vegetable - Food and Drink
  28. Mealy apples: sugar, cinnamon, best, cooking - Food and Drink
  29. Food Prep Websites?: healthy, meal, recipes, cook - Food and Drink
  30. Refried beans ...without fiber?: ingredients, frozen, breakfast, cheese - Food and Drink
  31. Kombucha - Why Do You Drink It?: mushroom, healthier, consumer - Food and Drink
  32. Horizon brand grass fed it legit?: organic, healthy, humane - Food and Drink
  33. Reheat porkloin in oven?: bbq, freeze, defrost, spaghetti - Food and Drink
  34. Why I do not buy free range chickens and eggs!!!!: organic, diet - Food and Drink
  35. Raising Hogs and Pigs for Improved Pork Flavor: diet, mushrooms, chinese - Food and Drink
  36. Which chain has the best chili?: restaurant, frozen, Indian, turkey - Food and Drink
  37. Keurig Dr Pepper: coke, Pepsi, 7up, apple - Food and Drink
  38. Made in USA kitchen shears?: chicken breast, buy, best, country - Food and Drink
  39. Pistachio quality: buy, turkey, Walmart, worse - Food and Drink
  40. Why don't Americans/Canadians like floral and fruity flavors?: ingredients, restaurant, coffee - Food and Drink
  41. Shelf life of dried pinto beans ?: ingredients, soup, crock pot, leftover - Food and Drink
  42. Food swap - tastes of home: organic, frozen, pizza, cake - Food and Drink
  43. What are the best books about the love of food?: fast food, polish - Food and Drink
  44. Adding Jalapenos to dishes: ingredients, hamburger, skillet, grilled - Food and Drink
  45. Spaghetti done with fish and it really that far out?: red wine, restaurants - Food and Drink
  46. Your favorite meals that you always want a cold beer to enjoy with...: wine, cider - Food and Drink
  47. WHEW fresh tarragon: ingredient, vegetables, leftover, vinegar - Food and Drink
  48. Chocolate almond crunch yummy cake at IKEA. You MUST try this.: cake recipe, crunchy - Food and Drink
  49. Why do brown eggs cost more than white eggs?: organic, cream, cheapest - Food and Drink
  50. What was the favorite dish or meal you cooked or had this past week?: ingredients, restaurants - Food and Drink
  51. Why is browing eggs a bad thing in cooking?: skillet, undercooked, mushrooms - Food and Drink
  52. Avocado and Olive oils: consume, expensive, bottle, buy - Food and Drink
  53. Why do Restaurants do this?: restaurant, salads, lunch, eating - Food and Drink
  54. 1990s Ideas?: burger, pizza, coffee, cake - Food and Drink
  55. Feeling food temperature without thermometer?: grilling, undercooked, soup, chef - Food and Drink
  56. What are the 3 best foods/dishes you have ever eaten?: ingredients, restaurant - Food and Drink
  57. Are you a fan of mixed bowl meals?: ingredients, cooker - Food and Drink
  58. It's Burns Night tonight - Eat haggis!: beer, whiskey, cookies - Food and Drink
  59. News, Dunkin' Donuts Is Trimming Its Menu: coffee, doughnuts, breakfast - Food and Drink
  60. besides me rarely eat soups ?: ingredients, restaurant, organic - Food and Drink
  61. Boring Breakfast: ingredients, grilled, frozen, pizza - Food and Drink
  62. How do BRAZIL NUTS taste?: freezer, healthy, mild, expensive - Food and Drink
  63. Do you double check your food order in the drive thru window or takeaway?: fast food, breakfast - Food and Drink
  64. great frozen entrees?: ingredients, restaurant, healthier, shrimp - Food and Drink
  65. What’s your favorite spicy food?: restaurants, burgers, bbq, Indian - Food and Drink
  66. Vegetable side dish to go with Jambalaya?: cooker, tomatoes, reheat - Food and Drink
  67. Safe to eat or should I ditch it?: ingredients, cooker, soup - Food and Drink
  68. Etiquette for picking up catering?: appetizers, restaurants, grilled, expensive - Food and Drink
  69. Uses For Lemon Crystals: whiskey, drinking water, bbq, avocado - Food and Drink
  70. Kinder Happy Hippo: cookies, european, cream, French - Food and Drink
  71. New small appliances: how are they---: frozen, health, cooker, cake - Food and Drink
  72. How do you keep celery from going limp?: freeze, vegetable, shake - Food and Drink
  73. Is it cheaper to bake cookies yourself? (vs buying from store): ingredients, frozen - Food and Drink
  74. Why do restaurants try to seat everyone next to each other?: restaurant, diners - Food and Drink
  75. What's for a post-going-out meal? (at home): grilled, frozen, snacks - Food and Drink
  76. Am I crazy? Subway: breakfast, McDonald's, 2013, ketchup - Food and Drink
  77. Veggies or fruits people don't eat much anymore, why: butter, fresh vegetables, consume - Food and Drink
  78. Do Americans buy King crabs?: restaurants, frozen, laws, seafood - Food and Drink
  79. What do you think tastes better... dog biscuits or protein bars?: ingredients, substitute - Food and Drink
  80. Shortcuts you take?: skillet, frozen, pizza, coffee - Food and Drink
  81. Store seasoned meats: freezing, marinated, McDonald's, marinade - Food and Drink
  82. I hate breakfast. What is the minimum I should eat?: fast food, diet - Food and Drink
  83. Microwaving without a Microwave: skillet, freezer, healthy, reheat - Food and Drink
  84. trendy fruits and veggies.: tuna, avocado, tomatoes, snacks - Food and Drink
  85. How do instapots work...worth the money?: cookers, crock pot, vegetables - Food and Drink
  86. OpenTable is getting competition: Resy, Yelp, Tock, Reserve...: restaurant, diner, dinner - Food and Drink
  87. Strange food combos that were actually better than you they would be: peanut butter, bread - Food and Drink
  88. about pressure cookers: healthier, cooker, meal, stainless steel - Food and Drink
  89. What Are Foods That You Think Always Go Together?: burger, skillet - Food and Drink
  90. Who Uses MSG?: grilled, bbq, addictive, meats - Food and Drink
  91. Side dishes for Paella entree?: white wine, restaurants, cooker, shrimp - Food and Drink
  92. Your favorite homemade main dish that can be frozen and served later?: pizzas, breakfast - Food and Drink
  93. Do you go to restaurants alone?: restaurant, fast food, meal, glass - Food and Drink
  94. Why are apples and bananas such popular fruits?: healthy, cookies, bread - Food and Drink
  95. I am going through Eggnog withdrawal!: coffee, calories, yolk, recipe - Food and Drink
  96. Scalloped potatoes: boxed vs scratch: wine, ingredients, homemade, cream - Food and Drink
  97. How long can an unbaked pudding pie sit out?: freeze, healthy, cake - Food and Drink
  98. McDonald's removes cheeseburger and chocolate milk from Happy Meals: cheeseburgers, grilled, healthier - Food and Drink
  99. Questions about making my own products: ingredients, organic, bbq, health - Food and Drink
  100. Suggestions - protein rich snack under 140 cals: tuna, calories, peanut butter - Food and Drink
  101. Is there frozen fish that tastes good???: beer, health, tuna - Food and Drink
  102. Ketchup and Mayo ice cream: frozen, peanut, French, curry - Food and Drink
  103. What is your favorite thing—-: skillet, tuna, French, stove - Food and Drink
  104. Pet Peeves when watching cooking shows!!!: ingredients, potluck, gourmet, recipe - Food and Drink
  105. Chicken Wings: Flats or Drums: freeze, defrost, buy, meat - Food and Drink
  106. Annoying food jargons: ingredients, tuna, meal, vegetables - Food and Drink
  107. Does smoothie take a special kind of blender to make?: ingredients, frozen - Food and Drink
  108. Tasting it for the first time was a revelation: restaurant, diet, lasagne - Food and Drink
  109. Your favorite use for onions..YUMM: ingredient, hamburgers, grilled, mushroom - Food and Drink
  110. What's for Dinner? 2018 Edition: appetizers, grilling, bbq, healthy - Food and Drink
  111. Spaghetti sauce and a hiss: cider, frozen, glass, expensive - Food and Drink
  112. The Unbearable Sadness of No Leftovers: appetizers, restaurant, frozen, tuna - Food and Drink
  113. Why are employees required to cover their hair when working with food?: kitchen, cheese - Food and Drink
  114. Who likes Lebanon bologna?: beer, meat, lunch, sandwich - Food and Drink
  115. OK to dress this salad 2 hours in advance of serving?: cookie, marinated - Food and Drink
  116. Non super chef ... wandering how 'strong' parsley is ?: ingredients, cake, mild - Food and Drink
  117. Will Princella brand Yams be discontinued?: cookie, Pepsi, syrup, cheap - Food and Drink
  118. Frying turkey - Are the dangers overhyped?: frozen, butter, stove - Food and Drink
  119. Does store-bought (fully cooked) stuffing need to be refrigerated?: bbq, frozen, reheat - Food and Drink
  120. Could you eat this Pepper? World’s hottest chili pepper: restaurants, chefs - Food and Drink
  121. Sauce ON THE SIDE for Roast Ducks?: restaurants, pancakes, chinese - Food and Drink
  122. Crystals in Cheddar: gourmet, grocery store, cheap, buy - Food and Drink
  123. What is your favorite (potluck?) finger food?: mushrooms, frozen, pizza - Food and Drink
  124. does not use electric cookware for good reason?: burgers, skillet, grilled - Food and Drink
  125. Most American cities have no local street food?: restaurant, burgers, bbq - Food and Drink
  126. How do you eat a raw oyster?: horseradish, soups, pickle - Food and Drink
  127. Heirloom cooking tools and memories: wine, ingredients, skillet - Food and Drink
  128. Baking: healthy, pizza, butter, noodles - Food and Drink
  129. Need a decent garlic press...: frozen, coffee, chef, under $20 - Food and Drink
  130. Enameled CI dutch ovens: restaurant, freezer, tuna, chinese - Food and Drink
  131. thawed turkey via hot water: burger, frozen, health, thawing - Food and Drink
  132. Thanksgiving at Denny's: restaurant, donuts, meal, turkey - Food and Drink
  133. All Clad was a bad idea: stainless steel, glass, expensive - Food and Drink
  134. Name two foods that you can't eat alone but find the pairing delicious?: hamburger, mushroom - Food and Drink
  135. Does use a Copper Chef pan?: restaurant, skillet, stove - Food and Drink
  136. Can you freeze citrus leaves?: frozen, soup, cheap, purchase - Food and Drink
  137. We are doing an all non-traditional Thanksgiving this year - relate?: freeze, shrimp - Food and Drink
  138. Why is my pot foaming over?: organic, cooker, stainless steel, cheap - Food and Drink
  139. Favorite/least favorite food textures: ingredient, skillet, grilling, mushrooms - Food and Drink
  140. Has fast food gotten saltier over the years?: Papa John's, restaurant, burgers - Food and Drink
  141. optimal amount of pizza toppings?: mushrooms, tomato, bread, garden - Food and Drink
  142. Horrible Cruelty: McDonald's, humane, consumers, grocery store - Food and Drink
  143. What easy meals do you cook for company?: grill, frozen, cookies - Food and Drink
  144. Meat thermometer: glass, chicken, buy, meats - Food and Drink
  145. Sandwich, open face or no bread: grilled, tuna, broil, horseradish - Food and Drink
  146. Cooking food ahead of time for Thanksgiving: restaurant, meal, fresh vegetables - Food and Drink
  147. Planning to buy a natural gas grill. Need suggestions on what to get..: broil, rotisserie - Food and Drink
  148. Compact Pizza Cooker: frozen, garden, better, kitchen - Food and Drink
  149. $49.12 Average Cost 2017 Thanksgiving Dinner for 10: ingredients, organic, frozen, bread - Food and Drink
  150. burned your hands while oven-baking?: reheat, preheat, stove, purchase - Food and Drink
  151. Virtual feast!! What are you bringing?: wine, skillet, bbq, Gob - Food and Drink
  152. Why is my chicken not browning?: burger, broil, marinated, butter - Food and Drink
  153. Should the evening meal at home be the end of the day or just a break?: wine, restaurant - Food and Drink
  154. How Safe Are Fresh Costco Pineapple Slices?: frozen, healthy, avocado - Food and Drink
  155. Why Would You Do THAT With That Food?: ingredients, grilled, frozen - Food and Drink
  156. Who likes “Cream of Wheat”?: breakfast, calories, meal, butter - Food and Drink
  157. is there an alternative to soy sauce?: chinese, taste, salt - Food and Drink
  158. Food poisoning at fine dining: restaurant, chef, tastes, best - Food and Drink
  159. Silicone mats?: health, cookies, tomatoes, vegetables - Food and Drink
  160. Your quickest lunch, just for yourself, at home...: bread, leftover, pickle - Food and Drink
  161. I'm buying several pre-made rotisserie chickens for Christmas dinner.. thoughts?: bbq, pizzas - Food and Drink
  162. Fresh garlic that burns in a skillet when sauteeing onions ?: ingredients, stove - Food and Drink
  163. Had dinner at a friends place last nite ... over cooked the prime rib: beers, restaurants - Food and Drink
  164. Share A Kitchen Gift That You Got And Really Like: freezer, tuna - Food and Drink
  165. Does Costco sell lemon?: organic, freeze, meal, cheap - Food and Drink
  166. Octopus - Pulpo: alternative to hard/rubbery texture?: wine, tenderize, grill - Food and Drink
  167. How do you get finely minced garlic?: Indian, chefs, expensive - Food and Drink
  168. What new food or dish have you tried in 2018?: restaurant, chinese, Indian - Food and Drink
  169. just once in a while: hamburgers, grill, cake, peanut butter - Food and Drink
  170. Consumer Reports advises - stay away from romaine lettuce (for now): diet, healthy - Food and Drink
  171. Royal Dansk butter cookies: ingredients, organic, meal, preservative - Food and Drink
  172. Burritos falling apart while eating them: ingredients, burger, fast food, tomato - Food and Drink
  173. For who like Rosemary but don't like little pine needles: grilled, soups - Food and Drink
  174. Eat a Lot of Spinach? -- Oxalates: organic, healthy, breakfast - Food and Drink
  175. What is the one vegetable you use the most in food prep, and why...?: soups, garden - Food and Drink
  176. Charging for water?: restaurant, Burger King, fast food, McDonald's - Food and Drink
  177. What are you cooking right now for the holidays...?: freeze, Pound cake, cake - Food and Drink
  178. Do you rinse your meats?: health, shrimp, meal, crockpot - Food and Drink
  179. Brainstorm - Microwave or toaster oven?: frozen, coffee, reheat, bread - Food and Drink
  180. cooking with a skillet: ingredient, tomato, meal, crockpot - Food and Drink
  181. Does cook their spaghetti sauce in a crockpot ?: freezer, cooker - Food and Drink
  182. CoolWhey 40 to 60 grams of protein ice cream: meal, coke, laws - Food and Drink
  183. Is bread overrated?: organic, health, european, butter - Food and Drink
  184. Guy Cooks Own Meal After Finding Waffle House Worker Asleep.: restaurant, coffee - Food and Drink
  185. Venison Backstraps and Tenderloins: red wine, cognac, brandy, burger - Food and Drink
  186. How thick do you like your milkshake?: fast food, cream, shakes - Food and Drink
  187. Immersion blender (aka stick blender , hand blender ): coffee, cookies - Food and Drink
  188. Ganache substitute?: ingredients, freeze, cake, cream - Food and Drink
  189. what side to make: red wine, grilled, broil, tomatoes - Food and Drink
  190. Jennie-o frozen turkey burgers—-what did I do wrong?: burger, skillet, reheat - Food and Drink
  191. Is Cook's Illustrated magazine going downhill?: skillet, recipes, buy, meat - Food and Drink
  192. Steaks - Grilled or Broiled: grilling, cream, butter, salt - Food and Drink
  193. Why is Subway apparently in trouble?: ingredients, restaurants, fast food, frozen - Food and Drink
  194. Coffee from the campfire pot: additives?: pancakes, tomato, cream, cheap - Food and Drink
  195. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire: skillet, cookies, butter, expensive - Food and Drink
  196. Turkey Roaster Appliance: ingredients, reheat, preheat, meal - Food and Drink
  197. Christmas 2017: bourbon, ingredients, freezer, coffee - Food and Drink
  198. Urban Chips: Pennsylvania, South Carolina - Food and Drink
  199. Thanksgiving tips from the NY Times staff: turkey, dinner, cooking - Food and Drink
  200. Sunny's? (Fish): peanut, recipe, fried, great - Food and Drink