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  32. Real Estate: sale, price, home, Phoenix
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  89. our what?: feedback, incentive, 5%, agent - Real Estate
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  95. Neighbor's Kids: fee, insurance, condo, landlord - Real Estate
  96. as my son & dil are so worried: contingencies, 2014, appraiser - Real Estate
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  100. for showings with kids: agent, legal, state, room - Real Estate
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  102. Real estate agent (small to large): RE market, incentive, 5%, price
  103. Offer can't be taken seriously?: contingent, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  104. running comps: appraisal, agent, agreement, comparables - Real Estate
  105. Only naive buyers sign exclusivity contract with realtors, including me the first time I bought: 1%, dual agency - Real Estate
  106. Its the Inventory Stupid!: foreclosures, 9%, sales, housing - Real Estate
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  119. Role of Real Estate agent after offer is accepted: negotiations, sales, insurance
  120. What is your favorite real estate website?: house, neighborhood, Colorado
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  125. I am so tired..: feedback, agent, sale, comparable - Real Estate
  126. VA funding fee - roll partial amount into the loan: duplex, appraisal - Real Estate
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  128. used a Dave Ramsey endorsed agent?: disclosures, sales, fee - Real Estate
  129. ever deal with this situation?: contingencies, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. Want to buy a home in South Florida ? Bet time to buy ? May of next year ! 22% decline forecasted: housing, prices - Real Estate
  131. about real estate commissions??: 3%, negotiating, agent, sale
  132. house downpayment: agent, investment, housing, prices - Real Estate
  133. Does the agent have an obligation to disclose???: disclosing, housing, Realtors - Real Estate
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  136. Inspection Weekend....: contingency, feedback, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. Risks for NOT being in a subdivision??: monthly fee, price, properties - Real Estate
  138. Bring all offers???: feedback, negotiating, agent, accept - Real Estate
  139. Is fall a bad time to sell? Should we try to list in summer instead?: feedback, sales - Real Estate
  140. Real Estate Law -- Help: contingency, 3%, agent, commissions
  141. Would you buy a house if....: investments, mortgage rates, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  142. What would you do?: price, offers, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  143. Company Relocation/Exclusion Clause: incentive, appraisal, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  144. Feedback invited to seller's proposed new strategy: appraisal, 3%, negotiation - Real Estate
  145. crazy?: tenant, feedback, agent, lawsuits - Real Estate
  146. Inspection BEFORE putting on market: disclosing, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  147. Moving out of state - Leaving Agent: recommendation, commission, sales - Real Estate
  148. Watch this if you remotely support a taxpayer bailout: appraiser, foreclosed, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  149. bathroom: agent, property, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  150. What's With Staging and Decluttering ?: feedback, agent, sales - Real Estate
  151. Were your buyers/sellers just like you ?: foreclosure, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  152. What is the Right Price: square footage, appraisal, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  153. YAHOO!!!! just SOLD your home or it's under contract???: appraised, agents - Real Estate
  154. Guess what???: offer, home, transaction, showing - Real Estate
  155. Besides lowering the price, can anything be done to re-generate interest in a house?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  156. Agent representing buyer and seller,conflict?: disclosing, appraisal, negotiations, dual agency - Real Estate
  157. Propery Taxation: square foot, foreclosures, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  158. what is the cost to level house?: contingent, price, construction - Real Estate
  159. Should I be worried? Noone attended our Realtor's Tour: incentive, agent, price - Real Estate
  160. New listing, no showings and it's been 10 days!!: feedback, agent, price - Real Estate
  161. first time home buyer: 6%, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. Why do realtors do this?: feedback, appraisal, agent, price - Real Estate
  163. How to determine offer on stale listing?: agent, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  164. What can a buyer ask for damage, if seller defaults?: RE market, 5% - Real Estate
  165. Nine Days - Full Price Offer: feedback, agent, contract, Realtors - Real Estate
  166. Buying/Selling Same Agent??: auctions, sale, inspector, broker - Real Estate
  167. Help ..$495 for marketing?: 6%, negotiating, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  168. Now What?: appraiser, foreclosure, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  169. Appraisal - what do they look for?: foreclosure, sale, accepting - Real Estate
  170. What does trustee mean in sale of house: disclosure, foreclosure - Real Estate
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  172. Granite and Stainless ARE NOT STANDARD!: countertop, foreclosures, sales, accept - Real Estate
  173. I'm worried we priced too low.: agent, accept, prices, offers - Real Estate
  174. We closed! Woo-Hoo!: agent, prices, inspection, renting - Real Estate
  175. Real Estate Agents: agent, fee, property, offers
  176. For Sale by Owner, which website do I use?: foreclosures, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  177. Chasing the market down too late?: feedback, agent, investment, commission - Real Estate
  178. Strategy to bring sellers/realtors back to reality!: 5%, negotiations, sale - Real Estate
  179. Is the Real Estate Agent Lying?: auction, foreclosure, second mortgage, mortgage
  180. Carpet color for resale: offers, bedrooms, cost, financial - Real Estate
  181. Is THIS real estate fraud: foreclosure, agent, commission, sale
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  183. Quick help The seller sees my pre-approval letter and....: contingent, recommendation - Real Estate
  184. shocked!: disclosures, plumber, agent, price - Real Estate
  185. Help: ramifications of Title cleaning screwup?: feedback, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Inspection ... Failed: foreclosed, sale, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  187. Your buyer's agent's ideal personality?: negotiations, sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  188. Reasearching Home comps: disclosure, square footage, appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  189. cheapest land in the continental US: sale, prices, property, expensive - Real Estate
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  195. The Long-Run Relationship between House Prices and Income: Evidence from Local Housing Markets: sample, work - Real Estate
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  197. News, Cars, Surgery Become Freebies To Boost Home Sales.: foreclosures, housing, closing - Real Estate
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  199. about Loan Officer job options: commission, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  200. Northern VA Real Estate Data *** Prices Falling Faster Than EVER *** Hard Sales and Price Data Included: Alexandria, county