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  15. Help, Real Estate Agents, Closing cost questions!: 2%, agent, fees
  16. Dallas, Dubai and Abu Dhabi most recession proof: agents, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
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  18. Hypothetical NJ Real Estate Scenario: contingent, sale, accept, landlord
  19. tell me how to do this...: feedback, duplex, appraiser - Real Estate
  20. Rent Sell situation: tenant, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  21. Non-Renewal of Home Owner's Insurance after 25 years: property, most expensive, value - Real Estate
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  27. Nashville TN bubble? Is now a good time to buy?: negotiating, mortgage - Real Estate
  28. Funny findings during inspection: inspector, house, check, replace - Real Estate
  29. Sellers, what do you want/expect from your agents?: agent, sales, price - Real Estate
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  33. Wanting to sell in Missouri.: percentage, property, Realtor, commercial - Real Estate
  34. Turning the Gas Off: conversion, foreclosed, housing, condo - Real Estate
  35. Selling HUD home in classifieds?: 6%, agent, insurance, rent - Real Estate
  36. Step-up tax basis: tenants, appraisal, sale, property - Real Estate
  37. Nice house in not so upkept area: foreclosure, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  38. Is this a fair request for a realtor?: appraisal, agent, comparable - Real Estate
  39. New ridiculous advertisement by realtors/brokers, price increased!: auctions, foreclosures - Real Estate
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  41. Why do they say Bring All Offers ?: tenant, 5%, negotiations - Real Estate
  42. Seller responsibilities after closing?: property, lawyer, escrow, inspection - Real Estate
  43. Home sales rise: percentage, offer, economy, house - Real Estate
  44. POS code violations: agent, fee, properties, illegal - Real Estate
  45. Homes Near Schools: property, house, neighborhood, buy - Real Estate
  46. to find Per square foot averages by city?: housing, prices, value - Real Estate
  47. Advice on taxes and real estate: investment, housing, property, lawyer
  48. Inherited land: property, lawyer, claim, state - Real Estate
  49. how to rebuilt a Single Family / Twin-Multi house?: builder, cheaper, HOA - Real Estate
  50. Buying a furnished home-Florida: price, property, rental, state - Real Estate
  51. About Selling: agent, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  52. It appears Wall Street is now like Main Street: cheapest, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  53. KHOV Coupon - 5000$ Friends & Family Coupon Needed: sales, house, 10% - Real Estate
  54. For waiting for the bottom to buy a 2nd home: investment, properties - Real Estate
  55. Trend for bad locations in listings?: sale, percentage, prices, construction - Real Estate
  56. Time of year to build: construction, contractors, points, builder - Real Estate
  57. Roubini: Home Prices Will Plunge 40% Until 2010: house, Miami, buyers market, analysis - Real Estate
  58. listing a home with tenants living there: incentive, agent, price - Real Estate
  59. Inspection what to do?: agents, agreement, price, properties - Real Estate
  60. What do you want in a real estate website?: square footage, agent, fees
  61. would you buy a young condo unit or old house with bigger land?: insurance, price - Real Estate
  62. lack of homebuyers = higher rents?: housing, prices, properties, renting - Real Estate
  63. BPO questions: auction, foreclosure, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  64. Should we rent our house or keep it on the market: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  65. When the bubble pops: housing, Realtors, economy, housing bubble - Real Estate
  66. Aerial photography for real estate in Seattle: Washington, website, interest
  67. What is he thinking: mortgage, mortgage, sale, broker - Real Estate
  68. Housing Bubble: sales, price, contractor, Realtors - Real Estate
  69. Investors-condos?: documents, legal, inspection, renting - Real Estate
  70. Today's political & stock market stuff!: foreclosure, agent, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  71. Wow, Zillow can be really inaccurate: disclosure, sale, comparables, prices - Real Estate
  72. can a seller's agent represent the buyer at the same time for the same property?: disclosure, appraiser - Real Estate
  73. about accepting banks verbal counter offers.: agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  74. NW Indiana real estate market: sellers, houses, money, buying
  75. for the Real Estate Experts property swap: appraisal, agent, price
  76. Could this be a problem? Am I in trouble?: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  77. Resident-Owed Mobile Home Parks: housing, rent, co-op, website - Real Estate
  78. History of Home Values for MN?: properties, state, Minnesota, buy - Real Estate
  79. own a rental property outside of the state you live: recommendation, properties - Real Estate
  80. How perfect does your starter home have to be?: cheapest, mortgage - Real Estate
  81. Preference b/w Consumption and Investment?: price, value, appreciation, historical - Real Estate
  82. acceptance deadline has past, what does this mean?: negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  83. Earnest money refundable or non-refundable?: clause, commission, agreement, construction - Real Estate
  84. HUD bids: Realtor, house, bid - Real Estate
  85. Can we lock in a rate?: negotiation, investments, mortgage rates, mortgages - Real Estate
  86. Best research material for soon to be landlord: insurance, properties, inspection - Real Estate
  87. First time investor - 2 plex 4 plex 6 plex?: tenants, recommendation, duplex - Real Estate
  88. Every realtor needs this free tool!: signed - Real Estate
  89. Will people start buying again after the election?: foreclosures, sales, companies - Real Estate
  90. Does think that home prices have bottomed?: sales, housing, property - Real Estate
  91. Realtor not experienced - what to do ?: negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  92. Existing home sales up 5.5%: foreclosed, housing, banks, prices - Real Estate
  93. Torn Between Several Home Purchase Options: sales, prices, construction, townhome - Real Estate
  94. Existing Home Sales: Prices Sink 9%: foreclosures, 6%, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  95. Settlement/Walk-Through: documents, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  96. Being sued, not sure what to do.: tenants, landlords, property - Real Estate
  97. Too Soon to Buy?: appraise, agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  98. Can we afford our first home?: 6%, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  99. Haggeling on new construction home: negotiations, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  100. It doesn't make sense for me to wait for the bottom if buying a 2 family.. agree with my logic?: tenants, duplex - Real Estate
  101. Can we do a FSBO: incentive, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  102. Consequences of buying a house to sell: mortgage, mortgage, monthly fee - Real Estate
  103. Sellers asking more than peak prices...why?: appraised, agent, investment - Real Estate
  104. Is this unethical for real estate agents?: RE agent, foreclosed, new
  105. Buying a Church or Cemetery: tenants, documents, sale, prices - Real Estate
  106. Which home would you choose?: cheapest, foreclosure, price, expensive - Real Estate
  107. Can an 18-year-old own Real property?: property tax, attorney, value, state - Real Estate
  108. Commission Effect: incentive, 2%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  109. A fix to the housing Crisis,, well: appraisal, 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. realtor vs. buyer agent: RE agent, recommendation, 3%, dual agency - Real Estate
  111. Is it offensive to offer 1% buyers agent comission?: feedback, commission, fee - Real Estate
  112. CraigsList Rental Scam Alert: documentation, agents, sale, price - Real Estate
  113. dealt with agent, commission, sales, price - Real Estate
  114. s For Who Say Wait For The Bottom: foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  115. Do you shoe homeowners away during showings?: agent, properties, Realtors - Real Estate
  116. Corporate Owned Homes: incentive, disclosures, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  117. Tax Credit for First Time Buyers...worth up to $7,500: 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  118. Is it true about lack of pictures on a listing?: agent, agreement - Real Estate
  119. Do we need to include realtor for pre drywall meeting?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  120. Opinions: 1st Floor MSTR BDRM?: agents, price, value, Realtors - Real Estate
  121. about fair market value .: appraisal, percentage, comparable - Real Estate
  122. Bernanke - Recovery will be slow...and housing prices: incentive, mortgage rates, mortgages - Real Estate
  123. Powerlines - how far is far enough?: property, value, state - Real Estate
  124. So. CA Medium House Prices Fall $550K to $308K: cheapest, foreclosed, sales - Real Estate
  125. Homeowners Association Fee: gated communities, agent, monthly fee, insurance - Real Estate
  126. ACORN and your house payment: capital, Houston, article, buy - Real Estate
  127. how much downpayment should I put?: 6%, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  128. 22 Days in...8 Showings? Good or Bad?: feedback, agent, price, offer - Real Estate
  129. about the contract with a realtor.: tenants, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  130. There's Hope kids! 3 weeks on the market: price, contract, offer - Real Estate
  131. Great depression vs housing bubble: foreclosure, 8%, accept, prices - Real Estate
  132. when should I buy a house in cash?: investments, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  133. is it ok to get an older home?: percentage, price, construction - Real Estate
  134. Better resale value?: feedback, square footage, investment, inspection - Real Estate
  135. what's a better exterior material for a house?: stucco, more expensive, builders - Real Estate
  136. We've reached the bottom: 2013, prices, cost, house - Real Estate
  137. Buyers Agent Fees: disclosures, 3%, negotiation, investment - Real Estate
  138. Will states never hit bottom?: feedback, incentive, agent, sale - Real Estate
  139. Affordability: mortgage, mortgage, price, expensive - Real Estate
  140. Good Agent Duties...: disclosure, square footage, negotiating, price - Real Estate
  141. Does this make financial sense?: income tax, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Bailout's Purpose: Protect Home Values: mortgage, mortgages, sales, fees - Real Estate
  143. House Hunting: What Are Your Turnoffs?: square foot, duplexes, sale, comparables - Real Estate
  144. 36 showings and NO OFFER: feedback, square footage, price, offers - Real Estate
  145. Another Vent: Small Kids at Showings: agent, illegal, renting, contract - Real Estate
  146. Can't Figure Realtors Out: tenants, duplex, agent, sale - Real Estate
  147. Downpayments: mortgage, mortgage, fees, housing - Real Estate
  148. Home inspection: disclosure, appraisal, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  149. Counterintuitive Of The Day. A Looming Housing SHORTAGE?: foreclosures, 7%, mortgages - Real Estate
  150. What can we be sued for?: recommendation, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  151. Which Home Warranty: cheapest, fee, comparable, prices - Real Estate
  152. Five bedrooms, 4 baths.: countertop, agents, property, more expensive - Real Estate
  153. Need Advice on Client Control Issue: contingency, appraisal, agent, commission - Real Estate
  154. The origins of the crisis...: foreclosure, mortgage companies, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  155. Overly tight lending criteria?: RE market, documentation, investment, commissions - Real Estate
  156. Mini Storage instead of buying a bigger house?: foreclosures, sale, fees - Real Estate
  157. 6,000 people a day are losing their home.: auction, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  158. Rant: Irritated with today's buyers: feedback, square footage, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  159. Pros/Cons of a pond: builder, economy, HOA, house - Real Estate
  160. Khov New House - Inspection required ?: construction, inspectors, townhouse, value - Real Estate
  161. New home sales fall to 17-year low: incentive, foreclosures, fee - Real Estate
  162. JP Morgan's Home Price Projections: sale, prices, value, home loan - Real Estate
  163. in terms of the offer contract--what service should a realtor provide?: 1%, agent - Real Estate
  164. radon inspection for a new house?: tenants, disclosure, agent, construction - Real Estate
  165. Listing Description: square footage, cheapest, price, state - Real Estate
  166. WHAT IS THIS??? Have a laugh...: agent, legal, brokers, Realtor - Real Estate
  167. You're going to KICK yourself later for NOT buying NOW!!!!: foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Home sales: agent, price, offer, deposit - Real Estate
  169. Now is a terrible time to buy a home. Don't buy. Seriousely. s why...: foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. Construction cost - up, down, or same?: housing, prices, expensive - Real Estate
  171. help I think I was scammed.: documentation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. Realtor Commisons? Why a % and not a flat fee?: 3%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  173. Why did people buy houses at the peak?: commission, housing, comparable - Real Estate
  174. Real estate referral fee dispute: 1%, agent, commissions, sales
  175. Why would buy a home when the economy is collapsing?: housing, prices - Real Estate
  176. Home prices have lost 50% in the last 2 weeks: foreclosures, sales, housing - Real Estate
  177. Getting Robbed? Appraisal Help!!!: contingency, square footage, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  178. still buying McMansions?: foreclosures, condo, prices, construction - Real Estate
  179. Strange for the Day: mortgage, mortgage, sales, banks - Real Estate
  180. Coldwell Banker says 10% off for 10 days nationwide: agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  181. When house hunting, what is your biggest pet peeve about somebody's house?: Realtors, furniture - Real Estate
  182. when buyer's agent commission coming from the sell price...: incentive, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  183. New Home Construction-Advice Needed: documentation, fees, housing, condos - Real Estate
  184. My House in a Weird Location-How to Promote it?: feedback, duplex, sale - Real Estate
  185. do we own the land for a townhome/condo?: contingency, documentation, investment - Real Estate
  186. House Hunting: When Do You Start To Settle?: square footage, agent, housing - Real Estate
  187. Tenant rights for month to month rentals: fee, landlord, agreement - Real Estate
  188. opinion on 'we buy ugly houses'?: sale, fee, accepting - Real Estate
  189. A/C problem not reported on Sellers Disclosure: clause, agents, commissions - Real Estate
  190. Had Success Listing On Craigslist?: sale, landlord, properties, renter - Real Estate
  191. At what point should a realtor remove a listing...: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  192. Areas of the country without property taxes?: sales, housing, renting - Real Estate
  193. Aid For Housing Surprises Officials: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, value - Real Estate
  194. Funniest real estate website Evah!: sales, listing
  195. Good link for local housing data: square foot, prices, state, listing - Real Estate
  196. recommendation on a good real estate 'lawyer'?: sale, properties, short sale
  197. looking for a house earlier today on the net..: sale, Realtor, loan - Real Estate
  198. Real Estate Investment Trust: commercial, investing, buy
  199. Rent to Own experiences?: renting, homes, buyers, purchase - Real Estate
  200. material used for sound control between walls: neighbor - Real Estate