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  1. Expectations of Realtor: contingency, appraise, 4%, negotiation - Real Estate
  2. Home Price Increase: square footage, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  3. 1653 N Talman, Chicago: tenants, foreclosure, sales, condos - Real Estate
  4. How much below asking price on forclosed homes?: contingencies, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  5. Acceptable continencies NOT included in contract: contingencies, appraise, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  6. Is it best time for me to rent brand new house?: landlord, renting - Real Estate
  7. ok: duplex, illegal, inspection, renting - Real Estate
  8. Spring market: sale, prices, state, sellers - Real Estate
  9. How to find a good Real Estate agent to buy a house?: realty, price
  10. Do I still have to pay closing costs?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  11. Five reasons to buy a home this year!: mortgage rates, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  12. Most housing units in a single structure: rooms, building, residential - Real Estate
  13. Is BAD MARKET a huge CHALLENGE particularly for SELLERS?: state, rating, home - Real Estate
  14. Am I responsible for cost if I decide not to go with a builder?: documents, new agent - Real Estate
  15. It's a done deal, I hope: appraisal, agents, agreement, price - Real Estate
  16. Realtors: How desperate are you?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  17. Is this scenario: mortgage, mortgages, sale, condo - Real Estate
  18. Predicting 60% Decline for Manhattan Property: housing, prices, value, state - Real Estate
  19. how does appraisal value work: sale, price, property, offer - Real Estate
  20. Senate adds $15,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit to Stimulas (article): incentive, foreclosures, 4% - Real Estate
  21. Temp in vacant house?: plumber, plumbing, area - Real Estate
  22. Can I file a lien against a homebuilder that repay my down payment & upgrade deposits?: lawsuit, properties - Real Estate
  23. Living/Family Trusts...Advantage?: fee, percentage, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  24. News, The Hamptons Half-Price Sale.: foreclosure, prices, bedrooms, financial - Real Estate
  25. The Pricing Game: 5%, agents, sales, housing - Real Estate
  26. News, Real Estate Racism: A Social Experiment.: sale, housing, expensive
  27. Selling rented property: tenants, mortgage, housing, legal - Real Estate
  28. Home Inspection: agent, inspector, Philadelphia, process - Real Estate
  29. Murphys law of landlording: tenants, incentive, insurance, agreement - Real Estate
  30. Are you guys including 20% downpayment when calculating rent or buy options?: RE market, 3% - Real Estate
  31. Mobile Home Assessment: property tax, value, building, homes - Real Estate
  32. Economic Forecast: housing, approved, economy, bill - Real Estate
  33. options??: mortgage, mortgage, sale, fees - Real Estate
  34. Getting Married & Buying First Home: Do I qualify for tax credit?: property, legal - Real Estate
  35. Quitclaim in CA: tenants, documents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  36. Need advice from buyers: contingency, feedback, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  37. Morris County & Montclair Comp Killers, NJ: prices, value, state - Real Estate
  38. Thank you all - 'specially my landlord!: foreclosed, 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  39. Is it legal for Buyer to pay for Selllers real estate commission (makes it look like a lower sale): RE agent, appraisal
  40. What's a typical profit margin for high end builders?: price, room, cost - Real Estate
  41. Seller lowering commission to lower price: 3%, negotiating, agent, fee - Real Estate
  42. News, 15 people charged in Philly house stealing scheme: documents, sale, accept - Real Estate
  43. Real estate investor?: investment, property, value, repair
  44. The problem with Zillow: RE market, square foot, appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  45. RE Schools: sales, broker, offer, state - Real Estate
  46. help me out! advice on this one??: accepting, agreement, property - Real Estate
  47. how much to put down on a home: mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  48. Purchasing a rehab home?: investment, landlord, price, property - Real Estate
  49. I need help right at this moment- homestead exemption!: appraiser, property, states - Real Estate
  50. Closing Escrow the Movie Trailer (Magnolia Pictures) - Real Estate
  51. Sharks in the Water: appraisal, fees, condo, price - Real Estate
  52. Would you pick a new home lot that has a contingent contract on it: developer, builder - Real Estate
  53. Thank heavens nobody accepted my lowballs!: sale, banks, properties, offers - Real Estate
  54. Are you a professional? 1st time buyer to lose $18,000: contingency, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  55. Look at all the homes for sale in Denver!: housing, prices, value - Real Estate
  56. help me interpret this paragraph from the contract..: clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  57. What should I offer?: feedback, appraisal, price, townhome - Real Estate
  58. do I have to bring building up to code?: property, legal, offer - Real Estate
  59. Testing Market sellers?: agent, sale, housing, comparables - Real Estate
  60. Real Estate Professional Expectations: incentive, documentation, 6%, agent
  61. quarter share vacation homes: investment, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  62. How best to terminate realtor agreement: feedback, new agent, realty, price - Real Estate
  63. National Builders and Realtors: new agent, commission, sales, agreements - Real Estate
  64. Diff between 100 and 200 amp elec: banks, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  65. Smell of smoke?: countertop, rent, expensive, kitchen - Real Estate
  66. Watch out for internet movers!: cheapest, agent, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  67. what comes first a 3 day pay or quit or 30 day???: tenants, fees - Real Estate
  68. Opinions on the Houston real estate market?: housing, prices, appreciation
  69. went to contract in nyc today: tenants, cheapest, investment, sale - Real Estate
  70. what does it mean?: condo, property, paying, California - Real Estate
  71. Are lenders counting bonuses as part of income days?: documentation, mortgages - Real Estate
  72. First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Explained: states, residence, homebuyers - Real Estate
  73. Projected Future Prime Rate Values: 2009 - 2039: mortgage - Real Estate
  74. How much further will home prices fall in Fairfield county Connecticut?: value, finance - Real Estate
  75. How to lower taxes?: documentation, appraisal, housing, property tax - Real Estate
  76. Fair Offer? agent, price, construction, builders - Real Estate
  77. Help my friend: rent, Realtors, house, New Jersey - Real Estate
  78. Hey Realtors! Help me find a Place to Call Home!: square footage, prices - Real Estate
  79. If I contacted a listing agent through email am I bound to use them?: 2%, negotiations - Real Estate
  80. Builder lowered the price after i signed the contract: documents, agent, sales - Real Estate
  81. hypothetical: RE agent, agent, accept, comparables - Real Estate
  82. problem closing on new build: clause, mortgage, mortgage, agreement - Real Estate
  83. Is it to lease to own or do a option to buy when owner has a mortgage?: incentive, foreclosed - Real Estate
  84. about the purchase contract -- backup for economy: foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  85. Is this common practice?: agent, fee, price, legal - Real Estate
  86. Townhouse and Condo laws: tenants, documents, Realtor, buy - Real Estate
  87. Something I don't understand about depressed real estate prices: foreclosures, 6%, mortgage
  88. Making an offer on our first home... help!: 3%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  89. Homes close to power lines: feedback, agents, property, value - Real Estate
  90. Loan Modification: arrears, 6%, sale, banks - Real Estate
  91. Help me come up with an offer on this raw land: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  92. Realtors-- high kitchen countertops and resale?: price, offer, builder, house - Real Estate
  93. And so it begins....: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, legal - Real Estate
  94. If you are selling, LOWER YOUR PRICE !!!: foreclose, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  95. How long to get 20% equity in a home?: appraisal, foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  96. Fannie, Freddie raising loan fees: sales, condos, prices, deposit - Real Estate
  97. Scenario: If a seller (real estate) rejects w/ no counter offer: negotiations, agent
  98. I found a house, then contacted a realtor - what should his commission be?: 1%, negotiation - Real Estate
  99. Buyers Agent & FSBO scenario...: 3%, commission, fee, agreement - Real Estate
  100. Is it illegal, or just really unethical?: foreclosures, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  101. What's a better deal? Home 35% off peak in outer burbs or Home 15% off peak in prime neighborhood?: 1%, sale - Real Estate
  102. : price, inspector, offer, approved - Real Estate
  103. Is FSBO working better now?: foreclosures, agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  104. Homes Priced Above Comps . Why is that a complaint?: comparable, prices - Real Estate
  105. Staged vs. Unstaged homes: sales, expensive, contractors, offer - Real Estate
  106. How do you use square footage, appraisal, agents, investment - Real Estate
  107. TITLE COMPANY Who is the Owner: tenants, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  108. What would you do? Just got laid off...: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  109. Shiller: House Prices Still Way Too High: 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. Texas Closing Gone Bad: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, fee - Real Estate
  111. First time home buyer - ISSUES: foreclosure, new agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  112. Buying a house that was used as a methlab that has been through remediation: RE agent, disclosure - Real Estate
  113. Am I supposed to feel sorry for people?: income tax, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  114. What buyer's market?: foreclosures, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  115. Closing Costs: RE agent, appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  116. Buying a house with a pond on the lot, things to look out for?: insurance, property - Real Estate
  117. Get an inspection of my own home before I put it on the market?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  118. Why Do People Underwater Expect a Bailout!!!: 2013, foreclosure, 5% - Real Estate
  119. New Unfinished buy?: duplex, percentage, construction, lawsuit - Real Estate
  120. Real Estate Lines/Myths: foreclosures, agents, sales, fees
  121. $500K Built Half Over Nieghbor's Property Line: investment, price, construction - Real Estate
  122. Zillow's Make Me Move - experience?: agent, comparable, price - Real Estate
  123. Sellers: Do you really get offended or angry about low ball offers?: agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  124. Get rid of mortgages: investment, mortgage, banks, borrow - Real Estate
  125. Offering price: square foot, 2%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  126. explain the tax credit to me!: income tax, offer, homeowner - Real Estate
  127. Sellers - Do you intend to lower your price in the next 60 days?: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  128. A Home IS an Investment: RE market, 3%, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  129. Can a seller refuse to release you from a contract?: contingency, clause - Real Estate
  130. What do you think sellers should repair after home inspection report?: RE agent, feedback - Real Estate
  131. Will you do the samething?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  132. Bank got house back but have to wait for investor?: square footage, foreclosure - Real Estate
  133. Help with FHA loan ????????: appraiser, 3%, mortgages, accept - Real Estate
  134. Can we find buyers and THEN use a realtor?: disclosures, recommendation, new agent - Real Estate
  135. Proposed $15000 tax credit by Congress for new homebuyers: 4%, housing, banks - Real Estate
  136. What happens when a NEW subdivision goes BANKRUPT: foreclosed, sale, prices - Real Estate
  137. Interest in our house from OUR ad online....: contingent, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  138. Why do FSBOs always overprice their properties?: contingency, square foot, appraisal - Real Estate
  139. Real Estate decline just starting: 3%, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  140. Five reasons not to buy a home this year!: RE market, sale, prices - Real Estate
  141. Can HOAs regulate non-resident parking on public streets?: agreement, construction, lawyer - Real Estate
  142. All About Home Buying Tips: contingent, arrears, negotiating, dual agency - Real Estate
  143. Who should get the deposit/earnest money: contingency, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  144. If now is not a good time...........: foreclosure, 4%, mortgage - Real Estate
  145. Will states allow the $15,000 credit?: incentive, clause, income tax, housing - Real Estate
  146. 99 Reasons to BUY a Home this Spring!!!!: RE market, appraiser, foreclosed - Real Estate
  147. HOA woes! Now this is a quagmire!: tenants, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  148. Why luxury homes are not immune: 7%, mortgage, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  149. houses are still way too high: foreclosures, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  150. baby boomer kids and housing prices: foreclosures, mortgages, percent, illegal - Real Estate
  151. negotiating, agent, investment, commission - Real Estate
  152. Real Estate Agent using our address in her ads, OK?: disclosure, gated communities
  153. Survey Confusion, Neighborhood Threatened: insurance, agreement, prices, lawsuit - Real Estate
  154. Agents keep notes and pass them around?: agent, realty, agreement - Real Estate
  155. Construction - floor leveling: agent, sale, inspector, rent - Real Estate
  156. The Two-Income Trap: mortgage, mortgage, prices, value - Real Estate
  157. Why should homeowners get bailed out?: appraisal, foreclosed, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Trulia sold prices in non-disclosure state?: appraisal, agent, sales, realty - Real Estate
  159. Feb 25 will be doomsday for real estate prices: sales, homeowners, home
  160. Closing problem: documents, agent, agreement, percentage - Real Estate
  161. Is this the best time to become a realtor?: agents, sales, fees - Real Estate
  162. Should I call the listing agent and the bank?: appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  163. for sellers: appraised, foreclosures, 5%, negotiations - Real Estate
  164. $8,000 First time home buyer tax credit set to pass. Opinions?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  165. Buying a campground: agent, sale, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  166. Funniest Things Real Estate Professionals Have Said in The Past: tenant, incentive
  167. Is the $8000 Housing Credit Finalized?: appraise, foreclosures, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  168. 12% decline in home prices in 4th quarter...: sales, housing, value - Real Estate
  169. NY - Can sellers accept an offer and say that they're taking additional offers for something better?: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  170. Presence of radon = lower home value?: disclosure, comparable, construction, property - Real Estate
  171. One (small) solution to housing (let homeowner write off lost after selling): incentive, foreclosures - Real Estate
  172. Buying now? Pros and cons!: incentive, foreclosures, 5%, investment - Real Estate
  173. Forcing a partition action sale?: tenants, appraisal, auction, investment - Real Estate
  174. What would you have done?: mortgage, mortgages, sales, property - Real Estate
  175. Basic appreciation: appraiser, foreclosure, 1%, agents - Real Estate
  176. Homes More Affordable Now Than Ever?: sales, housing, price, renting - Real Estate
  177. Sell Low Buy Lower?: tenants, foreclosures, income tax, investment - Real Estate
  178. I'm not first time homebuyer but my wife would be, can we still claim credit: incentive, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. definitely moving - so now what do we do?: foreclosure, agent, commission - Real Estate
  180. Why do homes in states have no basement?: price, property, expensive - Real Estate
  181. That sinking feeling: foreclosed, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. Buying a new home before selling the old one: contingency, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  183. How to interpret Zillow on this property?: appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  184. Granite is so yesterday.: countertop, accept, price, properties - Real Estate
  185. My Real Estate saga continued............**Sigh**: disclosure, appraiser, foreclosure, 5%
  186. $15,000 stimulus: 4%, negotiations, housing, prices - Real Estate
  187. How long is too long to be house-hunting?: feedback, agent, investments - Real Estate
  188. How much notice before showing?: RE market, feedback, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  189. about Commissions: RE market, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  190. Zoned for Agricultural land...: state, requirements, residence, build - Real Estate
  191. Is Flat Fee Listing the way to go?.. .: disclosure, negotiations - Real Estate
  192. Help! I want my money back.: contingencies, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  193. addendums or language for new construction contract: appraised, sales, price - Real Estate
  194. Cave House for Sale: buyers, buy - Real Estate
  195. News, Rise and Fall of Carlos Justo: Celeb Broker Goes Broke.: agent, state - Real Estate
  196. $7500 tax credit: housing, house, profit, sell - Real Estate
  197. Indian Real Estate Events: property, year, contribution
  198. Bristol Tennessee, Real estate market: sales, price, home, Kingsport
  199. First time home buyer... how much to offer? - Real Estate
  200. Quick-change neighborhoods: 2015, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate