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  34. for agent: clause, agreements, price, property - Real Estate
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  49. is this normal?: agent, sale, agreement, prices - Real Estate
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  51. BPO: agent, banks, price, properties - Real Estate
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  71. which site provide real estate services for Kona area of the big Island of Hawaii?
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  80. trade houses with real estate company?: contingent, agent, investment, mortgage
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  82. Rental just went up for sale!: tenants, clause, agent, condo - Real Estate
  83. for Real Estate Agents: Appraisal came back $117K less than contract $: square footage, 5%
  84. $8000 Credit can be applied to First Time Home Buyer: mortgage, mortgage, claim - Real Estate
  85. help - Better house or location - Los Angeles, California?: auctions, mortgage - Real Estate
  86. How to legally separate structures from land: housing, insurance, property - Real Estate
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  89. Got a (low) offer-- should I counter? Comps are old.: contingency, feedback - Real Estate
  90. death before closing: sales, accepting, agreements, property - Real Estate
  91. Lowering Property Taxes: appraisal, 5%, sales, housing - Real Estate
  92. Thinking about retiring to the Caribbean? Invest in Dominican real estate: conversion, agents
  93. Should I keep the realtor, or divorce the husband?: negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  94. Appraisal was low...: foreclosures, agents, sales, accept - Real Estate
  95. Does It Really Matter Who Your Realtor Is: feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
  96. Dip into emergency fund to hit 20%?: appraised, PMI, condo, rent - Real Estate
  97. contact the listing agent directly: incentive, disclosing, commission, sales - Real Estate
  98. Good Credit borrowers are defaulting: incentive, foreclosures, 6%, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  99. Who is responsible?: tenants, square footage, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  100. Can I Fire My realtor?: new agent, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  101. Listing Photos - Just when I I had seen it all...: agents, Realtor - Real Estate
  102. buying our first home, what to do? What not to do?: disclosures, recommendation - Real Estate
  103. Now I know I am too emotional about my house.: agents, sales - Real Estate
  104. Well, we sold our house!: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  105. Most important attributes of an outstanding Realtor: contingency, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  106. Results of inspection, what does this mean??: appraiser, commission, sales - Real Estate
  107. Can a house be too neat for showings?: feedback, agent, properties - Real Estate
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  109. Will people tire of the recession and call it's bluff???: PMI, banks - Real Estate
  110. two lane busy street in a college town- deal breaker?: price, properties - Real Estate
  111. The new $8K downpayment: incentive, mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  112. Where is the list of builders that used toxic chinese drywall?: disclosure, construction - Real Estate
  113. First Time Homebuyer with Questions: RE market, mortgage, mortgages, fee - Real Estate
  114. Do too many For sale signs in one neighborhood scare you away?: foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  115. Fire hydrant in the front lawn of the house: insurance, developer, building - Real Estate
  116. what right does the realtor have?: clause, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  117. Does this Appraiser sound a little nuts to you?: contingency, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  118. The HGTV Effect - Positive or Negative?: countertop, price, property - Real Estate
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  120. Staged versus empty: sale, settlement, percentage, price - Real Estate
  121. Is now the time to invest in rental properties?: investments, housing, landlord - Real Estate
  122. What site is better to get the value of your or RE market, appraisal - Real Estate
  123. Demands: negotiations, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  125. First Time Buyers, Anxiety, Fear, Miscommunication: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  126. Not happy with my buyer's agent, but dumping her would prick my conscience. Help!: housing, properties - Real Estate
  127. When should I have an Inspection done?: contingencies, documents, foreclosure - Real Estate
  128. Dual agency = Let's Screw Them Twice!: RE agent, negotiations, commission, sales - Real Estate
  129. Will the internet age help the bottom come sooner?: feedback, disclosure, sales - Real Estate
  130. New house = Smoke bomb or Exterminator?: price, company, bill, work - Real Estate
  131. Pending home sales jump 3.2%: RE agent, foreclosures, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  132. Cash offer only?: contingencies, auction, agent, sales - Real Estate
  133. the seller's market: incentive, agent, sale, condo - Real Estate
  134. Dead ants on home inspection: sale, inspector, contracts, offer - Real Estate
  135. Who's Fault Was It?: RE agent, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  136. Property Description - had to laugh :): sale, price, inspection, offers - Real Estate
  137. Selling my house but trashy neighbor: properties, rental, offers, HOA - Real Estate
  138. Is a RE Agent Necessary?: feedback, negotiating, sales, prices - Real Estate
  139. Home staging - is it worth the money?: agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  140. My first post - be gentle - (long post) Texas DTPA,: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  141. The bubble is back!: investment, housing, price, points - Real Estate
  142. file for First time buyer credit?: feedback, condo, claim - Real Estate
  143. How accurate do you think Zillow, Cyberhomes, and Trulia are at estimating home value?: disclosure, square footage - Real Estate
  144. How to get more traffic in my home: feedback, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  145. I've Got a SHOWING today!!!! YAHHHHH!!!: tenants, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  146. Closed on my first house yesterday!: foreclosure, investment, price, property - Real Estate
  147. How does the real estate industry get away with this?: agents, commission
  148. What housing slump?: square foot, foreclosure, price, property - Real Estate
  149. I got screwed again! Why?: tenants, clause, agent, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  150. Is this a sign of an imminent housing market collapse?: foreclosures, mortgages - Real Estate
  151. Put an offer in today........nervous!: square footage, appraise, agent, housing - Real Estate
  152. Should it be Illegal for RE agents to Make referrals for Lawyers, Banks, Home Inspectors,: recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  153. Bidding 50k over asking price!: tenant, flocking, conversion, appraisal - Real Estate
  154. Writing a letter to the seller: agent, sale, accept, price - Real Estate
  155. Is answering questions on a forum ethical?: agent, agreements, price - Real Estate
  156. Buyers not present at closing: disclosure, documents, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  157. Realtor unethical?: appraiser, dual agency, sales, landlord - Real Estate
  158. Best Guess on approx. closing costs: incentive, 1%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  159. Move-in condition or fixer-upper? Which do you want?: plumber, negotiating, price - Real Estate
  160. Are buyers really this stupid!!!: disclosure, agent, insurance, attorney - Real Estate
  161. Etiquette in Switching Realtors: agent, commissions, sales, condos - Real Estate
  162. Realtor Did Nothing - I Setup Deal - Do I still put his name on home sale: 3%, agent - Real Estate
  163. new buyer scam?: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  164. from a sellers POV: foreclosure, negotiations, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  165. Venting about Showings (Bear with Me): feedback, agent, fee, comparable - Real Estate
  166. In escrow, agent still 'For Sale' on Website: contingencies, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  167. why everyone get access to MLS: agent, sales, monthly fee - Real Estate
  168. Hud now approved $8,000 credit, allowed for downpayment!!: agent, mortgage refinance, mortgages - Real Estate
  169. A warning about tiled showers: countertop, inspectors, renters, contractors - Real Estate
  170. on Commissions: contingent, incentive, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  171. Whos' your favorite Realtor on HGTV?: disclosure, agent, price, construction - Real Estate
  172. Has Pruett Builders in Sarasota been involved in Chinese Drywall: disclosures, appraiser - Real Estate
  173. End of lease, 30th not 31st: tenants, clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. On Contract but Seller wants to Push Close Date Back: RE agent, clause - Real Estate
  175. Buyers Shopping Before they Sell: RE market, contingency, feedback, clause - Real Estate
  176. Do lenders usually require 6 months of taxes up front?: insurance, banks, property tax - Real Estate
  177. $8,000 Tax Credit To Be Used As Downpayment: percent, loans, lender - Real Estate
  178. Selling--interviewed 2 realtors w/ big discrepancy in SLP: incentive, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  179. How many agreements are available in Real Estate?: foreclosed, sales, agreement
  180. Shiller index: incentive, 1%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  181. Thoughts on Habitat for Humanity: mortgage, mortgage, construction, renters - Real Estate
  182. open house: agents, property, brokers, contract - Real Estate
  183. How do you brush off a previous owner?: RE agent, accept, insurance - Real Estate
  184. I've made multiple offers and sellers still want more, what now?: 2%, negotiations - Real Estate
  185. Showing tonight at 6 PM.....YIPEE!: contracts, house, listings, neighborhood - Real Estate
  186. What's going on: RE agent, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  187. Wet basement and soggy back yard: insurance, price, property, renting - Real Estate
  188. Give me advice as a seller.: agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  189. New Home Build- damage tub: agent, accept, construction - Real Estate
  190. Would you buy a home that had Exterior Insulating Finishing System (synthetic stucco)?: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  191. Wierdest thing a buyer has asked you to fix/renovate/change?: feedback, countertop - Real Estate
  192. Fha requirements - cesspool: appraiser, mortgage, property, inspector - Real Estate
  193. Miami's vise: Florida banks face seizure: state - Real Estate
  194. Is it normal for buyers in New Hampshire to pay their agent's share of the fee?: price, states - Real Estate
  195. 20% of homeowners 'underwater': mortgage, mortgage, state, homes - Real Estate
  196. I need a video on real estate investment?: how to
  197. Property Managers in Tampa, FL: tenant, recommendation, rental, contract - Real Estate
  198. Value Driven Real Estate Investing: feedback, duplex, appraisal, 5%
  199. South Florida Market: rent, buying a home, Boca Raton, buying - Real Estate
  200. Case Shiller Futures: Miami, Chicago, website, release - Real Estate